Amber Alert pimp

On March 11, 2009 a Web troll and Amber Alert pimp named Art Harris published an article entitled “HaLeigh Cummings’ mom wants custody!”

The lede (first sentence) read:

‘In what could set a legal precedent for missing children, The Bald Truth has learned exclusively that the mother of five year old Haleigh Cummings aims to fight for legal custody of a daughter abducted a month ago from her father’s home while he was at work and his 17 year old girlfriend slept nearby.’

‘In what could set a legal precedent…’

For those of you not familiar with Associated Press writing style and rules, I will explain the significance of the lede (the first sentence). It is the most important line in the entire body of writing and should present the message in its most basic form.

The litmus test of a good lede is to assess it, and be sure, that if the reader only reads the lede, and no more, they would still have received the intended information and mesage in its entirety.

Look at it again – ‘In what could set a legal precedent…’

Interesting priorities.

So what came in second to setting legal precedent? The answer is – ‘sympathy.’

On March 11, 2009 the sleazy Harris was announcing that history might be made.


Within a few days, a website accepting donations featuring the plight of little HaLeigh would be erected. The website would feature a photograph that had been manufactured using photo editing equipment to create the fals appearance Crystal Sheffield posed lovingly with HaLeigh.

In the article, Harris wrote:

‘[Crystal Sheffield] has postponed her plans to marry an electrician named Chad [Griffis], but will keep paying for the wedding dress she has on layaway.

“With Haleigh missing, getting married is the last thing on my mind. I can’t sleep. I lay down at night, but I don’t sleep. I try to rest, but I can’t. It’s bad when your baby is gone.”’


Oh…isn’t that special? Her baby is missing, she can’t sleep and she’s putting off her wedding?

The photo shown above reveals the truth about Crystal Sheffield’s so-called engagement and relationship with Chad Griffis. Sheffield is holding hands with Jeremiah Regan – he is the self-proclaimed ‘events planner’ who claims he didn’t know Sheffield until her baby vanished and felt compelled to help out when he saw the story in the news.

According to Wayanne Kruger, Sheffield’s advocate – the Regan men were liars. She said Jeremiah Regan and his father, John Regan, suspiciously appeared and wanted to help. John Regan told a host of different people he was an undercover FBI agent. He told Kruger he goes undercover as a pedophile to catch child perverts.

But the truth is yet a little deeper than that.

Kruger told me Sheffield would bawl and wail uncontrollably when Jeremiah Regan would leave her for short periods (Kruger said Sheffield would not cry like that about her missing daughter).

Kruger told me that Sheffield and Jeremiah Regan would kiss and hug and heavily pet each other obnoxiously in public, and to the point they had to be pulled apart, because they were disrupting other peoples schedule with whom Jeremiah Regan was car-sharing.

Harris mentions Kruger in his article:

‘Victim’s advocate Wayanne Kruger, an author who’s daughter pressed charges against a godfather who’d molested her as a child, flew in from California to volunteer, and donated proceeds from a book signing to help Crystal stay afloat.’

Stay afloat, eh?

According to Kruger, the book sale money she gave Sheffield was squandered on cell phone minutes and drugs. Kruger said Sheffield would linger around the table where she was signing books, and as soon as a sale was made, Sheffield would grab the cash and take off with it.

The scale of pre-meditated deception required to create Harris’ article is so extensive it is beyond the scope of this piece. It is rivaled only by the scale of pre-mediated deception required to stage the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

  1. Twisted says:

    Amber alert pimp? Art Harris is a real journalist.

    When is the last time you have taken a shower? Creep.

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