Florida law firm to pursue website

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The owner, administrator, and contributing associates of the  anonymously operated cyber-stalker website http://www.radionewz.net may soon be  identified.

Edward Boyle, a South Florida  biofuels engineer, is a witness to several pending legal issues involving his  sister and brother-in-law, John and Maria Burgun.

According to Boyle, the Fort Lauderdale based law office of Tripp-Scott  is set to contact the Site’s owner and acquire his/her insurance information –  the first legal step required.

Edward Boyle

The legal action was sparked by an online attack against an  entire family, and extended family, followed up by a telephone message, which  Boyle received on his answering machine. “Doug Reynolds is very interested in  that message,” Boyle said.


The recent online attack occurred amongst a cluster of legal  activity involving Burgun and Boyle.

Boyle said the caller on the answering machine is known to Attorney  Reynolds, and that Reynolds pondered if the caller owned http://www.radionewz.net.

Maria Burgun has been criminally targeted many times. She met with the FBI in South   Florida in 2012 after receiving a death threat over the telephone.  She subsequently provided the FBI information regarding the disappearance of the  missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

Boyle said he recently spoke with William Staubs, a South Florida bail bondsman, best known for his ill-fated  involvement in the HaLeigh Cummings missing child case. Boyle said he learned  Attorney Doug Roberts, another Fort Lauderdale attorney, is also assessing the website for a subpoena in a pending  lawsuit filed by Staubs against another Party associated to the missing child  case.

The website’s legal issues appear to include on-line visits from  the FBI and DHS. The publisher(s) appear fascinated with topics involving  missing children and rape. Publishers on the Site reportedly cyber-stalked and  brutally harassed a minor child from Steubenville,   Ohio. The stalkers accused the  minor of being a rapist.

The mindset and mental health of the website’s authors  concern many, as it purports to be a staunch advocate for rape victims; a  sentiment many find disingenuous; and possibly a dark fantasy.

On one occasion the Site published a video that showcased a  monkey raping a smaller animal – and then attributed names of real people to  the animals.

Concerns increase regarding sexual fascination of cyber-stalkers operating the website radionewz. The Site places a strong focus on kidnapping and rape.

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