Florida law firm disagrees with Boyle

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

On April 21  we reported Edward Boyle, the brother of Maria Burgun, became aware his sister’s  lawyer, Douglas Reynolds, Tripp-Scott law firm, was planning to issue a letter  to the owner of http://www.radionewz.net – a legal  first step in a developing situation.             


Burgun is an  emerging figure in the HaLeigh Cummings investigation that sat down with the  FBI and provided information.

Attorney Reynolds  contacted us and said Boyle’s statements are “not correct” – but did not elaborate.

Boyle was  contacted for comment and he re-iterated that everything he said was true.  

The online event  that caused the stir was triggered by a photograph of Burgun that was published  by http://www.radionewz.net, a vicious online argument  that ensued, and a message left on Boyle’s answering machine.

Boyle said Reynolds  requested a copy of the message and he in fact turned it over.

Boyle said  there is a high volume of sensitive legal activity occurring at this time, and  suggested Reynolds is simply going through “the motions.”

Boyle said big things are going on involving many differnt figures, and people are getting “scared.”

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