Did the anonymous owner of Radionewz.net kidnap HaLeigh Cummings?

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Could the identity of an x-rated website’s anonymous owner, and  the person that kidnapped HaLeigh Cummings be one in the same?

A growing number of independent researchers believe an  explosive reality lies behind the true identity of a person that owns and  operates a website called www.radionewz.net.

The increasing suspicions of the public abruptly changed from ‘possibility’ to  likely ‘reality’ after Edward Boyle, a biofuels engineer from Hollywood, Florida  began openly discussing the facts behind an online feud that erupted in the  comment section of the website.

The relatively brief feud in early April of 2013 was not  your ordinary discussion – not by a long shot.

Boyle said he originally went to the website after learning  a photograph of his sister, Maria Burgun, had been published with insults and  vile sexual commentary.

What astonished researchers was not only did Boyle know the  person that attacked his sister on the website – he clearly knew the person very  well and the relationship was tumultuous if not hateful.


And then – as the old saying goes – the devil is in the  details. 

Boyle’s sister, Maria Burgun, is a millionaire from Plantation that operates  a very successful business with her husband, John Burgun.

The sleazy outhouse Radionewz.net is the last place you  would typically expect to find an eloquent and refined woman such as Maria  Burgun being slimed. But she is not your average South   Florida socialite.

Maria Burgun said she sat down with the FBI  and turned over  information she believes could lead to the missing child.





H A L E I G H   John and Maria Burgun

She is a witness in the federal investigation of matters  involving the disappearance of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

In 2012, Maria Burgun began interacting with law enforcement  after an anonymous caller attempted to extort a very large amount of money from  her – suggesting she might be taken on a trip to the Hoover Dam if she did not  cooperate. She received the bizarre call while out for supper with her family  and immediately called the Plantation Police Department.

The police record is there for all to see.

For reasons mostly known to Maria Burgun and the feds – the  facts surrounding the extortion attempt ultimately resulted in her sitting down  with the FBI to discuss the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings.

Edward Boyle was also contacted by the police regarding the  extortion attempt. He told police he too had received a threatening telephone  call. He said the caller told him it would take “a thousand stitches” to put  his face back together if he didn’t come up with the money.

A short time later, the yard-man at Boyle’s plant was  non-fatally shot from behind in the dark. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office  (BCSO) investigated the attempted homicide but no arrests were made. The FBI  also visited Boyle at his plant.

It’s all there in the police records for the public to see.

Boyle believed he knew who was behind the shooting and  recalled telling the FBI agent the guilty parties were involved with that  “little girl.” He was referring to HaLeigh Cummings. He said the special agent  responded, “We’re aware of it.”

The connection between Boyle’s biofuels plant and his  sister’s developing relationship with the FBI regarding HaLeigh Cummings takes  on a very significant meaning as one begins to read the hostile exchange that  took place on Radionewz.net in April.

The reader will immediately notice Boyle personally knows,  and has likely done business with the anonymous person he is exchanging jabs  with. The animosity appears to involve the biofuels business.

The conversation begins with what appears to be a taunt by  Boyle at the individual that published his sister’s photo.

“Hey Maria – remember, they’re jealous. Always have been.  This has made you strong. They don’t know what their up against. LMFAO. You  were right. You told me so. Soon the whole gang, even daddy, will know what  they have gotten themselves into. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. What a good  laugh we will have. Although I feel bad for their kids. Almost there. Around  the corner to victory.” Boyle wrote using his real name.

Boyle’s mention of sorrow for the children indicates he  personally knows the person he is taunting. His statement “always have been”  indicates they have known each other for some time.

Sixteen minutes later a response is posted by a person using  the name “Anonymous.” The speed at which the responding poster noticed they  were being taunted by Boyle cannot be ignored. At sixteen minutes, the person  would have had to be monitoring the website and perhaps receiving e-mail  notifications when comments are made on the Radionewz Blog.  

The responder is not happy.

“Fucking loser….how’s your plant Ed? Oh shit…you don’t know  cause you’re not allowed on the property, are ya bud? How’s it feel to get  kicked the fuck out of your own business, huh, you fat piece of shit? Go smoke  some more dope and pop some pills with your stripper kid, fat ass. How’s your  Wife’s job at Target, you unemployed pill popper?         You are a L-O-S-E-R. Get lost, fat fuck,” Anonymous said.

Two minutes later a poster logged on as ‘Chicago Mob’ and  wrote: “Edward Boyle got evicted from his own business.”

At this point, you now have a supposed third party, within a  mere two minutes of the first response, joining in on the subject of Boyle’s  biofuels plant.

It is clear the poster(s) talking to Boyle profess to know  details about his life, and are aware of the fact he is involved in a contract  dispute regarding his business.

Three minutes later a poster using the name Sal Ramos logs  on and writes: “Who were the four guys looking for you outside your plant, one  with a gun??? Thanks to me….”

This poster, Sal Ramos, constitutes party number four –  joining in four minutes after party three and talking about Boyle.

The comment by Sal Ramos involving men stalking someone with  a gun is eerily reminiscent of the attempted homicide in 2012 investigated by  the BCSO. The writer appears to be openly admitting, and even bragging, they  sent hit-men to Boyle’s plant (this is something that should be looked into by  law enforcement considering the attempted homicide at the same address).  

One minute later Sal Ramos says, “The guys from Bost[on]  still think your shady….just sayin…”

It is obvious a conversation between Boyle and only one  other person is taking place; the other party is simply logging in under various  names.

Two minutes later a poster logs in as SAL and says, “$30,000  from Mike — $67,000 from Craig — $80,000 from the Boston loan sharks??? That’s $177,000 since  November Fat A$$. Get a job loser. Your pill habits up to 15-20 a day now  buddy. No wonder.”

The poster Sal Ramos professes to know details of Boyle’s  finances to the tune of $177,000.

Boyle explained during interviews “Craig” is a man named  Craig Goldstein. He said he has done some business with Goldstein.

Sixteen minutes later Boyle responds. “Meeting them  tomorrow. Thanks NE and CG. We’ll see things happen for a reason Mikey. Ha Ha  Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.”

Nine minutes later Boyle continues to talk to the person he  has begun calling “Mikey.” He says, “Waiting for your lawsuit there Mikey ol’  boy. Soon enough buddy. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.”

The familiarity between the posters is clear. For instance,  Boyle says, “…you’re done soon and so is daddy.”

At one point Boyle refers to “Thompson and the wife.” Boyle  stated during interviews Thompson is a man named Brian Thompson.

Four minutes later Boyle provides a detail regarding what he  believes are the activities of Mikey. He says, “How’s the pumping going. Not  too good. Ha.”

“Ol sis has your number. No escape now,” Boyle taunts.

The contentious debate fizzles and then continues bright and  early the next morning. “The Boston  loan sharks as you call them, CG will be happy doing business while you’re up duct  taping together what’s left,” Boyle says.

As the heated argument on Radionewz.net died out, the  activity and emotion did not. In fact, the most explosive event to take place was  about to occur.

Boyle received a voice message on his answering machine.

According to Boyle, he turned a copy of the recording over  to Douglas H. Reynolds, attorney, Tripp-Scott Law Firm, Fort Lauderdale. Reynolds is the attorney  that represents John and Maria Burgun in their legal matters.

Boyle said Attorney Reynolds was excited to obtain a copy of  the recording. Boyle also said Reynolds recognized the voice on the recording. Boyle  said Reynold’s knows who the person is.

When Boyle’s comments were published in previous articles, Attorney  Reynolds contacted me and stated Boyle’s assertions were “not correct” and  “inaccurate” but did not elaborate.

Reynold’s was asked specifically, but would not confirm or  deny receiving the answering machine message.

Boyle was contacted again and he maintained his statements  were true. He said Reynolds had not contacted him to protest his statements to  the media. Boyle said he believed Reynolds was protecting himself and going  through the “motions.”

Boyle said the recording he gave Reynolds will prove the  identity of the person that posted his sister’s photograph on Radionewz.net.

Researchers are now concerned.  



A careful study of the Radionewz Blog over the past several  years has revealed it contains a list of witnesses in the HaLeigh Cummings  disappearance. A list of specific individuals – permanently slated for regular  character assassination, defamation, and harassment on the website.

The website is a new-age gun – used to silence witnesses.

The names of the people being taken out comprise a hit-list  that is focused strictly on HaLeigh Cummings case witnesses and designed to  completely ruin their reputations.

Every witness is deemed mentally unstable.

Why does the publisher do that?   

Who is the owner of the website?

Why does the owner of Radionewz.net want to silence  witnesses in a missing child case?

Boyle hopes the answering machine message will break the  case wide open.

  1. mysterymom7 says:

    Reblogged this on Catching LISK and commented:
    Trafficking ring in Florida. Dots are being connected. “Daddy” is a code word for a male trafficker/pimp.

  2. mysterymom7 says:

    I don’t think you even realize the links you show in this post. “Daddy” is a code word for a trafficker or pimp. I’ve experienced the whole witness silencing personally. People I didn’t know were involved started jumping in on the “crazy” calling to discredit and silence me. It’s gang stalking. I swear there’s a manual for these cyberstalkers. They’re ruthless! As for Boyle, well, if his daughter is a stripper, she may be a trafficking victim and it’s even possible if Boyle owed these traffickers money, he used his daughter as collateral.

    I found information that a William Murtaugh was living in Putnam County at the time of Haleigh’s disappearance. He now lives in the Orlando area and has a reputation for stalking and being a pedophile. He is named in court records for involving himself in the Casey Anthony case saying he would have raped and killed Caylee himself if Casey hadn’t killed her.

    This past April I had a drone in my backyard. I already had an active investigation underway with local and federal LE regarding a Cyberstalking case. This guy (who goes by Murt) emailed me a couple days ago about the drone with obvious knowledge of the back story. He put out a tweet that the owner of the above referenced site said it was a hoax. I had never heard of that site until your blog, which he also tweeted a link to. His website claims he has several websites. If he posted the link to your blog to clear his name/suspicion, all he did IMO is heighten my suspicion of his involvement in Haleigh’s case.

  3. eddieboyle1 says:

    Hello the facts speak for themselves.

    I read Holmseth’s book, have a thousand questions.

    The site RADIONEWZ is used to defame and mock, while hiding behind fake names.

    Remember if they hadn’t posted the trash that they did this article wouldn’t have been written.

    Conspiracy, seems to be what there about. We know who’s behind the site.

    The heat is on legally, even more now.

    No name comments, cheap shots, just trash and harassment no true journalism.

    Its a site used to stalk ,harass, defame. Again we know exactly who it is.

    Soon enough the true cyberstalkers will be brought to justice.

    Thank You Eddie Boyle

  4. […] following is a portion of the blog that was of particular interest (bolded by […]

  5. ASHLEY BOYLE says:

    excuse me but I’m not a stripper and my father does not,do drugs so FUCK YOU SAL RAMOS or whatever your name is u pussy bitch .. really involving me ??? I have nothing to do with anything shows how much of a man you are… LOSER.

  6. ASHLEY BOYLE says:


  7. Kendra Cubicle says:

    Rebecca Thomas turned on you and reported you to the FBI

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