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Somebody telephoned police about HaLeigh Cummings on February 10, 2009. That is well over an hour before the 3:27 a.m. call to 911 by Misty Croslin.

After four years the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office still keeps this person’s identity secret.

Whoever made this call already knew HaLeigh was gone.

Calls for ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ to explain his whereabouts

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Emerging information regarding the facts and circumstances  surrounding the arrest and subsequent conviction of Misty Croslin, are  indicating an appeal may soon be filed.

A source close to the case states Croslin has been in  communication with a lawyer.

The exact basis for any appeal that maybe filed is not yet  known.


Independent fact finding in the HaLeigh Cummings matter, has  uncovered fresh information that shows Croslin, and her family, is being  shadowed by a group in South Florida.

According to a source, individuals in South Florida, connected to the on-going investigation by the FBI  regarding the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping, have been funneling money to Misty  Croslin’s parents; Hank and Lisa Croslin.

Hank and Lisa Croslin both struggle with addiction and its  fallout, and often live in survival mode, which leaves them needy and  vulnerable.

In return for money – the South Florida individuals receive  information from the parents regarding the day-to-day of Misty Croslin, and  Hank Croslin Jr. – both prisoners in the Florida  correction system on drug trafficking charges.

The identity of those involved in the money transfers is  being withheld, but said to be shocking – as is so often the case, the website is said to be involved.

Police Reports in another state are also reported to exist  and reveal the entire path of the money.

“Somebody is worried about what that little girl might tell  the police,” the source said. “She is scared someone is going to hurt her  family.”

The source opined that Misty Croslin may have witnessed  something so horrific her mind “split.”

“She knows what they’re capable of,” the source said.

Misty Croslin
Misty Croslin

Wayanne Kruger, the sex victim’s advocate that assisted  Crystal Sheffield, discussed Misty Croslin being present during the murder of a  man in Ronald Cummings’ trailer – shortly before HaLeigh vanished.

Kruger said both Misty and HaLeigh watched it happen.

Speculation is beginning to swirl around a recent press releases issued by William Staubs – the South Florida bounty hunter that once claimed to be searching for HaLeigh Cummings.

Staubs has begun writing for the x-rated website as well releasing information on PR Web.

In 2009, Staubs told Jessica Clark at First Coast News he  was being funded by a drug dealer in Miami  to ‘search’ for HaLeigh.

Staubs recently re-released an interview he did with another  reporter in 2009, wherein he talked about a crime-scene re-enactment he wanted  to do with little Misty Croslin.

“Basically what I want to do Misty is I want to go through  each step as close as you can recall it, and if you’re willing to do that I  will close this case. Absolutely close it beyond any doubt,” Staubs said.

Some question how watching Misty Croslin walk around a  trailer could have given Staubs the information he needed to close the case  “beyond any doubt.”

At one point in the interview, Staubs expresses his  frustration with Croslin. “I should have just told her ‘listen bitch’ – you  know exactly what you did, you been lying – I just want you to come clean,”  Staubs said.

Staubs went on to say he was going to the Putnam County  Sheriff’s Office and requesting the young girl be charged with Child  Endangerment and Obstruction of Justice. He said she should have a million  dollar bail placed on her.

Staubs’ obsession with Misty Croslin was further  demonstrated in a police report filed by Lindsey Croslin on April 27, 2009.  Lindsey Croslin told the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office that Staubs approached  her husband and told him that if Misty would come clean, they could bring  HaLeigh back from Georgia.

Ironically – Staubs was arrested for felony false  imprisonment.

Many wonder why Staubs was so angry at Misty Croslin, and  are calling for the interloping private investigator to explain his actions and  whereabouts during the time period HaLeigh Cummings vanished in 2009.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The car used to transport HaLeigh Cummings from Georgia to Florida on April 26, 2009 may have been identified.

An eyewitness has come forward and issued a written statement.

According to the witness, a car was rented for Jeremiah Regan, HaLeigh Bug Center  administrator, so he would have transportation while working for Team  Sheffield.

The witness noted Regan did not have a driver’s license, but the car was rented for him. The  witness provided the name of the person that paid for the rental.

The breakthrough information is in the possession of the  Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and FBI.

On April 26, 2009, a couple was spotted at a gas station in Brunson, South Carolina with a little girl the witness believed to be HaLeigh Cummings. The witness identified the man as being Jeremiah Regan,  administrator, HaLeigh Bug Center.  When the witness stared, the man made the little girl lay down on the  floor-boards.

It is believed the car seen by the witnesses, and the secret rental, may be one and the same.

Un-confirmed reports indicate information provided to the FBI by Maria Burgun, may be vital to investigators – in light of the new information about the rental.

Insiders are now saying, “Maria is the key.”

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

What would make a teenage girl accept a twenty-five year prison sentence, rather than tell investigators where she really was the night HaLeigh Cummings was reported missing?

This is the question that has baffled the American public for four years, and turned little Misty Croslin into the most enigmatic prisoner that falls asleep in a Florida prison each night.  

However, the answer to this burning question may have been hiding in plain sight, for years.

Emerging facts and circumstances, long known to a Christian missionary from the Palatka, Florida area, are revealing something very dark and disturbing has been occurring behind the scenes for quite some time.

Harriet Sweat operates a missionary based upon the biblical verse, “I was in prison and you came to me.”  She provided friendship and assistance to Hank and Lisa Croslin, the parents of Misty Croslin.  

Hank and Lisa Croslin have both struggled as addicts and spoke very highly of Harriet Sweat, who Hank referred to as “Ms. Harriet.”

The emerging information involves:

  • Group from South Florida shadowing and keeping tabs on Misty Croslin’s parents
  • Monetary funds being distributed monthly to the Croslins
  • Web group running donation scam using the plight of the Croslins
  • Web group stalking and harassing Harriet Sweat
  • Website used to intimidate Harriet Sweat and other witnesses in the HaLeigh      Cummings investigation

Some of the suspected players involved in this underworld operation are known, and presently under investigation by state and federal authorities.

This matter is being developed and more information will be forthcoming in days to come.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Listen on You Tube @

You will hear William Staubs – ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ and  Jeremiah Regan prepare a hidden tape recorder to be worn while Regan solicits a  statement from Amber Brooks.

Jeremiah Regan tells Brooks he spoke with “lead  investigators” on the case and is now acting as their agent as he speaks to her.

Jeremiah Regan professes to have authority from law  enforcement to offer “immunity” to Brooks.

William Staubs (Cobra the Bounty Hunter) can be heard at the  beginning and end of the recording.   

Jeremiah Regan is the man Teresa Knight identified as being  in the company of HaLeigh Cummings on April 26, 2009 at the Tiger Express Gas  Station in Brunson, South Carolina.

Listen on You Tube @

Five and a half minutes with Team Cobra

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The following audio was provided to me by William Staubs,  Case Closed, Inc., Florida.

The voices you will hear are:

  • William Staubs – ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ (owner of Case Closed, Inc.)
  • Matthew Staubs – William Staubs’ son
  • Jeremiah Regan – Administrator of the HaLeigh Bug Center

– Intro – Smoking Pot        

– 15 sec: Misogyny – making vile and disgusting sexual comments about case witness “Amber’s twat”        

– 1:47: Racism – making fun of black people “I hear black”        

– 2:48: Misogyny – sexual comments about his own girlfriend “Get that dick out of her mouth”        

– 5:13: Laughing that Detective John Merchant is “too slow” to  catch up with HaLeigh

Do you believe ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ was really  searching for HaLeigh Cummings?

Do you believe men that would talk like this should be  opening up a center for missing children searches and soliciting money from the American public?

How did Matthew Staubs know Detective John Merchant was “too  slow” to find HaLeigh?

Should the PCSO and FBI question these men?

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The self-proclaimed bounty hunter who became notorious after  involving himself in a high-profile missing child case has issued a press  release on PR Web.

William (Cobra) Staubs, the South   Florida bail bondsman that was arrested for felony false  imprisonment amidst his ‘search’ for HaLeigh Cummings, is again inviting the  media to listen to his thoughts and observations about the missing child case.

Staubs also re-released an interview he did in March of  2009, shortly after Misty Croslin, (then) 17, refused to participate in a  ‘crime-scene’ reenactment he had set up with a tabloid blogger.   

The audio interview Staubs released promotes the question –  where was Misty Croslin the night HaLeigh Cummings was reported missing?

He also recently published an article on an x-rated website that cast suspicion on Teresa Neves and Ronald Cummings.

I (Timothy Holmseth) personally interviewed Staubs for countless hours, beginning in May of 2009. I think it is time for the narrative to align itself with the true nature of investigative reporting and what really happened to HaLeigh.

Essentially – it is not important for anyone to listen to  William Staubs crowing about the whereabouts of Misty Croslin. In fact, what Staubs thinks about whereabouts of anybody is totally useless information. .

In fact…

Although Staubs presented himself as some kind of a big-hearted do-gooder that traveled up to Satsuma, because he is such a great guy, the truth was much different. He had a secret house rented in San Mateo, which he and several others he was working with later tried to cloak by renting motel rooms.

I could provide audio so the public could listen to Staubs’ son Matthew Staubs, and  HaLeigh Bug Administrator Jeremiah Regan, smoking pot, discussing the [female sex organ] of a young girl, and laughing that Detective John Merchant isn’t going to catch up with HaLeigh because he’s “too slow”.

But that’s for another article.

The real question is – where was William Staubs the night HaLeigh Cummings was reported missing? He has never provided a good explanation for why he got  involved in the missing child case.

In March, 2009, a  sharp reporter with a Florida news station (possibly  channel 12) asked Staubs about his involvement.  

Reporter: Umm,  who’s paying you?

Staubs: I just said I’m working for myself.

Reporter: I know  but you said you had somebody…

Staubs: You want  to know the truth? A drug dealer in Miami. Yeah, it’s a drug dealer in Miami, yeah. He did prison time for it and he’s cleaned his life up and he’s the only  one to give me money. I talked to every single bondman…

Reporter: What!  To come here? Why does he care about this case?

Staubs: Because  eh, he said they’re making a bad scene up there. There talking about drug dealers  are behind this – that this guy did x-y-z. The drug dealers are all involved in  it…

Reporter: So he’s  standing up for drug dealers?

Staubs: He said  we’re drug dealers were not baby killers. That an exact quote un-quote.


Staubs goes on to say  “some lady”  contacted his friend, Rev.  Richard Grund, and Grund then gave him the case.

So here you go…

‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ – broke without a pot to piss in, tells the American public he was  sent to Satsuma, Florida to search for HaLeigh  Cummings because some woman telephoned Rev. Richard Grund; and subsequently a drug  dealer in Miami gave Staubs some money to go defend the honor and integrity of drug dealers everywhere.

Now let’s examine what Staubs says about Misty Croslin in the video he released. 

“I think maybe the press kind of has this wrong; were you in  this room were you in this room, were you in this room; did you do this?”  Staubs said, recalling his conversations with Croslin.

He continues.

“Basically what I want to do Misty is I want to go through  each step as close as you can recall it, and if you’re willing to do that I  will close this case. Absolutely close it beyond any doubt,” Staubs said.

At one point in the interview, Staubs expresses his  frustration with Croslin. “I should have just told her ‘listen bitch’ – you  know exactly what you did, you been lying – I just want you to come clean,”  Staubs said.

“Listen bitch”???

Wow. Staubs is 56 and Croslin is a 17 year-old rape survivor.

He went on to say he was going to the Putnam County  Sheriff’s Office and requesting the young girl be charged with Child  Endangerment and Obstruction of Justice. He said she should have a million dollar bail  placed on her.



This foul-mouthed, smelly, unemployed, unknown, Dog the Bounty Hunter wannabe, from South Florida, with a little pocket cash he mooched off a drug dealer, drives up to Northern   Florida, and is going to solve the entire HaLeigh Cummings case by simply watching a frightened seventeen year-old girl (little bitch) walk around a trailer house, which the police will not even call a crime scene?

He’s even going to advise the Sheriff’s Office on how to  charge the girl (the little bitch).

During interviews, I repeatedly challenged Staubs, and asked  him why he felt he had a unique ability to know if Misty Croslin was being  truthful about her specific movements and activities on the night question.

I politely suggested he was really no different than anyone  else, and questioned how he was going to close the whole case by just  conducting a reenactment. He became very angry. “Can’t you just trust me?” he  growled, tired of the probing. 

He’d already said HaLeigh was alive so I understood him loud and clear.

Staubs pointed his accusatory finger at many  different people, until the Sheriff’s Office finally arrested him and kicked  him out of town. He wanted the American public to focus and ponder about the whereabouts of others.

The whereabouts of all the people Staubs and his Team  targeted is irrelevant.

Where was William Staubs the night HaLeigh Cummings vanished?

The x-rated website will be soon be contacted by  a lawyer.

This according to South Florida Insider Edward Boyle.

Boyle said previous plans to contact the cyber-stalker were placed on hold due to a legal situation that needed to play out.

Boyle is the brother of Maria Burgun, a Florida millionaire that is now commonly referred to as the ‘the real key’ to the HaLeigh Cummings investigation.

The FBI recently stepped up its efforts on the investigation.

Several stories are developing on this case and Write Into Action will update as the information comes in.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

A South Florida biofuels engineer believes he recognizes handwriting found on a lease for a house in San Mateo, Florida that was used by Crystal Sheffield’s team.

It would be a third, and previously un-identified person writing on the lease for the house.

Edward Boyle said he knows the person because he once watched the person make notations on a document he was working with.

Edward Boyle said he instantly recognized the handwriting on a lease to a house believed to have housed the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.





Eddie Boyle
H A L E I G H   Edward Boyle

Investigators find the existence of the house interesting because it was kept secret and used by many members of Sheffield’s team, while they simultaneously rented motel rooms for the public and law enforcement to see.

William Staubs – a.k.a. ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ says he changed the lease into the name of Donald Knop – signing Knop’s name with his permission – a practice seen as odd by many.

The timing of the changes to the lease is also interesting for the fact it was changed almost immediately after the HaLeigh Cummings sighting on April 26, 2009, and the police report filed by Lindsay Croslin on April 27, 2009 that Stuabs told her brother they had HaLeigh hidden in Gerorgia.

For more information on the little red house click here.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth


On  February 10, 2009 at approximately 3:27 a.m., a seventeen year-old girl named  Misty Croslin telephoned 911 in Putnam County, Florida and told the operator  she woke up to find her five year-old child missing.      

The little girl nobody could find was HaLeigh Cummings, 5.

The Sheriff’s Office found this emergency call to be rather suspicious, because  they had already received a call regarding HaLeigh at 2:13 a.m. from somebody  else.

The trailer home, which HaLeigh allegedly vanished from, rendered detectives nothing useful. No signs of forced entry; no forensic evidence indicating foul play was found. The Sheriff’s Office would not even refer to the trailer as a  ‘crime scene’ per say.

The initial police report deemed the incident ‘domestically involved’ and the  Sheriff’s Office told the media it was ‘no stranger abduction’.

All in all – HaLeigh was not at her father’s house and, wherever she was at – nobody  was talking. 

An Amber Alert was issued, which generated national media attention for the little  girl.


As time passed, it became very clear the Sheriff’s Office was not going to provide the public with any specific information – with one exception. The Sheriff’s Office would talk about the girl that called 911 at 3:27 a.m. – Misty Croslin. ‘Misty holds the key” is what spokesmen for the sheriff’s office would tell the media.

Sheriff Jeff Hardy, Maj. Gary Bowling, Capt. Dominick Piscitello, Capt. Dick Schauland, Lt. Johnny Greenwood, and others were all positive the ‘key’ was with Misty.

They were wrong.

The key to HaLeigh’s disappearance is the person who made the 2:13 a.m. call. Misty  didn’t make that call.

Whoever called the police at 2:13 a.m. already knew HaLeigh was gone. The caller wanted a deputy to be dispatched to the trailer so it could be found empty, thus  proving Misty and HaLeigh were not there. Actual  radio transcriptions show that a deputy was dispatched; and the trailer was  found empty.

In September of 2009, the Sheriff’s Office finally squeezed a prisoner into making a statement to that effect. Hank (Tommy) Croslin Jr., the brother of Misty Croslin, told law enforcement he rapped on the door of the Cummings trailer  around the 10 o’clock hour but nobody was home.

This creates several questions. 

Why  wouldn’t the Sheriff’s Office simply issue a public statement, explaining how  they sent a deputy to the trailer that night after receiving a call at 2:13  a.m. – why not just announce they know that Misty Croslin was not there? 

It raises a fair question – the police did receive the first call at 2:13 a.m.  That is a fact that came from Lt. John Greenwood (now Major) – the public information officer during an interview with the Gainesville Sun. Why did the Sheriff’s Office feel they needed to squeeze the hell out of Tommy Croslin; and then have it be him to claim Misty wasn’t at the trailer? 

It’s clear the Sheriff’s Office wanted the public to know Misty wasn’t home – but why couldn’t tell they just come out and say it themselves? Anybody would rather hear it from a deputy. 

So here’s the problem – they are protecting the identity of the 2:13 a.m. caller.  The person that called the police at 2:13 a.m. already knew HaLeigh was gone. So, if the police won’t disclose the identity of the 2:13 a.m. caller, they are basically covering for that caller – and they are covering to this very day.


So, why would Misty Croslin lie to police and tell them she was at the trailer that  night sleeping beside HaLeigh, only to wake and find her gone – missing –  stolen? Why did she feel she needed to say all that? Well, that caller, whose identity is being protected; was attempting to frame Misty – and Misty knew it.

What was Misty being framed for? Why frame her? What was the plan?

Misty Croslin was being framed as an irresponsible teenage babysitter. It was probably not the intention of anyone to frame her for murder – just a patsy to create a plausible explanation for how a stranger could come in and take HaLeigh away.  

Misty Croslin was going to be set up as the token irresponsible teenage babysitter – it was going to appear that she left HaLeigh alone while she ran around partying and somebody came along and kidnapped HaLeigh.

However, when Misty found out the police were looking for her; she realized what was being done – she knew she was being set up. She high-tailed it to the trailer and claimed she was there all night.

Why make it look like a kidnapping? Why all this framing stuff?

The reason the 2:13 a.m. caller attempted to frame Misty as an irresponsible teenager that neglected the child, and allowed her to be kidnapped by a stranger, is because HaLeigh was already gone. HaLeigh had been taken away from her father by her grandpa.

Why did grandpa take her?

Because – among other things – HaLeigh was being sexually abused.

The frame-up very likely involved Ronald Cumming and his mother, Teresa Neves.

They were trying to create a scenario that would explain why HaLeigh was gone, without telling on HaLeigh’s paternal grandpa, Johnny Sheffield.

Why not just tell on Johnny Sheffield?

Because – Johnny Sheffield and Ronald Cummings had secrets between them.  


According to a source I interviewed, somebody was murdered shortly before HaLeigh was reported missing. What’s most interesting about the killing is the amount of individuals that appear to be directly, or indirectly, involved. Guns were a regular conversation piece for:

Hank Croslin Sr.

Hank Croslin Jr.

Timothy Croslin

Joseph Overstreet

Ronald Cummings

William Staubs

Johnny Sheffield

In a recorded conversation between Ronald Cummings and a private investigator, Cobra Staubs, the two discuss a pistol that was hidden and washed.


According to Crystal Sheffield’s victim’s abuse advocate, Wayanne Kruger, two men, John and Jeremiah Regan, met Teresa Neves at the home of Ronald Cummings a few days before HaLeigh vanished – Misty Croslin was present.

What did they all do at the Cummings trailer?

Here is what Kruger told me in a recorded interview.

They took naked photographs of HaLeigh in an illegal transaction involving child pornography. The transaction was captured by John Regan, who was dressed as a pastor and wearing a concealed wire. If what Kruger said is true, it explains a lot of things.

Now, before making any critical judgments on Kruger’s credibility, you might want to consider her accomplishments. She authored a book regarding child sex abuse, and her story was featured on the ABC television news magazine 20/20. She has been featured by People magazine. She has intimate knowledge of the ‘underground’.

The crazy world of child sex abuse rescue missions is Kruger’s forte.

A separate witness I interviewed described close-up photographs taken of HaLeigh’s vagina, which was damaged by recent sex abuse. According to Kruger, HaLeigh was being molested and pimped-out in a variety of ways.      

There was one other thing Kruger told me. She said the Sheriff’s Office and FBI could not determine if HaLeigh was dead or alive, because she had been recently raped and they didn’t know if she died from the hemorrhaging.       

Kruger’s story about HaLeigh possibly being raped and hemorrhaging shortly before she vanished could possibly be disinformation, put out to justify HaLeigh’s disappearance, but the over-arching fact that HaLeigh was being sexually abused is what is most relevant.       

So it went like this…

According to Kruger, in a planned operation, blackmail evidence was obtained against Ronald Cummings and Teresa Neves during a child porn shoot. With blackmail evidence as insurance, HaLeigh was taken by her grandpa, and Ronald Cummings didn’t dare tell on him.    

So, Ronald Cummings and his mother staged a stranger abduction kidnapping and Misty  Croslin was supposed to get blamed for leaving HaLeigh alone and vulnerable.


HaLeigh disappeared on February 10 and had been missing for one month.       

In  March of 2009, at the invitation of Marie Griffis (HaLeigh’s maternal grandmother)  and Crystal Sheffield (HaLeigh’s mother), Wayanne Kruger traveled from Arizona  to Florida to assist the family and talk to the press. Well – that was the official story – but it wasn’t true.       

Kruger had already been to the area – she was in the area HaLeigh disappeared.       

As noted previously, if anybody was paying attention, they would have noticed Kruger is a child sexual abuse advocate that was once featured on ABC’s news magazine 20/20 for a book she wrote about sex abuse of little girls.        

If anyone had looked a little further, yet, they would have read about Kruger assisting a woman with hiding and transporting her little child to keep her from her abuser.      


Kruger  was invited to travel to Florida from Arizona by HaLeigh’s  family and was given a bed in their home. Despite some flaws and poor judgment in others; Kruger has a real heart and cares about helping victims. So, who was Kruger communicating with before and after she arrived in Florida – besides Marie Griffis and Crystal Sheffield.

I’ll tell you.


Kruger  was telephoning, texting, and coordinating her activities with a private  investigator named William Staubs – a.k.a. ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’. He was in negotiations with Discovery Channel and Spike TV for a reality show. Kruger and Staubs were also communicating with Rev. Richard Grund – a potential prosecution witness in the Casey Anthony trial. 

Kruger and Staubs were also in communication with a sleazy washed-up tabloid blogger named Art Harris. This guy is a true degenerate – an Amber Alert pimp working for Nancy Disgrace.       

If you ever had any anger and disgust – Art Harris and Nancy Grace are worthy of utter contempt from the American public. Harris, a sleazy wannabe media writer, accepted drug money as payment from Staubs to publish cooked up bull-shit on his website. Harris developed articles that made innocent people look guilty and re-directed focus from those who were actually responsible for HaLeigh’s disappearance.      

According to a former colleague, Harris was fired by CNN during the first Gulf War after jeopardizing the lives of U.S.  Troops – a pissed off sergeant drove him away from the troop encampment and kicked him out of the jeep. Harris tells people he won two Emmy awards so people think he is honest – according to  his former colleague he is a liar – CNN won the awards, not him.      

Additionally, Kruger was working alongside a father and son team, John and Jeremiah Regan.      

Kruger, Cobra, Harris, Grund, John, and Jeremiah Regan were all in contact and communication with Marie Griffis and Crystal Sheffield. Also present was staff members Jerri Green, Donna Wagoner, and Donald Knop. Most of them shared a motel block.      

Kruger says she attempted to go to the police and tell the truth about HaLeigh. She says John and Jeremiah Regan prevented her from doing so. She said John Regan told her he was an “undercover pervert” working for the FBI – pretending to be  a pedophile to catch pedophiles.      

Shortly after Kruger attempted to spill the beans, she was poisoned in a motel room and  almost died. She says Staubs pulled a gun on her and Jeremiah Regan pricked her with a needle that caused her to develop a metallic taste in her mouth and feel  as if she was going under anesthesia – she said a doctor later determined she had  a mild heart attack – when it happened nobody would call 911.       

Yeah –  those were the consequences of trying to go to the police. Kruger exited a few  days after she was poisoned – essentially escaping with her life. 

Kruger is believed to have video of HaLeigh Cummings, which she shot with her I-Phone.         

For the next couple of months the charlatans wrought havoc on the area. Sleazy Harris pretended to be a journalist and wrote cheesy articles promoting Cobra.  Staubs and Harris targeted specific drug addicts and local pedophiles for sensationalized stories that would cast suspicion on them; and away from Crystal Sheffield and the rest.     

Kruger would later reveal in recorded interviews that John Regan was part of a baby-brokering human-trafficking operation in South   Florida. The details of what Kruger described will make you physically ill. Jeremiah Regan started soliciting donations from businesses, seeking a rental property, and the group quickly had a building they called the HaLeighBug Center. Simultaneously, they erected a website called and a foundation called HaLeigh Bug.    

The web domain was in the name of Jeremiah Regan.     

Staubs told the Jacksonville Times-Union that HaLeigh Bug was supposed to be grown into an international search firm that hunted down missing children. Staubs was going to be the chief investigator.    

By mid-summer of 2009, a great many plans appeared to be in ruin.     

Kruger had exited in March, but remained in contact with the members by phone and  text. Harris was gone. He only appeared on obscure basement productions of Web radio programs to an audiences of 10-20 people. He can no longer operate a business that features his name.   

Staubs was free on bond after being arrested by the Sheriff’s Office and charged with felony false imprisonment. The group had dismantled with letters of disassociation flying back and forth.

But, did anything happen before the gang was gone that could lend any clues to the  truth about HaLeigh’s whereabouts and fate.

Yes, it did.  

It happened on April 26-27 between Brunson, South Carolina and Satsuma, Florida.     


On April 26, 2009 at approximately 6:30 p.m., a woman and her husband believed they witnessed the missing child HaLeigh Cummings at the Tiger Express gas station in Brunson, South Carolina. The witnesses reported to law enforcement what they had seen. They called it in to America’s Most Wanted. They also sent the information to Florida Attorney Mark Nejame (which provided a publicly available document of the event).    

The couple reported seeing HaLeigh Cummings in the custody of a man and a woman.  When the man noticed HaLeigh had been recognized, he made the child lay down on the floor boards of the car. The vehicle exited the gas station, turned, and continued in the direction of Florida.

A few hours later…

On April 27, 2009 at 12:47 a.m., a 911 call was made. Assistance was being requested at a commercial facility in Satsuma, Florida called the HaLeigh   Bug Center.  The caller was Sara Sheffield – she was requesting medical assistance for her sister, Crystal Sheffield, HaLeigh’s mother. Sara Sheffield reported to responding deputies that a man dressed in black had been lurking around outside the HaLeigh   Bug Center.  She told the officer her sister fell down and hit her head and was having a seizure.  

I interviewed the Sheffield family’s private investigator, William Staubs regarding this event. In fact, I interviewed most every professional working around Crystal Sheffield at the time. Each person provided me riveting details of a very dramatic event. Every person I interviewed described a chaotic bloody scene.  One rendition of  events included several men being present, (multiple) babies crying, adults  screaming and arguing, family members arriving and leaving, paramedics  interacting with licensed professionals, and sheriff’s deputies questioning  witnesses.       

All of my interviews regarding that matter were recorded on audio. I possess audio proof of all the statements by each witness. For purposes of this article, I am going to focus on what Staubs told me.     


William Staubs told me he was present and spoke face to face with a police officer.  Others I interviewed also claimed to have spoken with paramedics and police officers. Others even claimed to have ‘witnessed’ Staubs speaking to a police officer.     

The alleged interaction between witnesses, and, police officers and paramedics, will become very relevant as you will see (because the Police Report says the opposite). 

William Staubs told me the Sheffield girls had a baby in the building and he discussed how they handled that situation. 

William Staubs: “…and then there was a concern as I recall as to  where this little child would end up going too – they had a cute looking baby –  so they decided to give it to somebody else yadda yadda yadda I can’t – the  story is kind of sketchy there as far as what I remember, but they turned the  kid over to somebody else”

Timothy Holmseth: What kid?

William Staubs: “The baby. Some baby. They were babysitting some baby  or something They had to get rid of this baby, and I think it was the new kid  that, if memory serves me correct it was the new child that Crystal and her  boyfriend have there. I can’t remember what his name is off the top of my head  but I said well is it – and I gave – I’m not watching the kid – I’m not sitting  here watching the kid so they called and somebody else came and picked up the  child and then Crystal was transported to the hospital…”  

The audio you listened to contains a complete, consecutive, un-edited statement from Staubs (with the exception of a redacted name) regarding the April 27, 2009 event at the HaLeigh BugCenter.       

Staubs describes arriving at the same time as another vehicle, which itself contains several occupants. They then found Crystal Sheffield bleeding profusely. He says approximately five minutes passed, and then he heard the sirens approaching.        

Five minutes – make note of that – FIVE MINUTES.

Staubs talks about getting a towel for Crystal Sheffield who is still bleeding. He also describes Sara Sheffield walking him through what she claimed happened. He examines a hatchet he finds. The group then confers about what to do with a baby that is present at the scene. It is decided a relative should be called to come and pick the child up, which is then done.         

But remember, he heard the sirens approaching within five minutes.      

There is a problem with what Staubs is saying. The problem is in the police report and there is no escaping it. The police report only reports Sara and Crystal Sheffield as being present (Crystal was erroneously referred to as Crystal Cummings in the report). Other than police officers, the only other witness listed is the neighbor man.       

Not only that – there’s NO BABY. The police report says there were NO MINOR children present.

What does this mean?

If you  take the police report at face value, William Staubs was not present when the  police arrived, nor was any of the other people that told me they were present.    

They had all split the scene – with the baby.

Staubs said they decided to have a cousin come and pick the child up. In a separate interview he told me he personally put the child in a car in front of the HaLeighBugCenter.     

Staubs said he spoke with Crystal Sheffield’s mother, Marie Griffis, to make sure it was okay to send the child away in a vehicle.

Staubs said he heard the sirens five minutes after his arrival. So, when did all this telephone activity regarding the ‘baby’ take place? What Staubs describes is ’calling’ someone well after midnight (presumably waking them up) and asking them to come and pick up a baby. He then has the entire task being accomplished before the approaching the sirens arrive.

Remember, he heard the sirens approaching within five minutes of his own arrival.

The police report stated no minor children were at the scene.

Now – what really went on there, you wonder.

Well – Staubs was staking the place out (the man dressed in black – peeking in the windows). When HaLeigh arrived from Georgia (having passed through Brunson, South Carolina where she was seen at the gas station) Cobra Staubs kicked the door in on the HaLeighBugCenter (he told me he kicked the door in) and took HaLeigh away from her mother and gave her to her grandpa.  

Now – hold on to your socks, because I am going to tell you what happened when I first tried to get a copy of that police report.     

In the fall of 2010, I telephoned the Records department in PutnamCounty to request all available documentation on the event that took place per the 911 call on April 27, 2009.     

Guess  what?

The computer system contained no record whatsoever of the event. According to the computer system where all the records are kept – the whole thing NEVER HAPPENED.


I had to fight it out with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and involve the FBI  before they suddenly ‘found’ it. 


HaLeigh’s disappearance has been classified as both a kidnapping and homicide. The press releases by the Sheriff’s Office are confusing to most, because although homicide is discussed, HaLeigh’s has an Amber Alert that classifies her as Missing and Endangered.       

To help you understand this seeming discrepancy, we will go through the finer details and developments of the case, to explain why the case has appeared to toggle between these two classifications.      

Approximately two weeks after HaLeigh’s disappearance, a quasi anomaly appeared in the investigation when cadaver dogs hit on a dumpster near HaLeigh’s home; but nothing was found. The dumpster hit was perplexing – if a body had been in the dumpster, where did it go? Why the dumpster hit wasn’t on immediately the night HaLeigh was reported missing?      

I will get back to that dumpster, but first, let’s look at some other searches that followed. 

Law enforcement conducted several different searches – focusing primarily on bodies of water. In June, 2009 law enforcement searched property in Baker    County, Florida on the property of HaLeigh’s maternal grandmother, Marie Griffis. In September, 2009 a pond was drained after receiving a tip.       

It was never clear exactly  what law enforcement was searching for during these targeted events.      

By early 2010, several persons of interest in HaLeigh’s disappearance were in the custody of the PCSO on un-related drug charges. Misty Croslin and her brother, Hank Croslin Jr., were talking to police. While the Croslins were discussing various details about an alleged murder of the little girl, they did not confess to murdering HaLeigh. Rather, they provided statements implicating a family cousin from Tennessee named Joe Overstreet.      

Law enforcement had long since interviewed Overstreet and cleared him. Polygraph tests administered on Misty Croslin did not confirm the new story she was giving law enforcement.

In April of 2010, based upon information emerging from the jail, an extensive search of the St. John’sRiver was conducted by multiple agencies and counties including Putnam, Clay, Marion, as well as the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Amidst this River search, the PCSO announced the missing person case had been converted into a homicide investigation.

It is at this point you might begin to consider and ponder the idea that a person may have been killed around the time HaLeigh vanished; a person that was NOT HaLeigh Cummings. 

Major Gary Bowling, director of law enforcement, PCSO, was asked by the Gainesville Sun how officers reached the decision that the case was now a homicide. Bowling said, “It’s a lot of information over the last few weeks. None of us believe we are looking for an alive child anymore.”       

Fair enough.    

Now – what Major Bowling said was very significant – because according to the director, the classification of the case affected the Amber Alert status. “You lose the Amber Alert out of that, but that’s the only significant difference between any tool or investigative strategy that changes or diminishes,” Bowling told the Palatka Daily News.       

The Amber Alert was cancelled by the classification change Major Bowling said so.    

HaLeigh’s new status will also keep the investigation on the path to her killer rather than the person that abducted her, Bowling said.   

Director Bowling’s additional ditty may have been a message to those hiding HaLeigh that they were going to be treated as child murderers from that point on – the gloves were coming off.      

The idea that HaLeigh was dead was to be an idea short-lived.      

The PCSO was about to discover something from me (Timothy Charles Holmseth), that would jump start the entire investigation, and will certainly change what you think about HaLeigh’s welfare status. Likewise, it will illuminate what law enforcement continues to refer to as a homicide investigation.      

Let’s re-cap the events of April 26-27, 2009 – you will soon be amazed because that event, in conjunction with my request for the police report regarding the event, resulted in HaLeigh’s Amber Alert being re-instated.    

On April 27, 2009 Putnam  County Emergency Management (PCEM) dispatched an ambulance to a facility called  the HaLeigh Bug Center in Satsuma, Florida after receiving a 911 emergency call  from Sarah Sheffield – the sister of Crystal Sheffield (HaLeigh’s mother).       

Now – remember – HaLeigh had been sighted at approximately 6:30 p.m., April 26 at the Tiger Express gas station in Brunson, South   Carolina in the company of a man and woman traveling in the direction of Florida.  The man would later be picked out of a group of pictures by the witness, who said she recognized him to be the man shown in a photo of Jeremiah Regan, administrator, HaLeigh   Bug Center.      

During multiple interviews I conducted,  I learned about the late night incident at the HaLeigh Bug   Center that resulted in a  911 call, and understood its shocking implications.      

In the fall of 2010 I contacted Major (then Lieutenant) Johnny Greenwood, public information officer, PCSO, and asked him for the police report generated by the April 27, 2010 law enforcement activity at the HaLeigh   Bug Center.  Major Greenwood advised me there was no record of any such event – he said no police were at any such scene.   

Of course, I knew better, because I had conducted so many interviews with so many people present at the scene, it was a no-brainer. It was even covered by the mainstream media at the time; including a news piece by T.J. Hart, news director, WSKY. 

I decided to contact the department that handles records and emergency management dispatches in Putnam County, Florida. I called and I was told the computer system did not contain any records of any emergency management personnel being dispatched to that location.       

The records had all disappeared from the computer. You can listen to the telephone call I made (below).  

I contacted Major Greenwood again. I told him I had conducted extensive recorded interviews that would prove what occurred at the HaLeigh   Bug Center that night. I included the Jacksonville FBI in the email exchange. I became very forward with my request.       

Major Greenwood then found the police report. He said it had not originally appeared because the right words were not being used in the search.      

Major Greenwood’s explanation did not reasonably account for an entire event disappearing from the mainframe computer system; but that’s for another time.    

The narrative of the police report did not, in any way, shape, or form match what I had been told about the events of that night. I had been told of multiple people – crying and arguing –  cars coming and going, small children being placed in automobiles and quickly  taken away. Blood everywhere – fighting, screaming, arguing, phone calls, and  wailing babies.


Shortly thereafter, HaLeigh’s cancelled Amber Alert was re-instated (the first time in American history that  a cancelled Amber Alert was re-instated).       

In this same time-window, Peggy Cone, the former lead detective of the HaLeigh Task Force (quietly)  retired from the PCSO.       

It is very clear – somebody took measures to hide the entire paper trail regarding the April 26-27, 2009 event. The subsequent administerial activities by the Sheriff’s Office regarding Detective Cone provide a pretty good idea of where one might want to place their focus on that matter.    

Major Bowling advised me of Cone’s departure, and noted a new detective had been assigned to the case and it was very active.


When law enforcement  re-instated HaLeigh’s Amber Alert – the message and reality was loud and clear  – HaLeigh was not dead. Obviously, this creates questions  about the on-going “criminal investigation” being conducted by the  PCSO, which they called a “homicide investigation” shortly before I  exposed the HaLeigh Bug Center incident and hidden records.    

Okay – now we will now jump back  to the bizarre event that took place in February of 2010, when several German  Shepherd cadaver dogs hit on a dumpster near HaLeigh’s home – but no body was  found inside the dumpster.       

I learned during an interview with a witness, who I am not going to name (but have named to PCSO) that a man was allegedly murdered in the home of Ronald Cummings shortly before HaLeigh was reported missing.       

The homicide involved a gun and considerable activity took place with disposing of the body.      

I have provided the names of the individuals that were allegedly present during the violent murder to the PCSO and FBI.        

As you can see, the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings can be classified as either a kidnapping investigation, homicide investigation, or criminal investigation.      

It’s all of them.