Radionewz blog used Web to alert alleged participants in sex trafficking ring

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Public concern is increasing that the anonymous owner of  may be directly involved in the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

Within two days of our expose’ that connected the vile  website to the online sexual harassment and bullying of HaLeigh Cummings case  witnesses, the anonymous publisher responded in the most curious way.

The attack site, using the poster name ‘Radio’ published two posts directly addressing William Murtaugh, an independent blog operator from Florida. The first post said,  “Has Murtwitnessone been outed as being in a sex trafficking ring?” The post  was in reference to something that had been posted elsewhere on the Web by an unidentified  third party.

The second post said, “Warning sent to Murtwitnessone.”

The “warning” referred to the unidentified third party and  said, “I hear she has more facts she still needs to upload to her blog. Murt  you should fear this girl. She will expose your affiliation with Dr. Hackett, Oak Beach,  Joe Brewer & Amber Lynn Costello & Kim Raffeo & Shannon Gilbert.”

The Administrator of Radionewz purports to be in Atlanta, Georgia.  In the Web posting he/she mentions West    Babylon, New York and  refers to a missing person. Murtaugh resides in Florida.

Radionewz openly brags he/she uses an off-shore proxy server to avoid detection.

A public safety issue is clearly present as the anonymous cyber-stalker is using the World Wide Web to pass detailed messages to warn others that they might be exposed for being involved in a sex trafficking ring.

The publisher did not choose to contact law  enforcement or the FBI with the names. Rather, under the veil of anonymity, diabolically  passed the information over state lines as a stern warning or alert. 

The activities of the website’s administrator may fall under  the purview of 18 USC § 1591 – Sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud,  or coercion.

            This has been reported to the FBI
  1. zero dinh says:

    and we come full circle

  2. veruca says:

    you peeps are tardtastic….wow

  3. eddieboyle1 says:

    Veruca hmmmm
    the definition of veruca is a wart and a wart she is.
    That wart lives in the Dirty South and is alias, one of many.
    Nothing the Doctor wont be able to remove.

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