HaLeigh Cummings kept in “underground house”

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Trapped in a nightmare they could not wake up from – three  young girls and a baby existed in a private hell located in the basement of an Ohio home.

Although the horrifying event shocked the conscience of the entire  nation – it is not the first time or the last.  The four survivors of Ariel Castro’s demented  world were not the first to descend into such an abyss.  

Ariel Castro kept three girls and a baby captive in an Ohio home for a decade.





OHIO PRISONERS   Ariel Castro / Crime Scene

HaLeigh Cummings was kept in an underground cellar. This  according to multiple sources interviewed between 2009 and 2013. The  information originated from HaLeigh’s little brother, Ronald Cummings Jr., 4.  

HaLeigh Cummings disappeared in 2009. Her little brother said she is kept in “underground house” with a cement cover where she eats peanut butter sandwiches.





HALEIGH   HaLeigh Cummings

The information was actually disseminated for publication by  Teresa Neves, HaLeigh’s maternal grandmother. Neves described what the young  boy said while jumping on a motel room bed on Father’s Day weekend, 2009.

Neves said the boy talked about an underground cellar HaLeigh  was kept in when people came to visit.  

Teresa Neves said her grandson described where HaLeigh lived in an “underground house” that was covered by cement.





HALEIGH   Ronald Cummings and Teresa Neves

“[Ronald Cummings Jr.] called it an underground house. It  had cement for the top, and there was grass on top of that so nobody could see  it,” one source said.

“[Ronald Cummings Jr.] said when HaLeigh was down there she  had to eat peanut butter sandwiches,” she explained.

The little boy said HaLeigh was put in the cellar when  people come to the house so nobody sees her. He called it an underground house,”  she said.  

  1. Nicole Olson says:

    What is he talking about? Has he heard that she’s buried somewhere, and a cement slab was poured over it to cover it up so she will never be found… or has he seen something that he wasn’t suppose to see?! Some 4 yr. Olds can be pretty good witnesses or credible and unless he actually saw or knows what’s happened, today he isn’t gonna remember or know anything…. especially if he was sleeping.
    I think either she was taken to scare Ronald and Misty if they owed money for drugs and she was killed accidently so nobody is gonna ever talk fearing they will be in prison for the rest of their lives… and if Misty does have any theories or had some knowledge to who did she would of said by now, unless she is guilty then she sure as hell will never talk fearing she isn’t ever gonna get out… at this point she can get out in her early 40s just from the drug charges…

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