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Angels, demons, and a secret organization in Florida

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

When Casey Anthony was acquitted of first degree murder charges,  the verdict shocked the conscience of many.

How could a jury find a monster like Casey Anthony, not  guilty? After all, the facts and circumstances surrounding her toddler daughter  Caylee’s disappearance, and death, all pointed straight to Casey, right?


Actually, murder charges in this case were premature to say the least.

The jury’s ultimate decision showed that when all the cards  were ‘supposedly’ on the table, the jurors, apparently, didn’t believe ‘all’  the cards were on the table.

I agree.  

Using information I gathered from at least a hundred hours  of my own journalistic interviews, conducted between 2009 and 2012, I will show  you why the Casey Anthony verdict was actually a responsible and appropriate  response to the evidence.

But I will do more than that.

I will provide evidence that Caylee Anthony may not have been the victim of cold blooded murder – at least not the cold blooded murder the State of Florida tried to sell to the jury.

If you are one that followed the trial closely, the sheer  sight of Casey Anthony, the sound of her voice, and thought of her partying for  a month while her daughter was missing probably gets your blood absolutely  boiling – to say the least.

I get it – and that’s why as I assimilated information over  the years, I began to realize something.

Casey Anthony’s behavior and general attitude after her  daughter vanished was so outrageous, that it actually overshadowed, if not entirely erased, any desire a normal person may have to ask tough questions or scrutinize the official version of what occurred.

Casey’s cavalier attitude was so offensive it made one  literally resent her, and it was her despicable disposition that clouded the reality that she had no real ‘motive’ to murder her daughter.    

Could it all have happened the way the State presented it?

Sure – so this is my disclaimer – I am presenting information that I believe contradicts the overly simplistic conclusions the  State of Florida pushed in place of enough hidden truths to pave the road to hell.

Now – because Casey is so despicable – it’s going to be hard for old dogs in this case to analyze new facts. 

Once a person believes a mother duct taped her two year-old’s mouth shut and left her dying in a hot car trunk, the anger and bias is so  extreme it seems insurmountable.


I am going to be providing you new information, and if you  really want to absorb it, you will need to clean your mental slate.  

I am now going to pose a rhetorical question, not as a  conclusion, but rather a thought-starter to generate fresh inner dialogue.

Ask yourself this question…

Did little Caylee Anthony die accidentally, somewhere in the process of a botched rescue mission [fake  kidnapping], which had been planned and executed to permanently remove the child from a sexually abusive home?

Remember to work with your clean slate.

Remember – there is a period of time that is hazy at best –  nobody is exactly sure where Casey was, what she was doing, or who she was with  – and nobody can do anything more than speculate on the matter.

The murder scenario set forth by the State, on the surface, seemed  to make sense. After all, they ultimately found the body, and the mother  appeared to be a pathological liar and cold-blooded sociopath.

Now think about it – that was the State’s case – that was it.

Think about it again – when looked at objectively, there was never really a motive for Casey to murder her little daughter. The only real motive the State set forth to support such a theory was the suggestion Caylee was interfering with Casey’s party lifestyle.

Murder is rather an extreme measure for a desire to stay out  late. Everybody that has children experiences a sharp curve in their ability to party and go clubbing. People don’t murder their children because they feel held down.

There’s no doubt Casey Anthony appeared self-absolved and  obsessed with the pleasures of night life, clubs, booze, and sex – but horrific  murder is a drastic measure to take to escape parental duties, when other  options are available – options that won’t lead to the penitentiary.

So ask yourself…

Did Casey Anthony execute Caylee, or, was Casey involved in something  that led to the child’s un-planned death?

I’ll say it plainly.

Is it possible Casey wanted to get her and her daughter out  of that house forever? Did she want to move on with her life, without leaving  her daughter behind to be the next generation sex abuse victim?

If she was planning an escape, it was not going to be as  simple as packing her bags, putting her daughter in a car seat, and leaving.

Tales of Cindy Anthony’s controlling nature are chilling,  disturbing, and many. One need only watch the infamous video of Cindy being  deposed, and you will see a ferocious bug-eyed monster suddenly explode when Cindy’s  is challenged by an attorney asking her tough questions.   

To escape a situation as controlling and sick as the Anthony  home was known to be, it would require a plan and help from third parties.

Now stop and think very closely about that – third parties.  

While murder is a final act that almost never ends well for  the perpetrator, abuse victims escaping their abuser is something that happens  relatively often. It is known to be difficult and dangerous – but escapes and  rescue missions do happen.

The public was quick to conclude that Casey was able to  commit a horrific murder, but gave little thought to the idea she may have just  wanted to get Caylee out of that environment.

To truly know what actually happened to Caylee during the  summer of 2008, the jury needed to be provided more information than they were  ever given, and judging by their verdict, they sensed that something was  missing.

But the information existed.

Facts and circumstances never openly discussed or made  public by Attorney Jeff Ashton or Jose Baez revealed a much different picture about  was actually going on in the disturbing world of the Anthony family.

Interestingly enough – Cindy Anthony, commented on what I am  going to show you.

But…as you will see…there was just no way the State was  going to ‘go there’.

No way.

If the Prosecution had delved into the realities I am now going  show you, the case would have dwarfed the Simpson trial, marginalized the Manson  Family, and made Casey Anthony appear sympathetic.     

They wanted Casey to look like a monster – not a victim.


It begins with the cold hard realities that surround homes  filled with incest and sexual abuse.

Assertions and allegations that incest was occurring in the  Anthony home were commonplace. George Anthony was alleged to have had sex with  his daughter, Casey.

Likewise, Casey reportedly told others that her brother, Lee  Anthony, had molested her throughout the years.  

That was the world Casey Anthony grew up in – tortured and  tormented – hollowed out and empty – broken – and she knew her daughter was  next.


Did Casey decide to do something about it? Did she find  someone to help her? Did someone offer to help her?

Did she have a plan?

Perhaps – because in the summer of 2008 – everything changed  forever.

The bizarre story that unfolded when the police became  involved is an old one that everybody already knows.

Confronted by the police about the whereabouts of her  daughter, Casey created a fictional babysitter named Zenaida Gonzalez. She told  the police the babysitter took her daughter and she never saw her again.

Casey said it was a kidnapping, and she stuck to that ‘kidnapping’  story come hell or high water.

The minute details of what really happened, we don’t have.  However, we do know Caylee would never be seen alive again, and her body was  found not too far from the Anthony home.

Whoever had control of Caylee’s body, either while she was  alive, or after she was dead, placed duct tape over her mouth.

I believe the whole Anthony family knew Caylee was dead,  were involved in hiding her body, and were simply trying to run out the clock  as time destroyed Caylee’s corpse, making useful evidence difficult to obtain  by forensic investigators.

The State of Florida  chose to develop a case against Casey Anthony based Casey’s movements in the  summer of 2008.

As emotionally compelling as the State’s case was – it  simply wasn’t enough to explain what really happened to Caylee. It simply showed she was a living person that disappeared, and when she was found, was  obviously the victim of foul play because she had duct tape on her mouth.

The evidence you have shows you the child died and it was  not on the up and up – but that’s all it shows.

I am now going to encourage you to ask your self a second  question. If Caylee died accidentally in the course of a rescue mission that  utilized a plan that included a phantom kidnapper – who was helping Casey?

Who were the third parties?  

There are no above-board businesses that assist in  kidnappings and staged child abductions. Making a child vanish without a trace would  require connections in the human trafficking underground.

What the world witnessed as the disappearance of Caylee  Anthony played out on a national scale was very disturbing. But was the long  search, freak-show style news coverage, and ultimate recovery of Caylee’s body,  the original plan – or is that just what happened?

Perhaps this was the plan – Caylee Anthony was supposed to  disappear (into the underground) as the result of a kidnapping – never to be seen again.

But something went wrong, the Nancy Disgrace freak show took  over and the rest is history.  

Was there any evidence that members of the trafficking  underground were involved in the Anthony case?

Yes, and the State had to know it folks – Jeff Ashton knew the whole time – but he didn’t want to go there.

February 10, 2009 – “HaLeigh and Caylee”

On February 10, 2009 a nationally televised memorial was  held for Caylee Anthony in Orlando,   Florida. The highly publicized  event was being monitored by a security team that was enforcing a no-entry list,  which had been created by George and Cindy Anthony.

On that list was a man named Rev. Richard Grund. Also on the  list was a child sex abuse advocate/author from Arizona named Wayanne Kruger.

Rev. Grund was on the potential witness list for the  prosecution, but was never ultimately called to testify. He is the father of  Jesse Grund, former fiancé of Casey Anthony.

On February 10, 2009, having been black-listed from the large  family memorial, Rev. Grund arranged for a smaller memorial to be held at J. Blanchard Park, which was attended by a small crowd that prayed and grieved for  the soul of little Caylee.

Rev. Grund personally knew George and Cindy Anthony, and had  been to their home. It is interesting the Anthony’s held such an animus for  Rev. Grund. Typically families don’t hire a private security firm for memorial  services and create a blacklist to keep specific people out.

Later I will tell you what Rev. Grund told me happened one  time when he was at the Anthony house. The events create an entirely different  reality, and will likely change the way you look at this case, forever.

But to get to my interview with Rev. Grund, we first need to  look at the date of February 10, 2009.

On February 10, 2009 a five year-old from Satsuma, Florida named HaLeigh  Cummings mysteriously disappeared. Satsuma is only 75 miles north of Orlando and the news  spread quickly.

‘HaLeigh and Caylee’

In April of 2009, I was doing freelance writing projects for  various magazines and publishing companies. I am a former newspaper reporter  and was enjoying the editorial freedom of choosing my own projects and writing  under my own publication.

I received an email via You Tube from a private investigator  from Weston, Florida named William Staubs – a.k.a. ‘Cobra  the Bounty Hunter’. He was complimenting me on a song I wrote called “The  Murderer”. He asked me to call him (although I didn’t).

A few days later I was contacted by Rev. Grund. It was  interesting because Grund was writing me, to encourage me, to communicate with  Staubs.

The news reporter inside me recognized this could be a big  story, and within the next couple of weeks my proverbial rolodex continued to  grow. I interviewed scores of witnesses, including many members of HaLeigh’s  family, staff members working for the team assembled by Crystal Sheffield, and  others.

I interviewed both Staubs and Rev. Grund.

Investigator Staubs told me that he was in Northern   Florida searching for the missing little Cummings girl, when the  cops ‘run him out of town’.

He told me he ‘damn near got arrested’.

Staubs said that after he was run out of town by the cops, he  was on his way back to Southern Florida, when he heard on the “radio” about a  memorial being held in Orlando for little Caylee Anthony, so he decided to  swing through there – and it was then and there he claimed to meet Rev. Grund  for the first time ever.  

Staubs was already searching for HaLeigh Cummings on the very  day she was reported missing?


That’s what he said – but of course there is a big  difference between ‘searching’ for a child, and being in the area because you  were involved in the child’s disappearance.

I never did find out why the cops damn near arrested him the  day HaLeigh was reported missing, but the FBI might want to look into that.

His story becomes even more fantastic.  

Staubs said after meeting Rev. Grund on February 10, Grund  asked him to lead up his “security team”.  Staubs said George and Cindy Anthony were  harassing Grund and attempting to hack into his computer. Staubs said he agreed  to help Grund and took the case pro bono.

Rev. Grund kept the pro bono PI busy.

In March of 2009, Staubs told news reporters, including  Jessica Clark at First Coast News that he had been sent to Satsuma by Rev.  Grund. He said Grund was a pastor and wanted him to help HaLeigh’s mother,  Crystal Sheffield. Staubs also told Clark he was being financed by a reformed  drug dealer from Miami.

When I interviewed Rev. Grund I asked him about his  relationship with Staubs. He confirmed that he that he asked Staubs to travel  to Satsuma to aid and assist Crystal Sheffield.

I asked Rev. Grund how and why he became involved in the  HaLeigh Cummings case. He said he had been contacted by a woman named Wayanne  Kruger.

Kruger is an author and child sex abuse advocate. She has  been featured on the ABC news magazine 20/20, People magazine, etc. She is the  author of a book entitled “Life in Prison for Child Sex Predators”.

In Kruger’s book she talks about assisting a mother that  needed to hide her child from her sexually abusive father. For instance, Kruger once helped hide a child on an Indian reservation.

Is this starting to make sense, folks?

Remember – we are watching for evidence that someone may  have been helping Casey Anthony at the time her daughter vanished.

Wayanne Kruger was on the no-entry list prepared by George  and Cindy Anthony. The notes behind her name said she may try to sneak a tape  recorder into the memorial inside a baby carriage.

Who was Wayanne Kruger to the Anthony’s?

George and Cindy Anthony had enough forethought to place the  name Wayanne Kruger on a no-entry list for an event in Orlando,  Florida, despite Kruger being a resident of Avondale, Arizona?

Apparently the PI firm that did the security checks had some  reason to look into Kruger.

Kruger’s relationship with Rev. Grund and Staubs, on the  other hand, is not confusing at all. Kruger provided me email that proves she was  actively communicating and coordinating with both of them.  

They were a team.

In one email from Rev. Grund to Kruger, he tells Kruger that  “Cobra” is on his way, and asks her where she is going to “hide” them.

Kruger told me during an interview that she spoke with Crystal  Sheffield and her mother, Marie Griffis, on the telephone, the night HaLeigh  was reported missing. She also told me she attended Rev. Grund’s memorial for Caylee in Orlando on February,10.

She had a busy day.

Think about it folks.

If Kruger is involved with Rev. Grund and Staubs in the  missing child case of HaLeigh Cummings, why wouldn’t we look at their collective  involvement with the Anthony Family and the mysterious disappearance of Caylee? 

Why was Richard Grund involving himself in these missing child cases?

Rev. Grund and Kruger are involved in the Casey Anthony  affair to the degree the Anthony family perceives them as some kind of a threat,  and blacklists them from a memorial.  

Is it possible that the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings  was intended to obfuscate the truth about what had occurred in Caylee Anthony’s  disappearance? If a guy didn’t know better, he might think there was someone  running around Florida  kidnapping and killing little girls, eh?

After all – Caylee Anthony was kidnapped, according to Casey  – right?

HaLeigh’s disappearance on the exact same day as Caylee’s  memorial worked great to drive news coverage, and create the appearance there may be a serial child molester and killer on the loose?

But who would benefit from that contrived scenario?

Working within the small group of individuals we are  discussing – was there anyone that would like to see the world’s attention be  re-directed toward some phantom kidnapper?

Is there anyone in our discussion that is keeping himself  very involved in missing children cases?

Let’s keep discussing Rev. Grund. 

I spoke at length with Rev. Grund in May of 2009.  

Let’s take a look at the man that was banned from the Anthony  family memorial, organized his own memorial, and by his own admission sent  ‘operatives’ into a situation that involved the disappearance of yet another  child.

Rev. Grund is an online minister that operates a paranormal service  that confronts actual demons and fallen angels. Grund openly admitted to me he  was once involved in the worship of Satan. He purports to now be a Christian.

Rev. Grund told me there was a plot underway to frame his  son for the murder of Caylee Anthony.

The first thing that struck me about Rev. Grund’s talk of a  plot against him and his family, was that I had never heard about any such plot against him from anyone else – there was nothing of the like in the news.

According to the news, it appeared the prosecution had a  theory that focused directly on Casey. Caylee’s body had been found, and Casey was incarcerated. If the police had found any forensic evidence on the body, of  course, they would be the only ones to know what they did and didn’t have. 

But Grund wouldn’t.

Rev. Grund was obsessed with this so-called plot. He told me  Casey Anthony visited his son’s apartment after Caylee disappeared, and asked  to use his shower. Grund said he believed Casey was attempting to obtain body  hair from the shower, which, he suspected, she planned to place on the child’s dead body.

Both Grund and Staubs focused on the ‘planting’ of ‘evidence’  and insisted there was a cynical plot to implicate Jesse Grund and his family.

Staubs told me Casey Anthony telephoned Jesse Grund and  asked him to go to her car and open the trunk, and take out the gas can. Jesse  allegedly told her “no” – to do it herself. Staubs said this was an attempt by  Casey to have Jesse Grund’s finger prints placed on the trunk of her car.

It is important to remember that Staubs and Grund were  telling me things they wanted published.

Staubs also said that James Hoover, private detective, told  him George and Cindy Anthony sent someone to Atlanta, Georgia  to follow Jesse Grund and covertly obtain some of his DNA. Staubs telephoned Hoover and had me listen  to the telephone call on a third line.

The Anthony’s had hired a PI named Dominick Casey. Staubs  said Dominick Casey was following him around while he was ‘searching’ for  HaLeigh.

Staubs and Grund both said George and Cindy Anthony were  spearheading a plot to hack into Rev. Grund’s computer.

Staubs and Grund called the Anthony’s gang the “A-Team”.

I believe the average person will readily see that something  about all this just doesn’t seem right.

Staubs and Grund constantly suggest that nefarious third  parties are attempting to do cynical things like covertly obtain DNA; secretly obtain body hair, place fingerprints on a piece of evidence through trickery; and  steal computer images from a hard drive.

All this was being done to ‘frame’ a ‘Grund’ for killing  Caylee Anthony.

Do they ‘protesteteth’ too much?

Why did George and Cindy Anthony hire a private investigator  (Dominick Casey), to go out and follow around another private investigator  (William Staubs), who himself was working pro bono for a Reverend (Richard  Grund) that was coordinating the activities of a child sex abuse advocate from  Arizona (Wayanne Kruger) who specialized in rescue mission kidnappings of abuse  victims? 

Pure Evil

Rev. Grund told me that while he and his wife were once  visiting the home of George and Cindy Anthony, he found it to be a place of  pure “evil”. Grund said there was a demonic spirit in the Anthony home, and the  spirit, Grund said, knew “he” was there.

Grund told me he whispered to wife to hold on; that he  wanted to see if the demon knew he was there. Grund clearly believes he fluidly  communicates with these demons on a personal level. Grund told me that the  demon knew he was there, became wild, and things flew off the shelf.

I couldn’t help but wonder what the nature of the visit was  – and when it occurred.

But here is why this is particularly troubling.

Human Sacrifice

In 2009 the National Enquirer published an article that Rev.  Grund may have killed Caylee Anthony in a ritual. Rev. Grund filed a lawsuit  against the Enquirer but a Florida  judge later dismissed it.

I briefly pondered the time that Casey and Caylee could not  really be accounted for, after Caylee was seen alive for the last time. The  Enquirer story sat quietly in the back of my mind, but I gave it little weight.  If the State had any suspicions about Grund, I figured they would have come out  with it.

I don’t believe that anymore.

Rev. Grund told me he advised the Prosecutor that if he was  called to the stand, he was not holding back whatsoever regarding his  paranormal work with evil spirits and religion.

The State never called Rev. Grund (and neither did the  Defense).

Rev. Grund’s work with paranormal activity, evil spirits,  and his admitted background with devil worship troubled me to some degree, and  it just kind of sat simmering on a back burner in my mind.

But one day everything changed.

During an interview with Kruger, she said something that  made my blood run cold. She was crying when she called (which she had never  done before while talking to me) and said she was afraid she might have gotten  involved with some really bad people.

Kruger then told me she hoped Rev. Grund didn’t kill HaLeigh  Cummings in an exorcism.

Holy moly!

Did she just say that?

Now be clear – she was referring to HaLeigh Cummings – not  Caylee Anthony.

She said Rev. Grund did not believe HaLeigh Cummings was  one-hundred percent human because she had no reproductive abilities due to her  Turner’s syndrome.

Apparently Rev. Grund believed HaLeigh had a demon in her.

I was stunned.

What kind of conversations were these people sitting around  having, and why in the world would anybody ever say a little girl was not a  complete person, just because her reproductive capabilities have been affected  by a syndrome?

What kind of thoughts go through Rev. Grund’s mind?

Was Rev. Grund doing exorcisms on these missing children?

His talk of a ‘plot’ to ‘frame’ his family becomes hard to  ignore.

Is there a reason he keeps distancing himself from ‘hair’  and ‘finger prints’ and content ‘stolen’ from his computer by the A-Team? 

I was troubled by the fact he told me there was a demon in  the Anthony home. But he told me something else that began to take on a whole new meaning as I considered the Enquirer story and what Kruger told me. 


Rev. Grund told me Casey Anthony was no longer the real  ‘Casey’ – he said she was gone and her body was possessed by a demon that used  to be worshipped on earth as a god. He said the god (Moloch) demanded children  be sacrificed to it.

And now we need to look at Rev. Grund’s colleagues.

Staubs, Kruger, and Rev. Grund, were all communicating and coordinating  their efforts in the HaLeigh Cummings case with a father-son team – John and  Jeremiah Regan.

No less than five case witnesses told me John Regan was  dressing as a pastor and telling people he worked for the FBI and CIA. He professed to be an undercover pervert that went undercover as a pedophile to  catch pedophiles.

Staubs and Grund both recounted a conference call they had  with John Regan in 2009. The call involved a dispute that had broken out and  divided their team. They were arguing bible verses back and forth.

Staubs told me he had a close working relationship with “Pastor  Regan” and “Reverend Grund” and had to “apologize” to both of them one day,  after someone he brought into the case went “buck-ass” wild and began acting  terribly.

It is very important to think about what Kruger has to say  about John and Jeremiah Regan.

Kruger said John and Jeremiah Regan prevented her from going  to the police in Palatka, Florida and telling them what happened to  HaLeigh Cummings. She said John Regan told her members of the police  department, sheriff’s office, and community leaders in Putnam County, Florida  all operate a child trafficking ring.

Rev. Grund told me John Regan told him the same thing. He  said John Regan said the entire county is completely corrupt – a clearinghouse  – a trafficking hub.

Kruger said John Regan offered to drive her out to see the  “intake house”.

Naturally, the story about all the local officials and  community leaders operating a human child trafficking ring sounded a little bit  hard to believe.

But only until…

Staubs told me that HaLeigh’s grandfather, Johnny Sheffield,  advised him that he believed the brother of a Putnam County   State’s Attorney  investigator was actually HaLeigh’s biological father.

Staubs was suggesting somebody in the State’s Attorney’s  Office might have been involved in HaLeigh’s disappearance.  

I probably would have filed this under bologna too.


Staubs actually telephoned the investigator at the State’s  Attorney’s Office, Chris Middleton, and confronted him. He said Middleton went “absolutely  ballistic’ on the telephone and started cussing a blue streak.

Staubs said Middleton was irate because he had already been  confronted about this very topic by his superior.

Now let’s take a look at something else Kruger said about  Rev. Grund’s colleague, John Regan. She told me she interviewed several women  from the New York  area that identified John Regan as the pastor that raped their little boys  during an after school type church program.

And then she told me this.

Kruger told me John Regan was involved in a baby-selling  operation in South Florida. She said the  trafficking apparatus had been in operation since the 1990’s. She said the  operation was well organized, utilized fake paperwork, coercion, corrupt  attorneys, and was operated under the guise the adoptions were being run  through the “church”.

Everything you just read is true.

So here it is…

On June 15, 2008 Caylee Anthony was videotaped at a senior citizen center – alive and well. On December 11, 2008 Caylee’s remains were  found.

Did Caylee die from an over exposure to chloroform?

Or did she die in a satanic ritual?

Did Caylee die from suffocation in a hot car trunk?

Or did she die in the middle of an exorcism?

The State of Florida  didn’t want to go there.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Levi Page,  blogger and Web radio host, announced today that he will no longer be airing  his program on Blog Talk Radio.

Page cites un-balanced  profit-sharing by Blog Talk Radio as the reason for his departure. “My show has  always been popular, and despite the traffic that my show drew to the site, the  amount of money I was making wasn’t even enough to cover the cost of my show”  Page said.

Page has  been the center of controversy on many occasions.  

On June 8,  Write Into Action reported Page had published a tweet on Twitter directed at Teresa  Neves, grandmother, missing child HaLeigh Cummings. “Teresa Neves better  watch out. I know where her bones are buried,” Page said.

Many considered  the tweet to be a threat that sounded like thinly veiled blackmail. Many  questioned why Page had such a focus on a missing child and her grandmother.

Page later  removed the tweet and addressed me via Twitter (Timothy Holmseth). He said, “People  have contacted [me] and volunteered information about Teresa and Ron. I know a  lot about them and what they’ve been doing.”

“The  statement about knowing where TN’s bones are buried is a figure of speech. I  know what she wants hidden,” Page said.

In the  summer of 2011, Page telephoned me (Timothy Holmseth) yelling and screaming. He  said, “That child is dead! She was dead in 09 and she’s still dead now – stupid  fucker.”

Page yelled  that everybody knows “Misty and Ron killed that child.”

HaLeigh  Cummings is classified by the FBI as Missing and Endangered. The FBI is asking  that anyone with information about HaLeigh’s disappearance to contact their Jacksonville office.

HaLeigh Cummings book author stalked

Listen as Timothy Holmseth receives anonymous calls from stalkers, some using voice changers.

One caller ominously sings into Holmseth’s answering machine, “Timothy Holmseth. You better stop saying HaLeigh is alive are you’re going to be in trouble.”

One caller professes to have inside connections (in Minnesota) and predicts that “CPS”” (Child Protective Services” and a State’s Attorney will be coming after Holmseth.

Associated Content: EXPOSED! Kidnapping Inc.

Read Timothy Holmseth’s expose on the human trafficking ring associated with the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings.

LISTEN to Holmseth talk to Author Wayanne Kruger as she tells the TRUTH about the circumstances surrounding HaLeigh’s dissapearance.

Levi Page warns HaLeigh’s grandmother to “watch out”

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Levi Page, blogger / Web radio host, has posted a message on Twitter directed at the grandmother of HaLeigh Cummings.

It said, “Teresa Neves better watch out. I know where her bones are buried.”

For more information, graphics, and audio visit

EXPOSED! Kidnapping Inc.

“…thirty kids that I know of…” – Wayanne Kruger

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Mothers of very small boys report their children were raped by a pastor in New York – and – the man that raped the children was involved in the HaLeigh Cummings case.

Wayanne Kruger, the former advocate for HaLeigh Cummings’ mother, Crystal Sheffield, decided to tell all – or at least tell a lot.

Kruger is the author of the book “Life in Prison for Child Sex Predators” and was once featured on the ABC television news magazine 20/20, People magazine, and elsewhere.

In a series of interviews I conducted with Kruger between 2009 and 2011, she revealed enough information to me, that I could alert the public to the truth about what was going on during the national profile search for HaLeigh Cummings.

Kruger told me several mothers of little boys that had been raped by a man on the East Coast, recognized the perpetrator to be a man that I had written about while independently covering the HaLeigh Cummings disappearance as a journalist and author.

“There’s eight women all together that still talk about it,” Kruger said. The man that molested their kids was the same man that used the name “John Regan” during the HaLeigh Cummings case.

John Regan reportedly switched his name often over the years, typically using a biblical name. Although the women would often refer to him using a different name, all the women said he had a prosthetic leg.

I confirmed John Regan did in fact have a prosthetic leg during a contentious interview with his son, Jeremiah Regan in 2009.

I instantly knew something was very odd when Kruger was able to tell me the names of child molestation victims from New York. I already knew Kruger had worked alongside John Regan during the HaLeigh Cummings case; and I was about to have a real bombshell dropped on me.

Kruger told me John Regan was also an active participant in a baby-selling ring in Florida, of which she also had intimate detailed knowledge.

This meant Kruger had detailed knowledge of John Regan’s behavior, associations, and movements regarding a missing child, molested children, and human trafficking.

Kruger described how the trafficking of infants was accomplished. She explained that young parents were coerced and threatened into giving their baby up for adoption. The process involved deception, false paperwork, un-certified home studies, as well as strong- arm tactics and threats to force the biological father into capitulation.

Children are more valuable than drugs because it easier to move a human around than narcotics, Kruger explained.

Kruger said one participant “worked for the social service department doing volunteer work – she was working for the social service department in the home study field…along with the dossiers”.

The fact that a member of a ‘Kidnapping Inc.’ had infiltrated Florida’s social services system is a bone-chilling thought.

In 2000, the plight of a four year-old named Riyla Wilson swept the headlines after she disappeared under the watch of Florida DCF, but was not reported missing for two years.

What Kruger was telling me was not an isolated incident and was well organized. “Thirty kids that I know of,” she said, providing a number for the amount babies she knew were illegally sold.

The chart of missing children in Florida demands the question – is this where those kids are going?

Kruger said corrupt attorneys play a very significant role in the trafficking operation. “In the 80’s and 90’s, all the woman had to do was claim molestation. And there were these aggressive attorneys – they just [go] crazy on them – and intimidate them,” she said.

A good example of how rampant baby-brokering may be in Florida would be the arrest of a Jacksonville attorney in 2011.

Amy Newby was arrested for forging the signature of a staffer on adoption documents in a case her firm was handling. What was particularly interesting was Newby had a clean record – ten years of no discipline. It is hard to imagine any criminal gets caught the very first time they break the law – Newby was probably doing this for years.

“They were funding fake adoptions,” Kruger said. She pointed out that the group did not only sell infants, but also “kids”.

“This was just crazy shit,” she said.

Kruger said the scam utilized the church, which is where “Pastor Regan” came into the picture. She said John Regan took possession of the infant for a period of time while the transaction and arrangements to move the child through the U.S. Embassy were completed. “They were moving them out of the country,” she said.

“Any church that you are a member of, they can draft a legal vital record for a birth certificate. You don’t have to go through the state,” she said.

Kruger marveled at the ingenuity.

“What a perfect way to do this is; to go through the church and to have them adopted out with the dossier,” she said.

Nothing was left to chance.

“All the kids were declared disabled, so that way they could be moved in and out of the country on a doctor’s note … you can move them anywhere if you have a doctor’s note,” she explained.

Kruger’s detailed account of child rape and human trafficking was a disturbing journey into the rabbit hole of the underworld. But Kruger’s assertion that much of the activity had been occurring in the 80’s and 90’s was particularly chilling.

It was chilling, because HaLeigh Cummings did not disappear until 2009, and Kruger was talking a baby selling operation, that involved many of the same people that she worked with on the HaLeigh Cummings case.

Essentially – Kruger knew of John Regan molesting kids in New York during the 80’s and 90’s, and that he assisted in a baby-selling operation in Florida as well. Then – in 2009, she was riding around with John Regan in a car in Satsuma, Florida as law enforcement searched for HaLeigh Cummings.

John Regan was the father of Jeremiah Regan, the young man that spoke to Florida news teams in 2009 about a roadside hangout he helped set up called the HaLeigh Bug Center, where people were encouraged to provide investigative tips and donate money.

Kruger told me Jeremiah Regan moved from New York to Florida in January of 2009, shortly before HaLeigh vanished. He told local news teams that HaLeigh Bug may be a good “career path” for HaLeigh’s mother, Crystal Sheffield.

Nothing about this father and son team seemed right.

Jeremiah Regan directed Florida news teams to focus on a local man, Daniel Snodgrass, who was free on bond for charges he sexually assaulted a child under 12, despite the fact the local sheriff’s office had already cleared Snodgrass.

Jeremiah Regan was also captured by a hidden microphone, approaching a female case witness and telling her he is working with police investigators. He tells the young girl he has been given authority to promise immunity to anyone that would sign a sworn statement that implicated a young girl named Misty Croslin.

The involvement of John and Jeremiah Regan in the HaLeigh Cummings investigation is beyond disturbing.

Kruger told me she attempted to go to the police to report what really happened with HaLeigh, but John and Jeremiah Regan prevented her. She said John Regan told her he worked undercover as a pedophile for the FBI. She said he told her the FBI already had HaLeigh but wanted it kept quiet for the time being.

Kruger said John Regan offered to take her to the “intake house” where they process the young girls.

Kruger said John Regan advised her that local police, prominent public figures, and ranking local officials were running a prostitution ring, and warned her that nobody was going to act upon her information.

Kruger’s bizarre saga, in particular, the assertion that local officials were involved in human trafficking, gave me goose bumps because of something else I had been told.

William Staubs – a.k.a. ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter,’ Case Closed, Inc. is a private investigator and bail bondsman out of Weston, Florida. In 2009, Staubs too appeared out of nowhere to search for HaLeigh Cummings.

Staubs told Jessica Clark at First Coast News he was sent into the case by Rev. Richard Grund – a former potential witness for the prosecution in the Casey Anthony murder trial. Staubs told Clark he was being funded by a former drug dealer from Miami.

Suffice to say – Staubs had no good explanation for why he was there.

Staubs was working alongside Jeremiah Regan, John Regan, Kruger, and others. He told Dana Treen, reporter, Florida Times-Union, that he was originally told the HaLeigh Bug operation was supposed to be an international child search firm – for which he (Staubs) was to be a staff detective.

An unemployed drifter with no driver’s license renovated an old building into a roadside hangout in the name of a missing little girl, and based upon that, Staubs thought they were all going to launch an international child search firm?

Perhaps Staubs’ negotiations with Discovery and Spike TV for his own Bounty Hunter show had something to do it?

Staubs told me a member of Crystal Sheffield’s Team advised him there were ten more cases, just like HaLeigh’s, already lined up for him. That statement alone would seem worthy of an FBI investigation.

But one story Staubs told me was particularly disturbing.

Staubs said that HaLeigh’ grandfather, Johnny Sheffield, advised him that HaLeigh’s biological father was actually a man named Robbie Middleton. This is significant because Robbie Middleton’s brother is Chris Middleton – an investigator for the State’s Attorney Office in Putnam County, Florida.

Staubs said he telephoned Chris Middleton at the State’s Attorney’s Office and advised he was investigating a lead that Chris’s brother Robbie might be HaLeigh’s father. Staubs said Chris Middleton flew into a rage of expletives and said “I don’t give a fuck who you’re investigating.” Staubs said Chris Middleton advised him he had already been “called on the carpet” about this and warned him that if he brought it up again he was going to terminate the call.

Staubs made this ominous call to the State’s Attorney at a time he (Staubs) was under investigation by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and State’s Attorney for felony false imprisonment (of Daniel Snodgrass).

One almost felt Staubs was subtly reminding Chris Middleton of something they both knew.

Staubs said that he and Johnny Sheffield went to the home of Robbie Middleton several times because Staubs wanted to interview him. He said it was odd, because Johnny Sheffield would never get out of the vehicle and join him – rather he would watch from the vehicle.

Staubs left the impression that a State’s Attorney in Putnam County, Florida knew something about the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings. The story John Regan told Kruger about local officials became hard to ignore.

Kruger said she did eventually talk to the police, and produced a business card for Sgt. Ricky Lyle, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

She also said she telephoned the sheriff’s office and spoke with Capt. Dominic Piscitello. She said Piscitello became very angry and suggested that perhaps she (Kruger) needed to be investigated.

Ruby Kanger, Johnny Sheffield’s mother-in-law, told me she was going to need to be paid “big money” for her story, because she was going to have to leave town if she told what she knew.

Staubs’ involvement and activity in the missing child case creates many questions that always lead back to the story Kruger told. When Staubs’ activities are carefully examined, it does not really appear he was searching for a child.

Rather – it appears he is ‘involved’ with the missing child case somehow – not searching.

Many believe Staubs was creating false leads and planting items of evidence in various locations.

A recording of Staubs, Jeremiah Regan, and Matthew Staubs (William Staubs’ son) provides some unique insight into what might really have been going on during Staubs’ ‘search’ for HaLeigh. Matthew Staubs is heard boasting that the detective for the Sheriff’s Office is not going to find HaLeigh because he’s “too slow”.

Kruger talked about the trafficking ring, as an apparatus that receives media support that can be brought to bear against any un-cooperative witness.

“You’re talking about going up against … being on Art Harris or Levi [Page] or something,” Kruger said.

I personally understood exactly what Kruger was talking about.

Art Harris and Levi Page are bloggers that use the Web to harass and defame witnesses.

Harris was the media consultant for Sheffield’s team and produced Web stories for her and other team members. He coordinated with Staubs and Crystal Sheffield’s team about what information they should put on Nancy Grace.

Police records from the East Grand Forks Police Department in Minnesota reveal that Harris repeatedly emailed the ranking officer in 2009 – pressuring the police to arrest me. Harris lamented to the Minnesota police that the FBI had visited the workplace of his very good friend, Donna Wagoner, because of information I had given them about a Photoshopped picture of the missing child.

Interestingly, Donna Wagoner was an employee for Xentel, Inc. The company was once sued by the Iowa Attorney General for running a telephone scam on Iowa residents. It is commonly known to be of low repute. Donald Knop, staffer, Crystal Sheffield’s team, told me Donna Wagoner was in Satsuma, Florida working on the team.

Levi Page once telephoned me and hollered very loudly that HaLeigh Cummings is “dead” and told me to “shut the fuck up”.

Many find it very compelling that a blogger would telephone an author and insist that a missing child is dead. HaLeigh is classified as Missing and Endangered by the FBI and there is an Amber Alert issued for her.

On other occasions Page warned me I better be “very careful”. He was once joined on the telephone line by a private investigator from Indiana named Tina Church.

Tina Church once telephoned me with a former death row inmate, Ernie Willis, on a conference line. Willis, who was once convicted of arson and murder, advised me I needed to stop upsetting his friend.

And yet again – Kruger holds some very interesting information.

Kruger said that in 2009, Marie Griffis, HaLeigh’s maternal grandmother, advised her that an important guest was traveling a long distance to assist them. She said the guest’s name was “Christine Church”.

Church once telephoned the police department in East Grand Forks, Minnesota and falsely reported I had claimed to have HaLeigh Cummings in my apartment – this resulted in officers being dispatched to my home to clear the call.

Page and Church both told me I was going to lose my custody of my kids – Church said she was going to help make it happen. Likewise – Page hosted hour long Web radio programs declaring the HaLeigh Cummings book author is insane.

Is it possible Wayanne Kruger could know the details surrounding a human trafficking operation – and – know all these people involved in the HaLeigh Cummings case?

I don’t think so.

Because of ongoing investigations within the FBI organized crime task force, some names are being withheld from this article.

Crystal Sheffield’s former advocate talks about human trafficking

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

In this disturbing video you will hear Wayanne Kruger talk about how babies are hijacked from their parents and sold.

Kruger gives detailed information that is so descriptive it has been turned over to the FBI.

Kruger once said a man dressed as a pastor named John Regan, along with his his son, Jeremiah Regan, prevented her from going to the police and telling them the truth about HaLeigh.

Kruger said an attempt was made on her life immediately after she tried to go to law enforcement.