by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Levi Page,  blogger and Web radio host, announced today that he will no longer be airing  his program on Blog Talk Radio.

Page cites un-balanced  profit-sharing by Blog Talk Radio as the reason for his departure. “My show has  always been popular, and despite the traffic that my show drew to the site, the  amount of money I was making wasn’t even enough to cover the cost of my show”  Page said.

Page has  been the center of controversy on many occasions.  

On June 8,  Write Into Action reported Page had published a tweet on Twitter directed at Teresa  Neves, grandmother, missing child HaLeigh Cummings. “Teresa Neves better  watch out. I know where her bones are buried,” Page said.

Many considered  the tweet to be a threat that sounded like thinly veiled blackmail. Many  questioned why Page had such a focus on a missing child and her grandmother.

Page later  removed the tweet and addressed me via Twitter (Timothy Holmseth). He said, “People  have contacted [me] and volunteered information about Teresa and Ron. I know a  lot about them and what they’ve been doing.”

“The  statement about knowing where TN’s bones are buried is a figure of speech. I  know what she wants hidden,” Page said.

In the  summer of 2011, Page telephoned me (Timothy Holmseth) yelling and screaming. He  said, “That child is dead! She was dead in 09 and she’s still dead now – stupid  fucker.”

Page yelled  that everybody knows “Misty and Ron killed that child.”

HaLeigh  Cummings is classified by the FBI as Missing and Endangered. The FBI is asking  that anyone with information about HaLeigh’s disappearance to contact their Jacksonville office.

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