East Grand Forks police detective Rod Hajicek enforcer for organized fraud operation?

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East Grand Forks police detective Rod Hajicek enforcer for organized fraud operation?

Has FBI Task Force been assigned?

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

In the summer of 2009 Teresa Neves, the paternal grandmother of HaLeigh Cummings contacted me through her family advocate, Rebecca Thomas, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Neves wanted me to know that a photograph of her granddaughter, which was scrolling on a website called http://www.haleighbug.com, where donations were being solicited, was a Photoshopped fake.

The picture showed HaLeigh’s mother holding her lovingly, but it was a composite created by somebody using high tech editing software.

I contacted the web developer that published the picture and he assured me that it was not his company that created the fake photo. To prove it, he emailed me the photos that had been sent to him, and I began tracing backward to see where the photo originated.

He had received the photos from an email account registered to Donna Wagoner, an employee of Xentel, Inc. I contacted Wagoner using the email address I was provided, and asked her about the photos. She became very upset.

Wagoner was moonlighting on a team that was working for HaLeigh Cummings’ mother, Crystal Sheffield.

Wagoner called the East Grand Forks Police Department and talked to Lt. Rodney Hajicek. The report filed by Hajicek declares the report is unfounded – it was not a criminal complaint – it was a civil matter.

But then Hajicek does something else.

He telephones me and lets me know that Donna Wagoner doesn’t want me to write anything about her. Hajicek is using the authority entrusted to him as a police officer, and taxpayer dollars, to make courtesy calls on behalf of Xentel, Inc.

But – it’s going to get better folks – way better.

Hajicek also came into communication with the missing child’s media consultant, Art Harris. He had long since been fired by CNN and was running a sleazy Web blog.

Harris had been calling my friends, relatives, and former employers ever since I had interviewed Crystal Sheffield’s media team and learned the truth about the missing child.

Police records show Harris telephoned the East Grand Forks Exponent about me, and whatever he said, it concerned them enough to call the police.

Several years later, when I attempted to obtain the pile of email communications exchanged between Hajicek and Harris, I was advised by Police Chief Michael Hedlund the records had been destroyed. I subsequently contacted Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth and requested a copy of the emails, which he promptly provided.

The emails reveal that Harris and Wagoner and others that had been calling the police on me, were all working on the same team.

But – there is something even more important.

The emails (the EGFPD tried to keep from me) reveal that Harris was furious the FBI visited Xentel, Inc. to question his good friend (Donna Wagoner). He was furious, because the FBI had acted on information they had received from me.

Harris wanted Hajicek and/or Widseth to have me arrested.

Now let’s look examples of what Xentel, Inc. represents.


The Missouri Attorney General’s Office sued this company in August of 2003 for violating Missouri consumer protection laws by using manipulative, high-pressure techniques to solicit donations and by making repeated solicitation calls to Missourians on the state No Call List. In May of 2004 the Missouri Attorney General’s Office obtained a court order against Xentel requiring them to pay $75,000 to the state and to implement and maintain procedures to ensure future compliance with state consumer protection and telemarketing laws. On February 4, 2008, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office obtained another court order requiring Xentel to adopt very stringent policies to ensure compliance with the law, as well as payment of $80,0000.


Through the unlawful practices of their business, vocation, or occupation, Defendants have deceived, misled, and financially injured consumers in Colorado. Specifically, Defendants have solicited money from Coloradans through the use of illegal and unregistered solicitation campaigns and have repeatedly violated the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act and other consumer protection statutes. Therefore, the Colorado Attorney General believes these legal proceedings are in the public interest and are necessary to safeguard citizens from Defendants’ charitable fraud and unlawful business activities.


Professional Fundraiser “Xentel” Ordered Not to Make Deceptive Calls in Iowa
“Iowans should see an end to this operation’s deceptive telemarketing for the Iowa Professional Fire Fighters Association and others,” Miller said.
DES MOINES. Attorney General Tom Miller announced today that an Iowa District Court judge has entered a consent judgment and order against Xentel, Inc., requiring the Ft. Lauderdale-based company to stop abusive and misleading practices in its professional fundraising calls and solicitations to Iowans.

Xentel makes tens of thousands of telemarketing calls each year into Iowa on behalf of the “Iowa Professional Fire Fighters Association.”

“Xentel is prohibited from implying their telemarketers are fire fighters or misrepresenting that money will be used locally,” Miller said. “There are many restrictions to prevent deception.”

The consent judgment also provides that local law enforcement or fire departments that experience citizen complaints or other problems with Xentel’s fundraising can ask the company to terminate fundraising in that community, and Xentel must honor the request.


Records in the files of the East Grand Forks Police Department show Hajicek remained in contact and communications with these out of state charlatans and fraudsters.

Public records tell the story.

In 2011, Lt. Rod Hajicek, Sgt. Detective Chris Olson, and City Attorney Ronald Galstad had become of the mind they needed to charge me, arrest me, and put me in jail.

The before-mentioned officials played a significant role in a scheme to circumvent the Minnesota Courts (the Minnesota Courts [e.g. Greg Widseth] would not touch a journalist that was not breaking the law) and have me subjected to ‘domestic violence laws’ in a court on the other side of the country, assuring a win by default.

Then – they arrested me – put me in jail – seized my hard-drive and destroyed it.

In 2012, Maria Burgun, Broward County, Florida, met with the Southern District FBI in Florida and shared knowledge and information she had about the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings.

Burgun told the FBI that the person that assissted Wagoner in Photoshopping the the picture of HaLeigh Cummings for a donations scam, admitted it to her.

Timothy Charles Holmseth had it right the whole time.

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