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Timothy Charles Holmseth

An organized crime apparatus based out of Florida recently attempted to blackmail Timothy Charles Holmseth, author/journalist, East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

Evidence supporting a felony occurred has been turned over to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

On August 24, 2013, William Murtaugh, Orange County, Florida contacted Holmseth by email and solicited innapropriate information about his children.

Evidence, exhibits, facts, and circumstances show Murtaugh was acting as an agent of a CNN commentator, Levi Page, and several others.

All of Murtaugh’s actions show he was strategically extorting Holmseth, and after sufficiently harassing, intimidating, and demanding information, began to publish the names of Holmseth’s children surrounded by false and misleading content.

Murtaugh, a retired truck driver, holds no degree in journalism but operates a blog that focuses very heavily on missing children cases, pedophilia, and rape.

Publications and correspondences authored by Murtaugh show he is in regular communication and contact with several individual(s) that regularly discuss Holmseth.

One name (being withheld from this article) will likely be of great interest to the law enforcement community.

In his emails to Holmseth, Murtaugh relayed statements he had obtained from Levi Page, and then let Holmseth know he (Holmseth) would be required to disprove what Page was saying about him and his children.

Murtaugh’s actions fall within a tactic commonly referred to as reverse-blackmail and extortion. It is used by organized crime to intimidate, control, and/or silence a person/witness.

Murtaugh’s actions are a continuation of a blackmail scheme that was developed and set forth against Holmseth, a seasoned newspaper reporter, in 2009, after he conducted journalistic interviews regarding a missing child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

Holmseth was interviewed by the Minneapolis FBI in 2010 regarding the missing child case, and provided audio interviews he conducted to the Jacksonville FBI.

Holmseth is a target of extortion and blackmail because of what he knows about the case of the missing child.

1.The target is contacted and given instructions regarding what is expected of them (warned) and told what will happen if they don’t comply
2.Extremely defamatory accusations (lies) are made against the target and/or the target’s children using a method that will generate a legal document
3.The target is then contacted by a third part posing as a media member that asserts they are doing a ‘story’ about the accusations contained in the document

The ‘story’ is actually a well coordinated threat designed to acquire capitulation from the target.

In 2009, Art Harris, formerly of CNN, and others that are documented as being in contact with Murtaugh, established communications with Rhonda Callahan, Manvel, North Dakota.

Callahan has a child in common with Holmseth.

In May of 2009, Polk County Social Services (PCSS) began to receive CPS complaints about Holmseth. The complainant professed to be concerned about Holmseth’s children, advised the social worker Holmseth was not mentally stable, and mentioned the missing child HaLeigh Cummings during every call.

Although the caller’s name is redacted from the PCSS CPS reports, a police incident report from the East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) reveals Rhonda Callahan is named as a caller, and made at least one CPS report against Holmseth (if not all of them).

In 2011, a full email thread created in 2009 was turned over to Holmseth by William Staubs, a private investigator from Florida. The email thread showed that in 2009, Callahan had been communicating with Art Harris, William Staubs, REDACTED, and Callahan’s lawyer, Attorney Michael Jorgensen. The group was discussing how to go about making a CPS complaint against Holmseth that would allege he was sleeping with a loaded gun.

After the bogus report was made by Callahan, and Holmseth was visited by CPS and the EGFPD, Art Harris published the ‘story’ for the public to read.

The tactic was repeated many times against Holmseth.

The publication of fabricated documents about Holmseth and his children was brought to the attention of the Minnesota District Court in 2011 after a former police officer from North Carolina saw the content on an x-rated cyber-stalk-site and reported it.

On November 7, 2011 Attorney Jorgensen was forced to write a letter to Honorable Donna Dixon regarding the publication of documents regarding Holmseth’s minor children, after he received a phone call from a concerned agency. Attorney Jorgenson was contacted because the published document that was published was so new, Holmseth did not have a copy – but Jorgenson’s client did.

In his letter to the Judge, Jorgenson said, “Apparently someone posted the letter report I received from [Agency Name] and submitted with our Motion documents to the court, on Twitter. I do not believe Mr. Holmseth posted this report, but rather someone who Mr. Holmseth angered in Florida.”

In 2013, an attorney from Michael Jorgenson’s law firm, Michael Mattocks, told a District Judge, Honorable Tamara Yon, that Callahan had never made any CPS reports.

Holmseth has been in communications with the Minnesota Attorney General regarding this and other matters.

Holmseth spoke with Sheriff Erdman and Investigator Jim Tadman on Wednesday.

Author contacts Sheriff

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Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman has jurisdiction on the criminal activity and rampant corruption in Polk County, Minnesota.

Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman has jurisdiction on the criminal activity and rampant corruption in Polk County, Minnesota.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

It is a fact the East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) engaged in multiple conversations with individuals that were questioned by law enforcement in Florida regarding the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings.

It is a fact the EGFPD used the authority of law enforcement in an effort to stop me from publishing information I had learned.

It is a fact the EGFPD destroyed recordings of some of the conversations they had with persons of interest in HaLeigh’s kidnapping.

An official letter of concern was sent to Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman today. I explained the Minnesota Attorney General had contacted me.

My letter to Sheriff Erdman reads in part:

Sheriff Erdman,

… …

You will note that in 2009 REDACTED, Art Harris, and William Staubs all reached out from Florida to my son’s mother, Rhonda Callahan, whom they did not know. They reached out to Callahan shortly after I conducted journalistic interviews regarding the missing child HaLeigh Cummings. Polk County Child Protective Services then immediately began receiving CPS reports against me, with the caller mentioning the missing child every time they called to make a report that I was mentally unstable.

The records of the East Grand Forks Police Department will show that Lt. Rodney Hajicek telephoned me during the same time window REDACTED REDACTED and Donna Wagoner of Xentel, Inc. Hajicek advised me Wagoner’s company did not want me to write about them, and he suggested I was harassing Xentel.

Xentel has been sued by the Attorney General for the States of Iowa, Ohio, Colorado, Missouri, and South Carolina for charity fraud and donation scams.

I had been contacted by HaLeigh’s grandmother and told somebody Photoshopped the image of the missing child and used it on a website to encourage donations. I subsequently acquired the original email that showed the photograph, in various stages of production, had passed through the Xentel email account of Donna Wagoner.

I provided the information about the photo to the Minneapolis FBI and they immediately responded by sending Florida agents to Xentel to interview Wagoner.

The FBI visit to Xentel set forth a chain of events which, I respectfully submit, demand investigative attention from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Immediately upon learning the FBI went to Xentel, Art Harris contacted Lt. Hajicek by email. Harris was lamenting the fact his colleague was questioned by the FBI and insisted I (Timothy Holmseth) needed to be “stopped”.

Now – what did Lt. Hajicek instinctively do upon learning that the FBI was interested in Wagoner and Xentel and relying upon information they received from me? Did he contact the FBI and alert them to all the communications the EGFPD and PCSS was receiving from people complaining about me and soliciting my arrest?

No – he did not.

Instead…he did this…

He contacted Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth to see if there were any charges that could be brought against me.

There were not.


Two years later EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad and Lt. Hajicek arrested me REDACTED.

As I tried to defend myself REDACTED, the EGFPD refused to provide me the public records (police incident reports) I needed to prove what had been occurring.

I was contacted by William Staubs in advance of a court hearing and told I was going to be murdered if I went to REDACTED. I reported the death threats to Lt. Hajciek. He made no report and took no action.

Most recently – the EGFPD seized my hard-drive and ruined it before giving it back.

As you can see – this is very serious.

Timothy Charles Holmseth
Investigative Author

Cc: Minneapolis FBI, Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth, EGF Mayor Lynn Stauss, EGFPD Chief Michael Hedlund

9th Minnesota Judicial District

Local leaders embrace blackmail, extortion, and threats over Amber Alert leads

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

In 2009 the East Grand Forks Police Department and Polk County Social Services were in contact with out-of-state individuals involved in a federal kidnapping. Some had been questioned by law enforcement per suspicion they were involved in the interstate transportation of a missing child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

The individuals were making contact with authorities in such a fashion it can not be described as anything less than a disturbing spectacle of embarrassing proportions.

Every single caller was complaining and filing reports about me – a journalist virtually unknown to police.

As you will see, it is almost impossible to believe law enforcement and social services could not have noticed something was amiss and linked to the missing little girl from Florida.

On June 4, 2012 I sent a letter to United State Attorney B. Todd Jones.

“I am contacting you today with information I have about human trafficking, public safety, police corruption, organized crime and a federal kidnapping.

I am an investigative author, and over the past three years, I have been stalked and victimized by a group that operates a human trafficking operation. They have targeted me and my children because I obtained information about their network while conducting interviews regarding the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings in Florida.

The group is organized, includes a REDACTED BY TIMOTHY HOLMSETH Florida, and systematically uses state agencies to advance and protect their criminal enterprises.

The group has used the Minnesota Department of Human Services, North Dakota Department of Human Services, and Florida Department of Children and Families as a tool to harass and intimidate witnesses. …”

* * * * *

There is very good reason I contacted the U.S. Attorney and Minneapolis FBI. The Ninth Minnesota Judicial District is hopelessly crippled by police corruption and misconduct by officials.


05/2009 – After being contacted by the licensed private investigator working for the family of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings, Timothy Charles Holmseth, a career writer and award-winning newspaper reporter, conducted many telephonic (recorded) interviews with the family and their legal team.

05/26/2009 – Timothy Holmseth received a call from an individual that sounded very nervous and wanted to know what Private Investigator William Staubs had told him about certain events regarding specific dates and the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

05/26/2009 – CPS report made to Polk County Social Services (PCSS) by REDACTED BY CPS. Caller reports child maltreatment and says Holmseth is obsessed with missing children.

06/02/2009 – Telephone call made to East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) by REDACTED BY TIMOTHY HOLMSETH complaining about Timothy Holmseth.

06/18/2009 – Telephone call made to EGFPD by Donna Wagoner, Davie, Florida. Wagoner works for a company called Xentel, Inc. She complains about Timothy Holmseth and a story he is writing about a Photoshopped picture of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings, which has been used to support online donations. Wagoner wants the police to telephone Holmseth and tell him not to write about their Company.

06/23/2009 – CPS report made to PCSS by REDACTED BY CPS. Caller reports child maltreatment and says Holmseth is obsessed with a missing child from Florida.

07/07/2009 – Police Incident Report generated by call from REDACTED BY POLICE requesting an officer. Caller concerned over telephone call received by The Exponent (Rollin and Julie Bergman) from Art Harris, who identified himself as a CNN reporter.

07/09/2009 – Art Harris, formerly of CNN, emails Lt. Rodney Hajicek, EGFPD. He complains about Timothy Holmseth. He wants Lt. Hajicek to charge Holmseth with a crime.

07/10/2009 – Art Harris, formerly of CNN, emails Lt. Rodney Hajicek, EGFPD, and complains to Hajicek the FBI went to the workplace of his colleague [Donna Wagoner] with information about a Photograph of HaLeigh Cummings, which they (the FBI) received from Timothy Holmseth.

Harris provides files to Lt. Hajicek for him to review, which were originally obtained by Michael Callahan, Manvel, North Dakota (Callahan is the husband of Rhonda Callahan, mother of Timothy Holmseth’s son).

07/13/2009 – CPS report made to PCSS by REDACTED BY CPS. Caller reports child maltreatment and says Holmseth is obsessed with a missing child from Florida.

07/14/2009 – Cindy Travis contacts Lt. Rodney Hajicek, EGFPD and complains about Timothy Holmseth.

07/18/2009 – Art Harris, formerly of CNN, emails Lt. Rodney Hajicek and complains about Holmseth. He wants Holmseth arrested and notes Holmseth owns a “gun”.

07/20/2009 – CPS report to PCSS by REDACTED BY CPS. Caller reports child maltreatment by Holmseth.

08/14/2009 – CPS report made to PCSS by REDACTED BY CPS. Caller reports Timothy Holmseth told a bounty hunter from Florida (William Staubs) that he sleeps with a loaded gun [not true].

Sgt. Detective Chris Olson, EGFPD, and Polk County CPS Agent Miranda Cassetta go to Holmseth’s home. The call is unfounded.

Polk County CPS Agent Miranda Cassetta records in her CPS report that she spoke with Play Therapist Kathy Colley, MSW, LICSW.

Therapist Colley advises Cassetta that there are no concerns regarding Timothy Holmseth and his son. Cassetta records the child appears to truly love his father, is not afraid of his father, and enjoys being at his father’s home.


02/20/2010 – Timothy Holmseth is interviewed by a Special Agent of the FBI. Holmseth is asked to turn over various audio recordings he made during his journalistic interviews regarding the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping. The FBI was interested in interviews Holmseth conducted with William Staubs, REDACTED BY TIMOTHY HOLMSETH, Rev. Richard Grund, and others working for Crystal Sheffield.

Holmseth is relentlessly and increasingly harassed, blackmailed, threatened, and warned to shut up about HaLeigh. Various individuals telephoned Holmseth. Some used their true identity and some used a voice changer. Many different callers said they were going to have Holmseth’s children taken away.

The callers seemed obsessed with Holmseth’s children.

Holmseth reported the blackmail and extortion and threats to the East Grand Forks Police Department, which absolutely refused to investigate. Many of Holmseth’s police reports were never documented by an officer.


01/2011 – Timothy Holmseth publishes book about missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

02/2011 – Rhonda Callahan files Motion to Roseau County Family Court alleging child maltreatment against Timothy Holmseth. She requests the Judge place restrictions on his journalism activity. She tells the Judge that Holmseth’s work on the HaLeigh Cummings matter is bad for their child.

04/2011 – Holmseth receives an email thread from Private Investigator William Staubs that reveals Rhonda Callahan was communicating by email with Art Harris, REDACTED BY TIMOTHY HOLMSETH, and Staubs in 2009.

The email thread reveals Callahan discussed CPS reports with the Group from Florida and held planning sessions. The Group discussed making a report that Holmseth sleeps with a loaded gun. In one email Callahan requests the Group all send her affidavits to be used in court against Holmseth.

Spring/Summer, 2011 – Timothy Holmseth is bombarded with threats and harassing phone calls. He is warned that his children are going to be taken away by CPS and State’s Attorneys. Holmseth’s name and photo is featured on Web radio program where he is declared a psychopath and child abuser. He is cyber-stalked mercilessly with photos and videos and commentary published about him and his family – including his children and parents.

Holmseth receives telephone calls from Levi Page, Tina Church, and REDACTED BY TIMOTHY HOLMSETH, all declaring he will have his children taken away. Church professes to know attorneys in Minnesota and declares she is going to file an Amicus brief to the court regarding Holmseth’s children. REDACTED BY TIMOTHY HOLMSETH claims a relationship with Rhonda Callahan.

08/18/2011 – Order for Protection Against Domestic Violence is granted to a person from Florida that Holmseth has never met in his life. It is granted in a Florida Family Court. Holmseth was not allowed to appear by telephone.

08/22/2011 – Timothy Holmseth is struck by an automobile at a school picnic. The automobile is driven by Rhonda Callahan. Callahan flees the scene. 911 is called. Police and paramedics arrive. Holmseth is seen by a doctor at Altru and diagnosed with ‘Contusion of Thigh’.

EGFPD and Polk County Attorney do not charge Callahan with any crime whatsoever.

08/29/2011 – CPS complaint filed to Grand Forks County Child Protective Services (GFCCPS) by REDACTED BY GFCCPS against Timothy Holmseth and his minor daughter. No action taken.

09/08/2011 – Petition for Temporary Injunction Against Domestic Violence is granted to a Party from Florida that Holmseth has never met in his life.

09/2011 – Private Investigator William Staubs telephones Timothy Holmseth several times and warns him that if he travels to Florida for court hearing in Broward County he will be killed. Staubs produces a sworn Affidavit of these facts to Timothy Holmseth. The Affidavit describes the gun to be used to kill Timothy Holmseth as a Mini-14 assault carbine rifle.

Maria Burgun, Broward County, Florida, attests she was told by REDACTED BY TIMOTHY HOLMSETH that REDACTED BY TIMOTHY HOLMSETH was going to shoot Timothy Holmseth.

Timothy Holmseth reports the death threats to Lt. Hajicek, EGFPD who takes no action and generates no reports whatsoever.

09/19/2011 – Florida Judge in Broward County grants Order for Protection Against Domestic Violence against Timothy Holmseth. He has never personally met the Petitioner. Holmseth is not allowed to appear by telephone.

09/21/2011 – Rhonda Callahan, Manvel, North Dakota goes to Dr. April Bradley, Family Institute, Grand Forks, North Dakota and makes allegations of child abuse against Timothy Holmseth that are so serious his parenting-time is suspended by a Judge until an investigation can be completed. Callahan buttresses her claims about Holmseth by referencing the two Petitioners from Florida that obtained domestic violence protection orders by default. Callahan told Dr. Bradley that Holmseth isn’t mentally stable and wrote a strange book about a missing child.

09/22/2011 – The letter generated by Dr. April Bradley containing Rhonda Callahan’s allegations is published on an x-rated website called The website is frequently used to harass Holmseth.

09/23/11 – Timothy Holmseth makes Freedom of Information (FOI) requests for Police Reports from the EGFPD. He personally hands the FOI form to Officer Hart, EGFPD.

10/20/2011 – Timothy Holmseth contacts Lt. Hajicek by email regarding his Freedom of Information request.

10/21/2011 – Timothy Holmseth contacts Lt. Hajicek by email regarding his Freedom of Information request. The police reports are needed by Holmseth for legal reasons. The EGFPD will not acknowledge Holmseth’s request or turn over the public records.

11/07/2011 – Attorney Michael Jorgenson, Thief River Falls, sends a letter to Honorable Donna Dixon at the Roseau County Courts regarding the publication of the document generated by Dr. April Bradley, after receiving a telephone call of concern from Dr. Bradley. Dr. Bradley had been alerted by a former police officer from North Carolina that the names of minors were being published on a dangerous website.

11/21/2011 – Timothy Holmseth is arrested by the EGFPD for publishing information on the Web in violation of the Broward County, Florida court order.

11/22/2011 – Timothy Holmseth is released from jail.

11/28/11 – GFCCPS issues an Affidavit to Timothy Holmseth that reads “Notification of No Services Required or Recommended with No Risk Factors for Abuse or Neglect”.


04/02/12 – Timothy Holmseth files Internal Affairs complaint to EGFPD Chief Michael Hedlund. Holmseth protests the Department’s actions of deliberately withholding records so he could not defend legally himself with the facts on record.

04/10/12 – Timothy Holmseth receives response to Internal Affairs complaint from Chief Hedlund. Hedlund apologizes and asks Holmseth to fill out the FOI form again and says to submit it directly to him.

04/17/12 – Timothy Holmseth submits his fourth request for (the same) records. The records are turned over by Chief Hedlund shortly thereafter.

06/04/2012 – Timothy Holmseth writes a letter to the United States Attorney and reports the corrupt circumstances and on-goings to the FBI.

Between November 22 and October 29, 2012 Timothy Holmseth obeys all the terms of his release and does not publish anything on the Web whatsoever.

Attempt to Frame Innocent Man

10/29/2012 – Timothy Holmseth arrives at Polk County Justice Center prepared for jury trial. Holmseth meets with his public defender, Michael LaCoursiere. LaCoursiere previously told Holmseth he had little to worry about because the EGFPD had no legal Venue to arrest and charge him in the first place.

LaCoursiere enters small conference room with Holmseth and Holmseth’s daughter. He tells Holmseth he has a big problem, but assures him he can help make it go away. LaCoursiere tells Holmseth the police have a plan to have him (Holmseth) put in St. Cloud State Prison. LaCoursiere tells Holmseth he needs to accept an Alford plea to avoid the trap.

Holmseth insists he wants a jury trial. LaCoursiere tells Holmseth that City Attorney Ronald Galstad is prepared to call EGFPD Sgt. Detective Chris Olson and Polk County Deputy Jesse Haugen to the witness stand to lie and obtain a conviction.

Holmseth realizes his lawyer is in on it, and would likely throw the trial anyway. Holmseth agrees to the Alford plea.

During the hearing, Ronald Galstad proactively asks the Judge if LaCoursiere can be kept on as Holmseth’s attorney until the Compliance Review hearing is held on December 12, 2012. By state policy, LaCoursiere’s representation of Holmseth should have ended that day, but Galstad successfully kept LaCoursiere on as Holmseth’s lawyer.

Holmseth had until December 12, 2012 to remove items from the Web.

12/10/2012 – Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek, EGFPD, (quietly) hand delivers a Motion filed by Ronald Galstad to Michael LaCoursiere. The Motion is a request for the Court to adjudicate Timothy Holmseth guilty for non-compliance. LaCoursiere does not notify Holmseth (his client) of this Motion. At this point, Holmseth still has two days to remove items from the Web.

12/11/2012 – Timothy Holmseth receives a copy of the Motion in the U.S. Mail from the Polk County Court Administrator, per procedure. Holmseth receives it in the late afternoon. Holmseth is shocked. Holmseth does not know what he has done to violate the terms of the Alford plea. He sends an email to LaCoursiere and confronts him aggressively.

12/12/12 – During the Compliance Review hearing, Ronald Galstad attempts to push an Evidentiary Hearing (mini trial) through without having provided any Discovery to Holmseth. It was an ambush. (Galstad purposely kept Holmseth from knowing about videos published on the Web that Holmseth had not removed; the videos had been missed per an innocent glitch).

Holmseth arrives in Court with a copy of the email he sent to LaCoursiere the night before, confronting him, and is prepared to stand up in court and show it to the Judge. LaCoursiere cannot play his role in the plan to frame Holmseth, and is forced to ask for a continuance. Ronald Galstad begins to raise his voice and pound his finger on the table. He is denied. The plan failed.

12/13/12 – The EGFPD submits and Affidavit to a District Judge requesting a Search and Seizure Warrant for all of Timothy Holmseth’s journalistic equipment, telephones, mail, discs, cameras, video cameras, recorders, computer and hard drive.

12/14/12 – Timothy Holmseth receives a telephone call from his attorney, Michael LaCoursiere. Holmseth is suspicious of LaCoursiere and records the call. LaCoursiere asks him some questions about his legal case. The call is odd. LaCoursiere abruptly terminates the call and quickly hangs up.

Approximately 90 seconds after Holmseth hangs up with LaCoursiere, there is a loud rap on his door and a voice yells “POLICE!” Holmseth opens the door and an officer hits Holmseth in the chest several times with a paper as he yells “WARRANT WARRANT WARRANT!”

Misconduct / Evidence Tampering

After entering, Sgt. Detective Chris Olson, EGFPD, advises Holmseth there is an envelope with his name on it down at the police station. Holmseth retrieves the envelope and finds it contains the Records he requested in September of 2011. The documents have a ‘printed’ date on the bottom of each sheet that says October 24, 2011.

Holmseth compares the records he received on December 14, 2012 from the police station at the direction of Sgt. Olson (hereby referred to as the ‘Sgt. Olson’ version), to the exact same records he received in April of 2012 from Chief Hedlund (hereby referred to as the ‘Chief Hedlund’ version).

Holmseth compares the ‘Sgt. Olson’ version of a police report that was called in to the EGFPD in the summer of 2011 from REDACTED BY TIMOTHY HOLMSETH, to the ‘Chief Hedlund’ version and finds the ‘Sgt. Olson’ version has been altered. The ‘Sgt. Olson’ version is missing sentences that refer to an audio recording of the call itself, and two people; those two people being Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek and REDACTED BY TIMOTHY HOLMSETH.

Extortion / Destruction of Property and Evidence

04/26/2013 – The EGFPD used Holmseth’s equipment as a bargaining chip. Holmseth agreed to withdraw a request for investigation, which he had he filed to the District Judge. In return, Galstad agreed to give Holmseth his equipment and property back. When Holmseth retrieved his equipment, his hard drive didn’t work anymore.

Misconduct / Violation of Attorney Client Privilege

05/21/2013 – Holmseth receives police records generated by officers present during the raid of his home-office. The Police Incident Report generated by Officer Aeisso Schrage, EGFPD reveals all four police officers were quietly standing outside Holmseth’s door listening to him talk to his lawyer on the telephone.

False Police Report

Officer Schrage quotes Holmseth in his Report as saying the words “MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN SOME” while talking about videos to someone of the telephone. This was an attempt by Schrage to manufacture evidence against Holmseth for any future court hearing regarding the State’s case against Holmseth. Because Timothy Holmseth recorded the entire telephone call between himself and his lawyer, Holmseth possesses a recording that proves he never said those words, or, any variation of those words. Schrage filed a false police report.

06/24/2013 – Timothy Holmseth re-submits his complaint to Honorable Yon. The Director of the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility cannot investigate the alleged misconduct unless he (the Director) receives the documents from the presiding Judge.

07/03/2013 – Michael Callahan travels to the residence of Timothy Holmseth and threatens to kill him. Callahan repeatedly tells Holmseth he will break his neck. He describes Holmseth’s tentative death as an unsolved murder. Callahan is only charged with Disorderly Contact by the EGFPD.

07/09/2013 – Honorable Tamara Yon forwards Holmseth’s complaint and Affidavit to the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility (OLPR) to be brought on for investigation.

08/24/2013 – Holmseth continues to be extorted and harassed by out of state individuals.

Author scheduled to testify at hearing

Polk County Social Services was repeatedly contacted by individual(s) attempting to intimidate a journalist.

Polk County Social Services was repeatedly contacted by individual(s) attempting to intimidate a journalist.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Social workers should have seen red flags everywhere in Polk County, Minnesota when their Child Protective Services (CPS) division began receiving unprecedented child protection complaints against a local journalist; only days after he began conducting interviews regarding a missing child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

HaLeigh Cummings, 5, was reported missing on February 10, 2009 and is subject to an Amber Alert.

In May of 2009, Timothy Charles Holmseth, journalist, author and award-winning newspaper reporter had just conducted recorded telephonic interviews with individuals in Florida, when false reports suddenly began to flood in to CPS regarding him and his children.

Copies of the redacted reports reveal that nearly every complaint made to CPS mentioned the missing child HaLeigh Cummings, and each time, the caller suggested to the social worker that Holmseth was not ‘mentally stable’.

Timothy Holmseth was once recognized with a first place award for Best News Series from the North Dakota Newspaper Association for covering a story that spanned nearly a year. Nontheless, the reporter insisted Holmseth’s jouralism work indicated something was wrong with him.

SAMPLE 1 – – – “Another concern that REDACTED has regarding Tim is that is he is obsessed with missing children. Tim is not working and REDACTED states he spends all his time researching various missing children reports. REDACTED thinks he is trying to solve something.” – 05/26/09 / PCSS

Fact: Holmseth had ony been condcuting interviews for approximately 10 days when the above report was made. He was also writing for various magazines including OPEN Magazine in Fargo. He was a freelancer.

SAMPLE 2 – – – REDACTED went on to say that Tim has an obsession with a missing girl from Florida named Haley Cummings [sic] and Tim has written a book about it and supposedly had it published.” – 08/08/11

Police Incident Reports generated by the East Grand Forks Police Department reveal the police began to receive calls about Holmseth at the same time CPS did. Several of the callers to the EGFPD worked for Crystal Sheffield, mother, HaLeigh Cummings.

One caller, Donna Wagoner, Davie, Florida was employed by a company called Xentel, Inc. based out of Fort Lauderdale. Xentel is a shady company with a reputation for operating charity scams and defrauding the consumer. Xentel has been sued by Attorney Generals across the United States by states including Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Colorado, and South Carolina.

In a police report taken by Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek, EGFPD, Donna Wagoner requested the police telephone Holmseth and advise him that Xentel did not want him to write about their company. At the time, Holmseth was working on a story regarding a photo of the missing child that had been Photoshopped for use in an online charity scam. He had learned during interviews with the missing child’s grandmother that a website had been created to trick the American public into believing their donations would be used to “search” for HaLeigh.

Violating virtually every single protocol and protection afforded to American citizens under the First Amendment, Lt. Hajicek contacted Holmseth and suggested he was harassing Xentel.

Holmseth reported his information about the manufactured photograph to the Minneapolis FBI, and Florida FBI agents subsequently visited Wagoner at Xentel.

While the FBI was acting on Holmseth’s information as they attempted to locate the missing child, the EGFPD was trying to intimidate Holmseth and shut him up.

In the summer of 2009, Polk County CPS agent Miranda Cassetta and Sgt. Detective Chris Olson, EGFPD went to Holmseth’s home and demanded entry per a [false] report they received claiming Holmseth had a loaded gun in reach of a child.

Holmseth says this is very concerning, because by the time they received this, their fifth unfounded CPS complaint, and the myriad of un-founded police reports, CPS and police should have become suspicious of the CPS complaints and out-of-state callers and contacted the FBI.

There was an active Amber Alert for HaLeigh Cummings and the callers were all related to the case and/or mentioning the missing child.

Holmseth also contacted the Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth and the Sheriff’s Office.

Shortly after CPS and the EGFPD went to Holmseth’s home, Crystal Sheffield’s media consultant, Art Harris, who is listed amongst the callers to the police, published information about it on the World Wide Web to further nurture the perception Holmseth was crazy and not be believed.

In 2011, William Staubs, bounty hunter, Weston, Florida forwarded an extremely incriminating email thread to Holmseth. The emails revealed, that the same individuals that had been calling the police on Holmseth in 2009, had made contact with Rhonda Callahan, Manvel, North Dakota.

The “REDACTED” name blacked out in the Reports may be Callahan. However, Attorney Michael Mattocks, Callahan’s lawyer, told the Honorable Tamara Yon in open court that Callahan never made any CPS reports.

Callahan has a child in common with Holmseth, and Crystal Sheffield’s staff from Xentel had contacted her to discuss filing a CPS complaint against Holmseth. The emails show the initial plan was to claim Holmseth slept with a loaded gun.

Holmseth was interviewed in 2010 by the FBI and turned over various recordings of interviews he conducted. The FBI requested the interviews of the same individuals that had been calling the EGFPD.

Holmseth says he advised Polk County social workers of what was going on and provided a mountain of evidence in various formats.

Holmseth says that in 2012, Maria Burgun, a millionaire from Broward County, Florida met with the Southern District FBI after she was threatened with a trip to the ”Hoover Dam” by an anonymous caller. Burgun provided the FBI with the name of a person that admitted to her, that he had assisted Donna Wagoner in Photoshopping the missing child’s picture.

The man’s name is also recorded by the EGFPD as a person that had been telephoning police and soliciting Holmseth’s arrest.

Holmseth believes local law enforcement and CPS had a legal obligation to act upon information regarding HaLeigh, but instead, chose to harass and intimidate a journalist while neglecting to alert the FBI.

Holmseth has filed a grievance to the MDHS and is scheduled to testify before Human Services Judge Douglass Alvarado on Thursday, August 29, 2013.

EGF Mayor Lynn Stauss was well aware of the volatile situation growing between the City of East Grand Forks and Timothy Charles Holmseth

EGF Mayor Lynn Stauss was well aware of the volatile situation growing between the City of East Grand Forks and Timothy Charles Holmseth

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

On July 9, 2012 the Honorable Tamara Yon forwarded an affidavit and complaint to the Minnesota Lawyer’s Board per rule Rule 8(b), Rules on Lawyers Professional Responsibility, states,

No investigation shall commence on a complaint by or on behalf of a party represented by court appointed counsel, insofar as the court appointed attorney alleges incompetent representation by the attorney in the pending matter. Any such complaint shall be summarily dismissed with without prejudice. The Director’s dismissal shall inform the complainant that the complaint may be sent to the chief district judge or trial court judge involved in the pending matter. The Judge may, at any time, refer the matter to the Director for investigation.

The affidavit sets forth the details of an alleged illegal plot and attempt by a State Prosector (EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad) and State Public Defender (Michael LaCoursiere) to frame me (Timothy Charles Holmseth) with perjured testimony from uniformed police officers (Sgt. Detective Chris Olson and Polk County Deputy Jesse Haugen) if I did not agree to an Alford (no-contest) plea.

I accepted the Alford plea on October 29, 2012.

City Attorney Ronald Galstad then proactively asked Honorable Yon if Attorney LaCoursiere could remain as my attorney (his represenation of me was suppose to end that day but Galstad interjected into the matter to keep LaCoursiere in place).

After Galstad obtained the Alford plea, he then attempted to convict me a month later through a standard court motion asking the Judge to adjudicate me guilty.

The attempt required serious misconduct by Galstad and LaCoursiere because it’s success hinged upon keeping me un-informed about the Motion. Lt. Rodney Hajicek (quietly) served Galstad’s Motion to LaCourisere (the lawyer that should not have been my lawyer) two days before the hearing, and then LaCoursiere did not notify me so I could correct any issue that might have existed.

The plot was disrupted when I caught on at the last second and confronted LaCourisere in an email, which I was prepared to show the Judge.

Galstad became furious his plan didn’t work, and the next day the EGFPD swore out an affidavit to a District Judge requesting a Search and Seizure Warrant for my home-office. The police seized my hard-drive and ruined it before returning it.

The following letter was sent to East Grand Forks Mayor Lynn Stauss on April 30, 2012.

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W.
Unit # 17
East Grand Forks, MN
507.381.0250 (cell)

In Re: Public Documents / Official Misconduct

April 30, 2012

Lynn Stauss
City of East Grand Forks
East Grand Forks, MN

Mayor Stauss,

I am contacting you in regards to a legal situation between the City of East Grand Forks and me.

The following is a schedule of communications made regarding this matter.


Public document request to City made to EGF PD


Public document request made to City at EGF PD


Public document request to City made to EGF PD


Complaint submitted to Police Chief Hedlund against Lt. Rodney Hajicek


Response received from Chief Hedlund


4-02-12 Complaint submitted to City of East Grand Forks City Council


Synopsis – The Blackmail of Timothy Charles Holmseth – Kidnapping Inc – submitted to City


4th request for public documents submitted to Chief Hedlund


Complaint filed to Chief Hedlund against Sgt. Chris Olson, Lt. Hajicek, and Ronald Galstad – copied to City file


New information submitted to Chief Hedlund – mass purchase of web domains one day before arrest – copied to City file


Letter to Mayor Stauss – copied to City file

Note: If any reader of this document needs a copy of a file, contact me at and I will furnish it.

As you can see, I submitted my first request for public documents on 09-23-11. I believe seven months should be ample time for the City to fill a public document request.

The City of East Grand Forks brought criminal charges against me on November 21, 2011. My requests for public records and police reports began before my arrest and the stone-walling continues to this very day.

As you will note in Chief Hedlund’s response to me dated 04-10-12 he asked me to submit my document request for yet a fourth time, and indicated it should be sent directly to him.

The City’s failure to satisfy my document request cannot be perceived as an innocuous oversight.

As a reporter and author I learned the truth about a missing child named HaLeigh Cummings in 2009. I also received hours of volatile and sensitive audio files of licensed professionals committing crimes that could result in those people going to prison.

As is shown in the document THE BLACKMAIL OF TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH – THE PRICE OF EXPOSING KIDNAPPING INC the assault on me has been elaborate and well-organized.

Records in possession of the City of East Grand Forks are going to reveal a City official purchased records from the State of Florida, and upon reviewing those files, learned far too late how derelict, incompetent and irresponsible he, and the leadership of the local police department had been for two and a half years.

The public documents I am requesting contain the names and harassing activities of some of the participants of the blackmail and extortion brought against me. The public documents are going to reveal that although I called the police and asked for help; I was ignored.

The perpetual decision to withhold documents from me could now even be perceived, in the mind of a reasonable person, or juror, as criminal.

In September of 2011 I personally visited the police station to advise Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek that a man named XXX, convicted felon, had been advising his colleagues in Florida he was planning to kill me. His XXX, XXX, was allegedly present while he brandished an illegal assault rifle and vowed he was going to shoot me.

I was advised that if I attended a court hearing, motioned XXX, I would be killed shortly after arriving at the airport.

In February of 2012 XXX and XXX XXX were both interviewed by the FBI’s organized crime task force in Florida regarding an extortion-for-cash plot. It is a matter of police record Mafia hit-men were telephoning select individuals and demanding money under threat of physical mutilation and death.

Information and investigative product in the possession of the FBI will show XXX was communicating with these hit-men on the telephone, sending text messages, and directly implicating XXX in the plot.

On March 16, 2012 a man was shot in connection with the extortion and threats. I was provided with a copy of a photo of the man with a bullet hole through him. I have been advised to be careful who I talk to.

While I have been relentlessly pursued and stalked by associates and affiliates of organized crime, the City of East Grand Forks has refused to honor their very own policy to furnish public documents upon request.

After seven months and four written requests I still have not been given the public records.

The appearance of impropriety grows as the City of East Grand Forks appears to be hiding documents and readily communicating with an associate of the South Florida Mafia.

I am hoping this information is valuable to you, moving forward.

Timothy Charles Holmseth
Investigative Author

Cc: City Council members; City file

Minnesota Police Department targeted one single man

Emerging information reveals the East Grand Forks Police Department nurtured an environment of violence and threats against one single man, that went on for years.

Police reports reveal Timothy Charles Holmseth was relentlessly threatened and stalked after he interviewed individuals involved with the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings.

The police department was attempting to hide their involvement with organized crime in Florida.

When Holmseth reported the Police Department to the United States Attorney’s Office and FBI in 2012, the local legal community began to ramp up the threats and harassment.

The truth is coming out at

Police Officer Caught Filing False Police Report

Police Department Tampers With Evidence – Alters Records

Hit & Run – No Criminal Charges

Grand Forks man threatens to kill author – not charged with assault

Read Timothy Holmseth’s Letter to the FBI

Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman has jurisdiction on the criminal activity and rampant corruption in Polk County, Minnesota.

Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman has jurisdiction on the criminal activity and rampant corruption in Polk County, Minnesota.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Un-confirmed reports indicate the IRS may have been alerted to irregularities commonly viewed as red-flags by federal investigators. The irregularities on the check-list are believed to include altered documents and known affiliation with Organized Crime.

Of course, that can often mean an agent has been assigned to the case.

The City of East Grand Forks may have drawn federal attention to itself through the aggressive actions of its police department in a matter that involved a kidnapping in the state of Florida.

It is the counter-intuitive reaction by law enforcement, toward suspicious activity involving a missing child, which has reportedly peaked the interests of investigators.

The East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) telephoned a journalist (me) in June of 2009 on behalf of a Florida-based company, Xentel, Inc. and told me the company didn’t want me to write about them in a story I was preparing.

Police reports generated by Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek, EGFPD, show a Xentel, Inc. employee named Donna Wagoner called the EGFPD, but had no criminal complaint to make – the matter was logged as a “civil” matter and classified as “unfounded”.

Police records reveal that Wagoner’s call to police was then repeatedly piggy-backed with more calls to police by her associates that were all working for the missing child’s mother; pressure was applied to arrest me for no legal reason.

The series of events seriously incriminates the EGFPD.

On July 6, 2009 I sent a letter along with a CD of photographs of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings to the Minneapolis FBI. The Special Agent forwarded the information to the Jacksonville FBI in Florida.

The feds were apparently interested and acted quickly.

On July 10, 2009 Art Harris emailed Lt. Hajicek:

“I’m in shock, but just heard the FBI actually paid a visit to the web design firm in Fla that donated their time to do the website for the missing child. Based upon his [Timothy Holmseth] absurd accusations he’s now almost gotten a 23 year employee fired for sending the child’s photo on her [Donna Wagoner] company [Xentel, Inc.] email to the pro bono web firm.

He’s got to be stopped. …”

There is no evidence or indication the EGFPD ever contacted the FBI to alert them to the bizarre activity being generated trough their office by Donna Wagoner, Art Harris, and several others regarding the missing child.

The fact that the EGFPD established relationships with tabloid bloggers and organizations connected to fraud, such as Xentel, Inc., creates serious questions about local officials and what they were, or were becoming, involved in.

Xentel, Inc. has been sued by the Attorney General’s Office in Ohio, Colorado, Missouri, and Iowa for charity fraud and various scams that defraud the consumer.

Something caused the EGFPD to believe intimidating a journalist would somehow be a good idea. The desperation of the Police Department and City Attorney was soon obvious when they were caught altering and destroying records and refusing Freedom of Information requests. In time they arrested a journalist and destroyed his hard-drive in hopes of purging themselves from the situation.

While the actions of East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad and Michael LaCoursiere, Minnesota State Public Defender’s office, are being scrutinized by the Minnesota Lawyer’s Board, the focus will now likely shift to the agencies responsible for investigating criminal matters, which is the County Sheriff and County Attorney.

Experienced investigators tend to agree widespread corruption by ranking officials is typically rooted in issues that surround money and enrichment, and it is the easiest tier of criminality to investigate – hence the IRS.

Because of the mishandling of such serious matters, many believe Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman and Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth may have a Jaycee Dugard case on their hands.

CAUGHT AGAIN! EGF Police tampered with evidence and altered records

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W.
Unit #17
East Grand Forks, MN
218.230.1310 (cell)

August 17, 2013

Michael Hedlund
Chief of Police
East Grand Forks Police Department

Chief Hedlund,

Please accept this complaint against Sgt. Detective Chris Olson and all others involved in the Misconduct.

1.In the fall of 2011 I made multiple written requests to your Department for all police reports concerning me. I needed the reports to prove my innocence in a court case scheduled in Florida.

2.I filled out a Freedom of Information (FOI) form and handed it in person to Officer Hart.

3.I submitted two more requests by email to Lt. Rodney Hajicek. The requests went unanswered.

4.I made multiple telephone calls to the Secretary at the police stations and left messages.

5.Your Department did not respond to me or fill my FOI request (in violation of City policy).

6.On April 2, 2012 I filed a complaint to you regarding the deliberate withholding of documents.

7.On April 10, 2012 you responded and apologized. You asked me to fill the FOI form out again, and advised me to send it directly to you, which I then did.

8.On April 18, 2012 you printed out the documents and I received them shortly thereafter.

9.On December 14, 2012 four of your police officers entered my home-office with a Search Warrant and seized my hard-drive, as well as other journalism and publishing equipment.

10.During the execution of the Warrant, Sgt. Chris Olson advised me there was an envelope at the police station with my name on it. Officer Hart was present, and added that he too had seen the envelope.

11.I went to the police station and retrieved the white envelope with my name on it. The envelope contained police incident reports. The reports had a “print” date of October 24, 2011 at the bottom of each sheet.

12.As date ranges reveals, the Reports that Officer Olson advised me to pick up had been printed 14 months prior.

13.After picking up the white envelope, I then had two copies of the Reports. (October 24, 2011 from Sgt. Olson – – – April 18, 2012 from Chief Hedlund).

14.I will direct you to case number 11002212 – report date 07/12/2011 – generated by Officer Mike Swang.

15.When I placed the two Reports next to each other, I saw they were not identical – although they should have been.

a.The October 24, 2011 version of the Report was MISSING information.

b.The October 24, 2011 version was missing information regarding Lt. Hajicek, the person that called the police on me, and audio evidence collected by Officer Swang.

c.The exact same Report, which I received from you in April of 2012, CONTAINED the information.
d.Because the sentences missing from the October 24, 2011 version of the Report re-appear in the April 18, 2012 version, it means whoever printed the Reports out in October of 2011 deliberately REMOVED the sentences before printing the documents.

e.After the individual that printed the Reports out completed the print job, they put the information back into the report.

f.Obviously – the person that printed out the Reports in October of 2011 decided to not turn them over to me and hid them.

16.The before mentioned facts introduce an issue regarding the integrity of your Internal Affairs investigation regarding my original complaint on the matter.

a.When you replied to my complaint on April 10, 2012, you asked me to fill out another FOI request form and advised me to re-submit it directly to you. This clearly means you could not find my original FOI request or the documents.

b.The white envelope containing police incident reports, which Sgt. Olson directed me to retrieve on December 12, 2012, were printed out in October of 2011.

c.Therefore, because somebody printed out the Reports on October 24, 2012, it means the FOI form (that you could not find) I gave to Officer Swang had been RECEIVED, but subsequently disappeared along with the printed Reports.

d.During you Internal Affairs investigation you were not able to find or access:

◾The Police Incident Reports (in the white envelope)
◾The original FOI form

e.This also means that whatever Internal Affairs investigation you conducted surely contains false statements from the officers you questioned.

Timothy Charles Holmseth
Investigative Author

Cc: Mayor Lynn Stauss, Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth, Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman, EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad, Minneapolis FBI

East Grand Forks Police Chief Michael Hedlund will not review harassing and threatening calls traced by Midcontinent Communications

East Grand Forks Police Chief Michael Hedlund will not review harassing and threatening calls traced by Midcontinent Communications

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

East Grand Forks Police Chief Michael Hedlund doesn’t want the public will not review harassing and threatening calls traced by Midcontinent Communications[/caption]by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Did East Grand Forks Police Chief Michael Hedlund instruct his Department to ignore my police reports regarding the harassment and threats I was receiving?

The telephone call in the attached You Tube video are only a small amount of the calls I received.

Many of the calls made to me were successfully traced using the tracing feature provided by Midcontinent Communications.

Reference EGFPD police incident report – Case Number 11001042.

When I went to the police department and talked to Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek, he suggested I change my telephone number, or take my daughter and move out of town.

To this day, successfully traced calls sit in the computer at Midcontinent Communications – uninvestigated.

Is there an explanation for the resistance of the Police Department on this matter?

Well … yes … probably.

According to inside sources I have in South Florida, at least one of the callers had been in significant communications with Lt. Hajicek and East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad.

I am also told Hajicek and Galstad were communicating with someone that was operating an x-rated website used to cyber-stalk targets.

Anybody who was stupid enough to talk to Mafia figures in South Florida was recorded on a third line by a person in a one-party state.

I am also told a deep background check was run on Lt. Hajicek and others. One of the tools used to do this is called Lexis Nexis. It is a software program commonly used by lawyers. Background checks can reveal a staggering amount of information about an individual.

The background information can then be passed on to a private investigator, and used to go as deep into the target’s world as they can get.

The way hacktavist groups operate is like this…

They identify sensitive or embarrassing information about their target using a variety of methods. For example, they may find out you have been cheating on your wife, or, someone in your family has been institutionalized – maybe you’re getting divorced.

Maybe the target paid for an under-age girl’s abortion – they have a way of finding these things out.

They will then begin to publish bits and pieces of the information on websites that use off-shore accounts that can’t be identified through standard search warrants.

If the target doesn’t comply they will begin to accuse the target of horrible things that are not even true such as pedophilia, etc. They will also target a person’s children.

When a hacktavist from the group Anonymous attacked the Police Chief and County Sheriff in Steubenville, Ohio they threatened to rape and kill the sheriff’s daughters. In Ohio, the local authorities immediately contacted the FBI and the perpetrator(s) were eventually identified and federal raids commenced.

In East Grand Forks, Minnesota the police arrested the victim and then ruined his hard-drive.

Perhaps the EGFPD does not want the feds to investigate what they have been doing?

Do ya think?

Midcontinent is not going to call you, Mike.

Timothy Charles Holmseth

320 17th Street N.W.

Unit #17 East Grand Forks,  MN





August 15, 2013


Michael Hedlund        

Chief of Police        

East Grand Forks Police Department


Chief Hedlund,

Please accept this complaint against Officer Aeisso Schrage  and Sgt. Detective Chris Olson.

On 12/14/13 Officer Schrage filed a false police report, whereby  Schrage fabricated a statement, which he then attributed to me, using words I  never said, in effort to support criminal charges brought against me by the  City of East Grand Forks.

Please reference case number 12004365 – filed 12/14/13.

The first paragraph reads:

“On 12/14/2012 at approximately 1410 hours, TFO SHRAGE,  along with DET OLSON, OFC HART, and OFC SCHILKE executed a search warrant for  the residence of TIMOTHY HOLMSETH. When we arrived we overheard HOLMSETH  talking to someone on the telephone, rather loudly, about taking some videos  off the internet and that he “MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN SOME.” We knocked and  announced and the door was answered by HOLMSETH.

The telephone call your officers eavesdropped upon was  between me and my (then) lawyer, Michael LaCoursiere, public defender, State  Public Defender Office (violation of my Attorney Client Privilege).

(Interestingly enough) Attorney Michael LaCoursiere  telephoned me to discuss my case at the exact same time your police officers crept quietly up to the door of my home-office to listen through the door as  LaCoursiere and I spoke.

The entire telephone call between LaCoursiere and I was  recorded, from the sound of the initial ringing, to the end of the call.

At no time during the telephone call did I ever say the  words “MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN SOME”.

Not only did I not say those specific words, but I did not  say any variation of those words.  

Schrage used all caps and placed quotation marks around the  statement he falsely attributed to me. He applied special emphasis that  required special disciplines that demonstrates he intended the quote to be  relied upon word for word.  

Sgt. Detective Chris Olson was the ranking officer present  and apparently signed off on Schrage’s crime against me.

I will note that on July 9, 2013 Minnesota District Court  Judge Honorable Tamara Yon forwarded a detailed complaint to the Office of  Lawyers Professional Responsibility regarding the actions and conduct of  Attorney Ronald Galstad and Attorney Michael LaCoursiere; some relating to this  matter.

Because of your office’s multiple actions against me in  violation of federal law I am copying the Minneapolis FBI.


Timothy Charles Holmseth

Cc: Mayor Lynn Stauss, Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth,  Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman, EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad, Minneapolis  FBI