IRS to audit City of East Grand Forks?

Posted: August 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Read Timothy Holmseth’s Letter to the FBI

Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman has jurisdiction on the criminal activity and rampant corruption in Polk County, Minnesota.

Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman has jurisdiction on the criminal activity and rampant corruption in Polk County, Minnesota.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Un-confirmed reports indicate the IRS may have been alerted to irregularities commonly viewed as red-flags by federal investigators. The irregularities on the check-list are believed to include altered documents and known affiliation with Organized Crime.

Of course, that can often mean an agent has been assigned to the case.

The City of East Grand Forks may have drawn federal attention to itself through the aggressive actions of its police department in a matter that involved a kidnapping in the state of Florida.

It is the counter-intuitive reaction by law enforcement, toward suspicious activity involving a missing child, which has reportedly peaked the interests of investigators.

The East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) telephoned a journalist (me) in June of 2009 on behalf of a Florida-based company, Xentel, Inc. and told me the company didn’t want me to write about them in a story I was preparing.

Police reports generated by Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek, EGFPD, show a Xentel, Inc. employee named Donna Wagoner called the EGFPD, but had no criminal complaint to make – the matter was logged as a “civil” matter and classified as “unfounded”.

Police records reveal that Wagoner’s call to police was then repeatedly piggy-backed with more calls to police by her associates that were all working for the missing child’s mother; pressure was applied to arrest me for no legal reason.

The series of events seriously incriminates the EGFPD.

On July 6, 2009 I sent a letter along with a CD of photographs of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings to the Minneapolis FBI. The Special Agent forwarded the information to the Jacksonville FBI in Florida.

The feds were apparently interested and acted quickly.

On July 10, 2009 Art Harris emailed Lt. Hajicek:

“I’m in shock, but just heard the FBI actually paid a visit to the web design firm in Fla that donated their time to do the website for the missing child. Based upon his [Timothy Holmseth] absurd accusations he’s now almost gotten a 23 year employee fired for sending the child’s photo on her [Donna Wagoner] company [Xentel, Inc.] email to the pro bono web firm.

He’s got to be stopped. …”

There is no evidence or indication the EGFPD ever contacted the FBI to alert them to the bizarre activity being generated trough their office by Donna Wagoner, Art Harris, and several others regarding the missing child.

The fact that the EGFPD established relationships with tabloid bloggers and organizations connected to fraud, such as Xentel, Inc., creates serious questions about local officials and what they were, or were becoming, involved in.

Xentel, Inc. has been sued by the Attorney General’s Office in Ohio, Colorado, Missouri, and Iowa for charity fraud and various scams that defraud the consumer.

Something caused the EGFPD to believe intimidating a journalist would somehow be a good idea. The desperation of the Police Department and City Attorney was soon obvious when they were caught altering and destroying records and refusing Freedom of Information requests. In time they arrested a journalist and destroyed his hard-drive in hopes of purging themselves from the situation.

While the actions of East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad and Michael LaCoursiere, Minnesota State Public Defender’s office, are being scrutinized by the Minnesota Lawyer’s Board, the focus will now likely shift to the agencies responsible for investigating criminal matters, which is the County Sheriff and County Attorney.

Experienced investigators tend to agree widespread corruption by ranking officials is typically rooted in issues that surround money and enrichment, and it is the easiest tier of criminality to investigate – hence the IRS.

Because of the mishandling of such serious matters, many believe Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman and Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth may have a Jaycee Dugard case on their hands.

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