Missing records mystery in Missouri missing child case, has happened before in Florida missing child case

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Sandy Hatte, 60, abducted her baby grandson from Florida in 2000 and evaded detection by moving the boy around Missouri for over ten years until officials at a school became suspicious when she enrolled him.

Hatte is presently charged with a felony and a $25,000 bond has been set.

Livingston County sheriff’s detective Eric Menconi told the AP that investigators have been trying to determine why the boy’s name was not on any missing child registries.

“There was never an Amber Alert. Nothing was filed with the FBI or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children,” Menconi told the AP.

Although it is known the child disappeared from Florida, authorities are being tight lipped about releasing any names or the city or county the child disappeared from.

The fact that something appears out of the ordinary with records, and the Amber Alert status of a missing child from Florida, is not entirely uncommon.

In 2009 Timothy Charles Holmseth (me) began conducting interviews with the legal team working for the mother of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

In 2010 I requested records from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO), after learning HaLeigh had likely been present at an incident in Satsuma, Florida that resulted in a 911 call on April 26-27, 2009 to which police and paramedics responded.

The PCSO public relations officer emailed me back and claimed the Sheriff’s Department had no knowledge of the incident.

I telephoned the records office and spent a long time on the phone with the clerk as she searched the records for any incident at the location in question on April 26-27, 2009. The Clerk stated there was no records whatsoever in the computer system recording such an event.

Florida law requires 911 calls be recorded and documented.

I contacted Lt. (now Major) Johnny Greenwood, PCSO, and demanded the records be produced without further delay. I provided quotes from interviews with licensed professionals that were present at the scene that claimed they had spoken to the police and paramedics. I also copied the email to the FBI.

Greenwood emailed me back a short time later, stating he had found the police records. He had also found the dispatch records for the ambulance that were missing when I called.

Then – within a short period of time, several strange things occurred.

1.A man named John Regan, Hastings, Florida who I had reported to the FBI, after multiple witnesses told me he had been impersonating an FBI agent, claiming he was an “undercover pedophile”, suddenly (allegedly) died of cancer.

2.The lead detective on the HaLeigh Task Force, Peggy Cone, quietly exited the Sheriff’s Office – her career in law enforcement over.

3.HaLeigh Cummings’ Amber Alert was (quietly) reinstated.

The suspicious behavior and activities by the Sheriff’s Office in Putnam County had an explanation, according to the advocate that traveled to Florida to represent HaLeigh’s mother, Crystal Sheffield.

During interviews, Kruger told me she was working with John Regan, and he told her the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in Palatka, Florida is operating a human sex trafficking operation.

Read – EXPOSED! Wayanne Kruger exposes Kidnapping Inc.

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