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Minnesota author reported to Putnam Sheriff in February that  witness talked about a murder that occurred in front of HaLeigh Cummings shortly before she vanished

by Timothy Charles  Holmseth

Deputies and detectives are  on the scene in Satsuma, Florida  where skeletal remains have been found in a wooded area.

According to News4Jax  the human remains were of an adult.

HaLeigh Cummings was  reported missing from Satsuma on February 10, 2009.

In February, 2013 Timothy Charles Holmseth, author/journalist,  emailed Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy and advised him that his Department’s  press releases about a “homicide investigation” were confusing the public. “I  think the public would be less confused if you would at least provide basic  details about the homicide investigation being conducted for the murdered adult”  Holmseth said.

Holmseth had been told specific details of a violent murder  that took place in the trailer home of Ronald Cummings shortly before HaLeigh  Cummings disappeared. Holmseth was told the victim was an adult and HaLeigh watched  it happen.

Gary Bowling, director of law enforcement, PCSO, responded  to Holmseth and asked if the homicide he was referring to occurred in Putnam County  – he also asked Holmseth the name of the alleged victim.

Holmseth provided the PCSO with a wealth of information  regarding the play-by-play he received.

The witness told Holmseth the man’s body was dragged to the  woods – HaLeigh was walking alongside her father.

Director Bowling requested a copy of Holmseth’s book in 2011.