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Mental health claims against author found by expert to be completely untrue

Sanford Medical Center psychologist says she believes journalist’s claims about police corruption targeting him

After a guardian ad litem unilaterally diagnosed an  investigative journalist as ‘paranoid’ and convinced a Court the man’s young child  was in ‘sufficient danger’ under his care; recommending supervised visits; a seasoned  psychologist and renowned expert in the field of child protection reported to  the Minnesota District Court that no mental health issues are present and no safety  concerns exist.

The State sponsored lie against Author Timothy Charles  Holmseth was shot down by Dr. Madaline Barnes PhD. 

It was the third successful psychological evaluation/parental  capacity examination of Holmseth in five years. As an investigative author, Holmseth  has been continuously labeled as ‘crazy’ by a small group of individuals  involved in criminal activity, which he uncovered during a journalism project  regarding a missing child.

The most recent attack on Holmseth was a last ditch effort  by Rhonda Callahan, mother of Holmseth’s child, and Matthew Petrovich, guardian  ad litem, to drudge something up to use in the Family Court where the two have  been making false ‘best interest of the child’ claims to secure a venue against  Holmseth.

They met their Waterloo.

The facts and sheer volume of evidence in the case is now so  powerful, that the actions against Holmseth cannot be passed off as innocent  oversights or subjective differing in opinions – this was intentional and  planned and illegal.

Holmseth asserts to the Court in a Motion and Affidavit  filed yesterday, he is the victim of an organized scheme between like-minded  individuals that included Petrovich, Callahan, and East Grand Forks City  Attorney Ronald Galstad.

Because the latest psychological evaluation found no mental  health issues whatsoever Holmseth’s accusers will now be forced to deal with  facts, instead of slanderous innuendo.

Holmseth possesses a wealth of information regarding the  before-mentioned individuals and their associates, which could potentially be career-ending  – thus the attack on Holmseth’s credibility via mental bogus health claims (and  an attack on his hard-drive which Ronald Galstad and the EGFPD seized;  illegally searched; and then ruined so it wouldn’t work).

In September, 2013 Callahan filed a Motion in the Family  Court claiming Holmseth, the father of their young son, is “delusional.” She  supported her claims with exhibits that consisted of articles she printed off  Holmseth’s website. The articles featured and exposed illegal activities of  several public officials in the Ninth Minnesota Judicial District and  elsewhere.

Callahan did not point out anything specifically in the  articles Holmseth published. She did not claim any of the content was false,  per say. She simply submitted it as ‘defacto’ evidence that Holmseth is  delusional and requested he be required to see his son under supervision. The  submission of the articles as ‘evidence’ was an in-direct message to Holmseth  from the people Holmseth he was exposing – ‘we’re going to take you son if you  don’t shut up!’

The disturbing practice is called ‘institutional kidnapping’  and is a violation of federal law.

On September 30, 2013 Petrovich backed up Callahan’s claims  about Holmseth’s mental health, stating in a written report, “My great concern  is that the degree of paranoia that Mr. Holmseth views everything in his life  will have a very detrimental effect on [the child].”

Petrovich supported his (un-licensed) claim that Holmseth is  ‘paranoid’ by telling the Court that Holmseth filed a great many complaints. He  specifically lamented that Holmseth had filed a complaint against “Ronald  Galstad.”

Petrovich was so determined to convince the Judge she needed  to alter Holmseth’s parenting-time, and require he see a mental health  evaluator, that he ridiculed Holmseth in open court by saying he had filed a  complaint against everybody except “Kevin Bacon”.

Petrovich’s position to the Court was comprised of an  interesting set of themes that invariably orbited around Holmseth’s ‘computer’  ‘complaints’ ‘mental health’ and ‘website’.

Holmseth says rogue elements of the State are trying to shut  down his tell-all whistleblower site.

Holmseth has steadfastly asserted Petrovich is using his  position as Guardian Ad Litem in efforts to stop Holmseth from making document  requests from law enforcement in Polk    County, Minnesota.  Through the process, Holmseth has successfully located key information that demonstrates  local officials have violated a myriad of state and federal laws.  

The Court found that no “direct” evidence was given to  support the claims against Holmseth. However, the Court found that credible  evidence was given in the form of testimony by Callahan and Petrovich to  warrant a concern of “sufficient danger” and therefore granted the request made  for supervised visits pending an evaluation.

They both put their professional reputations; and the  professional reputations of everyone they associate with on the line to get  what they wanted.

But the sum and substance of the findings of Dr. Madaline  Barnes PhD have effectively reduced the entire bogus case they concocted  against Holmseth to little more than pure fiction.

“Mr. Holmseth was very cooperative during the interview, and  very honest and open about his interactions with his son and his activities. He  was very adamant about denying having given his son any additional information  about adult issues that are inappropriate for a [young child], insisted his  ex-wife was either distorting or fabricating her accusations,” Barnes  said. 

Barnes addressed specific topics, cited specific evidence, including  evidence connected to the HaLeigh Cummings case, and repeatedly stated Holmseth  is not “delusional” or “psychotic.”

In one instance, it appears Barnes is questioning why she  was asked to evaluate Holmseth again. “The records of his supervised visits  reflect that he continues to have the same positive relationship with his son  that I observed previously, and showed no inappropriate interactions [in the  log generated by the facilitator] during those visits,” she said.

To effectively address all of the professed claims made by  Callahan and Petrovich about Holmseth, the Judge directed [Dr. Barnes] have  access to his website, writings, and the book he authored about the missing  child HaLeigh Ann-Maries Cummings.

No condemnation of Holmseth’s writing, reporting, or  publishing was found whatsoever.

In fact…

In an interesting moment of candor during the examination,  Barnes told Holmseth she basically believed what he was saying about the  police.

Barnes recommended Holmseth resume parenting-time with his  son.

This is a developing story.

Biofuel investment  seized during Scott Rothstein RICO prosecution links Casey Anthony murder  indictment to HaLeigh Cummings disappearance

LEGAL NOTE: *** Signifies certain name(s) withheld pending legal actions

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

On July 5, 2011 Casey Anthony was found not-guilty of first  degree murder. Chief Judge Belvin Perry later told Today he experienced  feelings of “surprise “shock” and “disbelief” at reading the verdict.

Interviews of jurors later revealed they could not reach a  first degree murder verdict based upon the circumstantial evidence put before  them. Evidence is now emerging that demonstrates they were correct in their instincts.

The truth has been hidden in plain sight and links three  major criminal investigations in the state of Florida – Casey Anthony – Scott Rothstein –  HaLeigh Cummings.

On February 10, 2009 a little girl named HaLeigh Cummings  vanished from Satsuma, Florida – 75 miles  north of Orlando.  She vanished the same day as a nationally televised memorial for slain toddler Caylee  Anthony.

Coincidences were common. 

The exact same day Casey Anthony was indicted for first  degree murder, a biofuel company was created by a Fort Lauderdale attorney named Richard P.  Greene; an investment of Scott W. Rothstein.

The biofuel company was called Advanced Biofuel Technologies Inc. (ABT) and was used to  finance operatives on the ground in Northern Florida  and disrupt the efforts of law enforcement in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping.

In March of 2009, a boisterous bounty hunter that called  himself ‘Cobra’ obnoxiously interjected himself into the search for HaLeigh  Cummings. He told news reporters he had been sent into the case by a “man of  God” named Rev. Richard Grund, Windermere,   Florida. Staubs, a licensed  private investigator, said Rev. Grund was his “client”.

And yet another coincidence.

Rev. Grund was on the Prosecutions list as a potential  witness in the Casey Anthony murder trial. His son, Jesse Grund, was once  engaged to be married to Casey Anthony.

Rev. Grund confirmed that he sent Staubs to Northern Florida. What was never clear, until perhaps now,  is just exactly why Rev. Grund felt he needed to retain a private investigator  to become involved in a kidnapping that did not concern him whatsoever.

Or did it?

Did State prosecutors in the Anthony case ever ask Rev.  Grund why he and ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ suddenly got into the missing child  business – right at the height of the Casey Anthony case?

Why does it matter?

Here’s why.

Staubs, Rev. Grund, and a group of others that were working  for Crystal Sheffield, HaLeigh’s mother, were being financed by a man named  John Burgn, Plantation, Florida.

Why does it matter?

Here’s why.

John Burgun was the primary officer/director on the Articles  of Incorporation for the biofuel company Rothstein, Greene, and one other  ***person set up the day Casey Anthony was indicted.

On October 14, 2008, the same day Casey Anthony was indicted  by a Grand Jury for first degree murder; a shady disbarred Fort Lauderdale lawyer named Richard P.  Greene created and registered a biofuel company called Alternative Biofuel Technologies  Inc. (ABT).

The company was later seized by the feds during the RICO  prosecution of Scott W. Rothstein – yes indeed – ABT was an investment of  Rothstein.

John Burgun became the primary officer of ABT on January 29,  2009. Only a few days later, on February 10, 2009 HaLeigh Cummings vanished.

Why does it matter?

Here’s why.

As part of the transaction that made John Burgun the primary  officer of ABT, he and his wife, Maria Burgun, borrowed a very significant  amount of money to a person they ***knew. Several more loans followed. However,  nothing went well, and when it came time to pay the loan back as agreed the  Burgun’s were forced to file a civil lawsuit.    

But as you will see – this was no ordinary loan.

In 2012, Maria Burgun met with the FBI to discuss  information she said she had about the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings. Burgun  provided FBI agents the name(s) of those she believes are responsible for  HaLeigh’s disappearance.

Maria Burgun told the FBI she believed the money she borrowed to a  ***person was used to fund the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping. She said the large  sum of money was supposed to finance a biofuel company called ABT; but the  money was spent on the kidnapping instead. The Burgun’s say their money was  used to pay for gas, food, lodging, rent, electricity, junk food, car rentals,  cell phone bills, medicine, booze, and cigarettes.

Maria Burgun’s statements to the FBI place ‘Burgun’ money in the  hands of a group that interjected itself into the act of ‘investigating’ the  kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

However – Major Gary Bowling at the Putnam County Sheriff’s  Office (PCSO) expressed frustration with the group that was meddling in the  case and possibly planting evidence.

The Burgun’s say that when they borrowed the money to the  ***person, they had no idea about the HaLeigh Cummings matter and did not  figure that out until later.


Many researchers are confused regarding this strange loan.  Although it was in fact borrowed to a ***person with a written contract to  secure it; it appears John Burgun received something in return; he received the  title of primary officer/director of ABT. It is also odd that Burgun could  dictate what the loan was to be used for; a fact that makes it seem more like  an investment.

Mainstream media covering the case at the time HaLeigh  Cummings vanished interviewed many of the major participants. William Staubs, (Cobra  the Bounty Hunter) told reporters he was working for Rev. Grund and was going  to locate HaLeigh within a specific number of days. He was seen running around  day and night with camera men, meddling, and was eventually arrested for a serious  felony by the PCSO.  

When a reporter with First Coast News asked Staubs how he  was paying his bills he said he was being financed by a drug dealer. When asked  to explain, Staubs said that ‘drug dealers’ wanted to make sure everybody knew  they don’t kidnap kids.


That means…

Rev. Grund retained a pro-bono private investigator to  travel to Satsuma, Florida  to defend the good reputation of drug dealers everywhere.

At this point, Staubs clearly has no good reason to be  involved, and could not even give a good explanation about how he was paying  his bills.


During recorded interviews, Staubs told Timothy Charles  Holmseth, investigative journalist/author (this writer), that a man named “John  Burgun” was paying for everything.

Staubs also told Holmseth the entire case would eventually  lead to a ‘biofuel company” and the “biggest Billy-bad-ass attorney” in Florida – a lawyer he  said was named “Rothstein”.

Holmseth later confirmed the involvement of Rothstein when  he received an email from an attorney named Pedro E. Dijols, Rothstein,  Rosenfeldt, and Adler. Dijols acknowledged he was representing a ***person  involved in the case.   

Just a cursory look at the Articles of Incorporation for ABT  is very compelling.  

On October 14, 2008 ABT was created and registered to Richard  P. Greene, a disbarred and disgraced lawyer with a terrible reputation that  includes pleading guilty to securities exchange fraud.

There was also one ***officer/director listed on the  Articles of Incorporation at that time.

The fact that the biofuel company was created and supported  by two corrupt Fort Lauderdale  attorneys (Greene and Rothstein) on the same day Casey Anthony was indicted for  murder cannot be ignored.

An interesting change was then made in the company. On  January 29, 2009 the primary ***officer/director of ABT was removed, and  replaced with John Burgun.

During this time-window, the Burgun’s borrowed out a very  large amount of cash in a strange loan that was secured by a written contract  and ‘filming’ of the money. The Burgun’s do not own or operate a lending  institution so this was a private matter.

Exactly what information and calculations the Burgun’s used  during their Cost-Benefit-Analysis regarding the large loan is not known. Because  they later sued for amounts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – this was  definitely a personal financial risk for the Burguns.

Apparently it was acceptable.

Only a few days after John Burgun became the primary officer  of ABT – HaLeigh Cummings disappeared.

Ignoring the fact that the two little girls had names that  rhymed (Caylee and HaLeigh) – there were many dynamics that made this  kidnapping suspicious. For instance, HaLeigh Cummings disappeared the exact same  day as a nationally televised memorial that was held for Caylee Anthony.

Shortly after HaLeigh vanished, Burgun’s money began moving  around in the hands of individuals that were causing major headaches for the  Sheriff’s Office in Putnam   County.

The group being paid with Burgun’s money was on the ground  in Northern Florida; frustrating law enforcements efforts, planting evidence, tampering  with witnesses, and creating ‘suspects’ that would then be trotted out in the  media.

There are too many links to ignore.

For instance…

Staubs regularly appeared as guest on a weekly Web program to  discuss the HaLeigh Cummings case. He repeatedly told the public that the “similarities”  between the Cummings case and the Anthony case were amazing. He often suggested  that Misty Croslin was the new Casey Anthony.

Remember – Staubs is working for Rev. Grund when he is  saying all these things.

Even before the bombshell revelations made by Maria Burgun to  the FBI in 2012 – Holmseth already had information that suggested Caylee  Anthony may have died at the hands of somebody other than her mother.

The State of Florida  never proved what actually occurred to cause the death of Caylee Anthony; that  is why Casey Anthony was found not guilty.

The jury’s verdict was wise.


One need only look at the HaLeigh Cummings disappearance,  and assess its similarities and connections the Caylee Anthony disappearance  (and subsequent homicide) to be enlightened. 


Casey Anthony originally told law enforcement that her  daughter was kidnapped.

That is the same story Misty Croslin gave about HaLeigh Cummings, folks. Misty Croslin never changed her story despite massive pressure put on her by law enforcemnt.

Casey Anthony behaved the same way when being questioned by law enforcement. It is very possible Casey Anthony was simply sticking  to the story she was told to give (just like Croslin).

Evidence shows Caylee may have died during a botched, staged  kidnapping that was intended to be what is known as a ‘rescue mission’.

The catalyst character is Rev. Grund.

The evidence cannot be ignored.

On February 10, 2009 a small memorial was also held at J.  Blanchard Park in Orlando  for individuals that could not attend the televised memorial for Caylee Anthony.  The smaller memorial was arranged by Rev. Grund (online pastor and real life demon  warrior), William Staubs (Cobra the Bounty Hunter), and Wayanne Kruger  (sex-victim’s advocate).

Wayanne Kruger is a well-known child sex victim’s advocate  and author. She was once featured on the ABC television news magazine 20/20, as  well as by People. In Kruger’s book about child sex predators, she discusses a  rescue mission where she helped hide a child on an Indian reservation.

Kruger is well known for performing illegal changes of  custody through planned abductions to protect child sex abuse victims.


Emails obtained by Holmseth show Staubs, Kruger, and Rev. Grund  were coordinating with each other and in extensive communications. In one  email, Grund actually asks Kruger where she is going to “hide” them.

It is here you might began to ponder the idea that Grund,  Kruger, and Staubs were instrumental in the disappearance (and subsequent  death) of Caylee Anthony.

Consider the facts.

Rev. Grund’s son, Jesse Grund, had once been engaged to be  married to Casey Anthony.   

Rev. Grund and Kruger were both known to George and Cindy  Anthony and had been placed on a ‘do not enter’ list for the televised  memorial.

It is rather interesting HaLeigh Cummings vanished the same  day a nationally televised memorial was to air.

While Rev. Grund appeared to be on very bad terms with  George and Cindy Anthony, he expressed softer feelings for Casey and Caylee. Grund  expressed that he loved Caylee like a grandfather loves his grand daughter. He said that when he knew  Casey she was not the demon-possessed girl she is now (he believes Casey’s body  is indwelt by a demon god named Baal).

Staubs too, continuously described Casey Anthony as demon possessed.  He was so desperate to assign this label to her that he said her ears stuck out  like an elf and referenced some ancient demon he claimed she resembled. Staubs  launched the same type of character assassination campaign against Misty  Croslin; the primary person of interest in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping.

Staubs and Grund said that both Caylee and Casey had been  molested by George Anthony and his son, Lee Anthony. Grund insisted to Holmseth  that Caylee was actually Lee’s child from incest (hence her name Ca-Lee).

So – would Rev. Grund have been compelled to arrange a  ‘rescue mission’ that included the assistance and complacency of Casey Anthony?

If that is what happened – Casey Anthony did not committ murder.

Consider the facts and evidence.

Although Kruger was at J. Blanchard Park on February 10,  2009, she quietly exited Florida,  and re-emerged in March of 2009 to be the victim’s advocate for HaLeigh  Cummings’ mother, Crystal Sheffield.

Rev. Grund told Holmseth that George and Cindy Anthony had a  special team that was targeting him and his family. He said they hacked his  computer and stole photographs from him. He called the team the “A Team”. He stated  on several occasions the Anthony’s were attempting to obtain DNA from his son,  Jesse Grund, to be used in a frame-up.

Rev. Grund repeatedly, and proactively, said specific things  to Holmseth that made Rev. Grund a ‘suspect’.

Holmseth sensed Rev. Grund seemed paranoid, because Rev.  Grund continuously suggested somebody was trying to place Jesse Grund’s hair on  Caylee’s body. He said Casey Anthony tried to obtain pubic hair from Jesse  Grund’s shower, and attempted to have him “touch” the trunk of her car (that trunk  that would later smell of a dead body).

It is Rev. Grund himself that keeps making his son, or  possibly, himself, a ‘suspect’. It is Rev. Grund himself that kept talking  about Grund DNA being found at any potential crime scene.

During an interview with Staubs and another investigator in  the Anthony case, James Hoover, the latter confirmed to Holmseth that Jesse  Grund had once been followed by operatives to Atlanta for the purpose of covertly obtaining  his DNA.

Rev. Grund was positive somebody was trying to frame his son,  and multiple witnesses supported the basics of what he was saying.

But then – Kruger said something that shed an entirely new  light on Grund.  

During an interview, Kruger suddenly blurted out to Holmseth  that she hoped Grund did not kill HaLeigh Cummings in ‘one of his frickin  exorcisms’.

That is a very powerful statement.

The statement troubled Holmseth because the National  Enquirer had published a story that suggested Caylee Anthony may have died in a  religious ritual performed by Grund.

Kruger told Holmseth that Rev. Grund did not believe HaLeigh  Cummings is completely human because she has Turner’s syndrome, which affects  her reproductive system.

What in the world?

This type of assessment of a child is off the charts.  Why was Rev. Grund discussing HaLeigh Cummings in this way? Why was he  discussing her at all? Moreover – did he discuss Caylee Anthony the same way?  Did he believe these little girls needed a demon to be extracted from them?

Did Caylee Anthony die during a ritual?

Caylee Anthony died in the summer of 2008. If the child had  been the subject of a ‘rescue mission’ due to sex abuse by her uncle and  grandfather, and subsequently killed (possibly accidentally) during an exorcism  or ritual, Kruger would have reason to believe the same thing happened to  HaLeigh Cummings after she was ‘rescued’.

Holmseth often felt Kruger was trying to cryptically tell  him what happened to Caylee.

Grund told Holmseth he once worshipped Satan but is now a  Christian. He told Holmseth he once had a direct encounter with a “fallen  Watcher” (i.e. a fallen angel – referred to as the Nephilim in the book of Genesis:  Chapter 6).

Rev. Grund is obsessed with religion and the occult. He is an online teacher and has students.

Rev. Grund told Holmseth that Casey Anthony was no longer  the “Casey” he once knew. He said her body was now indwelt by a demon god named  “Baal” (the ancient demon god Baal demanded the lives of children).

As one digests these realities it is important to remember that Rev. Grund interjected himself into the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping case, and his operatives received money from John Burgun and a Scott Rothstein investment.

Rev. Grund  said the  home of George and Cindy Anthony was filled with pure evil. He said that when  he visited their home once with his wife, the demons in the house began to make  things fall off the shelves.

The cynical suggestion that Rev. Grund was responsible for  Caylee’s death was asserted by Cindy Anthony, Attorney Jose Baez, Wayanne  Kruger, and the National Enquirer.

Staubs told Holmseth, that while he was searching for the  missing child HaLeigh Cummings, he was being followed by a private investigator  named Dominic Casey that worked for George and Cindy Anthony. Holmseth asked  Staubs why Investigator Casey was following him; a question Staubs avoided many  times. After Holmseth persisted, Staubs, clearly irritated, said Investigator  Casey was following him because Staubs was working for Rev. Grund.

Thousand upon thousands of dollars, generated by a Scott  Rothstein investment, were channeled to a team that traveled to Northern Florida and interjected themselves into the  HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping.

Now – to state the obvious.

The team was not a team, per say – it was a human  trafficking outfit. Kruger explained the details about houses across the United States that Staubs was involved with. She also named all the people involved in an illegal baby-selling scheme that involved forged documents to move babies through the United States embassy.

If nothing else – the latest revelations show that the  American system of justice really does still work. The jury on the Casey  Anthony case did not succumb to public pressure or blindly follow the  story-line presented by the State of Florida.

Much less the despicable Nancy Grace.

The wisdom and courage of the Casey Anthony jury is to be  commended.

1 + 1 = 2.

Casey Anthony + Scott Rothstein = HaLeigh’s Cummings.

This photo was taken approximately one month after HaLeigh was reported missing. You will notice Harris' lap-top computer and the big smile on Crystal Sheffield's face. The group is celebrating because the next day, Staubs and Harris travel to the home of a suspected child molestor named Daniel Snodgrass. In the planned media event at the home of Snodgrass, Staubs, a licensed bondsman, revokes Snodgrass' bond and slams him on the ground while Harris films it. Harris then publishes the video on You Tube. The video creates the appearance Staubs arrested the man that 'murderd' HaLeigh Cummings. It was a criminal hoax. Staubs was later arrested by the Putnam County Sheriff's Office and charged with felony false imprisonment. The 'kidnapping' of HaLeigh Cummings was a staged event.

This photo was taken approximately one month after HaLeigh was reported missing. You will notice Harris’ lap-top computer and the big smile on Crystal Sheffield’s face. The group is celebrating because the next day, Staubs and Harris travel to the home of a suspected child molestor named Daniel Snodgrass. In the planned media event at the home of Snodgrass, Staubs, a licensed bondsman, revokes Snodgrass’ bond and slams him on the ground while Harris films it. Harris then publishes the video on You Tube. The video creates the appearance Staubs arrested the man that ‘murderd’ HaLeigh Cummings. It was a criminal hoax. Staubs was later arrested by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and charged with felony false imprisonment. The ‘kidnapping’ of HaLeigh Cummings was a staged event.

The disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings was the first of  an ill-fated mass abduction plan   

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Imagine a national outbreak of mysterious child kidnappings.

It almost happened.

In February of 2009 a five year-old from Satsuma, Florida named HaLeigh  Ann-Marie Cummings mysteriously vanished. 

But the true nightmare scenario that nearly unfolded is a story that  has gone un-told – until now.  

Children were going to vanish everywhere.

HaLeigh’s kidnapping was a flag-ship event that was actually intended to make child abductions much easier, and extremely lucrative, for experts in the field of searching for missing persons. The seemingly random abduction of the little Satsuma girl was actually a strategic operation, and had the plan  worked, children would have begun to disappear at an alarming rate.  

The kidnapping was an operation executed by career human traffickers with a strategic goal centered on setting new legal precedent in the Florida courts.

One of the operatives of Kidnapping Inc. was Art Harris, a  blogger retained by HaLeigh Cummings’ mother Crystal Sheffield. On March 11,  2009, one month after the child’s disappearance, Harris published the first  piece of propaganda. It was entitled “HaLeigh Cummings’ mom wants custody!”

The propaganda piece, which is seen below, is narrated by  Investigative Author Timothy Charles Holmseth.

Holmseth has logged more hours, and interviewed more key figures in the kidnapping than any other journalist or news reporter in the  world. Holmseth himself was interviewed by the Minneapolis FBI in 2010 after the Jacksonville FBI requested copies of his recorded interviews. 

* * * * *     * * * * *

HaLeigh Cummings’ mom wants custody!

Haleigh Cummings’ Mom Wants Custody!

By Art Harris, (c),, all rights reserved

  • This was  the first article developed to promote the activities of Kidnapping Inc. after  HaLeigh Cummings vanished on February 10, 2009.
  • The  HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping was the flag-ship case for the operation.

In what could set a legal  precedent for missing children, The Bald Truth has learned exclusively that the  mother of five year old Haleigh Cummings aims to fight for legal custody of a  daughter abducted a month ago from her father’s home while he was at work and  his 17 year old girlfriend slept nearby.

  • The  ‘disappearance’ of HaLeigh was staged.
  • Crystal  Sheffield knew her daughter HaLeigh was alive.
  • The  primary objective of Kidnapping Inc. in the HaLeigh Cummings case was to change  legal precedent that would transform the kidnapping of children into an extremely  lucrative and sustainable industry.
  • The  setting of legal precedent would make it okay for a lawyer to file for physical  custody of a child that is ‘missing’.

In an exclusive  interview, Crystal Sheffield, 23, tells me she also wants custody of her son  and Haleigh’s little brother, a four year old she had with Ronald Cummings, 25. The boy, “Junior,” as  he’s called, reportedly told police he saw a man dressed in black snatch his  sister off her mattress in the pre-dawn darkness Feb. 10 as she slept in the  living room of their father’s trailer in Palatka, Florida.

  • The ‘man  dressed in black’ story created the appearance that a stranger was able to  enter the home and kidnap HaLeigh because her babysitter was not responsible  enough to keep her safe. This would be the basis for a lawyer to file for  change of custody in future cases (a successful kidnapping).
  • The ‘man  dressed in black’ story, which was later changed to ‘black man’ was a fake  story created by Kidnapping Inc. to implicate a black drug dealer. The cover story  was to be that Ronald Cummings ripped off a black drug dealer, resulting in his  daughter being taken and held for ransom. Candidates for the frame-up were the following  black men from the Palatka, Florida  area:
    • Gregory  Page
    • Jerome William   
    • Donnie  Spells
    • Daniel  Lookadoo
    • Crazy Al  (Capone)

“We think she’d be the  better parent, so we’ll be exploring how (Ronald Cummings) got custody in the  first place, whether it was proper. We already have one child missing from his  care, and he’s about to marry the 17 year old (Misty Croslin), who was home  babysitting her and his son,” REDACTED who has been interviewing locals by  phone and is expected to arrive in Putman   County on Thursday.

  • Crystal  Sheffield was addicted to drugs. Sometimes she could not even function. Her  true feelings for her daughter were evidenced when she could not produce one  single photograph of herself with HaLeigh to show the media.
  • Neither  parent was competent or properly caring for the children.

“From what I’ve gleaned  from investigators, news reports and interviews with local witnesses and the  mother’s family, I have grave concerns for the welfare of Haleigh’s little  brother, Junior. When I get down there Thursday, I’ll be investigating if  there’s any type move the mother needs to make to protect the last child that  remains in the father’s custody.”

  • Crystal  Sheffield was an active drug addict and was not a suitable candidate for  placement of HaLeigh’s little brother. This fact was known to every single  person that worked with Crystal Sheffield.  
  • The  objective was to have a Judge grant a change in physical custody request for  HaLeigh’s little brother, which would then transfer over to HaLeigh, and she  could be returned.
    • EXPLAINED: If this scenario would have resulted  in a change of custody, any high-conflict custody dispute would be subject to the ‘newly established legal precedent’  sought by the people that abducted HaLeigh Cummings. Under the new ‘precedent’ –  any parent in a high-conflict custody case could utilize an ‘abduction team’ to  stage the kidnapping. The ‘kidnapping’ would then be held up as  evidence to demonstrate to the court the unfitness of the custodial parent.  Based upon this, the need for a change of physical custody could be argued. Once  the change of custody is granted, the abducted child could be ‘found’ or  returned if so desired.

REDACTED is also  bringing in a crack private investigator, William Staubs, 52, a gravel-voiced  tough guy who weighs 250 pounds and goes by the nickname Cobra. He’ll be  hunting witnesses REDACTED, who may not want to tell everything to a police  officer, but may tell me things that could lead to finding Haleigh through a  private effort REDACTED

  • William  Eugene Staubs (Cobra the Bounty Hunter) was involved in HaLeigh’s fake  kidnapping. His objectives did not involve ‘searching’ for the child.
  • Staubs  originally claimed he was working for Rev. Richard Grund. Rev. Grund’s son,  Jesse Grund, was once engaged to be married to Casey Anthony, mother of slain  toddler Caylee Anthony.
      • During a strange conversation between  Timothy Charles Holmseth, Rev. Richard Grund, and William Staubs, Grund  repeatedly expressed his fear that DNA from his family was going to be stolen  and planted in the Caylee Anthony murder case.
      • During an interview, Wayanne Kruger  expressed her fear that Rev. Grund might have killed HaLeigh Cummings during an  “exorcism”. Grund is an admitted (former) worshipper of Satan. Kruger said Grund didn’t think HaLeigh was completely human because she has Turner’s syndrome, which affects her reproduction ability. She said Grund thought HaLeigh had a demon in her.
        • The  statement by Kruger, combined with the statements by Grund, create questions  about the exact whereabouts of Caylee Anthony in the hours before she  died.  It is significant that Casey  Anthony claimed her daughter was kidnapped. It is possible that when Casey Anthony told her Zenaida Gonzalez story, she was  sticking to the story she was told to give. It is possible Casey Anthony did  not murder her daughter and the not guilty verdict was proper.
  • Staubs  and others were actively planting evidence. They were trying to create the  appearance HaLeigh was dead. They were trying to create the appearance they had  located ‘suspects’ in her ‘murder’.
  • Staubs  talked about an international search firm that was being developed that would  search for missing children. He said he had been promised many more cases ‘just  like this one’.

At a press conference  Tuesday, a new reward of $35,000 was announced. Dozens of state, local and  federal law enforcement remained tight-lipped, as both parents plead for  Haleigh’s safe return.

Family members  scribbled messages in black magic marker on yellow helium filled balloons they  soon released.

“Haleigh-bug, Nana  misses you very much. Please release my Doodle,” wrote Crystal’s mother.

“Misty and Daddy got  married, just like you wanted,” wrote Haleigh’s father. “We love you.”

  • The  balloon release event was planned by Crystal Sheffield’s victim’s advocate  Wayanne Kruger. It was intended to create the appearance that HaLeigh’s family  did not know where she was or who took her.
  • Events  such as the balloon release often resulted in press coverage, which resulted in  donations flowing in to the HaLeigh Bug Foundation. The HaLeigh Bug Foundation  was a fraud and was not registered with the Florida Department of Corporations  as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization until a private citizen filed a complaint.

At the Putman County  courthouse Monday, Ronald and Misty applied for a marriage license; on Tuesday,  she was brandishing a new diamond ring for the cameras.

Croslin said that her  engagement may be misunderstood by some people, but “it’s still all about  finding Haleigh. This is what Haleigh wanted. She’s always talked about it.”

Croslin also claims  Haleigh called her “mom.” According to reports, the bizarre lovebirds could tie  the knot as early as this week. With Misty a minor, her family had to fill out  paperwork granting her the okay to marry.

On the 911 tape of  Misty’s initial call to police last month to report Haleigh missing, Ronald can  be heard cursing his new fiance in the background, and threatening to kill  whoever took her. But they’ve apparently made up.

“He’s getting married  30 days after Haleigh goes missing, that says it all,” Crystal tells me in an  exclusive interview, adding that she has postponed her plans to marry an  electrician named Chad, but will keep paying for the wedding dress she has on  layaway.

“With Haleigh missing,  getting married is the last thing on my mind. I can’t sleep. I lay down at  night, but I don’t sleep. I try to rest, but I can’t. It’s bad when your baby  is gone.”

  • The  marriage between Ronald Cummings and Misty Croslin was to acquire spousal  privilege regarding the murder of an adult, which HaLeigh allegedly witnessed.

Crystal says she spent much of Tuesday in tears,  telling me how she paid a private visit to Ronald’s trailer home where Haleigh  spent her last night. Police found the back door propped open by a brick, and  Misty says she has no idea how that happened, and didn’t hear a thing.  Investigators have been running down leads and tips with the help of the FBI.

On Tuesday, Crystal surveyed the  living room of her ex-boyfriend’s trailer, the purported crime scene, as police  held TV cameras back to give her privacy; then Haleigh’s distraught mother  threw herself onto the mattress the five year old used as a bed, and burst into  tears.

Outside, friends could  hear her screaming, hysterical, inconsolable. It was a heart-breaking scene,  one told me.

Misty was with her,  pleading with Crystal  to believe her when she said she had no idea how her baby vanished, or who was  behind it. Crystal asked for a toy, or some momento of Haleigh to take with  her; it was fine with Misty, but she said she’d have to ask Ronald first. Crystal left  empty-handed.

Later, she told me  she’d cried herself out, but “it didn’t help much.”

Both Misty and Ronald  claim they passed lie detector tests, though police sources won’t confirm nor  deny it.

Victim’s advocate  Wayanne Kruger, an author who’s daughter pressed charges against a godfather  who’d molested her as a child, flew in from California  to volunteer, and donated proceeds from a book signing to help Crystal stay afloat.

  • The scene  of Crystal Sheffield and Misty Croslin sitting together in HaLeigh’s bedroom  was arranged by Art Harris, William Staubs, and Wayanne Kruger. The crying and  wailing was actually the sounds of Misty Croslin.
  • This  description of Crystal Sheffield was published to make the public believe she  had nothing to do with her daughter’s disappearance.

In the meantime,  REDACTED aims to organize a command post for volunteers and start printing  bumper stickers, pins and t shirts to raise awareness about what police are  calling an abduction.

Authorities are still  searching for Haleigh. She has blond hair and brown eyes and is 3 feet tall.

Please call the Putnam County  Sheriff’s Office at 386-329-0800 if you have any information regarding Haleigh  Cummings.
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The first line of the article laid out the mission of  Kidnapping Inc. “In what could set a  legal precedent for missing children…” Harris wrote.

The “precedent” would make a child’s disappearance grounds for a change of custody motion.

The legal argument – – – if a missing child’s custodial  parent is not able to provide a safe enough environment to prevent a  kidnapping, then a change of custody should be ordered.

Interviews by Holmseth uncovered the true facts and  circumstances surrounding HaLeigh’s abduction and the activities of Kidnapping  Inc.

Wayanne Kruger, victim’s advocate for HaLeigh’s mother Crystal Sheffield, said the operations involved operatives that coordinated  through a network across the United States and abroad.

William Staubs (Cobra), private investigator, Case Closed, Inc. provided services to Sheffield and  members of her family. During interviews with Holmseth, Staubs said he was  going to be a lead investigator for the child search firm, and had been  promised at least a dozen more cases.  

According to Staubs, the operation was going to be funded by the HaLeigh Bug Foundation. He said the business plan of the apparatus  contained a very large media component, and plans were made to secure large  amounts of office space that were going to be needed for a private television  studio.

Staubs said Holmseth disrupted the entire operation when he  began to report the truth about the missing little girl. Staubs said Holmseth  enraged the stakeholders of the business and they vowed to silence him.

Staubs named several of the individuals involved in the business plan, which included Harris, and a man from Tennessee named Levi Page.

Page is a young blogger that once appeared via Skype on the  HLN cable channel to discuss missing person cases. He also hosted a radio program on the Blogger News Network for a time.

Page telephoned Holmseth and invited him to be a guest on his radio program. When Holmseth declined the offer, the young man became irate, verbally abusive, and began shouting sexual based vulgarities. On  several occasions Page warned Holmseth he better shut up about HaLeigh Cummings  being alive.

Kruger said the trafficking operation included a man named  John Regan, Hastings, Florida. Regan dressed as a pastor, and  according to multiple witnesses, claimed he was a member of law enforcement.  Kruger said Regan claimed to be an ‘undercover pedophile’ that pretends to be a  pedophile to catch other pedophiles – for the FBI.

Rev. Richard Grund and Staubs both said John Regan bragged that he used a badge to impersonate a law enforcement officer in an airport, which is a federal crime.

Kruger described a soft porn shoot done with the missing child shortly before she disappeared. She said John Regan (the undercover pedophile)  was present and secretly recorded the transactions and activities that involved  Teresa Neves, HaLeigh’s paternal grandmother.   

The recordings were used to blackmail Neves and HaLeigh’s father into silence about HaLeigh’s abduction.

John Regan was often accompanied by his son, Jeremiah Regan.  The younger Regan is captured on audio talking to a young prostitute named  Kristina Prevatt. Jeremiah Regan is heard telling Prevatt that he is working  with the police, and claims to have the authority to offer immunity in the case. He told Prevatt he could promise her immunity if she would simply  make a written statement implicating a young girl named Misty Croslin.

Donald Knop, an employee on Crystal Sheffield’s extended  staff, said John Regan claimed to be working for the “CIA”.

Kruger said John Regan and Staubs have ‘houses’ in various  states where children are kept. She also said John Regan is a dangerous pedophile  that has raped many small boys. Kruger said she interviewed the mothers of the  small boys and provided Holmseth their names.

Kruger said John Regan was a participant of a baby-selling  operation based out of Fort Lauderdale,   Florida. She said infants and  small children were sold to purchasers in foreign countries. She said the  scheme was so elaborate they had fake medical documents, which are required to  take a person under the age of two out of the country.


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by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Prosecutorial Misconduct Complaint Filed


Violations of United States Constitution rampant

Wild orgy of corruption and quasi mental illness engulfs 9th Minnesota Judicial District

East Grand Forks Police Department

Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Prosecuting Attorney Ronald Galstad

…all deceived a District Judge about hard-drive seized from journalist


Learn how demented criminal officials attempted to use Minnesota Guardian Ad Litem Program to blackmail journalist by taking his child away

Cult-like mindset

Corrupt Guardian Ad Litem Matthew Petrovich told Judge that journalist was “paranoid” because he filed complaint against Ronald Galstad – recommended supervised visits with child


The author of the only book about the missing child HaLeigh Cummings has consulted with an attorney and a lawsuit is being drafted.

Timothy Charles Holmseth’s rights and federal protections have been systematically violated since 2009.

Defendants in the case will be named in the future.  

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Dr. April Bradley PhD; Dr. Madaline Barnes PhD; Dr. Jean  Gullicks PhD; Therapist Kathy Colley MSW; Therapist Kristina Cavalli MSW.

What do they all have in common?

In short – the kidnapping of HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings.


HaLeigh Cummings - is this her?

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Is this the missing child HaLeigh Cummings?

This photo collage was created by an independent researcher that discovered several photos of a girl that appeared to be HaLeigh.

The pictures were found on a Facebook page of a relative of HaLeigh’s maternal grandfather, Johnny Sheffield.

The photos have been sent to the FBI and Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.