Minnesota investigative journalist being systematically monitored by human traffickers?

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

HaLeigh Cummings book author seriously threatened within hours of starting research on black market baby sales in Gainesville

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Investigative journalist (Timothy Charles Holmseth – self reporting) visited the website of the Gainesville Sun on Saturday to read a story entitled “Florida closed adoption laws frustrate some”.

Within hours he was receiving threats.

The story about adoption laws, which was published by the Gainesville Sun in 2010 focuses on a place called Hampton Hall in Gainesville, Florida, that in the 1960’s, was headquarters for a black market baby selling operation run by a man named Col. Robert Ryan.

The Hampton Hall story contained interviews with a woman named Lisa Floyd Morash who, as an infant, was sold on the black market out of Hampton Hall.

Holmseth searched Facebook and found a Web page for a woman named Lisa Kay Floyd. He recognized her as the same person interviewed in the news clips on You Tube regarding Hampton Hall and the black market baby sales. He decided to send Floyd a ‘friend request’ and clicked the ‘send’ button.

Floyd accepted the friend request and Holmseth’s photo appeared on her friend’s page.

Holmseth almost immediately began to receive threats from a group of people. One member of the group sending messages to Holmseth was a man named Levi Page. “Do not friend request Yancy Faith on FB again, she doesn’t’ associate with Web weirdoes,” he said.

Levi Page

However – Holmseth did not send a friend request to anybody named “Yancy Faith,” which is a fake name assigned to an anonymous Twitter account. Holmseth simply sent a friend request to a very real person named Lisa Kay Floyd.

Page then said to Holmseth, “Sick of [yo]u trying to fuck with my friends. Keep it up and I’ll make sure you’re involuntarily committed in a mental institution”.

Another member, piggy-backing on Pages threats, told Holmseth he was going to be put in jail, and accused him of harassing the person’s friends.

Neither Page nor any of the others messaging Holmseth, appear as a friend on the Facebook account of Lisa Kay Floyd.

Lisa Kay Floyd was sold on the black market as an infant from Hampton Hall in Gainesville, Florida.

Lisa Kay Floyd was sold on the black market as an infant from Hampton Hall in Gainesville, Florida.

The emerging picture is a cynical one.

Evidence shows that Page and his cohorts are desperately trying to prevent Holmseth from talking to Floyd. The methods of intimidation employed involve Twitter as the communication medium, along with implied threats of false police reports and court actions that will cause Holmseth to be detained.

Pages activities appear to be no more than a simple parlor trick – described here:

Somebody using a Twitter account under the name “Yancy Faith” made the statement “I strongly recommend you and all your weirdo friends avoid following this accounts @tholmseth. I do have a very good attorney.”

The person using the name “Yancy Faith” was pretending to be Lisa Kay Floyd.

The parlor trick is simple – Page used his own Twitter account to write a message wherein he casually referred to Lisa Kay Floyd as “Yancy Faith” (thus substituting her name). He then used a fake Twitter account he created under the name “Yancy Faith” and with it – pretended to be “Lisa Kay Floyd”.

Floyd is not “Yancy Faith” – is likely Page – and the Twitter account “Yancy Faith” is being used to impersonate Lisa Kay Floyd and create the appearance she is making public statements, which she in fact is not.

Page is also stalking Harriet Sweat, a Christian missionary from the Palatka, Florida area that brings the Gospel to prisoners in jail. Page sent a message to Holmseth and Sweat. “I know exactly what the two of you are doing,” he said.

Levi Page

In 2011 Page telephoned Holmseth and wanted him to appear on his Web radio program where he discussed ‘missing children’ ad nauseum. When Holmseth politely told Page he did not wish to appear on Page’s program, the man began to shout vulgarities and threats.

Page warned Holmseth he better stop reporting that HaLeigh Cummings is alive.

For more on this visit http://www.writeintoaction.com

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