Did Fort Lauderdale Law Firm alert the Court that a Judge’s signature had been faked – or not?

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Questions mount for Tripp-Scott Law Firm regarding felonies committed in case connected to biofuel company seized from Scott Rothstein

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Did Attorney Doug Reynolds, Tripp-Scott Law Firm, report to the Court that somebody falsified a Court Order and Judge’s signature?

According to Edward Boyle, a biofuel specialist connected to Parties in the case, Attorney Reynolds has known about it for several weeks – if not months.

The facts are not complicated.

Court documents were faked and disseminated to various lawyers and Parties. The fake documents appeared as an Order from the Court. The fake documents were developed to create the appearance they had been signed by a Judge. No originals of the documents appeared in the official Register of Actions with the Broward County Clerk of Court.

The illegal activity surrounds a court case involving a lawsuit filed in 2011 by John Burgun, Plantation, Florida, to recover monies lost during a business endeavor regarding a company called Alternative Biofuel Technologies, Inc. (ABT). Burgun was President of ABT.

ABT was listed among the assets seized by federal authorities from former Fort Lauderdale attorney Scott Rothstein during their RICO prosecution.

The falsification of court records is not the only instance of fraud, in a case that appears to be little more than a rolling felony. Boyle said the case also involves “tax returns that don’t match prior tax returns”.

What is not clear is whether or not the illegal activity and fraud is being brought to the attention of the Court; or being withheld for some reason. Bringing attention to fabricated and fraudulently produced court documents could only benefit Attorney Reynolds and bis client.

The case was filed in 2011 and a ruling in John Burgun’s favor long since entered. The case continues as an attempt to collect.

The oddity is there is no real indication Attorney Reynolds is reporting the growing laundry list of felonies to the Court, Florida BAR Association, IRS, FBI, or SEC.

There is no apparent reason why Attorney Reynolds would keep the activity from the eyes of the Court.

Maria Burgun, wife of John Burgun, met with the FBI in 2012 and told them she believes her money was used to finance the kidnapping of HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings.

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