HaLeigh Cummings step-granfather arrested for molesting teenage girl

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Bruce Griffis, 52, has been arrested for molesting a fourteen year-old girl. He has been charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, which is a first degree felony in Florida.

Griffis is the step-father of Crystal Sheffield, mother, HaLeigh Cummings.

HaLeigh was reported missing on February 10, 2009.

Timothy Charles Holmseth conducted approximately 100 hours of in-depth interviews with Sheffield’s victim’s advocate, Wayanne Kruger.

During Holmseth’s interviews, shortly after HaLeigh vanished, Kruger said Bruce Griffis’ wife, Marie Griffis, said she believed HaLeigh had been severely sexually molested. Kruger said she was frustrated that Marie Griffis did not want to report the sexual abuse to the police.

Marie Griffis also told mainstream media outlets she was receiving assistance from a ‘family friend’ named Jeremiah Regan.

Jeremiah Regan is the son of John Regan. John Regan is a phony pastor and FBI impersonator that told Kruger he was working as an “undercover pedophile” for the FBI.

Bruce Griffis Arrest –

The Undercover Pervert –

  1. Li Fuller says:

    Mhttp://youtu.be/jz4RBNx1m0A Mobile home destroyed June 25 2009 owned by a Griffis related to Bruce video description gives names of owners and suspicious circumstances surrounding fire IMO Always wondered about that fire at the time it was not occupied is the way I understood it thought to be electrical from drier when electricity turned back on after being shut off previously. Search in Baker county on June 26 2009. Coincidence or not?

  2. Inqiring Mind says:

    Could you please change name on my post I would greatly appreciate it. TIA

  3. Twisted says:

    He is a sicko just like you. You got off on this didn’t ya psycho?

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