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“In Re: Caylee Anthony (the shocking truth explained)” is now available on Amazon Kindle


When a jury acquitted Casey Anthony in 2011 of charges she murdered her daughter Caylee, jurors would later state they could not convict Casey of murder because they did not know how Caylee died.

But evidence that could have led investigators in the right direction always existed – and it did not point squarely at Casey.

“In Re: Caylee Anthony (the shocking truth explained” is an explosive presentation of a fact pattern, that reveals for the first time, how evidence, which began to emerge shortly after Caylee’s remains were found in December of 2008, pointed directly to the culprits.

The book, based upon hours of original interviews conducted by Investigative Author Timothy Charles Holmseth, alleges Prosecutor Jeff Ashton and the State of Florida knew far more about how Caylee died than they ever said – but simply refused to ‘go there’.

‘In Re: Caylee’ will stun even the most seasoned and studied Anthony case scholars – every reader is certain to encounter their own ‘oh my God’ moment as they realize Caylee Anthony’s last living moments were not inside the trunk of a car.

In 2011, Timothy Charles Holmseth assisted the attorneys of American Media Inc. (National Enquirer) with relevant information from his ‘Richard Grund interviews’ as they built their successful defense against a lawsuit filed by Rev. Richard Grund alleging the Enquirer slandered and libeled him in a 2009 article.

The National Enquirer’s 2009 article presented suspicions that Grund, who is an admitted former Satanist, and now runs a business that battles demons in the paranormal, which is called the Supernatural Response Team, killed Caylee in a ritual sacrifice.

Rev. Grund told Timothy Charles Holmseth he visited the Anthony home and determined it was demon possessed, stating the demonic forces in the house became enraged at his presence and items flew from the shelf on their own. He told Holmseth the ‘Casey’ that the public was seeing on TV was not the real Casey – that she was now possessed by a demon that was once worshipped as a god.

Not much later – little Caylee Anthony disappeared – and law enforcement would determine her little body had been in the trunk of a car where it was left to decompose.

But they could never prove who put it there – or how she died.

During an interview, Wayanne Kruger, a child sex victim’s advocate and author that worked with Rev. Grund in 2008 and 2009, and represented the missing child HaLeigh Cummings’ mother, told Timothy Holmseth she feared that Rev. Grund might have killed “HaLeigh Cummings” in one of his “frickin exorcisms”.

When pushed on the issue by Holmseth – Kruger said Rev. Grund believed HaLeigh Cummings wasn’t completely “human” because she had no reproductive abilities due to her Turner’s syndrome.

Wayanne Kruger and Rev. Grund were placed on a ‘no-entry’ list for the televised memorial held for Caylee Anthony. The list was prepared by the Anthony family.

Rev. Grund’s libel/slander lawsuit was dismissed by the Florida Court and his subsequent appeal met the same fate.

Rev. Grund and his ‘Supernatural Response Team’ are discussed at length in the book.