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Focus on the Forks

East Grand Forks Police Chief Michael Hedlund is investigating reports made to the FBI and Minnesota State Auditor regarding child rape porn.

Michael Hedlund Michael Hedlund

The reports include information about EGF police officer and Pine to Prairie Task Force Commander, Sgt. Aeisso Schrage; the reports involve close-up photographs of a small child that was raped.

Information included in the report is that a witness said the child may have died from “hemorrhaging”.

Hedlund telephoned Investigative Journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth (this reporter) this morning and requested a meeting. Hedlund wants to meet with Holmseth because Holmseth is the reporter and publisher of the information.

Holmseth advised Hedlund he wants the Minneapolis FBI and an attorney present at any meeting that might take place.

Holmseth is the Plaintiff in HOLMSETH V. CITY OF EAST GRAND FORKS ET AL.

Hedlund and Schrage are both defendants in the federal deprivation of rights lawsuit.

Holmseth and…

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Focus on the Forks

Minneapolis FBI receives detailed information regarding pornography of raped child

Richard T. Thornton, special agent in charge, Minneapolis FBI, has received detailed information regarding pornography of a raped child.

Thornton has been introduced to information regarding close up photography of a child under six that was hemorrhaging from a rape.

“According to [REDACTED] she feared [REDACTED] could have died from hemorrhaging,” the Report said.

SAC Thornton has detailed information regarding distribution of the photographs.

Sgt. Aeisso Schrage, commander, Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force has been reported for his involvement in the child pornography ring.

child porn


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