Details of blackmail scheme against government officials in Florida’s 1st Circuit to be revealed

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The satanic cult that shadows kidnapping cases and tampers with witnesses in child abductions across the country has issued a written statement to investigative journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth (this writer).

William K. Murtaugh, spokesman for the cult, submitted the statement yesterday, requesting Holmseth reveal the evidence he recently submitted to States Attorneys  Jason English and William Eddins, that implicates cult member Thomas Norman Olsen, 23, Milton, Florida, in an organized plot against Holmseth’s children.

“I firmly suggest that you either reveal whatever evidence you claim to have against Mr Olsen or retract the accusations against him,” Murtaugh said.

States Attorney William Eddins

States Attorney William Eddins

Murtaugh does not state why he is acting as an agent of Olsen.

Olsen is presently facing three felony charges in Florida’s 1st Circuit, including theft of a firearm. However, neither Olsen nor his attorney has contacted Holmseth.

Holmseth is in possession of evidence that shows Olsen was involved in a scheme to blackmail government officials after Olsen’s arrest. The evidence will be made public after it is assimilated and submitted to authorities.

Law enforcement is familiar with both Olsen and Murtaugh.


Evidence that has been turned over to the FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) links both Olsen and Murtaugh to one single common person.

According to evidence and witnesses, that common person physically held and distributed secret naked photographs of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

The aforementioned photos showed HaLeigh’s vagina in a sexually assaulted state and appeared to have been taken sometime after she was reported missing on February 10, 2009.
The photos were passed on a CD to a Florida DCF social worker named Bonnie Warner in a gas station parking lot in 2009. Warner was captured on tape by Holmseth admitting she received the CD, while noting the pictures were something she could not show to her supervisor.

The identity of the person involved in the porn network is becoming a huge legal liability to the Office of the State Attorney – Florida’s 1st Circuit.

Here’s why.

In a March 26, 2015, press release on, Olsen publically named the person that allegedly held and passed along the naked photographs of HaLeigh Cummings through an underground network – claiming the person had connections in the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Then – after receiving a special plea bargain in the Spring of 2015, Olsen unabashedly boasted how that person was able to secure him a special favor from the State’s Attorney’s Office and got him off the hook.

However, the ‘favor’ Olsen bragged about was quite likely the result of the aforementioned blackmail scheme and will be reported to authorities.

Note: The person that held and distributed the naked photographs is not being named pending a federal investigation and will be referred to as REDACTED.


“Had a meeting with my lawyer this morning to get an update on what was going on. The prosecutor HAS accepted the deal put forth by my lawyer and the assistant prosecutor. This is the first time I will be able to go into full detail on what my deal entails. The prosecutor also stated that this WILL be settled before my next court date, which means no more court for me. Keep in mind, (REDACTED BY WRITE INTO ACTION) was HUGE in securing me this deal. Call it a personal favor for her from the State Attorney for my circuit.

The deal is this. Deferred Prosecution. This is kind of like probation but not really. It’s extremely rare in my county that this sort of deal is offered or even considered. Basically if I keep my nose clean (no arrests, piss tests once a month, complete community service, etc…) then at the end of the time frame of the deferred prosecution (in this case it’s 1 year) ALL charges against me will be dismissed and my record will remain clean.

“Pity, some thought that I was finally going to be put in jail or have something done to me by the legal system. Well, think again haters. I’m free and will remain free. And I’ll remain on the internet and remain out of jail to make sure I’m here to continue putting fuckers in check,” Olsen said.

Olsen’s ability to publish a press release on further connects him to the online threats against Holmseth and his children, because the x-rated cyber-stalker website was used to re-publish the ‘ANONYMOUS’ You Tube videos Olsen allegedly produced.

The video threats included warnings to Holmseth that he had until a certain date to remove all of his websites, or sex stories would be fabricated and written about his children – including his minor son.

One of the videos warned Holmseth’s daughter that if she did not convince her dad to remove his websites, her unborn baby would be taken away from her as soon as he/she was born.

The interstate threat was a federal offense.

The videos have been reported to States Attorney Jason English.

Both States Attorneys Jason English and William Eddins have been provided detailed specific information that shows REDACTED’S legal professional relationship with and everyone logging onto it.

As law enforcement continues to search for the missing child Lonzie Barton in Jacksonville, the child’s relationship to HaLeigh Cummings and REDACTED’s group is becoming more and more pronounced.

Holmseth has evidence that missing children from Florida to Colorado to Maine cannot be located because judges, DCF agents, police officers, state’s attorneys, and other officials are being blackmailed by a satanic cult whose leader and members are already known to the FBI.

Sources close to the investigation say the kidnappings are not random but controlled acts of domestic terrorism.



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