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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 28, 2015 at 8:31 P.M. C.S.T.

The name JonBenet Ramsey is still haunting the state of Colorado.

Curtis and Danielle Kekoa, Northglenn, have publically stated for years they believe their former pastor, Bob Enyart, Denver Bible Church, murdered the child in 1996.

The Kekoa’s bold statements include accusations against law enforcement have gotten the attention of authorities – but not the kind of attention one might think regarding an unsolved murder.

The Kekoa’s state they believe the unidentified DNA found at the scene of the JonBenet Ramsey murder-scene will match Enyart or one of his associates; beliefs they say that are derived from information they learned while they were members of his church, which they say they later learned is a satanic cult.

The Kekoa’s themselves were visited by police and asked to provide DNA samples during law enforcement’s investigation into the murder of Jessica Ridgeway. The Kekoa’s say that while law enforcement asked people that were clearly not suspects in any way, they refuse to ask Enyart or his associates for DNA in either the Ridgeway or Ramsey murder cases.

Records show that after going public about Enyart, the Kekoa’s life became a quagmire of visits from the police and child protective services, while simultaneously, violent death threats against their family went ignored and un-investigated.

The Kekoa’s maintain there has been a concerted effort to shut them up about what they know regarding Enyart and his criminal associates, which include Arapahoe County Deputy Gordon Carroll.

The Kekoa’s life has been a dizzying kaleidoscope of police and social service investigations that have always rendered unfounded results; while state and federal law enforcement in Colorado has overtly ignored evidence regarding international public safety, such as actual e-mails sent to the Kekoa’s from a person boasting to be a “serial killer” that is going to break the world record. The Kekoa’s say the emails are sent by Enyart.

But things changed in August of 2015.

Powerful new evidence now exists to support the Kekoa’s claims they are the target of a rogue police operation intended to silence and intimidate them.

It is staggering.

The Kekoa’s say they have received serious death threats, including threats to be “garroted” (the way JonBenet Ramsey was murdered), without any interest being taken by law enforcement.

Despite ignoring the severity of the threats made against the Kekoa family, records show Colorado law enforcement responds to nearly any social service complaint or call to police about the Kekoa’s; no matter how frivolous.


On August 19, 2015, the Northglenn Police Department received a report that a “pool noodle” (foam rubber pool toy) from the Kekoa’s back-yard (the Kekoa’s have six children) had gotten into the neighbor’s yard.

The City of Northglenn police and community services department responded with a task force against the already traumatized and embattled family under the pretense they were there to help ‘mediate’ the ‘situation’.

The Kekoa’s were ready with fixed and mobile cameras.

On August 20, 2015, the Kekoa’s captured video and audio evidence of Northglenn Police and City officials engaging in clear misconduct, violations of criminal statute, as well as possible violations of their constitutional rights.

Footage captured in the private video-sting set up by the Kekoa’s shows Stephanie Pelster, a neighborhood services officer supervisor, walk up and attempt to open the Kekoa’s house door.

Pelster attempted to open the door before even knocking.

Stephanie Pelster, City of Northglenn, community services officer, is captured on surveillance video attempting to open the door of Curtis and Danielle Kekoa. Pelster is not a police officer; has no warrant; and does not identify herself. Pelster then proceeds to pound on the door some 30 times.

Stephanie Pelster, City of Northglenn, community services officer, is captured on surveillance video attempting to open the door of Curtis and Danielle Kekoa. Pelster is not a police officer; has no warrant; and does not identify herself. Pelster then proceeds to pound on the door some 30 times.

Finding the door locked, Pelster then proceeded to pound on it some 30 times without indentifying herself.

Pelster is a neighborhood service officer, which is not a police officer.

Three community service officers and one NGPD officer converged on the Kekoa home despite them having committed absolutely no violation of any kind. The Kekoa’s then abruptly exited their home and began demanding business cards from every officer present.

“You’re banging on our door like your SWAT,” Curtis Kekoa said to Pelster.


Camera angles captured by Curtis Kekoa then show Michelle Soustek, Northglenn Police Department (NGPD), who was present at the scene, telling Curtis Kekoa she is not a police officer when he asked her about her police badge and emblems.

“No, again, I’m just here; I’m just part of the mediation team; the uniform doesn’t mean anything right now,” Soustek said.

“It kind of does because it says police right on it,” Curtis Kekoa said.

Michelle Soustek, Northglenn Police Department, hands Curtis Kekoa a business card identifying herself as a community service officer, which is not a police department position. Soustek is wearing a NGPD uniform and tells Curtis Kekoa "the uniform doesn't mean nything right now".

Michelle Soustek, Northglenn Police Department, hands Curtis Kekoa a business card identifying herself as a community service officer, which is not a police department position. Soustek is wearing a NGPD uniform and tells Curtis Kekoa “the uniform doesn’t mean nything right now”.

Soustek replies and is heard to say what sounds like, “I have to wear it in the morning”.

Curtis Kekoa asked Soustek for her card and was given a business card that states she is Community Service Officer #438 with the NGPD.

However, according to the City of Northglenn’s police website, Soustek is listed by the NGPD as Animal Control Officer #8807.

The numbers Soustek is using don’t match and the titles are completely different.

The fact is, Soustek – a police officer – was part of a task force that attempted to illegally enter the home of a private citizen without a warrant or probable cause of any kind.


Pelster then begins to question Danielle Kekoa about her politics and belief system.

“What do you guys stand for? I mean are you like, umm, do you acknowledge government and stuff like that,” Pelster asked.


After forcing the Kekoa’s out of their home and into a discussion with law enforcement they did not want to have, Danielle Kekoa mentioned their online campaign to expose Bob Enyart and the satanic cult they say is responsible for the murders of JonBenet Ramsey, Dylan Redwine, Jessica Ridgeway, and others.

Pelster, then told Danielle Kekoa,” You need to be careful”.

The ominous presence created by the four officers was called out by Curtis Kekoa when he asked Carlson about his utility belt and badge that looked like that of a “bounty hunter” as opposed to a friendly neighborhood mediator.

The observation was very relevant to Curtis and Danielle Kekoa and the safety of their family because they have been visited by unknown individuals dressed in uniforms.

Camera angles captured by Curtis Kekoa show Carlson making bizarre statements such as, “We want to try to help you”.

Three community service officers and one NGPD officer converged on the home of Curtis and Danielle Kekoa. The Kekoa's had committed no violation of any statute, rule, or code. The task force had no warrant attempted to enter the Kekoa's home. The Kekoa's were forced out of their home after an officer pounded on their door some 30 times. The Kekoa's were forced to talk about their politcal views and belief systems. The Kekoa's were forced to talk about information the police already have in their records. The Kekoa's were asked if they recognize government. When the NGPD officer was asked about being a police officer, she claimed she wasn't a police officer at that moment and her uniform didn't mean anything.

Three community service officers and one NGPD officer converged on the home of Curtis and Danielle Kekoa. The Kekoa’s had committed no violation of any statute, rule, or code. The task force had no warrant attempted to enter the Kekoa’s home. The Kekoa’s were forced out of their home after an officer pounded on their door some 30 times. The Kekoa’s were forced to talk about their politcal views and belief systems. The Kekoa’s were forced to talk about information the police already have in their records. The Kekoa’s were asked if they recognize government. When the NGPD officer was asked about being a police officer, she claimed she wasn’t a police officer at that moment and her uniform didn’t mean anything.


Danielle Kekoa tried to contact Pelster following the incident but Pelster would not return her calls. She finally made contact with Carlson by telephone many days after the incident.

“We didn’t even commit a code violation and then you come at us and force us out of our home and force us into a confrontation when we’re trying to avoid this. And what the problem is, we have people calling you guys with false allegations and frivolous concerns and you guys respond right away; yet we get death threats and I can’t get anybody from Northglenn to follow up on who is threatening to kill us and now you want to force us out of our home, and these people that have been threatening to kill us Tom, they impersonate police officers,” Danielle Kekoa said.

“If there is a call that is, you know, as far as, any type of a violation, which you know, somebody throwing something over somebody else’s fence could technically be littering,” Carlson said.

Write Into Action is continuing to investigate.

* * * * *




by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 15, 2015 at 7:21 P.M. C.S.T.

Danielle Kekoa, Northglenn, Colorado, says she and her husband are being taunted and harassed online by a serial killer that has impersonated her husband in hundreds of e-mails.

Kekoa believes the person sending the emails is Robert Enyart, pastor, Denver Bible Church. Danielle Kekoa, and her husband Curtis Kekoa, are former members of the church and say they have since realized Enyart is a serial killer and the church is a cult.

The Kekoa’s have publically stated they believe Enyart’s DNA will match the anonymous DNA found at the scene of the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

Today, Danielle Kekoa submitted an email and chart she received from the anonymous sender to the Seattle FBI, because the sender boasted they were attempting to break a murder record set by infamous serial killer Gary Ridgway, who murdered victims primarily in the Seattle area.


“[This email and chart] was sent to me in June 2014 by a serial-killer here in Denver, Colorado named Robert Adolph Enyart FBI# 678532LA7, who is impersonating my husband by creating another fraudulent email address with his name.  This is only one of hundreds of emails that I have received by this individual over the past four years, but I was recently advised to forward this specific message to the Seattle division of the FBI so you can have it on file for the record,” Kekoa said.

“In the forwarded email below, Robert Adolph Enyart admits that my husband Curtis and I have discovered the truth about who he is and have exposed him as a “serial killer”.  He also boasts that he is trying to “break the record for the most victims”, which includes killing more people than the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway of Seattle Washington,” Kekoa said.

The note written in the original e-mail to Danielle Kekoa read:

“Let’s look at the bright side of having been associated with Bob, honey. He may be a serial killer but he is OUR serial killer. Do you think he can break the record for the most victims? Go, Bob, Go! Don’t hate the player, hate the game!” the sender said.


by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 12, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. C.S.T.

Timothy Charles Holmseth is in negotiations with a production company in advance of an epic documentary regarding international human trafficking of children and satanic serial killings.

Holmseth has been contacted regarding licensing and publishing rights of his work-product.




Evidence could affect Lonzie Barton investigation

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 9, 2015 at 3:21 P.M. C.S.T.

DCF investigators have received a forty-five minute audio interview that contains the voices of three licensed legal professionals in the state of Florida.

The audio is a formal interview of two young women that had been questioned by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office regarding the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

The audio has been submitted to DCF Inspector General Keith Parks as further evidence of an underground kidnapping ring in Florida, operated by pedophiles that are coordinating with DCF social workers and others.

The latest submission to Inspector Parks reads as follows:

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W.
Unit # 17
East Grand Forks, MN
218.230.1597218.230.1597 (cell)

October 7, 2015

Inspector General Keith Parks
Florida Department of Children & Families

Mr. Parks,

I am submitting these recordings as evidence regarding your present investigation that involves FDCF social worker Bonnie Warner and REDACTED as it pertains to the naked photographs of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings and extended matters thereof.

I presume you will forward this to Northeast Interim Regional Managing Director Patricia Medlock.

Below I provided a synopsis for the audio regarding Bonnie Warner.

Florida DCF

I would also add:

I was told by Crystal Sheffield’s victim’s advocate, Wayanne Kruger that she (Kruger) worked for REDACTED law office from her home. Kruger told me REDACTED and REDACTED operated an international baby selling operation that involved selling infants to customers in foreign countries using dossiers through the church. Wayanne explained how REDACTED and REDACTED accessed the young expecting mothers and coerced them into turning the baby over. Wayanne said the baby’s father would be contacted and told he would be criminally charged with rape (falsely accused) if he did not back off and/or sign away his rights.

The infants were moved through the United States Embassy using false medical documentation. Kruger said a man named John Regan posed as a pastor and was involved in this scheme. Witnesses I interviewed in the HaLeigh Cummings case including Judy Lucia, Donald Knop, Wayanne Kruger, William Staubs, and Richard Grund all told me John Regan identified himself as an undercover FBI agent and/or a police chaplain, and/or a CIA agent during the search for HaLeigh.

According to Wayanne Kruger, John Regan told her he worked undercover as a pedophile to catch other pedophiles. He told Kruger the FBI already had HaLeigh but just wanted to keep it quiet for the time being.

As I have previously stated, my ability to submit media evidence to prove my allegations is phenomenal.

My family has been terrorized by a group staging out of the State of Florida; sanctioned in writing by law enforcement that I can identify; and will be seeking relief through the federal court if this is not addressed and completely rectified on every single level.

* * * * *

REDACTED w Amber Brooks Kristina Prevatt.MP3

In this recording you will hear REDACTED showcasing REDACTED relationship with FDCF social worker Bonnie Warner and using it as leverage to intimidate witnesses in a missing child case. You will see that REDACTED is absolutely obsessed with the children of Kristina Prevatt and Amber Brooks, despite REDACTED not being either girl’s REDACTED.

You will hear REDACTED mention Bonnie Warner at 2:36; again at 6:08. You will hear hear Bonnie Warner mentioned again at 10:38. At 46:05 you will hear Bonnie Warner mentioned again.

According to multiple witnesses I interviewed, REDACTED eventually tricked Kristina Prevatt into losing custody of her child by signing a document she did not understand or something of that nature. See the attached Affidavit of William Staubs regarding that matter.

Just so we understand each other about all of this, I am going to highlight a quote from the recording.

“If you do it the wrong way you’re going to keep getting busted and then your baby is going to get taken away by the State”


You will hear REDACTED commit a felony by recording a telephone call in the state of Florida without the knowledge of the other party.

10.03.11 Affidavit William Staubs.pdf

In line item 25 of this affidavit you will see William Staubs refer to aforementioned activity by REDACTED.

* * * * *
Respectfully yours,
Timothy Charles Holmseth

Cc: FDLE James Martin

Attached: 2 MP3 files, 1 PDF


by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 6, 2015 at 12:19 P.M. C.S.T.

Critical elements surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey murder case have been duplicated at least two times since 1996.

Two other high profile child kidnapping cases; one that contains circumstances presently under investigation in Florida by the Office of the Inspector General, are now providing critical clues that show JonBenet’s case is not unique and involves a Modus Operandi.

JonBenet Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey

In 2015, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi obtained evidence regarding secret naked photographs that had been taken of HaLeigh Cummings, a five year-old that mysteriously vanished from her Satsuma, Florida home in 2009.

The secret photos featured the five year-old’s sexually assaulted vagina. The graphic photos had been given to a Florida DCF social worker during an un-official meeting in a gas station parking lot by an employee of a law firm, as part of an underground operation that was not on the record of DCF or law enforcement.

In September, 2015 the evidence was submitted by AG Bondi to Inspector General Keith Parks, Florida Department of Children and Families.

HaLeigh Cummings’ disappearance was preceded by the disappearance of Caylee Anthony, Orlando, whose badly decomposed body was found in December, 2008, only two months before HaLeigh vanished.

Like JonBenet; Caylee had duct tape over her mouth.

Amber Alert

Several common denominators link the cases – primarily, each one of the little girls had been sexually abused and/or exploited.

In each case, pastors and reverends not associated with the families became deeply involved with the little girls and criminal investigations associated with them.


In the cases of JonBenet Ramsey, Caylee Anthony, and HaLeigh Cummings, there was the cynical and unnatural presence of radical pastors and reverends that became deeply involved with the little girls and embroiled in the criminal investigations that followed.

In October, 1999, Bob Enyart, pastor, Denver Bible Church, conducted his own private investigation into the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

Enyart, who is also a radio talk-show host and pro-life activist, “seeking justice for JonBenet Ramsey”, published a nearly 2,900 word critical analysis of the murder at one of his websites He aggressively and coldly accused the Ramsey’s of murdering their daughter and covering up the crime.

Bob Enyart

Bob Enyart

Enyart went into very elaborate detail about the cover-up, showing no restraint or hesitation regarding his own guess work.

“John found a pair of unused shoes, and made a footprint next to the body.  He then took those shoes, the oversized underpants, and other damning evidence with him as he left the house around 1:30 a.m.  He went out of find a public restroom, at a nightclub, a gas station, a diner, or even at a striptease joint or, preferably, an adult bookstore with video stalls.  Somewhere along his journey he dropped the damning evidence in the trash.  At the restroom, he used the panties that Patsy had recently purchased to pick up a pubic hair, and then rubbed a stain onto the underpants,” Enyart said.

Enyart appeared to follow the case intently through the years.

During a radio broadcast about the Ramsey murder, Enyart said, “If you recall with the JonBenet murder case, FBI agents working on the Ramsey case, observed that sex offenders never leave ransom notes, nor ask for money, and kidnappers for profit, they don’t first molest the child in the home, and they certainly never leave the victim behind”.

Enyart trumpeted how the evidence found at the scene of the Ramsey murder scene made no sense was confusing. “This is a crime that fits no category,” Enyart said, adding that John and Patsy Ramsey were jus trying to get away with it.

At one point, Enyart claimed John Ramsey had studied the book Mind Hunter by legendary FBI criminal profiler John E. Douglas, suggesting John Ramsey schooled himself in staging a crime scene. Douglas would later refute the assertion about Ramsey reading Mind Hunter and dismiss it completely.

During his radio program, Enyart made observations about the murdered child, JonBenet, calling her a “spoiled brat” and condemning the parents because they did not ‘correct her’.

Court records show Enyart’s idea of correcting a child has resulted in criminal prosecutions and convictions of child abuse against him, which have resulted in protection orders and jail time.

After investigating the JonBenet Ramsey murder in great detail and accusing the child’s parents of murder in both broadcast and print, Enyart never again investigated another murder or crime scene for his Web audience.

He only investigated JonBenet’s murder.

After the Ramsey’s were cleared by the existence of DNA evidence found at the scene from an unknown person, Enyart returned to the subject of JonBenet to explain how John Ramsey planted it at the scene.

Curtis and Danielle Kekoa, Northglenn, Colorado, are former members of Denver Bible Church. The Kekoa’s say they left the church after many years, when they realized Enyart was a sadistic cult leader.

The Kekoa’s say Enyart murdered JonBenet Ramsey; that his DNA will match the DNA on file from the crime scene; and they further claim he is a serial killer behind the murders of Jessica Ridgeway, Dylan Redwine, and others.

Enyart’s proactive involvement in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case and his published theory of how the unidentified DNA got to the crime scene appeared awkward and out of place to many.

But Enyart was not to be the only pastor to interject himself into a child murder case or to make strange claims that DNA evidence was planted – it was to happen again.

It happened in 2008-2009 during the Caylee Anthony/HaLeigh Cummings cases in Florida.

Rev. Richard Grund, Florida, was the father of Jesse Grund, the former fiancé of Casey Anthony. Grund is an online minister and self-proclaimed former worshipper of Satan that operates a paranormal service called The Supernatural Response Team, which travels to location to battle demons in the spirit realm.

Rev. Grund told Timothy Charles Holmseth (this writer) that two year-old Caylee Anthony was a highly sexually child and high-risk for becoming possessed by the devil.

Enyart made simliar claims about JonBenet Ramsey regarding her appearances in child pageants.

Grund told Holmseth things during journalistic interviews he did not tell Orange County Sheriff’s investigators.

“[Casey Anthony’s] behavior with men sexually and the immediate I have to attach myself to somebody and find love through sexual intimacy – her obsessive nature – those are all the indicators of somebody who has been molested or abused. Casey was deathly afraid of becoming her mother – I will testify to that. She was deathly afraid of becoming her mother. She became an exaggerated form of her mother. Caylee at the age of two and a half was already becoming both Casey and Cindy. [Caylee] would flirt with men. She would want to be around men. She slept in the bed with Casey and her boyfriend Ricardo Morales. This was a little girl that had four or five pairs of sunglasses – was always in front of a camera. She was on her way to being an exaggerated form of Casey and Cindy,” Rev. Grund said.

Grund said Casey Anthony was demon-possessed and suggested the same of Caylee.

“Cindy Anthony has something inside of her, but what’s inside of Casey right now is bigger than what is inside Cindy, which is why the roles have reversed. Cindy – Casey is in charge now. What’s inside Casey used to be worshipped as a god. And how it was worshipped was by the sacrifice of babies. It was a Hebrew god – it was a Babylonian god called Moloch – that’s what’s inside Casey. As a matter a fact her body – I could send you a statue of Moloch and Casey’s body is taking on the shape of this thing,” Rev. Grund said.

Grund told homicide detectives and Holmseth there was a conspiracy underway to plant DNA evidence, including semen and pubic hair, on the body of Caylee Anthony, to implicate his son and members of his family. He claimed Casey Anthony had attempted to obtain pubic hair from a shower at his son’s apartment to plant on Caylee’s body.

Caylee Anthony

Caylee Anthony

Shortly after law enforcement found Caylee Anthony’s body in December of 2008, HaLeigh Cummings vanished in February of 2009.

And then – another a ‘pastor’ appeared.

John Regan, a ‘street-minister’ appeared out of nowhere to assist the family of HaLeigh Cummings with the case. Grund was in telephone contact about the HaLeigh Cummings case with Regan.

Criminal background checks on John Regan show he has been convicted of sexual misconduct.

The background of Regan is off the charts disturbing.

Regan told Judy Lucia, Florida, during a ground search for HaLeigh Cummings that he was an undercover FBI agent. He told HaLeigh Cummings’ mother’s victim’s advocate, Wayanne Kruger, California, he was an “undercover pervert” that was posing as a pedophile to catch other pedophiles. He told Donald Knop, Florida, an employee of a South Florida law office, that he was with the CIA.

Kruger told Holmseth that Regan was involved in an international infant sales operation being run out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The actual recordings of Kruger’s detailed statements to Holmseth and everybody she implicated have been turned over to the FBI.