by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 12, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. C.S.T.

Timothy Charles Holmseth is in negotiations with a production company in advance of an epic documentary regarding international human trafficking of children and satanic serial killings.

Holmseth has been contacted regarding licensing and publishing rights of his work-product.




  1. Becky says:

    I found Robert William Fisher as well as Haleigh Cummings. Robert Douglas Fischer, attorney in California. Murdered Lee Radder over $100,000. Same as reward for finding this FBI 10 most wanted. So I am a troll huh? LOL. Hopefully the losers at FBI will pay me the $100,000! Or they would be stealing from me

  2. Alex Goddard pulled an all nighter raging mainly at me before major surgery. She threatened to contact my local law enforcement due to my following you on twitter. She seems to think that to follow someone on twitter equates to hanging out with them. I’ve never even met you.

    Any follower of the Haleigh Cummings case that refuses to believe she is dead has been subjected to all sorts of things over the years, as we both know.

    Whether I follow you on twitter or not, as long as the FBI considers it an OPEN matter, I go with them. Perhaps one day these people that are so adamant she is dead and have targeted others will have to answer to someone.

    I wasn’t aware Alex Goddard even followed the Haleigh Cummings case, at least not under that name. I wasn’t aware her buddy Lynda was so familiar with you either as to act as if she’s dealt with you for years.

  3. The FBI trumps these online terrorists.

  4. Lynda Lubner has threatened at least 2 people including myself with legal action. She claims her sister is an attorney. This is FALSE.

    For someone I was acquainted with the least amount of time, (under her current name) she had such an EXTREME reaction to a certain event.

    She has made nasty sexual comments about several people. In her mind, the vile hit and runs done by EOS equated to something sexual. She is allegedly married, but, I’d be embarrassed if I were her husband or family.

    This group accuses others of being stalkers and other things, yet, they watch accounts so closely as to know when tweets are deleted (Hello @Williamsr396 – Delete doesn’t work. Inform Medusa also) or any other changes occur.

    They have accused you of terrible things, yet, Alex Goddard herself admitted to premeditated sexual assault on a man.

    Twitter is still littered with bash accounts from years ago targeting yourself and others. The group has always been the aggressors and have resorted to underhanded tactics for years.

    They complain when people don’t work, yet go out of their way to make people lose jobs once they have one.

    They tell themselves that anyone that has a problem with them is jealous, when that isn’t the case at all.

    Many that have problems with them have watched them in action for years and do not like what they’ve seen.

    The FBI has Haleigh Cummings listed as MISSING – KIDNAP and that is all I need to know.

    Alex: Local law enforcement is waiting to hear from you so you can report me for following Tim Holmseth on twitter. Good luck with that!

    Thank you for letting me comment here.

    Stay strong.

  5. One last thing since I know the RadioNewz group is so paranoid they monitor everything imaginable –

    People know that DJay wasn’t behind the @EOS_03 account, the account taken over from Kifeui that engaged in the impersonation of family members of a target, or countless other sock accounts created for the sole purpose of playing sick games.

    Stop blaming innocent people for things your group is responsible for.

    Alex: I assure you no one on this end is jealous of you, in fact, there is nothing but sympathy as far as your health problems. I feel sorry for you.

    However, it doesn’t seem quite right to want sympathy due to health problems, yet be well enough to follow bash accounts targeting others on twitter. (@Viestalker)

  6. Hacking has occurred or @EOS_03 wouldn’t have known about a donation made online. All documented and forwarded.

    Why are there no typos on the alleged DMs of DJay, yet she makes some on her open twitter account?

    Butt out Lynda Villars Abbott of Newark, OH. Your tough talk has worn thin. Stop tweeting things that indicate you’re messing with the computers of others. Hear that fan? Hear it speed up?

    Go pass out you foulmouthed drunk who throws nasty sexual comments around like they are nothing. Were you a stand in for the Executioner account?

    Alex: Don’t even send anymore of your real life friends or Anonymous my way. You are a pathetic spineless excuse for a human being when it comes to handling your own problems one on one.

    No jealousy. Don’t care for your actions here.

  7. Lisa Kay Floyd says:

    Timbo, did you ever write, videotape, produce, release or distribute this blockbuster documentary? I missed the big news and would be most interested in learning more about Ms. Lisa Kay Floyd’s connection to the rest of the names and topics mentioned. You seem to have left everyone terribly curious, if not confused. .

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