Nancy Grace assisted child pornographers and sex-traffickers during HaLeigh Cummings investigation  

HLN program is delivery system for Shadow Government disinformation

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on January 13, 2016 at 10:23 P.M.

Write Into Action is releasing exclusive media regarding HLN’s Nancy Grace.

Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace aired an interview today with Jodi Stachowski, the former fiancé’ of Steven Avery.

Stachowski originally stood by Avery during the time of his trial for the murder of Teresa Halbach. However, Stachowski changed her story about Avery during her interview with Grace, now calling him a ‘monster’ that is not innocent.

Write Into Action has exclusive evidence that Nancy Grace knowingly reports disinformation for paid operatives of the ‘Shadow Government’.

The evidence includes Grace’s connection to child pornographers that sexually assaulted the missing child HaLeigh Cummings and distributed pornography of the missing child.


In 2009, Nancy Grace regularly aired former CNN journalists Art Harris, introducing him as an “Emmy Award” winning journalist that was on location in Florida covering the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

In the 90’s Harris was a member of an entire CNN team that won an Emmy for their coverage during the first Gulf War. However, Harris was thrown out of Iraq on his ear by the military after comprising the lives of U.S. Soldiers on the battlefield.

Harris is a paid operative of the ‘Shadow Government’.

During his coverage of the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping, Harris was a media blogger and troll being paid thousands of dollars by Crystal Sheffield’s (HaLeigh’s mother) legal team to publish false narratives about the kidnapping.

According to William Staubs (a.k.a. Cobra), the South Florida bail bondsman and private investigator working for Sheffield’s team, Harris was paid nearly five-thousand dollars in cash when he arrived in Satsuma.

In 2009, I (Timothy Charles Holmseth) reported information to the Jacksonville FBI regarding a ‘pastor’ named John Regan. I learned during interviews that Regan told several people during the search for HaLeigh Cummings that he was an “undercover pedophile” working for the FBI to catch other pedophiles.

Harris was working alongside John Regan and his son, Jeremiah Regan, which is evidenced in mainstream news reports at that time that show Harris and Jeremiah Regan being interviewed about the missing child case.

Wayanne Kruger, Sheffield’s victim’s advocate and media spokesperson, told me that John Regan told her the “FBI” already had HaLeigh but wanted to keep it quiet for the time being. She said when she tried to get out of the car to go tell the police, John Regan and his son, Jeremiah Regan, would not let her out.

Kruger said Staubs later threatened her with a gun and Jeremiah Regan attempted to murder her with poison in a motel room.

Shortly after I contacted the FBI about the HaLeigh Cummings case, federal agents in Florida visited suspects they believed to be involved with manipulating photographs of the missing child.

Immediately after FBI agents began questioning suspects based upon my tips, Art Harris contacted the East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) in Minnesota and began pressuring the police to arrest me.

Harris developed a significant relationship with Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek, EGFPD.

Email correspondences obtained from the Polk County Attorney’s Office reveal Hajicek was attempting to assist Harris in his bid to have me charged with a crime; asking Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth if there was anything I could be charged with.


Email from Nancy Grace’s reporter to Lt. Detective Rod Hajicek, East Grand Forks Police Department

There was great reason for Harris to be nervous about the FBI’s interest in the photographs and evidence I turned in.

The photographs the FBI was investigating were contained on a CD that had been given to a Florida DCF child protection social worker, Bonnie Warner. I captured Warner on tape discussing the CD with Staubs; she stated she received it but could not show it to her supervisor (Warner is part of a child sex trafficking ring).

As I continued to journalistically investigate the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping, I acquired evidence that the CD given to Warner also contained secret naked photographs of HaLeigh Cummings. The photos, which may have been taken after HaLeigh was reported, missing, depicted the child’s vagina that had been damaged by sexual assault.

Three years later the Shadow Government was still obsessed with me.

In 2012, the EGFPD and Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force obtained a Search Warrant for my home-office. Agents conducted an armed raid wearing bullet proof vests and seized my computer, cameras, and data storage devices.

Police records show the Task Force had been in regular communications with Art Harris’ shadow government operatives and believed they were going to find copies of the naked photographs of HaLeigh Cummings (which I never possessed) on my computer.

The police were eventually ordered by Judge Tamara Yon to return the seized property; an investigator with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office testified he searched the hard-drive and found ‘no sign of criminal activity’.

The EGFPD never contacted the FBI about the child pornography of HaLeigh Cummings, which they knew existed. HLN and Grace have also never reported on the child pornography of the missing little girl.

The objective of the EGFPD was to assist Nancy Grace’s fake ‘reporter’ in a plot to frame me for the rape and murder of HaLeigh Cummings.

The stage for the ‘rape and murder’ frame-up had been set in advance by shadow government operatives Levi Page and Tina Church.

Page sometimes appeared on HLN’s program ‘Issues – with Jane Valez Mitchell’ but is now unemployable because his cover has been blown (Page is reportedly under investigation by the FBI regarding the Dylan Redwine murder case in Colorado).

Page and Church telephoned me on July 26, 2011and asked me bizarre sex-based question about a colleague of Harris.

Following the telephone call, Church called the EGFPD and falsely reported that I had just claimed to have HaLeigh Cummings in my apartment.

The overall objective of the EGFPD and HLN’’s operatives Harris and Page was to find the naked photographs of HaLeigh Cummings on my hard-drive, and then connect it to the police incident report that made it appear I once claimed to have HaLeigh in my apartment.

Tina Church Report HaLeigh in Apartment

If I had ever possessed those photographs, I would have been charged with possession of child pornography, rape, and murder.

The American public would have believed the HaLeigh Cummings mystery had been solved (just like the murder of Teresa Halbach).

The EGFPD and Task Force ruined my hard-drive before returning it as they attempted to destroy the media you are viewing and listening to in this article.

Nancy Grace is a fraud that only pretends to be concerned about missing children because they achieve ratings.

Nancy Grace and HLN are active operatives of a ‘Shadow Government’ that hands-on kidnaps, molests, and murders children.



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