Mark Redwine the next Steven Avery via planted evidence?

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La Plata County Sheriff’s Office investigator attached to group using online intimidation with pornography

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 17, 2016 at 12:37 P.M.

Is Mark Redwine the next Steven Avery?

Mark Redwine

Mark Redwine

Evidence in the investigation into the murder of Dylan Redwine is creating very serious questions about the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office (LCSA).

The LCSA is working with a former FBI agent associated with a media group that intimidates witnesses using pornography videos?

The former fed working with the LCSA is Pete Klismet.

Pete Klismet (FBI retired)

Pete Klismet (FBI retired)

In 2015, the LCSA began working with the former FBI profiler on the Dylan Redwine murder case.

Klismet told news reporters “I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and I have yet to get one wrong.” He told news stations in July, 2015, that he identified a person of interest.

One month later in August, 2015, the LCSA announced Dylan’s manner of death was “homicide” and named his father, Mark Redwine, as a person of interest. It was also reported new evidence had been found near where Dylan’s remains were located. And – Klismet had been there.

However – the full body of evidence in the case is not pointing at Mark Redwine – it’s pointing at the LCSA, Klismet, and Redwine’s mother, Elaina Hall.

Evidence obtained by Write Into Action shows Klismet, who claims to be a expert criminal profiler, is in no way what he appears to be and the truth about him is extremely disturbing.

“I look at behavioral things,” Klismet told Channel 7, Denver, in July, 2015.

However, two reasonable people could not disagree that Klismet poses a serious credibility problem to the LCSA.

On July 9, 2015, a Web radio host named Levi Page announced Klismet would be appearing on his program. The announcement appeared on a cyber-harassment website called The site is situated on an off-shore Web server and not subject to U.S. jurisdiction.

The website has been repeatedly reported to the FBI.

On July 15, 2015, Timothy Charles Holmseth provided Klismet a link to The link to the site showed Klismet how the purveyors of the website were intimidating a Florida man using pornography video.

Holmseth also provided Klismet with audio recordings of Levi Page during telephone calls initiated by Page. The recordings featured Page warning Holmseth he better “shut the fuck up” and stop saying another missing child, HaLeigh Cummings, is alive.

Klismet wasn’t fazed.

In the most bizarre of statements, Klismet replied to Holmseth, “Not interested in anything to do with that and it doesn’t influence me in any way about any thing.”

Evidence is beginning to show the Dylan Redwine murder investigation is an ongoing media stunt put on to mislead the public.

Lesson from the Steven Avery case are beginning to show the American public how innocent people are framed through an evil satanic organization.

Steven Avery

Steven Avery


  1. IBF says:

    Why does the La Plata County Sheriff need someone like Klismet anyway? The Sheriff’s Office has been working with the FBI (and the ATF, DHS, NSA and so on) and they have their own, not-retired profilers on the FBI’s payroll who’ve been working the Redwine case since the beginning.

    Klismet who?

    • haleighann says:

      Exactly. And do you notice it is Klismet that introduces the idea of something new brought to the case by him. And then shortly thereafter they call Mark Redwine a person of interest. Why does the LCSA need some no-name John Douglass wannabe to talk to the news when they could have a real FBI agent do it? Insult upon injury – Klismet insulted the Denver FBI for interviewing a woman from Colorado that had information about a mass shooting by calling her a whacko. He’d never even interviewed her. This guy Klismet is not legitimate. The Denver FBI should be looking into him and any relationship he may have with Bob Enyart.

  2. IBF says:

    Ex-profiler Pete Klismet was on the news just two days ago opining about Columbine of all things.

    In the article, he doesn’t mention anything about “certified and committed whackleberries,” which is what the ex-FBI agent thinks about people he’s never met yet somehow believes are prone to commit mass shootings. Klismet said, “That’s a word [whackleberries] us profilers use a lot.” Apparently, he doesn’t use it at all other than on troll websites.

    FBI profiler says school shooters show warning signs
    POSTED: 05:54 PM MST Feb 15, 2016

    FBI Profiler says school shooters show warning signs

    After 17 years, the mother of one of the Columbine High School shooters is breaking her silence. In an exclusive interview by Diane Sawyer, Sue Klebold the mother of gunman Dylan Klebold, says she had no idea her son was troubled.

    KRDO spoke with a retired FBI profiler about the warning signs that all parents should know.

    “I think we like to believe that our love and understanding is protective and if anything was wrong with my kid, I would know, but I didn’t know,” said Sue Klebold.

    Klebold’s son, Dylan, along with his friend Eric Harris, killed 12 students and a teacher at Columbine High School in 1999.

    Retired FBI profiler Pete Klismet, says that warning signs may be difficult to see, but they’re always there

    “In almost 100 percent of the cases, there are warning signs, but when people see them, they’re typically ignored,” said Klismet.

    Family and friends should look for unusual posts on social media or out-of-character behavior at school.

    “They announce what they’re going to do, in some manner, before they do it,” Klismet said.

    If anyone notices these warning signs, the student should get professional help, fast.

    “Intervention is successfull with kids. Furthermore, if you’re not following the activities of your kid in school, after school and online, then you’re not doing your job as a parent,” said Klismet.

    The exlusive ABC interview with Sue Klebold was seen around the world, but some didn’t appreciate the mother breaking her silence.

    A tweet from the Colorado Attorney General’s Office reads, “Shooter’s mom doesn’t get it. Decision to talk now doesn’t prevent #SchoolShootings. Instead could have very negative consequences. #Selfish”

    “That’s a very unfortunate statement to be made by the highest law enforcement official in the state of Colorado,” said Klismet.

    Sue Klebold just released her memoir called”A Mother’s Reckoning.” Theproceeds from her book will go toward research and foundations focused on mental illness.

    • haleighann says:

      The FBI needs to take a very close look at Pete Klismet. His bizarre impulse to accuse innocent people he had never met in his life of being capable of committing a ‘mass shooting’ is extremely suspicious. Particularly, when he makes the comment during a conversation defending Rev. Bob Enyart who is under investigation by the FBI for his possible involvement in the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs. FBI agent Kimberly Milka described Bob Enyart as a ‘shot caller’. There is no footprint of Pete Klismet on the Web that would support his grandiose claims of 30 years in profiling and never getting one wrong. I’m not sure a normal person would even say something like that. Why is Pete Klismet always appearing on the news to provide commentary and insight on kidnappings, murders, and mass shootings, anyway? He reminds me of someone that plants evidence and then says ‘oh look what I found’. The news stations talking to him should ask him why he goes on troll websites and behaves like a stalker running sock accounts. I’ve met and been interviewed by FBI agents. They are very intelligent, disciplined, respectable people. Pete Klismet advertises his upcoming appearances on anonymous cyber-harassment websites that threaten and intimidate people with porno videos. Pete Klismet is all chumby with weirdoes that call FBI witnesses up on the telephone and warn them to stop saying specific missing children are “alive”. One has to wonder what his real involvement is with all these missing and dead children in Colorado. I wonder what U.S. Attorney John Walsh thinks about Pete Klismet putting the FBI insignia on his website. Pete Klismet is the kind of guy you find involved in cases like the Steven Avery case. I hope no prosecution ever finds themselves saying ‘we call Pete Klismet to the stand’ or ‘ladies and gentleman of the jury – the evidence was located by Pete Klismet’ or be forced to admit Pete Klismet had been to or around a crime scene before evidence was found. The whole prosecution would collapse. Who is the REAL Pete Klismet? And what has he done that he is trying to hide?

  3. QUESTIONS? says:

    Questions now arise about retired FBI agent Pete Klismet who makes an appearance on a known troll hate-page and profiles the Kekoas as “morons” “certified and committed whackleberries” who has him “concerned” because he claims we are capable of “doing a mass shooting”. Mr. Klismet has never once interviewed either Curtis or Danielle Kekoa, nor has he followed up on any number of the tips they have offered La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, so Klismet’s profile of the Kekoas is nothing more than false accusations, gross speculation and character assassination. The disturbing behavior of this former FBI agent is suspicious at best and further investigation needs to be done to determine the real motives of his criminal investigation and finding ‘Justice for Dylan Redwine’.

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