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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 29, 2016 at 1:03 A.M. CST

Statements by George Zimmerman indicate Trayvon Martin punched Zimmerman because he saw Zimmerman reaching for his gun.

The statements change the entire scenario because it reveals Martin was RESPONDING to a perceived threat on his life.

Analysis in You Tube below.

Zimmerman Martin





You, Mr. Nelson, sat alongside Grand Forks County Sheriff Bob Rost and University of North Dakota Police Chief Eric Plummer during a televised joint press conference several days after the shooting and announced the shooting occurred around 12:45 A.M.

That fact alone proves that YOU KNOW the shooting did NOT happen at 12:35 or 12:36 A.M. as shown in the tampered with Body-Cam files.

Nelson Plummer Rost

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 26, 2016, 8:07 A.M.. CST

Timothy Charles Holmseth
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July 25, 2016

Mark Nelson
Chief of Police
Grand Forks Police Department
Grand Forks, North Dakota

Chief Nelson,

I am filing this Complaint against your Keeper of Records in regards to open records request I made to the Grand Forks Police Department regarding the pursuit and shooting of David James Elliott, which occurred on February 27-28, 2015.

I am confident you are familiar with this on-going issue because I have notified Grand Forks City Administrator Todd Feland, Grand Forks States Attorney David Jones, Grand Forks City Council, North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy (and Ed Schafer), Altru Health Systems, and others.

The City of Grand Forks is also aware I have motioned the United States District Court for an Emergency Injunction against your Department’s professed plans to completely destroy the aforementioned files based upon a ‘Special Order’ you created on June 26, 2016 at the height of my journalistic investigation and review of public records.

You also provided an on-camera sit-down interview to the Grand Forks Herald recently to discuss “body-cams”.

I have produced and published a You Tube video that provides an audio/visual guide to the basics of this Complaint, which you can view at:

I think were on the same page.


I have evidence the Grand Forks Police Department violated the law, breached the public trust, and defrauded my publication.

According to North Dakota Code 12.1-11-05 Tampering with public records, it is a felony for a public servant to “Knowingly makes a false entry in or false alteration of a government record.”

I have received Body-Cam evidence from your Department that has clearly been tampered with to create an optical illusion and trick the public into believing the shooting of David James Elliott occurred at a time that it did not.

The illegal alterations may have been motivated in part by an attempt to conceal a ‘first failed attempt’ by a police officer to shoot David Elliott, which makes every single action taken to alter these public records part of a serious conspiracy crime.

In short, the time stamps on multiple Body-Cams I purchased do not even remotely coordinate to the events being observed in corresponding officer squad car Dash-Cams.

The Body-Cam video shows the shooting happening at 12:35 A.M. (and 12:36 A.M.); Dash-Cam shows the shooting happening at 12:47 A.M.

  • AVI file 623117GI (BODY CAM)

This video file begins with a very quick flash of video image that shows David James Elliott sitting atop the Columbia Road Bridge in his vehicle at 12:27 A.M., February 28, 2015.

After the quick flash showing David Elliott at 12:27 A.M., 623117GI is then REDACTED and is completely black. After two minutes and forty nine seconds (2:49) of redaction, audio returns but no image can be seen because it appears the police officer has placed his coat over the camera lens. It remains that way until 7:50 on the file procession in my media player when gun shots can be heard at time-stamp 12:35 A.M.

When seven minutes and fifty seconds are added to the clock time of 12:27 A.M., the shooting appears to occur at around 12:35 A.M.

That orchestrated timing is evidence of the very careful and methodical work put into altering these files to create a false reality in the mind of the public about this shooting.

  • AVI file G23117GK (BODY CAM)

In AVI file G23117GK the same method of editing is used as was in AVI file 623117GI.

At the beginning of the file there is a quick flash that shows police and a deputy’s car sitting behind David Elliott’s vehicle atop the Columbia Road Bridge at 12:27 A.M.

After the quick flash, the file is immediately REDACTED and remains that way for about four minutes and ten seconds (4:10). Body-Cam footage then appears of an officer in his car. The gun-shots can be heard when the time-stamp says 12:36 A.M.

Notably, the shooting does not even happen at the same minute marker on the two Body-Cams – probably because faking cam evidence and time-stamps is difficult to line up.


Dash-Cam video from the squad car of GFPD Chris Brown shows David Elliott rolling along on flat tires in front of Altru hospital’s Emergency Room and shots can be heard at 12:47 A.M.

Dash-Cam video from the squad car of GFPD Dan Harvala also reveals the shooting occurred at 12:47 A.M.

Obviously, that time does not match the shooting times on the Body-Cams – not even close.

Notably, the Harvala squad car Dash-Cam video that is trained onto the shooting scene in the distance has been converted from color to black and white, which obscures the details.

  • AVI file G76117LY (BODY CAM)

AVI file G76117LY is the Body-Cam of GFPD Sgt. Mark Ellingson. It begins at 12:39 A.M. The shooting has already happened.

But – as I have already pointed out – the Dash-Cam shows the shooting took place at 12:47 A.M.

It appears ALL of the Body-Cam files I received have been tampered with and altered.


The true time of the David James Elliott shooting is most likely 12:47 A.M. when the shooting can be heard over Dan Harvala’s Body-Cam microphone as his Dash-Cam reads 12:47:22 A.M.

According to squad car Dash-Cam, David Elliott is sitting atop the Columbia Road Bridge in his vehicle long after 12:35 A.M. – so he was NOT shot at that time.

Dash-Cam shows squad cars following David Elliott slowly down the Columbia Road Bridge and into the Altru parking lot where he is shot at 12:47 A.M.


You, Mr. Nelson, sat alongside Grand Forks County Sheriff Bob Rost and University of North Dakota Police Chief Eric Plummer during a televised joint press conference several days after the shooting and announced the shooting occurred around 12:45 A.M.

That fact alone proves that YOU KNOW the shooting did NOT happen at 12:35 or 12:36 A.M. as shown in the tampered with Body-Cam files.

Strangely, after three days, and access to all the camera evidence, you and your law enforcement colleagues couldn’t/wouldn’t even tell the public the exact time of the shooting. Instead, you provided an approximate time for the shooting, which was two and a half minutes off, when you can actually hear the gunshots begin at 12:47:22.


I have evidence that UND Police Officer Jerad Braaten attempted to shoot David James Elliott while they were atop the ColumbIa Road Bridge but Braaten’s gun jammed. It is a matter of ND BCI records that a cartridge from Braaten’s firearm was found on the bridge.

It is also a matter of ND BCI investigative records that Braaten’s Body-Cam was found by investigators underneath his squad car after the shooting where he attempted to hide it; his Dash-Cam disappeared completely; not available at all.

UNDPD records show Braaten was disciplined in writing by Eric Plummer for his actions involving camera evidence.

You, Mr. Nelson, subsequent to all of this, hired Jerad Braaten onto your Department to the exception of other candidates.


North Dakota state law guarantees me the right to un-edited/un-altered public records.

Timothy Charles Holmseth

Cc: Todd Feland, University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy, Ed Schafer, Grand Forks States Attorney David Jones, UND Chief Eric Plummer, Altru Health Systems/Safety Commission, ND AG Wayne Stenehjem, PSAP Director Becky Ault, Grand Forks City Council, Steve Wagner/Herald



Murder Inc GFPD

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 22, 2016, 10:37 P.M. CST

The Grand Fork Police Department (GFPD) attempted to fool an independent journalist investigating the police shooting of an unarmed man in Grand Forks, North Dakota, by removing critical video images from officer body-cam and replacing it with something else.

Timothy Charles Holmseth, journalist/author/publisher, Write Into Action, has produced a You Tube video showing how the GFPD provided him edited and fraudulent files when responding to public records requests.

Timothy Holmseth has been investigating the police shooting of David James Elliott, and several other cases connected to it, including the mysterious death of Caitlin Jenna Erickson, and the framing of a Somali immigrant, Mohammed Aweis Mohammed.

On June 26, 2016, GFPD police chief Mark Nelson issued a “Special Order” that changed the retention dates of police files, which would create the false appearance that any destruction of the evidence would simply be in keeping with policy.

Timothy Holmseth filed a Motion to the United States District Court – District of Minnesota, requesting an Injunction against multiple agencies including the GFPD, Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office, North Dakota Highway Patrol, University of North Dakota, and Altru Health Systems, that would forbid the destruction of any files related to the case.

On February 28, 2015, Jerad Braaten, a University of North Dakota police officer, unloaded his clip onto David James Elliott, an unarmed man, in the Emergency Room parking lot of Altru Hospital.

The shooting came at the end of a bizarre, two hour long event that involved police following David Elliott up and down I-29 without their emergency lights activated while he remained on the telephone with 911.

Elliott was shot at least three times in the head; multiple times in the body; and relentlessly tazed after being shot (tazed while unconscious) by officers that can be heard yelling “show me your hands” and “stop resisting”.

He miraculously survived.

The shooting was followed by a sinister immediate media blackout that erupted into a all-out battle between regional news stations and law enforcement. Law enforcement refused to tell the public even the most very basic information about the shooting, such as the victim’s name.

Braaten’s decision to shoot Elliott was deemed justified by Grand Forks County States Attorney David Jones after an investigation was completed by the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal investigation (BCI).

The GFPD subsequently hired Braaten.


The truth about what really happened, and why there is now a multi-agency conspiracy to hide the truth, is utterly frightening.

During an independent investigation, Timothy Holmseth discovered records from the BCI showed investigators found Braaten’s officer body-cam underneath his UND squad car (hidden). The dash-cam from Braaten’s car was supposedly never seen because he told investigators he did not put the drive into the camera on the night in question.

Braaten was not even scheduled to work on the night in question, but did, and was not wearing his ‘regular uniform’.

Records never viewed by the public until obtained and published by Write Into Action, reveal Braaten was disciplined in writing by UND police chief Eric Plummer regarding his actions regarding his officer cams. That fact was known to the GFPD some months later when they hired him.

The sinister facts surrounding the case, and the tampering with video footage by the GFPD, shows the police are attempting to hide the fact that Braaten actually attempted to shoot David Elliott approximately 10 minutes prior to the actual shooting at a separate location – but his gun jammed.

That makes the entire event a premeditated attempted murder.

According to a person identifying himself as David James Elliott, Braaten attempted to shoot him while he was parked atop the Columbia Road Bridge in Grand Forks with his hands out the window.

The video from the Columbia Road Bridge is the cam footage that appears to be edited out/replaced, or completely redacted by the GFPD.

BCI records show that an un-spent cartridge from Braaten’s firearm was found atop the Columbia Road Bridge.

Elliott told Write Into Action that Braaten lied to investigators about the cartridge until his “fingerprints” were found on it; he then admitted he had discharged a cartridge while ‘press checking’ his weapon.

David Elliott’s initial flight from the police was very odd, and indicates he knew his life was in danger, and he was trying to get to safety.

Elliott, a man with no criminal record, immediately fled at high speeds when a GFPD officer activated his red lights behind his vehicle. Elliott then called 911 and stayed on the telephone for 107 minutes; until the moment he was shot some two hours later.

The pursuit, shooting, and tampering with evidence indicates the entire event was actually connected to a transnational drug trafficking operation that involved Elliott and police officers.

“Thousands” of pills were found in Elliott’s vehicle by investigators but no charges were ever brought.

Elliott told Write Into Action he is receiving death threats.

More information can be found at

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 7, 2016, 10:04 P.M. CST

The U.S. Department of Justice announced today it will monitor the investigation into the fatal police shooting of Philando Castile, which occurred Wednesday in the Twin Cities.

The shooting will be investigated by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).

Philando Castile

However, concerns about the BCA have been raised in connection with a rape cover-up that involved the BCA.

Write Into Action has acquired documents that show the BCA essentially conspired with officials in the judicial system to cover up the violent rape of a Minnesota teenager that became tangled up with a BCA drug informant.

The details are very disturbing.

Records show the Thief River Falls Police Department’s juvenile investigator, Ginger Alby, received a report from Assistant Pennington County Attorney Steve Moeller on April 6, 2015, that a teenage girl reported she had been repeatedly raped by Christopher Michael Seglem, 19.

Assistant Pennington County Attorney Steve Moeller

Assistant Pennington County Attorney Steve Moeller

In 2015, Seglem was a drug informant working with the BCA and Pennington County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO).

Seglem’s involvement with authorities captured headlines after he duped BCA Agent Ron Woolever and PCSO deputy Kurt Nelson by staging drug buys in the Thief River Falls area and then splitting thousands of dollars worth of drug-buy money with his co-conspirators.

According to police records, the teenage victim told police “Chris Seglem would force her to have sex with him. [The victim] stated he would hit her until she gave in. [The victim] also states this happened more than one time, couple times in his vehicle and 3-4 times at his residence.  [The victim] stated he would do such things like choke her, punch her in the face, and throw things at her such as Play Station III and computer monitor.”

The report goes onto to say Seglem showed the victim a gun he possessed and told her he would go after family.

Evidence shows agents knew Seglem was a career criminal.

Audio interviews between agents and Seglem show Woolever was absolutely livid after learning he had been fooled by Seglem and continuously berated Seglem for being a liar.

Seglem admitted to agents he had maliciously targeted specific people that he didn’t like so he could get them arrested on serious drug charges.


During the interview, Woolever angrily asks Seglem for any information he could give law enforcement that would keep him from going to jail for the scam he’d been running. Seglem then quickly told the agents he had information about a drug operation forming in Marshall County, Minnesota that involved illegal automatic weapons.

The agents clearly did not even believe him.


Woolever and Nelson then proceed to set up more controlled buys with Seglem; a completely discredited witness; just before shutting off the audio recorder.

According to a Pennington County insider, there is a growing concern in the Northern Minnesota community over the integrity of the BCA and other agencies.

“This is an agent with over 20 years of training, swindled by a kid, and still uses the kid to proceed with more investigation, even though this kid has lied during and about investigations already,” the insider told Write Into Action.

The case was an embarrassing disaster for officials.

On July 16, 2015 the Grand Forks Herald reported “Informant allegedly dupes BCA agents in several drug buys.”

On August 19, 2015, Seglem’s public defender, John D. Schmid emailed Prosecutor Moeller and offered that Seglem would plead guilty to specific charges involving “swindle”.

“All other counts and files would be dismissed and the State would agree not to charge any other matters presently under investigation,” Schmid said.

Seglem pled guilty and was never charged with the sexual assault of the minor.

Records from a Pre-Sentence Investigation of Seglem show he had a prior conviction in another state regarding sex with an underage girl.

Write Into Action is continuing to investigate this story.