by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 19, 2016, 11:30 A.M. CST

Write Into Action has submitted a public records request for the police camera evidence regarding the shooting of David James Elliott.

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem

The request is below:

Liz Brocker 
Public Information Officer 
Wayne Stenehjem, Attorney General
600 E. Boulevard Avenue | Dept. 125 | Bismarck, ND 58505

December 19, 2016

In Re: Public Data Request / Police Shooting Video

Ms. Brocker,

I am in receipt of the BCI interview with Jennifer Elliott (wife of police shooting victim David James Elliott) that I received from your office.

During said interview BCI Special Agent Michael Ness refers extensively to police-cam evidence.

At the 9:48 marker on the audio SA Ness said “He is on the trooper’s video camera….” – referring to video from the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

At the 13:06 marker on the audio SA Ness said, “Sgt. Schneider’s in-car camera is the best there…” referring to video from the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office.

At the 14:47 marker on the audio SA Ness said, “You can see him on one of the body cameras…” referring to Grand Forks Police body cam video.

I am requesting the aforementioned data.

Timothy Charles Holmseth
Investigative Author/Journalist/Publisher

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W. 
Unit# 17
East Grand Forks, MN 
218.230.1597 (cell)                                                                     



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