View: Affidavit submitted to court today

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 2, 2017, 09:52 P.M. CST

Tina Church, a private investigator from Indiana that called a Minnesota police department and falsely reported that a local journalist had just told her he had a kidnapped child in his home has now made a new claim.

She says she telephoned Minnesota District Judge Tamara Yon and spoke with her about me (Timothy Charles Holmseth).

Church has telephoned me several times in the past few days and told me she has been telephoning prosecutors in Minnesota including Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth and East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad.

Church said she put Galstad on notice that the City of EGF shall either detain me and involuntarily commit me into a mental institution or her lawyers from “Chicago” will file a lawsuit against the City.

Church filed a false report to the East Grand Forks Police Department in 2011 regarding the whereabouts of a kidnapped child named HaLeigh Cummings. In 2016, Church telephoned me and told me she was impersonated on the police report by a woman from Florida (along with a man from Dover, Tennessee named Levi Page). She said she had a recording of the false police report being made.

Statements, recordings, and police records show Church and her group were in extensive and secret communications with law enforcement amidst a plan to frame me for kidnapping, rape, child porn production, and/or murder of HaLeigh Cummings.

Evidence strongly suggests that Church has recordings of corrupt Minnesota police and government officials and is blackmailing police and prosecutors in effort to have me kidnapped off the street and placed in a psychiatric ward.


Visit for extensive information about this case.


  1. Mr. Holmseth. I am curious as to why you have redacted the court case number and docket information about what is supposed to be public information. What are you trying to hide? Since I have been named in some of the documents you have published, I should have the right to see all the unredacted material you have submitted. Remember that ALL records are public record and are subject to FOIA rules and regulations.


    • Astro says:

      Murt: You sold your soul to the devil long ago! No one that matters will ever trust you or believe a thing you say.

      Tina Church: I don’t care if your high ranking son wipes the ass of President Trump: Stop playing games in a missing child case!

      Florida Attorney, [Redacted] and Levi Page: The same goes for both of you! Do NOT play games in a missing child case!

      Leave people alone. Your heavy handed tactics over the years have won you some formidable opponents!

    • Astro says:

      It is a wonder you can even show your face so to speak after the things you have done to others over the years here. Sell out. Pretend Double Agent. Liar. Full of hot air. Self important. Be sure to let the world know the next time you and the dirty attorney have an extended phone conversation. Burn in hell, old man!

  2. Astro says:

    Florida Attorney, [Redacted] The trash you brought in from BullyVille to white knight for you does indeed wear a dress. How many more times do you and your thugs want your asses kicked here in the next year?

  3. Astro. Since you have decided to chime in on this situation, kindly explain why I got TWO notices that you were deceased. A reminder. I came to Mr. Holmseth’s defense on a number of occasions early on only to be rewarded with him calling me a pedophile and a member of a satanic cult. He also submitted these claims to the court and to law enforcement.
    In the three years that he has defamed my reputation, he has yet to provide a wit of proof to back up his false narratives.

    I am once again asking for TIm Holmseth to provide me with the case and docket information so that I can see the FULL documentation that he has put my name on.


    • Astro says:

      No explanation whatsoever is owed to you, Old man. The redaction of the dirty attorney’s name is done out of respect for Tim. Check my Bio you ignorant sell out.

  4. Astro, why do you keep reacting the attorney’s name? Are you that much of a coward that you will not put her name up since you feel what you post what you feel is the truth? If you believe in what you say, prove it and quit redacting her name. Otherwise, retract what you say and go back to running your business and leave people alone.


    • Astro says:

      The name of the dirty attorney that you are on cahoots with is only redacted here, old man. Please see my Bio.

      Was the gain in followers and blog hits worth it to you?

      If you want information you are claiming Tim has redacted – request the information on your own.

      No one owes you a damn thing especially after the lying, conniving, backstabbing, double agent pretending cowardly sell out you have turned out to be.

      Again, the people that matter will never believe a thing you say or trust you.

      Please make sure you let the world know the next time you have a lengthy conversation with the dirty attorney who gives you orders.

      • Actually, Mr. Holmseth does. He has attached my name to a court document. Since he has done this, he is obliged to inform me of exactly I am being made a part of against my will. His not doing that leads me to either conclude that the documents in his article are fake or that he realizes that he may have lied to the court and may wind up in Jail.

        I have begun to consult with legal counsel concerning actions I am forced to take against whoever owns the Astro twitter account since statements there have been defamatory and a deliberate cause of emotional stress to a person over the age of 65. Since the original owner of the account identified herself to me, she will be named in a defendant in the law suit I will soon file. I have also engaged the services of a private detective to determine the assets of those who would be named as defendants in this lawsuit for the purposes of filing leans against said assets.


    • Astro says:

      Running my business? Exactly how much time did you losers invest in stalking the wrong person? Your nose grows each time you type.

      It must have been such a letdown for people like you, Alex, Holly and Lynda to not be able to ruin someone’s life.

  5. Mr. Holmseth. Once again I must request that you provide the case number and other information regarding the motion you filed claiming defamatory accusations against me. Not only will you be subject to civil actions as a result of this defamation, I am also pursuing criminal a criminal complaint citing the filing of a false instrument to a state and federal court as well as to law enforcement.


  6. To whom it may concern:

    Deric did do me one favor. He demonstrated how to bring a civil lawsuit without costing me a dime. I have also obtained the case information concerning REDACTED v Holmseth from the courts. I will likely use materials from this and the Lostutter lawsuits to formulate my litigation against Mr. Holmseth and the owner(s) of the Astro__X twitter account.

    It seems the only way to get these individuals to cease and desist their false narrative against me, REDACTED and others that have been mentioned both on this website, the youtube website and in perjured testimony given to the State and Federal courts as well as to Law enforcement.

    I have given both defendants ample time to correct their misstatements to no avail. My patience is at an end.

    I have engaged a private detective to investigate both parties and to determine such assets as business franchises, real estate properties, tangible and liquid assets and any appropriate items that could be seized by court order as reparation for damages caused by such defamation and slander.

    Liens will be filed to prevent the liquidation of assets by defendants if deemed appropriate to do so.


    • Astro says:

      No one is intimidated by you no matter what you threaten. Your hands are NOT clean in many things that have happened here over the years.

  7. I wonder if Mr. Holmseth will comment on the recent rumors that he may be charged with Obstruction of Justice because of his interference in the case through his website. According to anonymous sources, Mr. Holmseth’s statements about Haleigh being in the hands of various groups has dissuaded potential witnesses who may have information that would be valuable to law enforcement. He may well have prevented the truth about her fate by coming out. That would be sad if true.


  8. Astro says:

    Anonymous sources? Do you really think observers don’t know who you are working in conjunction with? Are you so anxious to make a name for yourself here that you feel the need to constantly threaten legal action?

    The people that matter do know that you and your group do not have clean hands and have been the aggressors in several matters.

    You and the rest of the mean girls have been stalking an innocent woman in Lexington, Va. Hints to contact her husband and her employer made. Normal people do NOT act like you and the rest of the mean girls. There is something seriously wrong with all of you.

    No one is intimidated by you or the rest of the thugs you are in with. Threaten legal action all you want to. For years, you wanted to go after Alex and Michelle in the hopes of gaining financially.

    Your LONG history here will be your undoing in any legal matter you attempt.

    The people at Via View most likely do not care about you or any of this no matter where you post your whining.

    Stop making a fool of yourself.

  9. Astro says:

    Murt is the new White Knight for [Redacted] now that it has been revealed Grock is indeed a female. [Redacted] and Lynda Lubner made total fools of themselves drooling over a woman.

    Murt has stepped up to become the new White Knight for [Redacted]

    [Redacted] brought Grock into things about a year ago and Murt and Mlee were immediately attacked by Grock.

    People have wondered if the change in Murt was due to Grock or someone finding a pic of him in a dress at a dating website or something.

    Yes, people actually wondered if the change in Murt’s attitude regarding the group was due to possible blackmail.

    [Redacted] has had MANY years to bring legal action herself but would rather whine on the phone to others and make them do her bidding.

    We are ready for you old man!

  10. Astro says:

    BoyWonder: It looks like you may be abandoned by Dimbo. Her promises of helping you get a job after college were most likely never kept.

    For years, you were her original Enforcer here, doing your best to terrorize people and their family members.

    You have engaged in telephone fuckery time and time again, all the while with a smile on your face.

    For years, you have gone after anyone that agrees with the FBI in that the Haleigh Cummings case is OPEN.

    Now we have yet again another recorded phone conversation in which you are threatening Tim.

    There is something seriously wrong with each and every one of you that screwed around in this missing child case.

    I would not rely on Dimbo to bail you out. Grock was yet again outed as a woman and Dimbo and Lynda are most likely hiding in shame after making fools of themselves over her!

    If you have any information that would be useful to law enforcement, I am urging you to run to them NOW!

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