CIA Finders? John Regan – Listen: The Undercover Pedophile for the FBI

Posted: August 10, 2017 in Uncategorized
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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 9, 2017, 8:24 P.M. CST

I am receiving voice changer calls and warnings via email that I am going to suffer big consequences because I have published information about John and Jeremiah Regan.

Yesterday, Jeremiah Regan announced he has retained a lawyer. I don’t know if his lawyer uses voice changing software to harass people – but those are the calls I get regarding poor innocent little Jeremiah.

I have reported that John Regan identified himself as an undercover pedophile for the FBI during the time he was involved in the national profile search for HaLeigh Cummings. He also told witnesses I interviewed he is CIA.

Jeremiah Regan’s ‘supporters’ are contacting me – one silly little man told me I faked Jeremiah Regan’s voice on a recording I published.

Listen to this video that I produced.




Listen in the You Tube below to Jeremiah Regan present himself as an agent of law enforcement as he attempts to solicit false witness statements against Misty Croslin.

Listen to the You Tube below and go to the 11 second marker – listen to Jeremiah Regan smoking pot with William Staubs and Matthew Staubs – listen as Jeremiah Regan when he says something utterly disgusting about “smoking on Ambers twat – packing her mouth” Remember – this is the guy that wanted the world to believe he was bringing awareness to missing children.

READ the official federal investigative report on The Finders.

Visit for extensive information about this case.


  1. Leslie says:

    Wow! To the people that keep sharing these articles on facebook and try to bring down my friend Jeremiah you should be ashamed of yourselves this author is a sick jerk off and he has fabricated all of this because he is jealous jeremiah!

    Let John Regan rest in peace. Jeremiah has been through so much and he does not need a mentally unstable man try to sabotage all the progress he has made in his life.

    To the people sharing this you all can and will be sued just like the man writing these fake articles. This man is currently under investigation for stalking and a process has started so jeremiah can live in peace!!

    To the man writing this article how many times do you volunteer to help the less fortunate? Do you ever help people? Or do you tear them down with lies?

    Try helping people like jeremiah does and spread positivity like jeremiah does!!

    Trust me jeremiah is big, strong and muscular he could easily handle you but the police and Lawyers will!!

    Your karma is coming.. What you put in the world u will get back twofold

    • haleighann says:

      Leslie – Your good friend Jeremiah ran around with a group that are literally the worst people in the world. Recordings I have of Jeremiah are chock full of disgusting sex stuff he bragged about doing with someone that was married.

      He makes fun of everyone he can; abuses people; and pretends to be a Christian just like his fake pastor dad because it’s a good cover for the business he’s in.

      Wayanne Kruger told me John Regan assisted an infant sales operation where they hijacked babies from brand new mothers and sold them to purchasers in Belgium.

      Do you know what they use they babies for?

      I do.

      So does scumbag Jeremiah.

      • Leslie says:

        Disgusting sex stuff? Adults have normal sex lives and jeremiah is a gentleman. I doubt very much he would make phone calls. As I have been informed those were faked by some seriously sick people that wanted to Frame jeremiah for horrible things. Jeremiah would never have sex with a married woman.

        Where do you get this stuff? If you want to know the real Jeremiah ask those of us that he inspires!

        This is very unfair to treat him like his but like I said what you put in the universe will come back at you twofold!

        You have no idea what Jeremiah does for his community and who he helps.

  2. Leslie says:

    What a sad and pathetic lives you all live to try to bring down jeremiah. He works hard everyday to be a good person and to be a positive influence in his community he does not brag but I will. The man writing these does not know the real jeremiah and he is jealous of him!!

    Why don’t you write about how jeremiah volunteers his time and gives surfing lessons to the disabled? You should see their faces light up when jeremiah helps them do things that they never thought possible?

    Ask the police officer that had car trouble and how jeremiah took the time out of his day to help him out?

    Ask jeremiah about the dog he rescued! Ask him about how he inspires people to workout and live a healthy life?

    And for you to suggest he does drugs everyone knows that is false!! Keep this up and you will need drugs to help you out.

    Get a life and do good in the community and please people stop sharing these articles on facebook we are taking names and a class action will be filed

    • haleighann says:

      Leslie – You didn’t answer my question about the babies. By the way – I have the audio interviews of Wayanne Kruger telling me the names of the mothers on the East Coast that said John Regan used many different names (always biblical names) and raped very little boys – small children. He went all over the place doing it.

      I already published a video that features Jeremiah telling William Staubs that just because he’s not telling what he knows about HaLeigh Cummings doesn’t mean he’s lying.

      You think he’s a good guy? Awful person. Horrible.

  3. Leslie says:

    If John Regan was doing all these things he would have been arrested and he never was. I knew Pastor Regan to be a decent man and he passed his passion of helping the community down to Jeremiah.

    I think it is horrible you are dragging a dead man through the mud and you do not personally know them.

    These are good people. Your allegations of rape are false. Your allegations of drug use are false. Your allegations that Jeremiah had an affair is false.

    If you are a reporter you would be fair and talk to people that know these people and get their side of the story before publishing these hurtful things about them.

    This stuff makes me want to cry and I know Jeremiah is freaking out over this. You will not get away with this.

    • haleighann says:

      No Ma’am. It’s not false. I have seen John Regan’s criminal history and there is a felony sex crime on it.

      • Leslie says:

        Please post proof of it please. Post the date of the offense, the exact charge, the exact sentence, how much time was served and what state/county the crime was committed in.

        I find this hard to believe.

  4. Leslie says:

    Please stop spreading hate

  5. Leslie: Tim and his accomplice Susan have been on this smear campaign for years. Both pretend to be crusaders claiming to want to find the truth about Haleigh Cummings and bring her home. The truth is that they want nothing more than to seek revenge against those who exposed the truth about them.

    JR is just the latest of many victims caught up in the fantasy world of Tim Holmseth and his accomplice @astro__X.

    Justice is going to be served upon these two real soon.


    • Astro says:

      Murt: You are trying so hard to tie me in with Tim when I am simply a follower of the case.

      I do not agree with everything Tim has said or done but at the same time I do not like the way he and his family has been targeted.

      Do what you want, old man. No one is intimidated or running from you or the dirty attorney.

      • Tisk tisk tisk, Astro. You are far from following Tim Holmseth. DO not forget all of the conversations you have had with me over the years. As for Tim being “attacked” or his family being “attacked.” That is the biggest fiction I have ever heard.

        Also, I have never ever seen you criticize Tim in any way either in public or in our many private conversations. In fact you have gone out of your way to defend Tim Holmseth and it is also the primary reason you turned against me.

        Be honest for once, if you are capable of doing so.


  6. Astro. While you are at it. Would you mind explaining the posts claiming you are dead? Was this your bright idea and why the heck did you pull this stunt?

    It is the most idiotic thing that you have done lately.


  7. James says:

    This fool contributed to John Regan death with his lies and the added stress. Wrongful death lawsuit is being considered by the family

  8. Thomas Olsen says:

    Holmseth, you seriously have issues. You need to be committed. I have absolutely no clue where you keep getting these crazy ass conspiracy theories from stating that every official and citizen in the country is out to get you. Your ramblings are those of a sociopathic, psychotic, lunatic that deserves nothing more or less than incarceration or commitment into a mental health facility. Keep going, and keep putting my name is your stupid fucking court documents and crazy ass conspiracy theories, and you will end up with so many fucking civil suits on your doorstep you will be homeless. In the process I will start filing suits against WordPress and your ISP, Wiktel, if they continue to host these websites without taking action.

    And to Astro, you lost years ago. It’s time for you to give up and move on into obscurity. Nobody gives a shit about you.

    You claim you’re not Susan Earman. Somebody has gone to that Dominoes in Virginia and confirmed that Susan Earman owns it. Somebody called the Dominoes asking for you (Susan Earman) and was immediately hung up on. The pictures on Twitter were reported for posting “private” photographs and were subsequently removed by Twitter, which can ONLY happen if the person reporting them sends prove that the pictures are in fact them. I know this because I’ve gone through the process of sending Twitter a copy of my drivers license to get photos of me removed. Those photos of you (Susan Earman) were removed rather quickly (the ones your Astro account were tagged in) for you not to be Susan Earman. So time for you to quite the bullshit that you’re not Susan Earman. Those photos being removed was proof enough.

    • I am about to receive some documentation regarding the postings above. It turns out that Holmseth is pulling a fast one in order to garner more readers under false pretenses.

      As one source puts it, “he is pulling a scam” which is something he has been accused of many times before.

      I once defended Holmseth but now realise that was a serious mistake.

      Stay Tuned

      • Bullshit Timbo says:

        Murt will u sue holmseth for calling you a satanic cult member?

        Megan kelly will profile him and is looking for victims to contact nbcu we need to talk off this sick blog bro how do I reach out to u?

  9. Bullshit Timbo says:

    Mary lee and astro will both be in jail with Timbo the screwball if they do cease and desist in encouraging his rank defamation and harassment. They will be considered party to a crime and will find themselves defendant lee and defendant earman!!!

    • I am in the process of reviewing my options as are a number of other people. What my final decision will be will not be discussed unless done through any legal representative I may choose to retain.


      • haleighann says:

        Isn’t that special…?

        Mr. Murtaugh is spending time thinking about suing me. You better believe he is spending time thinking. He’ll keep thinking and that’s all he’ll do.

        I know who Mr. Murtaugh works for. I know who Mr. Murtaugh’s attorney is. I know who has emailed Mr. Murtaugh.

        Mr. Murtaugh has repeatedly contacted me and gave me information about his colleagues (when he was mad at them). Mr. Murtaugh’s colleagues have contacted me and gave me information about Mr. Murtaugh and conversations he has had.

        Mr. Murtaugh contacted me and requested I give him information about my minor children because he was writing a story about them. Of course – it was a sex story Mr. Murtaugh and Levi Page were colluding to write.

        Mr. Murtaugh has made writing about me and my family a creepy cottage industry for freaks and lsoers.

        Maybe we should talk about Mr. Murtaugh stating in writing that he got records and information about my children from Levi Page and REDACTED.

        Do I go into the chats that show murtwitnessonelive saying he killed missing child Trenton Duckett?

        Do I show a video of Mr. Murtaugh faking his own suicide?

        My, my, my…

        Where should I start?

      • Yes, indeed where should you start? EVERYTHING you have stated here is patently false, INCLUDING the fake suicide. So let me answer your lies once again.

        First, I only contacted you ONCE and that was because you included me in your nonsense. Remember reporting me to law enforcement accusing me of being a pedophile? Remember using fake evidence that had been refuted by law enforcement to back up that false information?
        Next, the fake suicide was NOT a fake suicide but a misunderstanding by a woman who reached the wrong conclusion due to an open mike.

        I had thought I had turned off the mike when I went off the air briefly. There was the sound of a glass that I bumped into falling on the floor and my comment that ” I have had enough” in response to a private message session that had been going on between me and a troll.

        Instead of trying to figure out what happened, someone called the cops and the rest is history.

        Your ENEMIES have used this incident and others against me and your continued broaching of these subjects only helps THEM in their quest against YOU.

        You claim to be a journalist so why did you NOT do research into where this information came from and WHO created it. You would have found that virtually ALL the accusations against me that you use come from the SAME people you claim are after you.

        100% of the material you use against me come from the same sources that are coming after you.

        Why does it make any sense to use things from people that you claim are lying about you, making up fake tapes and are harassing you are valid sources of information and evidence to use against me?

        You are helping your enemies by forcing me to correct the lies you keep posting against me.

        All you are doing is making things worse for you by disabling the one person who only wants the truth to come out as to what happened to Haleigh.

        One final point. Kim Pickazio, whose name you keep redacting is NOT my lawyer. The legal firm I employ is out of Saint Paul Mn.

        You want to keep lying about me? Then keep it up. Your enemies are laughing at you when you keep attacking me.

        Good job


  10. Speaking about fake suicides. What about Astro? I got SEVERAL private messages claiming she killed herself. This is remarkable since she was seen alive as recently as a few hours ago. Care to comment on that one?

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