by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 15, 2017 at 8:47 P.M.

It should be of great interest to STATE AND FEDERAL JUDGES: I have been notified that a large group of persons involved in the criminal organization I exposed to the FBI regarding the kidnapping of HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings are now collectively seeking bogus restraining orders against me and this website.

The You Tube videos below contain information the conspirators (many whom I named in my Motion/Statement/Exhibits to the Minnesota District Court on July 24, 2017) are trying to hide about a child sex and porn trafficking operation.

ATTN: AMERICAN PUBLIC: If anybody would like a FREE CD of the 214 page court filing that reveals what happened to HaLeigh; who covered it up, who was involved; and how they did it, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Timothy Charles Holmseth, 320 17th Street N.W, Unit #17, East Grand Forks, Minnesota, 56721.

1:10 Seconds “Does it have anything to do with the pictures of HaLeigh’s vagina that you have?”












  1. TheyWereTooSlow says:

    You have targeted, stalked, harassed and defamed Jeremiah Regan for years. You have even used voice changers to replicate his voice and put them into vulgar sexual conversations.

    Jeremiah will no longer take a any stalking from you. Leave that nice young man alone and let him live his life!

    You are evil and people are banding together to stop you from your almost decade long harassment!

    Are you ready?

    • haleighann says:

      This one is worthy of a comment. I am now being accused of technologically manufacturing Jeremiah Regans’s voice to implicate him.

      Oh my, my – the things the judges are going to hear…

  2. drenton tuckett says:

    you are a crazy little monkey arent you tim boy? how many times a day do you jerk off to pictures of little dead girls? theyre comin to get ya tim. comin to get ya

  3. TheyWereTooSlow says:

    You have been JEALOUS of Jeremiah Regan ever since you heard about him and your jealousy went way too far, it went criminal and your sir are no longer going to get away with targeting a young man that is making a positive difference in his community and is a mentor and role model to the youth.

    You are a despicable person that needs to learn to leave innocent people alone.

    Do something constructive with your time instead of harassing Jeremiah.

    He kept it secret for a long time that he was dealing with a stalker but when he let his friends and family know, we decided to confront you, band together and put a stop to your stalking of a great person.

    You do not know his heart!!!

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