Exclusive: The actual price of a stolen baby (in the 90’s)

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Savanna Greywind

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 8, 2017, 10:57 A.M. CST

I obtained this from a source directly involved with government kidnappers that sell babies internationally.

I have the NAMES of the SCUM that did this.

I will be doing a full report in the future.

This was an actual baby that procured.

4/01 – making calls – $100
6/01 – Tickets and rental car – $450
8/01 – Agency – $10,000
10/01 – Travel – $2,000 (incidental)
10/01 – Baby travel kit – $500 (Car Seat on Plane)
10/01 – Gift – Dossier – $3,000
10/01 – 2nd Dossier – $2,000 (same dossier as before)
10/01 – Home Study – $2,000
10/01 – Extra Cash – $2,000
10/01 – Police Marriage and Divorce – $50
10/01 – Notary-Stamp – $175
10/01 – Embassy Fees – $1,200
10/01 – Two Copies of Fees – $240
10/01 – Next Embassy – $1,400
10/01 – Translator – $400
10/01 – Doctor – $200
10/01 – Passport/Visa – $800
10/01 – Two Week Stay – $1,000 (traveling through Warsaw)
10/01 – Cab – $800
10/01 – Party $500
10/01 – Baby Flew Out of Warsaw


  1. How long are you going to keep us waiting? Rather interested in this.

  2. It is now October 12th and there has been NOTHING from Holmseth on the above article. It should not be that hard to provide information on what was clearly an old case. Also, how does this tie into the young lade pictured above. That case has been solved and the accused will be going on trial shortly.

    IF you are going to make promises to your readers, it is your duty to come through and keep those promises.


  3. Dear America: Please look at the price list I published regarding child and baby sales. I received that from a witness and involved party.

    William Murtaugh, the strange man that has involved himself in many missing children cases in Florida (to the point news stations did stories about it) is monitoring my publication and experiencing personal anxiety.

    There are reasons for that.

    I know the reasons.

    It’s understandable that he is nervous.

    Federal prison is a horrible place.

    • I asked for you to provide the information you promised on the article and you have yet to do so. Why make promises if you are not going to go through with them?
      Your criticism is a diversion meant to drive me away. You made a promise to disclose the information and you need to fulfill the promise you made to your readers.

  4. Note that Holmseth never posted the promised information noted in the above article. He has, instead, engaged in an ongoing smear campaign that has resulted in death threats from someone brainwashed into beliving his false news. I now have had to file a criminal complaint with law enforcement regarding these threats and so far Holmseth has refused to do so which is a felony.
    I have let law enforcement know that Holmseth refuses to report the threats made against me.

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