Drifter connected to famous missing child may be running a new scam in Puerto Rico

Posted: October 22, 2017 in Uncategorized
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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 22, 2017, 12:16 P.M. CST

The drifter who once interjected himself into a national profile kidnapping case to accept cash donations from the American public is back in business.

Jeremiah Regan, Villano Beach, Florida has published a video on Facebook asking for cash donations for his humanitarian-aid efforts in Puerto Rico. Regan said he is on a mission to save lives (while giving updates via Facebook of his heroic deeds).

Jeremiah Regan

In his latest video, Regan, a Herbal Life salesman when he’s not running around saving lives, quickly turned the topic to President Donald Trump and declared “he let Puerto Rico fall by the wayside. He’s not helping them. FEMA is not helping them,” he said.

Regan said FEMA tried to steal 36 pallets of water from him. He said was assisted by a high ranking U.S. Air Force officer in stopping the theft.

Here’s the problem.

Jeremiah Regan is full of shit.

I acquired irrefutable evidence during a journalistic investigation of a child kidnapping case in Florida that shows Jeremiah Regan is not even close to being the person he wants the world to believe he is.

In 2009, Jeremiah Regan and his father, (fake) Pastor John Regan, appeared from nowhere to involve themselves in the search for a kidnapped child named HaLeigh Cummings.

Jeremiah Regan was interviewed by Florida news teams after he set up a facility called the HaLeigh Bug Center to gather ‘leads’ on the kidnapping, and fund search efforts with donations and trinket sales. He also erected a website called haleighbug.com that featured an amateurishly Photoshopped picture created to make it appear Crystal Sheffield held her daughter lovingly (Sheffield actually had NO loving pictures with HaLeigh – so they created one).

Regan did conduct a search – sort of.

Major Gary Bowling, (former) Director of Law Enforcement at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office spoke with me in 2009 during a recorded interview. Bowling recognized Jeremiah Regan was involved in a fake search for HaLeigh where planted items were found – including a “bloody glove” found by Jeremiah Regan.

Special Agent A. J. Eilermann, Minneapolis FBI, told me during an interview that the fake search by John Regan, Jeremiah Regan, bounty hunter William ‘Cobra’ Staubs, and some of HaLeigh’s family members was orchestrated to make people think HaLeigh was dead.

On June 3, 2009, Simon Barrett, BNN, published an article regarding suspicious activity at the HaLeigh Bug Center.

“Jeremiah Regan, administrator for the center, was contacted and asked about the facility, its purpose, incoming donations, book-keeping, and how the money is being used.” Please do not contact me any further via email, phone or any other way. Any further attempts to contact me will be viewed as harassment,” he said.”
– Simon Barrett / BNN

Wow – requests for information about how donations are being spent are considered by Jeremiah Regan as an act of “harassment”.

Wayanne Kruger, the protégé of Gloria Allred, who represented Crystal Sheffield, the missing child’s mother, spent a great deal of time with Jeremiah Regan and revealed explosive facts that are disturbing beyond belief.

It’s not pretty.

Kruger said Jeremiah Regan’s dad, a convicted sex offender and fake pastor, John Regan, told her he was a CIA and FBI agent working undercover for the feds as a “pervert” to catch pedophiles. William Staubs said John Regan was a “street minister” that had connections at the Jacksonville FBI.

Kruger said she sat with John and Jeremiah Regan while they told her the FBI already had HaLeigh but wanted to keep it quiet. Kruger said Jeremiah Regan assured her that everything his dad said was “true”.

Kruger provided me extensive details of an international baby sales operation being run by a Florida attorney and John Regan. Kruger described horrific damage done to a small child that, who according to Kruger, was raped by John Regan.

Donald Knop, an employee of a Florida law firm, told me about rape pornography of HaLeigh that passed through the hands of Jeremiah Regan and an attorney – but was never given to law enforcement.

I obtained audio of Jeremiah Regan impersonating a member of law enforcement while attempting to secure a false statement from a young girl who had been questioned in the HaLeigh Cummings matter.

I also obtained audio of Jeremiah Regan making a demented vulgar statement about sticking a pack of cigarettes in a case witnesses “twat”.

I possess audio created by Jeremiah Regan which he captured during a conversation with a Florida attorney. He continuously brings up the fact they had sex. The attorney tells him he is simply angry because he had been promised an executive position at her husband’s biofuel company. Jeremiah Regan acknowledged that fact saying the attorney had initially told him the company was hers.

The attorney also told Jeremiah Regan she had received over one-half million dollars and was going to be receiving $231 Million more.

The biofuel company, Alternative Biofuel Technologies (ABT) was seized by federal authorities during the RICO investigation into notorious Florida Ponzi Schemer Attorney Scott W. Rothstein.

“I left crying today from the mountains,” Regan said.

William Murtaugh, publisher, murtwitnessonelive.com recently published a story about the great Jeremiah Regan – BUT – he removed the story after I exposed him (Murtaugh) for his involvement.

They are now trying to hide Murtaugh’s connection to Jeremiah Regan.


Find out more about William Murtaugh. Florida man indicates he knows the fate of HaLeigh Cummings – pedogate unraveling – – – Television news segment from Caylee Anthony case may provide critical clueby Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 21, 2017, 9:49 P.M. CST



  1. DiamondInTheRough says:

    You are a bitter because Jeremiah Regan actually does something with his life while you do nothing but drag the reputation of people through the mud.

    Jeremiah helps people and has dedicated his life to helping people that are in need. You have never met him, but you sit in judgement of a man you know nothing about.

    You are jealous of him and it shows.

    You would never confront him to his face. He is twice your size and twice your strength and could whoop your pussy ass into the God damn ground.

    You are going to hell.

  2. Astro says:

    Murt went running to the attorney just as predicted. The attorney shows up to favorite things reassuring Murt that she is on his side. For now. Until he is no longer useful. Wait for it. It will happen when Murt doesn’t have a defender left in the world.

    From what I understand, stalker Levi Page and felon Pops claimed to be contacting Gloria Alred! I’m sure she will be delighted in hearing from both of them since their word carries so much weight. Murt is no longer worried about travel expenses to MN. New lame sock accounts continue to be created so Murt and Dimbo can play.

  3. DiamondInTheRough says:

    Astro wants to have sex with Pops, Levi Page and Jeremiah Regan. You lust for young men don’t you pizza bitch?

    • Astro says:

      Dimbo: Throwing sleaze out doesn’t change the fact that you are insane. What happened to the money that was donated to the HaleighBug place that you had Jeremiah run?

      What happened to Kristina Prevatt’s baby? I seem to remember you getting involved in custody or something.

      No one wants to have sex with any of your leftovers. Pops is a felon. A foulmouthed degenerate that was bailed out of jail against his own parents wishes so he could so he could act as your Enforcer here targeting anyone you had a problem with.

      How much longer does he have to do dirty work for you such as calling Gloria Allred before his debt to you is paid in full?

      Levi Page is a stalker that doesn’t seem to understand the word no given his repeated follow attempts. I’d hate to think of how he handles hearing the word, NO, in the real world.
      Didn’t you promise Levi you’d help him gain employment once he finished school? What happened to all of that?

      Jeremiah Regan is of no interest to me whatsoever so sorry to disappoint you.

      I do not own a business. You and your little pack of brain dead animals seem to have a difficult time accepting that.

      Poor thing. Lonely. Losing support. No longer creating accounts to portray yourself to the world as someone that men must have and fight over.

      I think Coral Ridge or Crescent Ridge or whatever institution it was released you far too soon. Isn’t that right, PoisonousTree?

      Did you ever contact the FBI so you could tell them that you and Levi solved the Haleigh Cummings case?

    • Astro says:

      Dimbo: Things have changed a lot since the early days of the Haleigh Cummings case when there were just a few of us that were targeted constantly by you and your thugs.

      I see quite a few accounts with large followings helping to get the word out and the views on YT videos continue to rise.

      I don’t think you can control things anymore and it must be terribly uncomfortable for you.

    • Astro says:

      Poor thing. Crack that whip and demand Murt turn out even more lies over at his place

    • Astro says:

      When was the last time you had a psychiatric evaluation?

      • Mel says:

        A lawyer with time for cretin play is an idle person. Keeps questionable company to pleasure herself.

  4. Astro says:

    Tim: Thank you!

  5. Astro says:

    PoisonousTree was an account that was on twitter briefly when the group was going after someone and attempting to set him up for violating some things.

    A lot of information came from that account regarding an attorney including the name of an institution by the name of Coral or Crescent Ridge.

    A few played roles in attempting to set an innocent person up as being the accountholder on PoisonousTree.

    Murtwitnessone and Grockowalski were two of them. The information coming from the PoisonousTree account came from the attorney herself.

    The person they attempted to set up was in trouble but was not behind the
    PoisonousTree account.

    Other things came out on the PoisonousTree account that only the attorney had been told. A woman was being targeted due to her refusal to help people like the attorney and Pops get rich from the Steubenville case.

    Dimbo: The general public would not have known or been able to access records having to do with Coral or Crescent Ridge.

    The general public wouldn’t have known about Mike fathering a child with a
    Ms. Nelson.

    You not only went after the woman, but, you also targeted a very young family member that not many even knew the name of and you had only recently learned.

    Pops tried to go after her and file bogus charges also claiming he needed protection from her. It was retaliation due to her refusal to help push a book deal or whatever the attorney and Pops had come up with.

    Ask Murtwitnessone about the PoisonousTree stunt since he was right there helping.

    Pops ran around out of control here for a long time going after anyone the attorney had a problem with. He didn’t seem too fearful back then when he was going after females calling them cunts.

    If anything it is others that need protection from people like
    Pops and the attorney.

    • Thomas Olsen says:

      You are really big and bad when I’m not around huh? Allow me to address some of your misguided points about me. Your ignorance on everything is just beyond astounding.

      1) My parents wanted to bail me.out of jail themselves. I told my parents to leave me there, not to bail me out because they were having financial issues at that time. That’s when Kim came in and helped in that aspect. Btw, I don’t owe Kim anything for that. I’ve already long paid her back every cent. So your theory on me doing any sort of “work” for Kim is just some made up bullshit you concocted in your tiny little brain.

      2) You constantly bring up my felony record, but yet continue to ignore the extremely lengthy record that Holmseth has, and you still suck on his dick daily.

      3) Michelle made multiple threats of harm against Alex and myself. Alex and myself paid thousands towards Daniel and Michelle has never paid one red cent. Daniel pissed me off, I fired him from representing me in any manner. Incompetent hack. Michelle gave attorney-client privileged communications to Deric in order to secure a dismissal for herself, which is against so many federal and state laws it’s not even funny. As soon as we found out about that, I filed the injunction. I never pursued the injunction because just filing it had the exact effect I was looking for, to have Michelle fade into obscurity, completely forgotten.

      4) I was never looking to “get rich” from any book deal, which is extremely hard to do anyways. For every hardback book sold in stores at $30 each, the author only gets 46 cents in royalties. Even less for online sales. Michelle went off on me about the deal (only because she’s been trying for years to secure one herself, and I have proof of this) so I just kicked her out of the twitter group chat because she wouldn’t stop ranting. She then started attacking anyone and everyone, calling Alex on a daily basis and bitching at her, putting out private information, etc… She is far from innocent and deserves every action that comes her way.

      The judge in my RO case against Holmseth straight up called Holmseth nuts and immediately entered a default judgement.

      Holmseth, check your mailbox over the next few weeks, more legal action (took a month to draft up) coming your way. This one you’ll enjoy and this one will FORCE your ass to show all of this so called evidence in court.

      This will be the only time I comment here. I only came here because I was notified by somebody (not Murt, Kim, Alex, or any of those other people you’re obsessed with) mentioned to me that Astro decided to swing her lady dick knowing I’m not around. So Susan Earman, instead of lying about shit you know jack shot about and when I’m not around, why not actually say to my face? Dumb fucking bitch.

      • Astro says:

        Pops: So nice to hear your side of things. I heard you got permanently banned from Twitter due to hate speech.

        You might want to have Murt make some corrections at his place regarding your parents and you being bailed out by the attorney. If I remember correctly, Murt got so involved, he claimed to have spoken to your parents.

        As far as your record and Tim’s – No one is ignoring a thing. But, there is a big difference as far as online activity you engaged in here.

        To my knowledge, Tim never made accounts to stalk or harass or ever got in the faces of total strangers spewing filth or calling them cunts.

        Yes, Pops, you went after total strangers here.

        No one is sucking on anyone’s dick daily and it sure didn’t take long for your response to reveal your true nature. Nasty.

        From what I understand it is some of your friends that have tried to use sex in the past to get men to do dirty deeds for them.

        As far as Michelle, I wasn’t there so thanks for sharing your side of things.

        The reason I’m speaking up is due to your rabid friends targeting an innocent woman.

        Such a tough guy. You want to meet face to face? Wow. I never had a desire to meet anyone from here and always felt if a face to face ever did occur it would be in a courtroom where some of you were defendants.

        Good luck to you!

      • Astro says:

        Reminder: Pops, all of your little friends were blocked on Twitter in January of 2015. They created countless sock accounts to harass and stalk.

        The Twitter account was eventually locked but that didn’t stop your friends, so I’d say they are the ones that are obsessed.

        I have never once created a sock account or attempted to follow any of them, so let’s get that straight right now.

        If you want to align yourself with a vicious pack that has targeted followers of a missing child case long-term, so be it.

      • Astro says:

        I do not own a business, so make sure you have the right person.

      • Astro says:

        The legal name of the innocent woman you all so freely throw around was actually released many years ago in retaliation for questioning an attorney about a donation.

        The attorney was in charge of handling a rather generous donation to help a homeless woman that was down on her luck.

        Due to the notoriety surrounding a missing child case it had been reported that not even a homeless shelter would take her.

        The attorney that was in charge of disbursing the funds and supposed to oversee things got the bright idea that wiring money directly into the hands of someone with a substance abuse problem would be okay.

        The attorney was questioned about it all and got so upset that the name you all so freely throw around was released to the public in retaliation.

        Yes. The attorney wired money directly into the hands of a woman with a drug problem. A woman that had never had to handle money in her life because her incarcerated husband had always handled things.

        A woman that could barely read or write. Her entire family in the state of Florida was incarcerated at that time.

        You really are a newcomer to things, Pops.

    • I have no idea what you are talking about.

  6. Astro: I never contacted Thomas’s parents nor did I say I contacted Tom’s parents to anyone either in public or in private. You say you are not Susan? If that is the case you lied to me several times over the years since you claimed you were. Remember that I have every single email and private message between us.


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