Florida man indicates he knows the fate of HaLeigh Cummings – pedogate unraveling

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Television news segment from Caylee Anthony case may provide critical clue

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 21, 2017, 9:49 P.M. CST

A television news piece that aired in Florida may hold critical clues to an international child sex trafficking and baby sales operation.

In 2008, multiple news agencies in Florida including Local 6 and the Sun Sentinel covered the quite un-ordinary activities of a man named William Murtaugh who had become involved with the search for a missing toddler named Caylee Anthony.

“William Murtaugh admits he’s obsessed with missing child cases,” Local 6 reported.

“Murt started up his own website – murtwitnessone.com and then unbelievably bought this old TV news live truck. Some think it’s a little creepy that he drives around town in that live truck following a missing child case,” Local 6 said.


There was a reason news organizations were skeptical of Murtaugh. “Local 6 first met Murt shortly after Trenton Duckett’s disappearance when Murt went online claiming to know the identity of the toddler’s abductor,” Local 6 reported.

William Murtaugh emailed me in 2013 and asked me sexual questions about my minor children amidst an ‘investigation’ he was doing with a mentally unstable man from Tennessee named Levi Page. He also asked me questions about a Florida attorney.

It gets worse.

The Web is saturated with screenshots of a Pal Talk direct message exchange which appears to show Murtaugh talking to another person and laughing about going to malls to look for kids and raping and murdering children.

Murtaugh says the Pal Talk exchange was fabricated.

The following is a snippet:


STD8DOPO102: you rape anymore children?


STD8DOPO102: Are you gonna go for the kill?


STD8DOPO102: yeah right you’re gonna get a blow up doll

murtwitnessonelive: I DO THAT TO WARM UP

STD8DOPO102: you probably fucked justice to death


STD8DOPO102: yeah right fag

STD8DOPO102: so you’re mr. William murtaugh killed trenton duckett

murtwitnessonelive: UHIH

STD8DOPO102: ?

murtwitnessonelive: YUP

STD8DOPO102: that’s good

murtwitnessonelive: YUP, A GAS

STD8DOPO102: a gas?

murtwitnessonelive: A GAS, MEANS LOTS OF RUN


In February of 2009 a five year-old from Satsuma, Florida named HaLeigh Cummings mysteriously vanished, and again, Murtaugh traveled the 75 miles north of Orlando to follow that case too.

Now – in October of 2017 – Murtaugh has made yet another very odd statement that indicates he knows the fate of HaLeigh Cummings.

I’ll show you why.


On October 20, 2017 I published an article entitled ‘Florida attorney that sells babies and children for sex and pornography identified by Gloria Allred’s protégé – – – Original recordings revealing names to be submitted as evidence to Minnesota Court

My article included a link to a Web page I published entitled #PEDOGATE EXPOSED
Wayanne Kruger w/ Timothy Charles Holmseth describes CIA/FBI child rape and baby sales, which contains redacted audio interviews I conducted with Wayanne Kruger.

Kruger gave me specific details of a Florida attorney that traffics infants and small children through the U.S. Embassy using fake medical documents and church dossiers. The operation is run with the assistance of a fake pastor named John Regan who told Kruger (and many others I interviewed including John Regan’s son Jeremiah Regan) he was a CIA and FBI agent working ‘undercover’ as a pedophile.

On the same day I published my article, within hours, Murtaugh published an article entitled ‘TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH INTENSIFIES HIS BATTLE WITH NOTED FLORIDA ATTY’ where he (Murtaugh) published a supposed response/statement from an unnamed attorney which addressed the child trafficking claims Kruger made.

“Holmseth has had a vendetta with the attorney since the beginning of the Haleigh Cummings case where he immediately honed in on her as a suspect in Haleigh’s interference,” Murtaugh said.


Murtaugh referred to HaLeigh’s disappearance (which the FBI agent that interviewed me called a “kidnapping”) as “interference” which is a legal term under Florida Statue 787.03 Interference with custody.

HaLeigh’s disappearance has never been publically referred to as “interference” and as of this day the FBI is asking the public for information about HaLeigh.

Within hours of my publishing an article about a “Florida Attorney” being named by Wayanne Kruger as a child trafficker, Murtaugh published a full statement by an un-named ‘attorney’ that addressed Kruger’s claims.

“I heard the latest video he’s pushing with Wayanne Kruger claiming a whole bunch of ludicrous things about me on the phone with Tim, after I dismissed her from further involvement in the HC case. She said I worked for Social Services in 2001 in Ft. Lauderdale, doing case studies for endangered kids, and started running an illegal baby adoption operation with kidnapped kids then. She even quoted prices I allegedly charged. First, I’ve never worked for social services, I was working at a prestigious private law firm in Miami from 1996 to 2008. I’ve never done adoptions, I’m not licensed to do so, and quite frankly, know nothing about adoptions or adoption law. She’s clearly either got the wrong person’s linkedin, or was completely fabricating things to Tim on the phone. I have never done adoptions – not a single one – in my life, nor have I ever been approached to do one. Also, I’ve never worked for “Social Services” – whatever the fuck THAT is. I’ve never done home studies. for abused kids….I’ve always worked at a private firm making good money. She’s totally got the wrong person, yet Tim’s entire “baby peddler” theories are based solely on this information from Wayanne.”
– William Murtaugh / October 20, 2017

Is the attorney named by Wayanne Kruger as a child sex trafficker, the SAME attorney Murtaugh quotes as responding to Kruger’s accusations?

Is this the break in an international child trafficking operation that the FBI has been waiting for?

How would Murtaugh know WHO to contact for a response to Kruger’s claims when the attorney is never named; and why would an attorney respond – anonymously (thus defeating the purpose of a response) – to something that does not name the attorney in the first place?


Scott W. Rothstein (born June 10, 1962) is a disbarred lawyer and the former managing shareholder, chairman, and chief executive officer of the now-defunct Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm. He was accused of funding his philanthropy, political contributions, law firm salaries, and an extravagant lifestyle with a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme, one of the largest such in history.[1] On December 1, 2009, Rothstein turned himself in to authorities and was subsequently arrested on charges related to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).[2] Although his arraignment plea was not guilty, Rothstein cooperated with the Government and reversed his plea to guilty of five federal crimes on January 27, 2010.[3] Rothstein was denied bond by U.S. Magistrate Judge Robin Rosenbaum, who ruled that due to his ability to forge documents, he was considered a flight risk.[4]

During my journalistic investigation into the HaLeigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases, I was Cc’d emails from a Florida attorney (the same attorney named by Wayanne Kruger) who was corresponding with the mother of missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

Also Cc’d on the emails from the Florida attorney was Rothstein Rosenfeldt & Adler.

On November 6, 2009, the Broward-Palm Beach New Times published ‘Scott Rothstein: The Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton Ploy’

A key question regarding Scott Rothstein’s fraudulent scheme that until now has gone largely unanswered: How did he lure so many rich and powerful locals to pour tens of millions into the estimated billion-dollar Ponzi that imploded last weekend?

One way he did it was by tricking investors into believing that his firm was representing numerous underaged girls who had sex with Palm Beach billionaire and convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, sources have confirmed. On top of that, Rothstein claimed that he had flight logs showing that Epstein flew extremely prominent people, including former President Bill Clinton, on his private jet with some of the plaintiffs.
He told investors that Epstein, Clinton, and other celebrities involved basically had no choice but to settle these cases and that it was a veritable treasure-trove. They then ponied up millions to invest in the settlements, pay out a portion of those settlements to the victims, and pocket the rest.




Note: The group contacted my employer which is a major chain corporation and I received a call from my employer that I could not work until another background check was conducted. The corporation contacted the Polk County, Minnesota Clerk of Courts and learned the claims being made were completely false.


The man that allegedly authored the content above about ‘fucking a child death’ and murdering missing child Trenton Duckett works for a Florida attorney and once demanded I provide him informatiion about my children



  1. Mr. Holseth due to your refusal to stop lying about me and your constant false accusations against me, you are now directly liable for any acts of violence against me due to the content of your social media websites. As of yet, you have NOT reported these threats to ANY law enforcement agency. I have notified both my local law enforcement and the FBI about Malik’s threats and why those threats are being made. If you do not have a lawyer, I suggest you get one that is versed in federal criminal law.


    • Astro says:

      Murt: You are a LIAR. Years ago you claimed to be working with a group to take people like the attorney down. You lied and presented yourself to be on the right side then turned right around and forwarded correspondence. You provided ammo to a vicious group that has targeted many here.

      A while back you seemed giddy at the prospect of traveling to MN to humiliate Tim for the group, Then you found out it was closed to the public.

      Once you were ordered to appear in MN all of a sudden you didn’t have the money to travel there.

      Let’s get this straight – You could cough up the money for travel to possibly humiliate Tim but when ordered there you are suddenly broke?

      No more whining from you about the cost of travel so someone must have assured you they’d take care of your expenses.

      If you want to suck up to one of the most vicious groups this place has seen, so be it, but expect some blowback.

      You are a despicable person playing both sides. Betraying people that once defended your ungrateful self.

      Whatever happens is on you due to your long sordid history here.

      You are a sick and evil person. Instead of being so vocal defending this group and now being one of them, why don’t you go into hiding or something if you are so fearful?

    • Astro says:

      Murt: You are right where you always wanted to be. In with the group you think is so cool. No telling what else you’ve done to reach your current position.

      You are a disgusting human being. You are in with stalkers, bullies, liars, people who played games in a missing child case. You are in with people that cared more about possibly becoming famous by appearing on Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell than anything else.

      Whatever happens to you, I am sure you deserve it. No, I am not talking violence. I am talking legal stuff. I hope you rot along with your new best friends.

      Levi Page is a stalker. Do not create yet another sock account to make a follow attempts.

      • I am not part of any group. Your stream of rants on this article proves that you condone criminal behavior. All the members of the so-called group know how I feel about what has happened over the years. After discussing the matter a great deal of the items posted against me were removed. Most importantly Radio is gone. Once she was exposed as being behind the massive number of troll accounts, she vanished from the internet and a lot of the attacks against Tim stopped.
        I do not care about your little war with Levi Page or anyone else. I care about MY reputation and my reputation only. IF Tim were to start telling the truth I would go away. BUT since he refuses to do so, he leaves me no choice.

        I do not make sock accounts to follow anyone. I do not care what you have in your twitter account since you do not post anything on there anyway.

        You are nothing but a lonely woman who has tacked onto Tim for some weird reason that includes your spat with Kim Levi and whoever else pisses you off.


  2. Astro says:

    Murt: You claim Tim has put you in harms way due to blog content when you have done the same thing. You show no regard for the safety of anyone but yourself and the group you are now in with.

    Two sets of rules.

    • You are a liar, Susan. You know full well that if I saw someone threatening violence against anyone, they would be reported to law enforcement. There are public records that prove just that.

      Why did you turn to Radio by the way?


  3. Astro says:

    Two people once defended now going at each other while the attorney sits back and laughs. Look at you two! WAKE UP!

    • Remarkable isn’t it? I defended Tim and paid a huge price for it. Now, look at the thanks I get. Death threats and false narratives on his blog created by the very people who want to see him unemployed and in jail. How ironic. The material you sent me about him may accomplish the latter.

  4. Astro says:

    Murt: I know how you work. Soon the Aquarian account will question you on certain things which allow you to throw certain people like myself to the wolves.

    Yes. How many times have you had to now announce to Aquarian I supported Tim and Deric? It has gotten old.

    Next you will desperately grab anything you can in an attempt to save your miserable self and have blog material.

    You will lie about an innocent woman that owns a Dominos. You will twist anything you can to save your precious online reputation since this is the only thing you have going.

    I am not going to go back and forth with you online. The real battles are NOT fought on social media but in a courtroom.

    If you, or that excuse for an attorney, or stalkers Levi Page and the rest of your group have a problem with me, take me to court.

  5. Astro says:

    Murt: You picked the wrong side, old man.

  6. Astro says:

    Murt: Are you conveniently forgetting how DJay went to the attorney for help when she was being targeted by Pops?

    Are you also conveniently forgetting that the same attorney claimed a group of people here as hers when she asked DJay, IS IT ONE OF MY PEOPLE?

    You are so transparent it is embarrassing. Observers know who you are now in with and being advised by.

    Why didn’t you include the information for the Suicide Prevention Lifeline when you used a screen shot of that Twitter account?

    Surely you realize the group that once targeted you so viciously has most likely driven at least one person to commit suicide by now.

    Do you honestly think anyone is going to believe Tim created Twitter accounts targeting himself?

    Do you really think people are going to believe Alex Goddard hopped onto an attack account created by Tim to take his own self down?

    Do you really expect people to buy that Tim created an account targeting himself that also features a letter written by stalker Levi Page?


    • Well, at least you are not dead. Susan, I never ever threatened to kill someone and I certainly never stood by and allowed someone to do the same thing. Tim has witnessed a federal crime and has done nothing about it. That makes him criminally liable. You have to remember that all I want is for the false statements against me to stop and to be removed and I will go away. Tim refuses to do that so I have no choice but to protect my reputation.

      The reason you are pissed off at me is because I told you time and again that I do not want to be part of your vendetta. You even turned to Radio who was actively going after Tim.

      To me THAT is evil and despicable.


    • Yes, I am an old man which brings up a legal point. Crimes against the elderly bring with them what is known as aggravating factors which increase the severity of the crime and the ensuing punishment upon conviction.


    • I am forgetting nothing. I am also not forgetting how you kept going into rages and would go away and then come back again. You have some of the most extreme mood swings of anyone I have ever seen.

      As far as Tim faking his own material, I have proof he is doing exactly that. Explain to me how Johnny Cash can be singing to lyrics Tim wrote since he is deceased. Tim has shown time and again that he is capable of using sophisticated software on his various websites. Those examples are on a par to what professionals use. It is therefore easy for Tim to create material attacking himself to convince people like YOU of attacks against him that simply do not exist.


      • Astro says:

        All along I sensed certain people weren’t honest and couldn’t be trusted and time proved me right.

  7. Astro: explain to the world why you turned to the first person ever to attack Tim. Radio was the first person to systematically run a smear campaign against him. At no time did she ever change her mind. It was Radio that first caused you to contact me in the first place.

    One of the primary reasons we parted company was your insistence to see to it that Levi Page could not earn a living. This is something that I cannot condone even if that person is my sworn enemy.

    I will not take part in any effort to deny anyone their right to earn a living be it Levi Tim or anyone else. You and Tim are engaging in efforts to see to it that Levi and others cannot make a living in their chosen fields. That is sick and demented behavior.

    Rather than defend yourself through legal means you turn to what could be criminal actions to accomplish your goals.

    Now you have put yourself in the middle of a criminal action by not speaking out about the criminal actions of Tim Holmseth. You are now an accessory and wil be answerable to law enforcement as well.


    • Astro says:

      My insistence that Levi Page could not earn a living? You are lying yet again. I’ve never once created an account to target Levi or started a petition. Levi is a stalker who won’t leave certain people alone. You refuse to see or believe it.

      You insist on connecting me with Tim even though I simply comment here. We are not in private communication plotting anything so it sounds like you’re the paranoid one.

      As previously stated here: I agree with the FBI in that the Haleigh Cummings case is open. I do NOT like what has been done to Tim Holmseth or his family. I do NOT like what the vicious group you are now in with has done to many.

  8. Astro: I told you a long time ago to start your own blog to air your grievances against those you claim have wronged You Tim and the others. I even helped set one up for you. Instead of taking advantage of my suggestion you ran away. You want others to do what you are not willing to do yourself. You lock up your twitter account but then make rants in your profile for all to see. Then you scream stalking when people call you out after the profile rants conveniently make it to their private message inbox.

    Another strange action of yours is when people try to contact you who are also trying to support Tim. You claim they are stalkers and turn them away.

    I have had a large number of people contact me who said they tried to contact you only to be blocked. You are so wound up in thinking that everyone is out to get you that you turn away people who are taking your side.


    • Astro says:

      Murt: History has shown that no one can be believed or trusted here. If you could do what you did after my defense of you then anyone can.

  9. As for my finances, Tim leaves me no choice.I would rather be using the funds to enjoy my retirement but instead, I have to defend my reputation against some conspiracy theory nut that dragged me into his crazy little world.
    He has put my name into a court filing accusing me of murdering children and being a part of a pedophile ring. That is uttering a false instrument in a legal proceeding which is perjury. He will be going to jail for that. Since I am named in his court filing I can get access to court records that are sealed. Tim should have thought of that before pulling that little stunt.

    Also, his insistence to keep lying about me and his willingness to stand by while someone threatens violence will not sit well with the court. The other party to the legal action will likely use this as evidence against him.

    He faces the possibility of losing even the privilege of unsupervised visits to his son because of the dangerous people he is allowing into the lives of his family due to his demented conduct.

    Tim had a choice. He could have left me OUT of his crazy little world but like the idiot, he is he decided to put me right smack in the middle of it. Now he will suffer the consequences of doing so.


  10. Astro:
    Speaking of frauds. Why did you create or allow to be created the hoax that you were dead? When this stunt was exposed you sat by and said nothing. You changed your Twitter account to “Keeper of the name” in order to make people think the death claim about you was true.

    You apparently forgot that this is a claim that could easily be checked and it was. You were exposed within hours of the hoax being published and sent to me.

    To pull a stunt like that or allow it to be done is an example of someone with serious mental issues. You need help so go and get it.


    • Astro says:

      If I need help after being viciously targeted for 8 years so be it. I’d say some of your friends doing the things they did are the ones that need the help.

      I don’t like you, Murt. You are one of the worst types here presenting yourself to be a good, helpful person all the while stabbing a one time supporter in the back. Yes, you are one of the worst types encountered here.

      No one was trying to prevent Levi from earning a living, so save it. Levi Page is a stalker that won’t leave people alone.

      It is due to people like you and Gracie that trust for anyone here is gone. You put out all sorts of things with no thought to possible repercussions for anyone, innocent people included.

      If something bad does happen to you, it will be a shame but you are not a nice person at all.

  11. Astro says:

    Murt: Has it ever occurred to you that more than one person might have the same name you associate with the Astro account?

    We all know you don’t care about anything or anyone but yourself. You have put innocent people in harms way time and time again.

    Of course you don’t care that the group you are now in with consists of stalkers and a felon.

    You go on about how you once defended Tim all the while ignoring what you have done to people that once defended yourself.

    I am not condoning violence but can easily see how it could happen with people like you and others running wild here.

    • Oh, so you are saying that it is a multi user account that more than one person has access to? Is Radio one of those who has access to that account? You once denied that, remember? Why then did you allow the hoax and not come out and deny it?

      Also if it is a multi-user account, why put it in private? That status quickly puts the stalker claim to rest since more than one person writes on it.

      It is also a clear indication that the account is a fraud since it implied that ONE PERSON operated the account and one person only.


      • Astro says:

        Murt: What I am saying is that more than one person has the name you associate with the Twitter account.

        Rot in hell, old man.

    • Speaking of felons. Have you checked out Tim’s criminal background? He does not have a clean record and because of his current activities, he may have more felonies on his record.

      Then perhaps you can donate to HIS commissary fund.

      Speaking of convicted felons. Your association with Deric Lostutter did not turn out so well, did it? Look at where he is right now.


      • Astro says:

        One of the biggest mistakes made here is defending underdogs being targeted by the vicious group you are now a part of.

  12. Astro says:

    Murt: I knew it wouldn’t take you long to pick up on the comments here and you proved me right. If anyone innocent gets harmed, it will come back on you.

    You are a disgusting human being that wants to play by two sets of rules. For years you were viciously attacked here and got support from others. You lied about working with a decent group of people to put a stop to things.

    You have a lot of nerve complaining about how you once defended Tim when you have done the same thing you accuse him of.

    You are in with the attorney and she is advising you. You are part of her group now. You did underhanded things to reach your current position, so enjoy it.

    When will the Aquarian account be along so you can throw people to the wolves? At this point in time, I don’t give a rats ass what happens to you or anyone else in your little group.

    You all have a LONG history of viciously attacking others here for whatever reason suits you.

    A person that follows one missing child case should not be targeted for 8 years due to not agreeing with people like the attorney and Levi Page.

    Why don’t you suggest the attorney and Levi Page stalk and harass the FBI since they consider the Haleigh Cummings case open?

    • Astro. Did you think that I was going to let you rant unanswered? I have investigated thoroughly the accusations you and Tim have made and they are false. Nobody you have made accusations against has engaged in criminal behavior. Have they engaged in inappropriate actions at times? Yes and I have made my opinions known to all of them.
      Noone you and Tim have accused is advised me of anything. I am not working with any of them. I am working by myself plus some people who are outside of the dispute to get the truth out there.

      If what you are saying is true then go to the FBI or other law enforcement or write a blog.

      The court order against Tim does NOT apply to you. You can name names until you are blue in the face.


      • Astro says:

        Murt: I can assure you of this – Law Enforcement is well aware of what is going on here and has been for some time.

  13. Astro says:

    Murt: There are NO good guys here. Tell your little friends that also pretend to be decent that play under all of their here one day done the next accounts that they don’t interest me one bit. They can save it.

    • You are welcome to tell Tim Holmseth the exact same thing. He is falsely accusing me of murdering children, being a pedophile and being involved in child trafficking rings. Because of these accusations, my safety is being placed at risk.

      If something happens to me both you and Tim will have blood on your hands.


      • Astro says:

        Your safety is not on my hands old man. Don’t even try that with me. According to you, Tim did speak up against the threat and you even blogged about it. Stop lying.

        You are the person who has put people in harms way more than once for followers and blog hits. Time and time again you and your little group of stalker friends were told there was no connection whatsoever with a pizza place but you all persisted.

        I guess you’re conveniently blind to all the things Alex Goddard has tweeted that could be taken as threats. Go to hell you old fool.

        Funny how you are no longer whining about not having the money to travel to MN.

        You were all excited at the thought of going there to humiliate Tim and win favor with the group. Once you were ordered to appear, you all of a sudden were poor.

        You are a liar. All of the Mean Girls seem to have backed off from supporting you with the exception of Alex Goddard.

        Who will you attempt to sue next week Murt? What innocent person do you plan to target next with no concern for their safety? Yes. We know. You don’t care about anyone but your own selfish self.

        I knew you would attempt to drag me into things by your first blog. You are an evil old man and I hope you rot in hell.

      • Astro says:

        If anything happens to you it will be due to your long sordid history here. It will be due to things you yourself have done in the past. Isn’t it time for you to call the attorney for advice? Isn’t stalking against the law, Murt?

  14. Astro says:

    Murt: There is no interest in working anything out with anyone here. If you or the attorney or stalker Levi Page or Alex Goddard or anyone has a problem, take me to court. I have no use for any of you.

    It is a shame you can’t find better blog material than to harass me. You are less than zero.

    • Astro says:

      Murt: You are the one with mental problems to turn on a one time defender and turn correspondence over to others.

      You have put innocent people in harms way time and time again for the sake of followers and blog hits.

      I guess you are afraid after all you have done over the years.

      • BY your comment you are also saying the same thing about Tim since he has done the same thing. He has been attacking me for years. I remain silent for years until he went and gave false information to law enforcement.

        That was the last straw. Now, because of him, I have some nut case sending me death threats.

        You are not out for any truth. You are out for some kind of vendetta against people who have committed no crimes.


    • It is you that should be taking people to court. But you will not because you know you would lose. You can rant forever but your actions speak volumes.

      You are another nutcase that goes around making false accusations and then does not follow through.


      • Astro says:

        Oh, shut up and find someone else to harass.

      • Astro says:

        I still have some faith in law enforcement, Murt so there is no need for me to take anyone to civil court. Well, I guess it depends on who you ask as to whether I am a nutcase or not.

        Thankfully it is NOT up to people like you, the attorney, Levi Page or Alex Goddard to decide.

        I really wish you, and your friends, the attorney, Levi Page, Alex Goddard and the here one day gone the next pretend to be good people sock accounts would leave me alone.

        It really isn’t that difficult.

  15. Astro says:

    Murt: I find it hard to believe anyone decent would confide in you about anything. Sure, I could be wrong, but, I have no use for any of you.

    Again, please tell all of your little friends that pretend to be good people that play here under all of their here one day sock accounts that I have no interest in anything they have to say.

    Hopefully the laws will catch up one day so there will be protection from your new friends, stalker Levi Page and Alex Goddard.

    Now, please leave my name out of things.

    • You name is not going to be left out of anything Susan as long as you continue YOUR false accusations against me. You are just as guilty of false accusations against me as Tim is. Your name is in my most recent filing with law enforcement as a material witness to his actions.

      As for the others you named, they do not care about Tim or you. They are completely ignoring the both of you.


      • Astro says:

        Murt: Commenting here does not equal agreeing with everything Tim has said or done. I don’t recall ever calling you a pedophile or saying you had anything to do with the murder of any children.

        You started this again with me by using me yet again for blog material. Do you really think your threats scare me one bit after everything I’ve already been through here?

        You are a miserable old man sucking up to some of the nastiest people that have ever hit this place. I never once tried to keep Levi from obtaining employment. If he hasn’t maybe he just doesn’t have the talent and shouldn’t stalk and harass people that aren’t members of his fan club.

        Alex Goddard isn’t ignoring a thing and made a comment about a pizza bitch not too long ago. You are an insane old fool who has time and time again put innocent people in harm’s way.

        For years, you have talked about suing this one and that one. You wanted to sue Alex and Michelle. Then you claimed to have the attorney against the wall, blah, blah, blah.

        There was no vendetta on my part only a hope that the vicious pack of animals you are now in with might someday be held accountable for their online antics of stalking – harassment – impersonation – etc.

        No one on my end is harassing your followers so save it you lying Drama Queen.

    • Hello, Susan. YOU are the one who started posting here. Your comments are the first five in this thread. Do not come up with this malarky about leaving your name out of things when it is you that put yourself smack in the middle of all of this.


  16. You will not go to civil court because you would lose. That is a fact. All this ranting is nothing more than to garner attention to yourself. You latch onto a pizza delivery driver who dispenses fake news because he has the same enemies you have. You speak no truth. You only speak nonsense.


    • Astro says:

      It has NEVER been my interest to go to civil court and I’ve been very clear on that. If crimes have been committed people need to face criminal charges.

      Keep lying and covering for the pack of criminals you are now in with.

  17. Mr Holmseth. Where is your proof that I ever stated that I knew the fate of Haleigh Cummings or any other missing child for that matter? It is YOU that claim to know the fate of ALL of these children.


    • Astro says:

      Murt: It didn’t take long for the attorney to show up to favorite your tweets. How reassuring that must be for you.

      No one on my end is obsessed with Levi Page. Proof exists that he is the stalker and made yet another recent follow attempt when he knows there is no interest in him whatsoever.

      Let me guess the death matter was solved in a few hours by one of you maniacs calling an innocent woman’s place of employment.

      Are you aware that a false RipOff Report was submitted on this woman and her business. Smells of Alex Goddard.

      Why did your new troublemaking friend delete all of her tweets to you? I wasn’t referring to that sock account at all. It seems fear and paranoia are present in your group.

      If you think Law Enforcement is unaware of what has been going on here you are sadly mistaken.

      Remember Murt, please make sure you even have the correct person before filing reports.

  18. ridiculous says:

    Bill, get your head out of the so florida attorneys ass and see. Can’t a self proclaimed super dooper attorney take care of her own internet problems? What would she possibly need the peon brigade for if not to enjoy the drama?

  19. Astro says:

    Murt: Let me repeat this for you: Law Enforcement is well aware of what is going on here and has been for quite some time.

    Your threats don’t scare me one bit.

  20. DiamondInTheRough says:

    Timothy is attacking a man raising funds for Hurricane victims! How low can this POS go?

    He has always been jealous of Jeremiah Regan’s kind, generous spirit and has attacked him for almost a decade.

    Jeremiah and a legal team were compiling paperwork to the submit to a judge to get an injunction against Holmseth but Jeremiah decided to spend his money to help victims.

    If Holmseth had an ounce of decency inside of him he would leave Jeremiah alone!!

  21. Astro says:

    Murt: Why did your new little sock friend delete the tweets about once having a blog or forum for missing children? I wasn’t referring to her at all.

    It seems fear and paranoia run rampant in your little group. Once again, people with clean hands do not need to monitor the activities of others.

    People that haven’t done anything wrong are busy living their lives and not viciously targeting others.

    Many suspect you are being used Murt and will be discarded once the group is done using you.

    Levi Page is a stalker. Nothing you do or say will change that Murt.

  22. ridiculous says:

    I have made three comments on Bill’s blog and he refuses to allow them in. I said he is dancing in the flames around a mental breakdown and he is. Bill has become the biggest fruit loop on the internet reposting the posts from this blog. Bill is a bullhorn for kp and th.

    • The comments were approved and now on the blog. You do not seem to know how blogs work. I get hundreds of spam messages sent to me and it takes time to weed through them all. I also have no legal obligation to approve any comment. It is my blog. What I find strange is your need to comment there in the first place but no problem with that. I have given up trying to talk sense into you people so I will likely no longer comment here or even read his tripe. I have a life to live and I am going to go live it so good riddance to all of you.

  23. Astro says:

    Dimbo: Go spend some time with your kids if they are still at home. Stop using this place as your personal playground to sooth your ego and act like everyone wants you. You are a disgrace to the profession and should have been kicked out long ago.

    Murt: If you expect anyone in the know to believe that Radio was behind all of the sock accounts over the years, especially ones that carried on in a sleazy manner you are sadly mistaken.

    Keep sucking up to that vicious pack of animals and we’ll see how things turn out for you.

    • Kris says:

      I knew all of you players way back in the Haleigh Cummings case as did many. I saw a lot of the sock activity that went down and agree it wasn’t Radio. I thought it was Levi supported by REDACTED. Most agreed with me. Both had different reasons to pretend to be friends with her while keeping secret hardons for her Whole thing was sad.

    • So you are admitting to being behind the sock accounts/??? Interesting revelation.

  24. Astro says:

    Dimbo: What happened to the child Kristina Prevatt aka NayNay had with that guy, what was his name, Donnie Spells? I seem to remember you becoming involved in things where the baby was concerned.

    What happened to the records concerning financial donations to the Haleigh Bug place that you had Jeremiah running? I’m sure people that donated would love to know where the money went.

    It all seems so vague to me.

    • Astro says:

      Dimbo: Did some of the money go towards supporting the circus you took to Haleigh’s town? Did it go towards cosmetic surgery? Seriously. Whatever happened to all the money the B’s allegedly advanced you so you were able to rent lodging and take care of other things when you took the circus to Haleigh’s town?

  25. Astro says:

    Dimbo: Did you have a hand in any custody matters concerning Kristina Prevatt and Donnie Spells or whoever the father was?

  26. Astro says:

    Dimbo: Seriously. Whatever happened to the baby NayNay had?

  27. ridiculous says:

    Weeble Page of questionable character plus a disturbed.young man. Odious

  28. Gay Sleuth says:

    Is Bingo Levi the same guy who wears the varsity style sweater with initials K.I.M. on the back?

  29. Astro says:

    Tim: Thank you for allowing me to comment here. I stand behind everything. I refuse to comment at Murt’s blog due to not trusting him. I blocked these thugs back in 2015 but they kept on creating countless sock accounts. Things got so bad I eventually locked my account.

    These thugs targeted an innocent woman under the belief it was me. I used my Bio repeatedly to tell them they had the wrong person. Eventually I commented over here in an attempt to set things straight.

    Thanks again for allowing me to comment here. I do not like what has been done to followers of the Haleigh Cummings case that haven’t agreed with what the attorney and Levi Page have tried to shove down their throats since 2009.

    The FBI considers the Haleigh case open. That is good enough for me. No idea what these thugs are up to but am sure it is no good at all. They are paranoid and monitor anyone that disagrees with them.

    Murt: Deep down I knew you couldn’t be trusted even when you urged me to set up my own blog. I always knew you and a few others were off in some way which explains some of my back and forth.

    You sold your soul long ago to be in with this group of thugs. You want to ignore the vicious behavior of people like the attorney, Levi and Alex while screaming about safety for yourself and them.

    I forgave you once after you stabbed me in the back in 2012. I went on to defend you when this vicious pack of animals seemed like they were going to bully you to death. You betrayed me a second time by turning over correspondence giving these animals ammunition. You lied saying I was out to keep Levi from being employed when nothing could be further from the truth.

    You along with others were forwarded the countless sock attacks and other documentation indicating the trouble on my account. I guess you decided while I was being bombarded with crap from them I was also busy keeping Levi from being employed.

    If Levi is having trouble getting a job in his chosen field he has no one to blame but himself. He has stalked and harassed many over the years here and is not a nice person. Also, more importantly, maybe he just doesn’t have the talent to cut it in that field.

    You are a liar. No one that matters will ever trust you. No idea why you even bring Radio’s name into anything. Lame damage control attempt for the attorney. You even wrote an article about her being behind sock accounts then pulled it for some reason.

    Radio spoke up and told the truth about that psychotic attorney you are now chummy with. Many years ago, you and other followers of the Caylee case followed Radio while others were at war with her. You conveniently ignored all of that in the hopes of gaining followers and online popularity.

    You are a lightweight. Make sure you know who I really am you pathetic backstabbing lying fame whoring sellout.


    Tim: Thanks again. I am sorry for what you and your family have done through.

  30. I will probably no longer comment here. No point in doing so. I am going to change the subject line on my blog as well. Time to change things. Bye, all.


    • Astro says:

      Murt; You need to come to your senses. You are being used. Radio spoke up and told the truth THEN she was targeted. I don’t want to see physical harm come to anyone here whether I like them or not. I don’t want to see the vicious pack of animals you are now so chummy with bully anyone to death.

  31. Astro says:

    Murt: I am sure that at least one person has records of ALL activity that has occurred over the years here. Remember how you were able to provide a ss when Alex lied and denied even knowing who @EOS_03 was?

    The group you’re in with will turn on you when you are no longer useful. Will anyone care enough to speak up on your behalf when it happens? I highly doubt it.

    Your evening was most likely spent running scared to the attorney who then promptly showed up here to favorite some of your things under her so called professional account.

    Radio was not behind all sock activity which to this day is still occurring.

    Tim would not have created accounts to attack himself and Alex Goddard wouldn’t have attached herself to them.

    Tim would not have created accounts to attack himself then tweeted out a letter Levi Page wrote.

    Tim would not have created accounts to attack himself which then tried to follow my account.

    Are you being blackmailed in some way, Murt? Did the group get some dirt on you?

    I defended both you and Tim against these thugs and now you two are going at it while the attorney sits back and laughs.

  32. Astro says:

    Murt: You need to WAKE UP!!!

  33. Astro says:

    Murt: Tim did NOT create this account – https://twitter.com/Decimate_TimH

  34. DiamondInTheRough says:

    Astro: go find a young man to dick you down. You need to get laid. Have a good steamy sweaty sex session and you will no longer be frustrated!

    • Mel says:

      Another lonely weekend?

    • Astro says:

      Dimbo: What happened to the money donated to the HaleighBug place and Kristina Prevatt’s baby?

    • Astro says:

      Your act is so old and has gone on for so long you can’t hide no matter what name you use.

      Why don’t you contact the FBI and let them know that you and Levi Page solved the Haleigh Cummings case?

      I’m sure the FBI would love to hear from both of you.

      Be sure to let them know how dedicated you’ve both been since 2009.

      Tell them how you are so certain you’ve solved the case that you’ve enlisted an army of sock accounts and people like Alex Goddard to help along the way.

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