FLORIDA DIVORCE judge grants domestic violence protection order against MINNESOTA author to stop sales of book exposing child sex traffickers – parties in the 2011 case were strangers

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 23, 2017, 12:47 P.M. CST






  1. Astro says:

    Yes, it is rather odd that two people working together in the state of Florida, have been able to obtain protective orders against a man in the state of MN that they have never even met.

    It seems a bit backwards to me since it is others that are in need of protection from both of them!

  2. Astro says:

    Where is Murt? Flying around on the attorney’s dime going after innocent people in real life now?

  3. DiamondInTheRough says:

    Astro: go get laid! When is the last time you got some dick?

  4. What I find odd is that people believe a pizza delivery driver is going to solve one of the most complex crime mysteries in the United States all by his little self.


    • Mel says:

      Simple. 2+2=4

    • Astro says:

      Murt:: I hope the innocent woman you have decided is me goes after all of you with the help of corporate.

      Dimbo is falling apart and will most likely demand you turn out even more lies at your place.

      Don’t forget, just as you were able to provide ss proving
      Alex Goddard lied when she denied even knowing who
      EOS was – I’m sure at least one person has ss of the role you played in the PoisonousTree stunt.

      • Mel says:

        These cretins chase people on rl streets?

      • Oh, so you are saying that the Astro account is not owned by Susan Earman? Interesting. That means that any twitter account may not be owned by the person whose name appears on it. That would mean that the tweets Tim posted from a certain Twitter account may not be me and thus he is doing the same thing you accused me of.

    • Astro says:

      No, Murt. What is odd is the fact that you seem so paranoid. People with clean hands do not have a need to monitor others like you and your little group do.

      I can smell the fear from here.

      • Oh really? That might explain why the Astro feels it necessary to monitor the Murtwitnessone account and direct message people who follow it. The Astro account feels it necessary to monitor accounts it is blocked from. Interesting


  5. Astro says:

    Cobra traveled to MN at least once in the early days of the case and no telling what Murt is now up to.

    • Funny Tim has never mentioned this.


      • Mel says:

        Groundhog Day

      • Astro says:

        Oh, it has been mentioned and just goes to show that you do not know all that went on. Back then you were most likely busy cruising around in your news van trying to gain followers and blog hits.

        The group you claim to be working with to get to the truth? Would that group be like the one consisting of an attorney that was helping you shut these thugs down?

        You have no idea what followers of this case have gone through, just like I have no idea what followers of the Caylee Anthony case went through.

        No one that matters will ever believe or trust you.

  6. Mel says:

    Habits such as chasing people on rl streets leave many well defined rodent trails.

    • Astro says:

      I’ll keep showing up here to slap you and your lies down every chance I get, old man.

    • ridiculous says:

      You are 200 percent right about Bill being Groundhog Day. He is back to reposting this blogs posts and about this person who owns this blog when he promised he would stop and move on. I don’t know what happened to him but he is gone, gone, gone in the head.

  7. Astro says:

    Murt: No one is sending DM’s to your followers. You, Alex Goddard, Holly Briley and Lynda Abbott have targeted an innocent woman.

    You are a lying, squirming fool.

  8. Astro says:

    Murt: I don’t know what kind of trouble you may have gotten yourself into, but, you really need to stop lying.

  9. ridiculous says:

    Bill has lost his marbles. every last one. no hope left. i am so upset. his blog has become a complete 0!

  10. ridiculous says:

    I not commenting on your blog anymore BILL.

  11. ridiculous says:

    Won’t ever look at it again and i won’t be the only person doing that BILL.

  12. Astro says:

    Murt: I’ve seen you, Alex Goddard, Holly Briley and Lynda Abbott target an innocent woman. It is bad enough that you target anyone, but, to go after an innocent woman when you have all been told repeatedly that you have the wrong person is proof of the insanity within your group.

    You really need to stop lying to get yourself out of whatever mess you’re in.

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