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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 28, 2017, 6:22 P.M. CST

Dear Friends,

Last night somebody used a knife to stab five holes into the tire of my car.

The message was ‘next time’ it will be you.

No biggie – Thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil; for thou art with me.

Here’s what’s going on.

I, Timothy Charles Holmseth, hold the key to showing the public what actually led to the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony and the mysterious vanishings of many, many other children.

The scum involved know their time is short.

There is a court hearing scheduled for December 13, 2017 at the Polk County Justice Center in Crookston, Minnesota. I am exposing their operation – I am blowing it out of the water. It is filed in Minnesota because a shadow government operation was deployed against my children by Minnesota law enforcement and government officials which has now been completely exposed.

I possess audio evidence, which I received in the mail from a federal agent that has never been heard by the public. I cannot publish the audio or I will be arrested per a shadow government court order issued by a Florida judge, which is being enforced by shadow government operatives in Polk County, Minnesota.

The monsters that are implicated know I have the audio.

If you’re new to me you can use this link (below) as a starter if want you know what’s REALLY going on with Casey Anthony and other cases.

Suffice – nearly everything you ever saw on TV about Casey Anthony was borderline fake news – I have the real story – I am not playing games.

Anxiety growing that Casey Anthony is going to tell the truth about the murder of Caylee Anthony – Wayanne Kruger holds the key- illegal adoptions gone wrong
by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 27, 2017, 10:15 P.M. CST

I am a (former) award winning news reporter that interviewed key figures in a national profile kidnapping case – the people I interviewed turned out to be child sex traffickers.

In 2009, the shadow government operating in the United States targeted me after I began assisting the FBI with information I obtained during journalistic interviews with key figures involved in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping and Casey Anthony murder trial.

During RECORDED interview I learned the names, addresses, players, methods, and tactics of an organization operated by rogue CIA, FBI, law enforcement, Child Protective Services, high ranking public officials (e.g. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi) and military operatives involved in illegal adoption schemes, international baby sales, child pornography, and drug trafficking.


  • My children have been threatened and sexually harassed by a pedophile army
  • My daughter was threatened that her unborn baby would be kidnapped if her dad did not remove his websites
  • I have been threatened with death, rape, and mutilation
  • Mt elderly parents have been harassed
  • My employers have been harassed (very well documented)
  • I have been fired from many jobs due the operation against me
  • I have been stalked at work by police vehicles that sit and ominously watch me
  • I have been run off the road
  • I was raided by the Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force who stormed my home-office in bullet proof vests and seized by computer and destroyed the hard-drive (failed attempt to destroy my files – I had back-ups)
  • Countless websites are published defaming me and my children
  • My children go without birthday presents
  • I have not seen my aging parents in a very long time because I cannot afford to travel
  • I rarely see my beautiful grand daughter because I am broke and cannot afford to travel
  • My car was broken into and the dome light fixture was broken out (likely a failed attempt to plant narcotics)
  • On October 28, 2017 I once again found my vehicle damaged. Somebody punctured my tire with a knife.

I am running out of ways to keep paying for damage to my property.

I have invested thousands of hours into exposing the Luciferian pedophile army that is kidnapping, selling, torturing, and murdering our babies.

Honestly – I don’t even care about money but I have bills that must be paid to keep going.

I am humbly asking you to examine my work-product and consider making a donation (any amount you choose) to me via Pay Pal if you feel I have worked for it.


God bless,
Timothy Charles Holmseth

“…anyone can do anything if they hold the right cards – so I’m thinking about my life now – now – I’m thinking very hard”
-The Who / It’s Hard














1:10 Seconds “Does it have anything to do with the pictures of HaLeigh’s vagina that you have?”












  1. DiamondInTheRough says:

    Maybe if you sent time with your children and family instead of this shit, you would not be doing through this. Stop whining and pack it in. Maybe things will change if you stop your shit?


    • Richard says:

      This is a very telling comment isn’t it?

      You need to be looked into, reported, investigated. Dropped a dime?

      You shallow sickly lawyer freak, KP, are disgusting. Even though that smells like girly punk Page, It’s done in your name and you are responsible.

    • Mel says:

      You like to fight with Tim and harass him, but are you aware there are thousands of people in this country who believe the same premise he does? They believe in the kidnapping and selling of babies and children. His blog is about certain cases. They are into other cases, but the belief is the same.

      He reads theirs. They read his.

      May I suggest it is you, Girly Boy, who needs to spend time with your family instead of this “shit” so you are not constantly being blasted out to a large population of people.

      You need to pack it in and stop playing hero. You aren’t very good at it and haven’t fooled anyone for years. She hasn’t either.

    • Tim is pulling a fast one. Take a real close look at that picture. His fraud is obvious. Anyone who sent him money is an idiot.


  2. They exist in a very small echo chamber. They comfort one another. But they know the truth about themselves and it is terrifying. Their desires were sophomoric. Their emotional development was stunted. The end is coming. Their dreams are dead. There is no starting over.

    • Where is the police report, Tim? Where did this happen, your apartment? At Domino’s? Where? Details Tim give out the details.

      The next time you pull a stunt like this, be certain that a car dealer does not read it and spot your scam.


      • Mel says:

        I asked a friend who owns a franchise for a tire business to look at the picture this morning. Tires are the majority of the business he does.

        He said he couldn’t tell from the picture. If a tire man can’t tell it means neither can you.

        Car dealers kick the tires and that’s all you have done. Kicking someone when they are down is what you do isn’t it?

    • Richard says:

      Well said. A failed attorney accompanied by a girly punk. Quite the team.

  3. Richard says:

    The thread has been spammed as expected.

    • Mel says:


    • ridiculous says:

      Bill has done this for years an is all he knows how to do. don’t expect him to stop. I see he didnt spam last night because he had his shawnio trick up.Now hes playing more games to save the lot lizard lawyer from being talked about. BILL is in full mode mental break up.

  4. Richard says:

    Pot calls kettle black. Attempt to solicit readers is amusing. For lack of anything else you do have amusing going for you.

  5. Richard: Remember that it was Holmseth who got my attention through his ongoing smear campaign against me. He has been lying about me since at least 2013 and even earlier than that. He is the one who started all of this.


    • Richard says:

      Tim doesn’t seem to remember it that way. Maybe he will enlighten us yet again as to how you got involved with him. I recall it’s interesting. That’s up to him.

  6. His blog is the record. His articles go back to at least 2013 when he claims to have notified law enforcement of his accusation that I murdered children and was involved in #pedogate.


  7. Mel says:

    He’ll be back in 12 hours to spam the thread.

    • Richard says:

      Get out tissues to wipe “boogers” off the thread. This “booger eater” has a mouthful to expel. He’s best ignored.

      • Richard says:

        Adding to this: normal people don’t act the way he does with the slithering after hours. Cowardice blooms in the dark.

  8. Richard says:

    “William” is on Tim’s Facebook page fighting with a group of women about the tire. He’s losing. I thought he couldn’t get more amusing than he is here. I was wrong.

  9. DiamondInTheRough says:

    Only an insane person would send money to a pedophile like Timothy Holmseth.

  10. Mel says:

    If Page and Groundhog Day were to get ro’s, which would solve a major problem for both, it has been made known to them they would no longer be of use in the harassment and stalking of Tim, his family, his employer.

    Willingness to be used in this way is more than strange. Both of you are deeply disturbed.

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