I, Timothy Charles Holmseth, possess secret audio that reveals the secret TRUTH about the Casey Anthony trial and black market baby sales – so now the pedophile army slashed my tire

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Listen to audio of Timothy Holmseth with East Grand Forks Police

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 28, 2017, 7:52 P.M. CST

Yesterday I reported that somebody slashed the tire on my car and finally asked for financial help because its becoming overwhelming for my family.

William Murtaugh, an acting media agent for an attorney in Florida, subsequently dedicated most all of his time to publishing false information on the Web – claiming that I am lying about the incident.

To understand what motivates Murtaugh you should read this DISTURBING article.

Murtaugh, in 2008, drew the attention of law enforcement and TV news in Florida because he publically claimed he knew the abductor of a missing child named Trenton Duckett. He would later become involved with the search for slain toddler Caylee Anthony and missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

Murtaugh, a former car dealer, purchased an old news van so he could follow police investigators around and watch what they were doing during the searches for the children (remember how convicted murderer Scott Peterson sat in his truck and watched law enforcement drag the bay for Laci Peterson’s body).

When I became journalistically involved in the Anthony and Cummings cases, creepy Murtaugh emailed me and asked sexual questions about my minor children based upon an ‘investigation’ he said he was doing with a man named Levi Page and an attorney from Florida.

I filed a Motion in July, 2017 in the Minnesota District Court (hearing schedules for December 13, 2017) and named individuals I believe are associated with the criminal child trafficking operation. Since that time Murtaugh has published 50-60 articles about me (I lost count).

Murtaugh claims:

  • That my journalistic interviews with witnesses in the Caylee Anthony and HaLeigh Cummings cases are fake/fabricated. He says I manufactured the interviews with high tech software to create people voices talking to me so I could implicate innocent people (what’s real strange is I never even spoke to Murtaugh).
  • Murtaugh claims I telephone myself with a voice changer and make threats against myself.
  • Murtaugh claims I did not make a police report regarding the recent vandalism of my car and has published a full article entitled “Tiregate” saying I fabricated the whole event to trick people into giving me money.

I have not yet obtained a copy of the police report I filed.

Here is audio:

“…anyone can do anything if they hold the right cards – so I’m thinking about my life now – now – I’m thinking very hard”
-The Who / It’s Hard


  1. Richard says:

    Good job exposing Murtaugh brother. Sure you have more in your stash. He’s a buffoon. A tragic buffoon.

  2. Richard says:

    Murtaugh owns a long history of having his nose in places it doesn’t belong getting burned every time. Yet he doesn’t learn. The depravity is both shocking and disgusting.

    • ridiculous says:

      Oh Bill has always had his nose in someones business. You should have seen his nuttiness back in Caylee an attention seeker nonstop. Duckett was worse.

      • There is a REASON William Murtaugh was obsessed with those cases. William Murtaugh wants people to believe he’s ‘nutty’ because ‘nutty’ is not a crime. In my opinion, he was/is worried about ACTUAL crimes he committed.

      • Ridiculous says:

        Tim you could be right on that because people have always thought the same way you do on crimes by Bill.

  3. Shawnio says:

    Is Murt still at it? Does he still do webcasts in his underwear?

    Murt is a asshole and he will never change.

  4. Shawnio says:

    Murt had ties to Putnam County, FL.

  5. ridiculous says:

    Here is BILL pretending to be his mortal enemy shawnio. how crazy are you going to get BILL. if this doesnt take the cake nothing does. Take a break BILL. See a doctor.

  6. I Guess people forgot that Tim has named Radio as someone who may have kidnapped Haleigh. She is still a suspect of his. Now that her name has been made public, perhaps he will file a police report on her.

    • Ridiculous says:

      Bill that would be so funny in ways your little mind can’t grasp specially if he said he got the name from your blog. this will have me laughing all day.

  7. Missed_Q says:

    Dirty cops are everywhere. http://abc7chicago.com/event-marks-10-years-since-stacy-peterson-disappeared-raises-money-for-search/2581814/

    I wonder if Drew Peterson was involved in the baby selling and transportation of children into seedy cities like Chicago and when Stacy discovered he killed her?

    This goes deep!

  8. Missed_Q says:

    Seems like Shawnio and Murt have a connection of some sorts and then a falling out. I imagine it has to do with William Murtaugh’s sick activities in the Trenton Duckett and Caylee Anthony disappearance/death cases.

    So many seedy characters. When I think about their possible motivations for inserting themselves into these cases it makes me sick to my stomach.

    There are a lot of perverts out there and they do not want to be exposed. I see this website is targeted and it all means that you are close to the truth and have hit a sore spot.

    Their reptilian ways are showing!!

  9. Missed_Q says:

    Timothy: is there another way I can help you besides PayPal?????

  10. Mel says:

    Groundhog Day a.k.a. “Murt” didn’t spam the blog in the wee hours this morning. How nice. Big improvement.

    Welcome to the new poster. @Missed_Q

    This could prove to be an interesting week.

  11. It is abundantly clear that you folks do not wish to seek the truth. You will take everything Tim claims on blind faith and without question. Feel free to do so. I have better things to do than argue with lemmings going off a cliff.

  12. And do not worry about me “spamming” this blog. Since my comments are unwelcome, I will no longer comment here.


    • Missed_Q says:

      You are a PIG. Hanging with the likes of Shawnio. What dirty devious business deal did you two have that fell through?

      People are catching on to your act and what you are really all about William!! You make me sick!!

      • Mel says:

        He’ll be here tonight or very early AM to claim he is a victim of Shawnio. He runs with a failed female attorney in So. Florida who has a few scams under her belt, so they make a fine pair.

        This attorney was involved in the Haleigh Cummings case. She rep’d the mother, Crystal Sheffield. Got a bar complaint for incompetent work. The attorney got an ro against Tim, so her name can’t be posted here. She’s also known by her initials KP. We can post those. On top of all that she’s a whiny type.

      • Shawonio is and always was an enemy of mine. He is a bully of the worst order and deserved more punishment than he got. Tim should be fortunate he is not around because he would make matters extremely bad for him. This is the kind of person Shaun McQuaid is.


  13. Missed_Q says:

    William, why don’t you address your scams. You told many people you were going to have a park bench or Bill board in honor of raising awareness of missing children and you pocketed the donations!!

    Don’t think I suffer from memory loss!!! I have an exquisite memory.

    • Mel says:

      He would suck coins out of people’s pants pockets and purses if he could get his mouth close enough, yet he sees someone he doesn’t like accepting donations for any reason he starts his donation shaming.

    • Mel says:

      A commenter named Astro knows everything about her. Maybe she will fill you in.

      • As a matter of fact, Astro knows about this because I discussed it at length with her. SHe will also not tell the truth as she has lied about me over and over again for years.


    • Timothy Charles Holmseth says:

      If you have any documentation or record of William Murtaugh’s claims about a park bench etc. please send it to me – I’d like to have that. Thanks, Tim.

    • Well, your memory needs improvement. First the billboard. I arranged with the printer for any funds for it would be sent directly to them and not to me. I would then take the banner and hang it on the sign at my dealership in Ocala. The members of the Lake County Crew came out against it. Around that same time Kindfinders arrived with their mobile sign making my idea obsolete so I quit. Not one dime was raised other than the $100.00 deposit I put down out of my pocket.

      Now for the Bench. I had not wanted to get involved but the members of the room insisted. Two administrators ran the drive and again the funds were sent directly to the Mount Dora parks department to pay for it.

      Once again, those against this effort sprang into action and contacted the committee that approves bench applications.
      The approval that had already been granted was rescinded and the deposits were returned to me since it would not be practical for the City to send the funds to the over 30 members who had contributed.

      After a discussion on my Paltalk page, it was decided that the funds would be instead given to the Cummings family to help pay for the searches. One person requested a direct refund which was made and the other person decided to have her donation sent to a Florida woman who rescued dogs.

      When I arrived in Samsula, I turned over the funds to the woman from the Putnam Sheriff’s department to give to the family. It had been decided by the Cummings family that the funds be turned over to Texas Equusearch.

      What was strange is that when this was disputed by the haters, The Texas Equusearch rep confirmed they got the funds. She was attacked by the haters for doing so.

      Because of this strange behavior, I will never ever be involved in any kind of fund drive again no matter how worthy the cause.


  14. In closing, I thought you people did not want me making comments here. Please make up your damn minds.


    • Missed_Q says:

      Murt you cannot fool me with your lies. I know all about your past. Webcasting to women in underwear, trying to scam people for a fake bill board or park bench. You even planned on going on a cruise to blackmail a woman too!

      You are deranged and I am shocked you are still around messing and bullying people given your history of unsavory activities!!

      • You are a liar. I NEVER webcast in my underwear. I accidentally had my camera on me when I was webcasting without a shirt on in the middle of the summer when my air conditioner had a mechanical issue.

        This is an interesting diversion Tim has going on here. Instead of revealing his so-called secrets he attacks anyone who is critical of him.

        At 67 I no longer care. With my declining health, I may not be among the living much longer and nothing would make me happier if that day came soon.


      • You also have the cruise story wrong. The woman wanted me to go on a cruise with her to promote a book she was going to write about the Anthony trial. When I refused to go along, she started a smear campaign against me.


  15. What I find interesting about all of this is the attacks against me were by the exact same people that are now going after Tim. My efforts over the past 5 years were to get the attacks against both me and Tim to stop and I have managed to do just that. Now that you folks are bringing all of this stuff again, you are motivating these same people to start their actions up again.

    This time. however, I am not going to do a thing. I am going to go and binge watch on Netflix and Hulu. I may check in to watch Tim feel the heat once again.


  16. Missed_Q says:

    Murt you are a spin doctor trying to spin your behavior. You have targeted many women. Even telling your female critics to go spread their legs and calling them shores!!

    You have the balls of a burglar to smear our President when you are way more vulgar than him.

    • Oh good grief, now we are talking about politics again. Let me make this crystal clear. I no longer give a damn about Tim and his wierd theories. He can write whatever he pleases. I am done. Believe what you will and give him all your money.

      I am absolutely fed up with people. Enjoy your idol;.


  17. Missed_Q says:

    Murt calls female critics of his whores!!

  18. He has engaged in Censorship by deception and has won. I will never mention him again anywhere.


  19. Missed_Q says:

    Murt, you are not being censored. You are just angry that your bullying tactics is not working with Timothy Holmseth like it has with people in the past.

    Recall when you threatened to send pedophiles to the homes of women you were enemies with? YOU. ARE. A. PIG!!

  20. By the way. I thought this little cult was about #pedogate and solving all of those crimes Tim has promised with his super duper secret flash drive. Your constant attacks against me are not on topic. As I have said, I am done with Tim and his antics. He is free to screw whoever he pleases. I will simply sit back and watch the whole thing implode.I have lots of things in real life to do.

    Oh, can you tell me something? How can I threaten to send a DEAD man to someone’s house? Nobody ever answered that one.


  21. ridiculous says:

    Oh what do we have here a Bill bot and Bill making fake bill drama and Bill spam. nothing to see or new dont look here. Bill this is more fake than Shawnio.

  22. ridiculous says:

    this is the old chat room trick and no one should fall for it.

  23. Richard says:

    Thank you ridiculous. I was seeing a scenario that looked fake. Suspicion is the KP attorney wants a subject change and who a better dupe than him. Hilarious.

    • Mel says:

      Q wouldn’t interact and Groundhog Day didn’t defend against my comment implicating her so when I saw that it was telling. What an act. Cheers and giggles.

  24. Richard says:

    Complete buffoonery. It would appear the So. Florida attorney is as big a buffoon as he is. No surprise there. Hopefully no more spamming from either of them.

  25. Richard says:

    The way she uses him would be sad if he didn’t thoroughly enjoy it. The best description for the way it plays out is sick and twisted. Obviously he doesn’t see it the way others do. I do believe and agree with Astro she needs a psychological exam. Treatment.

    • ridiculous says:

      Bill threw away every loyal friend he had an for what. this and he deserves it. people tried to tell him an he wouldnt listen an now hes stuck with a twisted freak fraud lawyer. People tried to tell him that to. Bill does enjoy it. Lots of reason i won’t go into.

  26. Mel says:

    Sure his “friends” had a good laugh watching him defend himself against a joke. Sad really. With friends like that who needs enemies.

    • ridiculous says:

      It is sad but Bill asked for it. those friends were always enemies. biggest hoax ever played on Bill. Im surprised it took this long because Bill knew they are snakes. To much clowning.

  27. Astro says:

    Ridiculous – Richard – Mel:

    Thank you!

  28. Astro says:

    It is nice to see you as well.

  29. Mel says:

    No Groundhog droppings (spam). Fresh air.

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