KIDNAPPING BOMBSHELL! North Dakota woman investigated for adoption the SAME DAY Timothy Holmseth reported black market baby scheme to FBI

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on November 2, 2017, 8:55 A.M. CST

On September 28, 2017 I filed an online report to the FBI regarding a kidnapping a kidnapping operation that was described to me by national profile victims advocate Wayanne Kruger.

Kruger also told me about an international black market baby selling operation that involved the same people.

That very same day (September 28) news media began to report that a woman named Betty Jo Krenz is under investigation for an adoption scam.

On October 30, 2017 the West Fargo Pioneer reported the FBI is investigating.

Below is the report I submitted to the FBI:

I am a journalist and author and was interviewed by Special Agent A.J. Eilerman, Minneapolis FBI regarding the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

I have information that I did not readily possess at that time.

I am providing you a link to a You Tube video I published on September 23, 2017

The video contains interviews I conducted with Wayanne Kruger, as wells as a Florida resident, Judy Lucia. Kruger was featured in the news as Crystal Sheffield’s advocate during the search for HaLeigh Cummings. Judy Lucia assisted with her dog in a ground search for HaLeigh.

Wayanne Kruger told me a man named John Regan from Hastings, Florida prevented her from talking to law enforcement about HaLeigh. Kruger said she had evidence HaLeigh had been molested. Wayanne said John Regan, who was accompanied by his son Jeremiah Regan, told her he was a CIA agent. Kruger said John Regan also told her he was a chaplain for the local police.

John Regan told Kruger he was working undercover as pedophile and reported to Washington D.C. Kruger said John Regan told her the FBI already had HaLeigh.

John Regan told Kruger the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office was not going to solve the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping because officers, detectives, and community leaders (and church members) were running a child prostitution house in the area. Kruger said John Regan named officers including Sgt. Ricky Lyle, Capt. Dominic Piscitello, Detective John Merchant, and Major Gary Bowling as being involved in the child sex ring.

Judy Lucia told me John Regan told her he was working undercover for the FBI.

Donald Knop, legal assistant, Redacted Redacted Law Office, told me John Regan told him he was with the CIA. Rev, Richard Grund told me John Regan used a badge he carried to get past Aviation Police at Jacksonville Airport. William Staubs told me John Regan was undercover for the FBI and “hiding out”. Staubs said John Regan had a female contact at the Jacksonville FBI and could mobilize an entire task force. Jeremiah Regan told me his dad worked with the FBI to infiltrate a “slave camp”. Jeremiah Regan said his dad worked for many different federal agencies. Here are some recorded clips:

William Staubs told Jeremiah Regan during a phone call I recorded that he (Staubs) worked for HIDTA.

Donald Knop told me during a recorded call that Redacted L. Redacted, Ft. Lauderdale, possessed and physically handled photographs of HaLeigh Cummings that showed close-ups of the child’s vagina which was damaged from sexual abuse. Here is a You Tube link to hear Knop’s statement. (listen at 1:10 second marker).


  1. Executioner says:

    You’ve been reporting the same shit and the same people to the FBI for nearly a decade and not one person you’ve reported has even been called, questioned much less arrested by the FBI.

    Every time they get shit from you, they roll their eyes.

    Go check into a mental Institute psycho. A straight jacket and medication awaits you.

  2. Richard says:

    Why is girly punk upset?

  3. Because they all have pathetic delusions of grandeur that are now collapsing. These are kinds that commit suicide at that final moment that it all dawns on them.

  4. Richard says:

    I thought he won an Emmy then went full Hollywood to star on the big screen.

  5. Astro says:

    @Executioner: Yes, you. Did you delete all of your sock accounts yet?

  6. Richard says:

    I double-checked my information. He’s the leading role in a movie called Someone’s Flunkie. A role he’s very well suited for.

  7. Astro says:

    @Executioner: Stop playing games in a missing child case!

  8. Astro says:

    @Executioner: How dare you even show your face here so to speak. You and some of your friends are the ones that need to be committed!

  9. Astro says:

    @Executioner: Paranoid. Constant monitoring. How many times have you messed yourself recently? Do you have enough brain cells to remember the passwords for all of your attack accounts targeting Tim?

  10. Ridiculoous says:

    That is sad. Levi needs anger mgmt classes. his temper gets the best of him and he goes nuts. hot head.

  11. ridiculous says:

    Levi needs to control his hateful aggression thats what I think.

  12. Astro says:

    The above 3 accounts are just some of the more recent ones. There are a lot that have been created over the years to target Tim and followers of the Haleigh Cummings case.

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