Washington D.C. based child sex trafficking operation – Minnesota court

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  1. Well, isn’t this a surprise? It looks like Holmseth has a working knowledge of voice imitation software.


  2. Looks like Tim has violated a court order prohibiting him from mentioning my name. Looks like I will be contacting the judge about this matter

  3. Like I said, Holmseth has proven himself a liar

  4. Remember that it is YOU that wrote this: November 06, 2013 which reads as follows: During this supervised parenting time, the Petitioner is prohibited from discussing with ***** any mention of the Haleigh Cummings case, ***** *****, William Murtaugh, or any other adult matters he is handling. The Court makes this decision for the following reasons: [emphasis added by the Court]


  5. If you are talking about me defending Tim at one time, yes, that was poor judgment on my part. That is one of the reasons Radio attacked me.

  6. You seem to forget the part where Radio contacted me and was the one who introduced me to Kim. This was around the time I was defending people against Radio’s bullying. I also wrote about Tim being stalked by Radio. My reward for doing this was for Tim to file a FALSE police report in his home state and in Florida.

    The Minnesota courts responded to Tim’s false accusations in November 2013:

    Finally, the Petitioner makes fairly astonishing claims of being stalked and threatened by

    William Murtaugh, who he alleges has confessed to killing children. >>>>The Court has difficulty accepting these claims as true.<<<<<


  7. Interesting pattern showing up in this comment section.

  8. I never thought I would see the day when people supporting Tim Holmseth would go out of their way to defend Radio. This is both astonishing and enlightening.


  9. Astro says:

    Tim: Many people are keeping an eye on things and will be checking in.

  10. ridiculous says:

    I see Bullyville Bill didn’t sneak in here last night so i want to say about the commenters on the hoax he was in with the rocket thing twitter. i bit my tongue then but my frend saw the emails levi page sent to radio saying kp told him she was the rocket twitter an he said she had been drinking an stuff when she told him. i guess radio hit the ceiling over it because the rocket stuff had gone on for years an years. now Bill said yesterday he made the alliance with kp a year ago an thats about when they started in on radio with the other women telling all kinds of lies the bullyville person make up and spread all around. thats the alliance Bill made. some alliance. crazy. now all they have is tim to complain about. I wanted to say my piece about that hoax. crazy.

  11. Mel says:

    Picked this up on twitter. Bullyville Grock has made someone very angry. Looks serious. After all the information spilled out here about that person being Bullyville I became interested in what they are all about. Their twitter is locked for a lame reason and I suspect this is the real reason.


  12. Astro says:

    Oh, my!

  13. Astro says:

    Hopefully things are catching up with Grock.

  14. Mel says:

    What man would sit on twitter daily denying they are a woman? Let that sink in. Truly one for the books.

    • Astro says:

      I never liked Grock and always felt something was off. Feel fortunate to have run into someone years ago who alerted me to the BV people.

  15. ridiculous says:

    Yes but this is scary because radio never did it herself an my friend thought she should have but radio said it was to ugly. after all the lies an harassing kp did an encouraged to do radio thinks it would have been to ugly. thats radio for you crazy. My friend wanted it explained why she was going ot do it along with the fact radio probably wont know cause she dumped her radio emails an stuff won’t answer any calls from anyone from this side of the world. My friend saw some stuff bullyville had about radio an levi page had done a lot of talking I guess so that made her mad to. kp an page have a long long history of socks. radio has a history of one about astro an another one that was pud something an as you may remember she told kp about the astro one an also stormy an others an told several people she had the pud one. i don’t think the pud one was anything or tweeted i don’t know but thats what i was told. every night radio an my friend were together talking texting emailing an radio answered emails from other people to mostly levi page. jett and tala would stay up all night not go to bed until after they got the kids off to school so my friend knows radio wasnt doing those crazy socks cause if she had been she would have told half of her friends. thats radio. So y friend said ugly or not they need to be seen. I will be given screen shots with imgr links which I will post tonight or in the mornign. depends on how her day goes and how mine goes. she also wants me to say last year when radio went quiet she was fed up with twitter the blog and knew about the backstabbing going on but the biggest thing ws she was sick with allergies wasnt getting much sleep and stuff she planned on just fading away but the blow up happened. thats all

  16. ridiculous says:

    That wasn’t all. My friend didnt see the most of the emails until the blow up had gone on an on an on for months an radio just said fuck it her words not mine an sent them to her. my friend was shocked not shocked I guess but was mad radio wouldnt make them public on her blog or twitter but radio said no to ugly to messy. hope all of that up there made since. crazy crazy stuff.

  17. ridiculous says:

    These are links to the screen shots radio sent my friend last year who is her best friend. i think I explaned the friendships before but these are the ones she said she could find first an fastest an are about a third of them but they are not labeled in her computer an all there will be. these are in no paticular order. we wanted to get done an be done with it.

  18. ridiculous says:

    Tim i posted a bunch of links but i don’t know what happen to them.

  19. ridiculous says:

    I see now. moderation

  20. Richard says:

    Thank you ridiculous and thank your friend.

    I will comment tomorrow when Mr. Page has finished hemorrhaging his brains out.

    • ridiculous says:

      Your welcome. Levis anger is predictable so i hung some garlic in this htread to keep him out of here. i still think he needs anger counseling.

      • Mel says:

        Emotions are a good thing until someone other than him controls them. He performs like a circus monkey. That’s his life.

      • ridiculous says:

        hes as addicted to her drama as she is thats what i think. crazy. he needs to take a chill pill maybe something stronger. crazy.

      • Mel says:

        You have something there. At first blush I saw him as uncomfortable and complaining about the situation he finds himself in, but today I see he’s as in to it as she is. In his eyes he’s nothing without her friendship. That’s equally as troubling because there is a significant age difference which isn’t close to normal.

  21. Richard says:

    Helping old women cross the street appears to be his thing. It’s obvious KP stirred the pot that engulfed a lot of people in unnecessary drama. That had people fighting almost to the death. She is a manipulator. I have no problem seeing her behind all the chaos and fighting these people found themselves in. They need to ride her out of town on a slender rail. She caused hurt.

    • ridiculous says:

      Levi was right there with her an as guilty. he was more then chipping in an radio finally figured it out because she saw things on the twitters that shouldn’t have been there unless it was him or kp so she knew. she told my friend it was them or they were passing private information around but she figured it out an when kp got windd of it she tried to punish her over it but radio sees it as a relief. levi is willing to go along. thats how i understand it. crazy stuff

      • ridiculous says:

        like hes keeping the drama going here. its what he does for them.

      • ridiculous says:

        its easier to see then he thinks it is because people really arent dumb forever an like they used radios blog for drama now they use Bills. he may see it an may not but he will someday he likes drama himself so he may be like levi and go a long with it. crazy crazy

  22. Richard says:

    Page you can’t see your behavior escalates instead of deescalates. You really must be a circus monkey. Enjoy.

  23. Richard says:

    Tim needs to expand the recent comments section to let us watch Page keep losing his brains. People will read in this thread regardless of what machinations you blow out you know where.

  24. ridiculous says:

    i want to say my friend saidradio was always tellin levi she thought it was kp an he felt safe but radio knew he was doing some of it probably the most but it was kp who pulled the trigger so to speak an radio knew it would hurt him worse to say her. he walways told her it was Bill an astro an at the time everybody thought the same an kept bbuying it. levi eventually down the road. crazy friday facts

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