by Timothy Charles Holmseth on November 28, 2017 at 9:15 P.M. CST



  1. Twisted says:

    Nice word art Timmy.

  2. Twisted says:

    How is that criminal investigation going psycho?

  3. Twisted says:

    Timothy Charles Holmseth for dummies.

    A pizza delivery driver that was fired from his job as a Janitor because he showed up to work without taking a shower or changing clothes. The clothes he did wear had signs of extreme wear and tear.

    He poses on the Internet as an “investigative reporter’ when he really delivers pizza for a living.

    He also has a disturbed obsession with the news vagina of little girl that is missing.

    He has accused a myriad of people of being a pedophile. Is that projection? Sure seems like it.

    He has had 3 residents in the sunshine state successfully get a restraining order against him.

    He is currently under investigation by law enforcement in Lighthouse Point, Florida because he is 1] an idiot and 2] so fucking obsessed that he cannot help himself to not follow a court ordered protection order a woman got against him.

    Timothy Holmseth has been sending the FBI his shit for almost a decade and the only person that has been arrested has been Timothy, none of his targets.

    The FBI considers Timothy Charles Holmseth a Crack pot conspiracy theorist and they pay him no attention.

    Timothy Charles Holmseth has even pissed off law enforcement in his own community so bad, that they hate his guts, yet he wants their protection. He slanders, defames and harassed many well respected law enforcement agents it is disturbing.

    Shall I go on? Shall the evil spawn Marina be mentioned?

    Shut up and go away. Or just keep going. You are going to end up behind bars.

    Fucking psycho.

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