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Does a violent video commissioned by Crystal Sheffield provide clues to the truth about HaLeigh Cummings? 

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

On February 10, 2009 a 911 call to report HaLeigh Cummings missing led to the official statement by law enforcement that the child’s disappearance was “no stranger abduction” and “all the world” was a suspect.

For the month that followed HaLeigh remained missing.

In March of 2009, Crystal Sheffield, HaLeigh’s mother, met with a bail bondsman, tabloid Web reporter, events planner, marketing specialist, and Web trolls.

What was discussed at the meeting?

This was discussed – having the bondsman arrest a local man who was free on bond and awaiting trial for charges of sexually battering a child.

The man, Daniel Everett Snodgrass, had already been cleared by law enforcement and removed from the suspect list.

The plan included the bond revocation being filmed, and the bogus story being published by the Web reporter online and on Nancy Grace for the world to see. The video would be issued with a story that would present the accused child molester as a man that was interested in HaLeigh, and a viable suspect in her disappearance.

The publication dynamic of the plan included the tentative use of a former newspaper reporter from Minnesota who would be provided nightmare scenarios regarding the accused child molester.

The former reporter was me. I was contacted and told many stories by several of Sheffield’s team members.

I was told about a shack that was used by Daniel Snodgrass, which was allegedly covered wall to wall in blood – it was suggested to me Snodgrass butchered HaLeigh Cummings there.

I was told Snodgrass was a chemical weapons specialist in the military, and he poisoned all his ex’s to drive them insane. I was told about him sitting in the back of his limousine, head to toe in blood, dismembering children.

The efforts put forth to implicate Snodgrass were considerable.

I was given documents that detailed scenes of human body parts strewn about, as one would find in a plane crash. It was presented to me as some kind of horror scene created by the child-butchering Snodgrass.

The bondsman, William ‘Cobra’ Staubs, told me he had HaLeigh’s killer in his vehicle and they made him release him.

I never published any of it – I had already been told HaLeigh was alive and being hidden.

The ill-fated bond revocation resulted in the arrest of William Staubs on charges of felony false imprisonment. The charges were eventually dropped to Misdemeanor Battery and the event faded from view.

In March of 2013 Staubs filed a civil lawsuit in Palm Beach County, Florida against the insurance company that secured Snodgrass’ bond.

Staubs claims he suffered damages in excess of $15,000 because the general agent told police investigators he did not give Staubs permission to take Daniel Snodgrass into custody; which buttressed an arrest warrant being issued.

I recently spoke with Cyril Parish, the general agent that refused to go along with the Snodgrass hoax, and he made a very compelling statement regarding the entire matter. “[William Staubs] could probably be re-arrested if he planned all this and tried to make [Daniel Snodgrass] out to be a murderer when he wasn’t,” Parish said.

Indeed – if the bond revocation was a criminal conspiracy between Crystal Sheffield and a cluster of Florida corporations, that colluded to constructively frame a man already charged with a heinous crime against a child, the legal implications would be tremendous.

Here are the facts – you decide if law enforcement should investigate this matter.

Basic Facts

William Eugene Staubs – a.k.a. ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ is a licensed bail bondsman and licensed private investigator from Broward County, Florida. Staubs is the owner of Lighting Strike Force, Inc., and Case Closed, Inc.

In April of 2009 he proactively contacted a reporter from Minnesota named Timothy Charles Holmseth (me).

Staubs told me he was in Putnam County, Florida in February of 2009. He said he was looking for the child, but was ‘run off’ by law enforcement. He said while he was on his way back to Broward County, he heard something on the radio about a memorial for Caylee Anthony in Orlando.

Because of what he heard on the radio about the memorial in Orlando, he decided to go to there, where he then met an online minister named Richard Grund who was handling the service being held in a park. He said this was the first time he had ever met Rev. Grund.

Staubs said he and Rev. Grund then discussed the missing child HaLeigh Cummings (reported missing that very day of February 10, 2009).

Crystal Sheffield’s victim’s advocate, Wayanne Kruger, Arizona (now of California) told me during interviews she was (also) in Orlando on February 10, 2009 at the memorial Rev. Grund conducted at the park.

Kruger publically appeared with Crystal Sheffield, HaLeigh’s mother, on the news in mid March, 2009 when it was announced Kruger had just arrived from Arizona to serve as an advocate for Sheffield. .

However – interviews I conducted with Kruger show she admits she was in Florida when HaLeigh disappeared; and she was working with Staubs and Grund.

Kruger produced to me an email she received from Rev. Grund. In the email, Grund advises Kruger to try to be patient about the justice she is seeking for HaLeigh. He tells her something very dark is going on. He tells Kruger “Cobra” is on his way up there and she is to wait for him. Grund then asks Kruger “where” she is going to “hide” them.

Kruger also told me she spoke with Sheffield the night HaLeigh was reported missing.

Statements and documents show both Kruger and Staubs were in the area HaLeigh disappeared from in February of 2009 – they were working together with Grund as a unit.

On March 11, 2009 Staubs billed himself as ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ as he again traveled to Satsuma, Florida where he announced he was going to investigate the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings.

Rev. Grund told me he originally planned to travel with Staubs but did not because he was ill with flu symptoms.

Staubs told local news reporters upon his March arrival that he was working for a minister named Richard Grund. When reporters asked Staubs how he was funding his search, he said he was being funded by a reformed drug dealer from Miami.

Staubs repeatedly told the media he was working for a “man of God.” He said when a “man of God” asks you to do something you have to do it.

During interviews with Rev. Grund he told me he is a former Satanist (devil worshipper) turned Christian online minister and supernatural guru that fights demons.

Staubs consistently reminded news reporters that Rev. Grund was the father of Casey Anthony’s ex-boyfriend, Jesse Grund, and on the witness list for the Casey Anthony trial. 

Staubs told me that when he arrived in Satsuma, the first thing he did was telephone Donna Jaquith, A-1 Bail Bonds, Palatka. He said he asked Jaquith for the names of sex predators. Jaquith advised Staubs that a man named Daniel Everett Snodgrass was free on bond and awaiting trial for charges of capital sexual battery on a child under the age 12.

The agency that posted Snodgrass’ bond was Chucks Bail Bonds, Palatka – a small local agency working under C.E. Parish, General Agency, Inc., Bushnell, Florida.

Daniel Snodgrass was not a person of interest to the local Sheriff’s Office. He had been cleared of any involvement. Snodgrass was fitted with an ankle bracelet that monitored his movements, which showed he was nowhere near the missing child’s residence the night she was reported missing. 

For the next several days, Staubs says he staked out Snodgrass’ home. Donald Knop, staff member, Crystal Sheffield’s media team, said Staubs was shining spotlights on Snodgrass’ house at night (harassing him). Knop said Staubs told curious neighbors he was a federal agent. 

During this time period, Crystal Sheffield’s personal media consultant and private publisher, Art Harris, along with a unemployed drifter turned Administrator of a missing child foundation (soliciting donations), Jeremiah Regan, was traveling around with Staubs. 

Staubs, Regan, and Harris provided information to news reporters about Snodgrass. Staubs repeatedly mentioned to reporters that at some point he may have to go to Snodgrass’ residence and “throw him on the ground.” Regan is captured on tape mischievously giggling about how they are going to ‘take down this Snodgrass guy’.

Recordings captured in the field reveal Staubs repeatedly talked to reporters about throwing Snodgrass on the ground. This will become very relevant because it is ultimately what Staubs did.

Staubs telephoned Cyril Parish in Bushnell regarding the Snodgrass file. Parish says he told Staubs he could talk to Snodgrass but he was not to arrest him.

Staubs went to Chuck’s Bail Bonds with Art Harris, Jeremiah Regan, and Donald Knop. Staubs acquired a copy of Snodgrass’ file.

A dinner meeting was held with Crystal Sheffield and plans for the revocation of Snodgrass’ bond were made. Staubs possessed the Snodgrass file, which, because Staubs had Power of Attorney with the Continental Heritage, theoretically gave him authority to revoke Snodgrass’ bond.

During the meeting Staubs was so excited he could not stay sitting down. He walked around holding the papers boasting he had the authority to go take Snodgrass into custody.

However – a variety of issues hindered Staubs’ desire to justifiably revoke Snodgrass’ bond. Snodgrass had not violated the terms of his bond. Further, Parish had advised Staubs he could only talk to Snodgrass; but nothing more. 

Harris was present at the pre-revocation meeting with his lap-top computer, writing. During the meeting, Sheffield (whose daughter is missing) was happy and laughing.

On March 20, 2009, William Staubs, Harris, and Matthew Staubs went to Snodgrass’ home. Footage published later by Harris shows William Staubs telling a Putnam County deputy that he only intended to talk to Snodgrass.

William Staubs telephoned 911 and advised he heard a gun being loaded inside Snodgrass’ home (an assertion that was never confirmed). Snodgrass eventually came out and told William Staubs to get off his property. Snodgrass had already been warned that William Staubs may be coming out to harass him. Snodgrass told William Staubs he knew Staubs had been “fired” by the “insurance company.”

William Staubs placed Snodgrass in handcuffs. While he was walking Snodgrass toward his vehicle, he suddenly kicked Snodgrass’ feet out from under him, causing his head to slam against the earth so hard dust rose up into the air.

He threw him on the ground.

Harris was filming.

After William Staubs had shackled Snodgrass in his vehicle, he telephoned Parish and told him he had taken Snodgrass into custody. He proceeded to tell Parish that Snodgrass was a flight risk and was selling off property.

Parish immediately told William Staubs he had to let Snodgrass go. He obeyed Parish and returned Snodgrass to his home and un-cuffed him from his shackles.

Information was published about Daniel Snodgrass on the Nancy Grace Show that night. Harris was Nancy Grace’s investigative reporter (he was actually working for Crystal Sheffield) for the HaLeigh Cummings case, which was a colossal fraud on its face.

Snodgrass subsequently went to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and demanded to file a complaint against William Staubs.

Cyril Parish subsequently told law enforcement investigators William Staubs did not have permission to arrest Snodgrass. In May of 2009, William Staubs was arrested and charged with felony false imprisonment.

During depositions, an industry expert in bail bonds law testified that Staubs had acted within the law when he violated Snodgrass’ bond because he had been given the file.

During depositions, a State’s Attorney asked Snodgrass if William Staubs had asked him anything about HaLeigh Cummings while he had him in custody; Snodgrass said he had not.

Whether or not William Staubs intended to question Snodgrass about HaLeigh is not known because Parish immediately told him to let Snodgrass go when he found out what he had done.

In 2010 a plea bargain was reached and William Staubs pled guilty to misdemeanor touch/strike battery.

In March of 2013 William Staubs filed a civil lawsuit against Cyril Parish, Continental Heritage Insurance Company, alleging Parish breached his fiduciary duties to support his arrest of Snodgrass. He also alleges Parish intentionally entrapped him.

In the Summons drafted by Attorney Douglas J. Roberts, Esq., Stearns, Roberts, Guttentag and Zelmer, Staubs implies he had reasonable suspicion to suspect Daniel Snodgrass back in 2009, noting the physical proximity between Snodgrass’ home to the trailer the child disappeared from.

Parish told me he received a telephone call from Harris “out of the blue.” He said Harris was offering to provide him information that could be used against William Staubs. He said Harris was afraid of William Staubs.

Harris’ statements to Parish regarding evidence he had against William Staubs was confirmed to me, ironically, through William Staubs himself. He told me Harris refused to give him video, which he claimed belonged to Case Closed, Inc. He said Harris told him the video could get him “put in prison.”

William Staubs told me some of the video consisted of interviews conducted with Crystal Sheffield, behind locked doors in a motel conference room. He said the video would be helpful to investigators in the HaLeigh Cummings case.

William Staubs told me the HaLeigh Bug Foundation was intended to be promoted as an international child recovery firm. He said he was supposed to be the chief investigator. He said there were ten cases, “just like this one”, waiting for him.

Investigation Required?

Evidence and video exists that Crystal Sheffield and others were carefully exploiting the mysterious disappearance of her daughter, HaLeigh Cummings.

Evidence and documents exists to prove William Staubs’ purpose for revoking the bond of Daniel Snodgrass was directly related to the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

Evidence exists that shows Crystal Sheffield, conspired and worked closely with a cluster of corporations to arrest Daniel Snodgrass, cameras rolling, for purposes of wide-spread publication.

Evidence and documents exist that prove Crystal Sheffield’s team was disseminating information to the media to nurture suspicion, and generate outrage from the public against Daniel Snodgrass.