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Son of former EGFPD officer says federal authorities are in the area

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 20, 2016, 10:20 P.M. CST

Jared Rasmussen, the son of retired East Grand Forks police officer Vern Rasmussen, says federal authorities are in the area.


Jared Rasmussen said is being gang-stalked by local fireman, police officers, social services, and members of a local group called the Blue Line Club that is headed by EGFPD chief detective Lt. Rodney Hajicek.


The bizarre activity is only the latest account of citizens being terrorized in the Red River Valley region.

Jared Rasmussen contacted Write Into Action today and said he has been terrorized for a steady month.

“[It’s] the same vehicles – the same people – all the time. This has been going on a month of pure hell,” he said.

“I don’t know if I fucking seen something I wasn’t supposed to but I am going to fucking find out,” he said.

“I know who some of them are – I know where some them work – some of them are firemen on the east side – some of them are cops – some of them are social services,” he said.

Jared Rasmussen said he does not know exactly why he has been targeted but did say his ex-girlfriend told police he is a drug dealer.

Taken at face value, Jared Rasmussen’s allegations are very serious because under no circumstances do ‘fireman’ and ‘hockey parents’ assist law enforcement in investigations and surveillance.

“I got shit on them. I mean my dad was a cop for 33 years. I know what kind of pieces of shit these guys are. I know about a lot of stuff. I know about (Pine to Prairie Task Force Commander Aeisso) Schrage – (former Task Force Commander Scott) Jordheim – I know all these guys,” he said.

His story has credibility.

Jared Rasmussen said he has repeatedly gone to the police department and other agencies and attempted to report what is going on – to no avail.

“I talked to the head of social services in Crookston on the phone. He called me one day. And I told him – I said I was going to go a TV station – and he tried to file a complaint against me to the east side for threatening. I said it was no threat. I’m going call the TV stations for real,” he said.

Jared Rasmussen said he was told he is the subject of an “ongoing investigation”.

“I said ‘when did social services become an investigative service,’” he said, noting he was being followed by social services vehicles late at night.

One event involving EGF Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek appears to be a text-book move used by government officials to discredit witnesses to serious crimes.

Jared Rasmussen said he went to the EGFPD to talk to Lt. Hajicek who refused to investigate his allegations. Hajicek then attempted to have him committed to a psyche ward.

“He had the hospital – the ambulance – come and pick me up from the police station and told them you’re just so tired – stuff in your head – you’re not really seeing this stuff,” Jared Rasmussen said.

“He put me on a 72 hour hold,” he said.

However, according to Jared Rasmussen, he passed all the evaluation with flying colors. “I went up there. I did their evaluation. Blood test. I walked right out of there,” he said.

Jared Rasmussen said he called up the police after he got out and said “I’m out”.

“I know [Rodney Hajicek] is a liar. I’ve known him for a long time. I’ve known him for many years. And I know what he’ll do to cover shit up,” Jared Rasmussen said.

Jared Rasmussen said he (Jared) can do anything he wants and local law enforcement will never intervene or initiate contact with him.

“I did shitty’s in the parking lot by the Post Office until there was so much smoke you couldn’t see the building and nothing happened – no one came.  I have people with me when I do this stuff,” he said, noting he has filmed much of the gang-stalking.

“I can see them – they have radios in their cars. They have cell phones but they have two-way radios – some of them. I’ve seen them hold it up too high on accident and I seen it in their hand,” he said.

“I went a hundred miles an hour on the highway just to see who would follow me – sure enough they were there,” he said.

Jared Rasmussen described an incident when a white pick-up truck, which he believes is associated with Rodney Hajicek, was tailgating him extremely close. He said he slammed on his breaks and the truck almost him.

He said the incident was witnessed by EGFPD Sgt. Chris Olson. “I tried to stop him after that white pick-up almost rear-ended me. I jumped out of the car and waved at him and he turned the other fucking way,” Jared Rasmussen said.

He said on one occasion after a roadway incident he was approached by a deputy and told to stop to following people. He said he told the deputy to “fuck off” – noting they won’t do anything to him.

According to Jared Rasmussen, he is even being stalked by aircraft that circles him at nearly tree-top level. The allegation involving aircraft is compelling because in August, 2016, a Polk County Deputy was injured after a man shot the Border Patrol helicopter that was buzzing his property as part of a supposed Drug Task Force mission.

Jared Rasmussen said there are weird things going on with his telephone. “I tried to get a hold of the Minnesota police corruption line – you know where I got transferred to – the New York City Sanitation Department,” he said.

“They are all corrupt – every one of these pieces of shit in town,” he said.

“This should not happen to anybody,” he said.

Jared Rasmussen said the police blew it. “You should have had me on your side – but now, fuck off”.

Write Into Action has been receiving reports by people in the Valley Region that allege Hajicek is part of a criminal drug trafficking operation with a cabal of others.

Write Into Action is also receiving reports naming police officers at the Grand Forks Police Department and other agencies.

The people calling are describing creepy surveillance, death threats, rape cover-ups, and murder cover-ups.

Write Into Action will continue to investigate and report.


CAUGHT AGAIN! EGF Police tampered with evidence and altered records

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W.
Unit #17
East Grand Forks, MN
218.230.1310 (cell)

August 17, 2013

Michael Hedlund
Chief of Police
East Grand Forks Police Department

Chief Hedlund,

Please accept this complaint against Sgt. Detective Chris Olson and all others involved in the Misconduct.

1.In the fall of 2011 I made multiple written requests to your Department for all police reports concerning me. I needed the reports to prove my innocence in a court case scheduled in Florida.

2.I filled out a Freedom of Information (FOI) form and handed it in person to Officer Hart.

3.I submitted two more requests by email to Lt. Rodney Hajicek. The requests went unanswered.

4.I made multiple telephone calls to the Secretary at the police stations and left messages.

5.Your Department did not respond to me or fill my FOI request (in violation of City policy).

6.On April 2, 2012 I filed a complaint to you regarding the deliberate withholding of documents.

7.On April 10, 2012 you responded and apologized. You asked me to fill the FOI form out again, and advised me to send it directly to you, which I then did.

8.On April 18, 2012 you printed out the documents and I received them shortly thereafter.

9.On December 14, 2012 four of your police officers entered my home-office with a Search Warrant and seized my hard-drive, as well as other journalism and publishing equipment.

10.During the execution of the Warrant, Sgt. Chris Olson advised me there was an envelope at the police station with my name on it. Officer Hart was present, and added that he too had seen the envelope.

11.I went to the police station and retrieved the white envelope with my name on it. The envelope contained police incident reports. The reports had a “print” date of October 24, 2011 at the bottom of each sheet.

12.As date ranges reveals, the Reports that Officer Olson advised me to pick up had been printed 14 months prior.

13.After picking up the white envelope, I then had two copies of the Reports. (October 24, 2011 from Sgt. Olson – – – April 18, 2012 from Chief Hedlund).

14.I will direct you to case number 11002212 – report date 07/12/2011 – generated by Officer Mike Swang.

15.When I placed the two Reports next to each other, I saw they were not identical – although they should have been.

a.The October 24, 2011 version of the Report was MISSING information.

b.The October 24, 2011 version was missing information regarding Lt. Hajicek, the person that called the police on me, and audio evidence collected by Officer Swang.

c.The exact same Report, which I received from you in April of 2012, CONTAINED the information.
d.Because the sentences missing from the October 24, 2011 version of the Report re-appear in the April 18, 2012 version, it means whoever printed the Reports out in October of 2011 deliberately REMOVED the sentences before printing the documents.

e.After the individual that printed the Reports out completed the print job, they put the information back into the report.

f.Obviously – the person that printed out the Reports in October of 2011 decided to not turn them over to me and hid them.

16.The before mentioned facts introduce an issue regarding the integrity of your Internal Affairs investigation regarding my original complaint on the matter.

a.When you replied to my complaint on April 10, 2012, you asked me to fill out another FOI request form and advised me to re-submit it directly to you. This clearly means you could not find my original FOI request or the documents.

b.The white envelope containing police incident reports, which Sgt. Olson directed me to retrieve on December 12, 2012, were printed out in October of 2011.

c.Therefore, because somebody printed out the Reports on October 24, 2012, it means the FOI form (that you could not find) I gave to Officer Swang had been RECEIVED, but subsequently disappeared along with the printed Reports.

d.During you Internal Affairs investigation you were not able to find or access:

◾The Police Incident Reports (in the white envelope)
◾The original FOI form

e.This also means that whatever Internal Affairs investigation you conducted surely contains false statements from the officers you questioned.

Timothy Charles Holmseth
Investigative Author

Cc: Mayor Lynn Stauss, Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth, Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman, EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad, Minneapolis FBI

Public officials in Northern Minnesota involved with factions of organized crime in Florida?

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

In 2009 I learned that that a picture of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings that was scrolling on a website called was a Photoshopped fake.

Teresa Neves, HaLeigh’s paternal grandmother had instructed her family advocate, Rebecca Thomas, to call me. The situation was serious because there was an Amber Alert for HaLeigh and somebody was chopping photos of her with editing software to create false images, situations, and scenarios.

I interviewed a Photoshop expert named Elvin Thomas and he explained in detail how the photo was a complete fake.

I contacted ibi Designs, Boca Raton, Florida – they were the company that developed the website that was featuring the fake photo. I spoke with Ed Butera. I explained to Butera that the picture of HaLeigh Cummings published at was fraudulent.

Butera assured me that his company was not responsible for altering the photo. He forwarded me the original emails he had received that contained the pictures as attachments.

The emails Butera received had come from Donna Wagoner (Florida) through a business email account at a company called Xentel. I contacted Wagoner at the email address that I received from Butera and asked her the same questions I asked Butera.

Wagoner called the police in East Grand Forks, Minnesota and spoke with Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek.

The following is an excerpt from the police report.

“On 6/18/09 I Det. Rodney Hajicek I [sic] spoke with Donna Wagoner from Ft. Lauderdale Fl and she stated that she had been receiving emails from Tim Holmseth in East Grand Forks. Tim states that he is an investigative reporter and is bothering Donna Wagoner and the company that she works for about modifying a picture…”

“She asked that I call Tim and explain to him that they want nothing to do with him and inform him that they (the company) does not want him using there [sic] name and attaching it to items on the internet.”

Hajicek further notes in his Report that he called me on the telephone and advised me he had received several complaints about me and would be advising callers to seek harassment orders against me.

I am college educated; an expereinced and award-winning newspaper reporter. I understand enough about the First Amendment to know local police departments do not telephone reporters and jounalists and wave them off stories.

During this same time-window, I submitted the Photoshopped picture of HaLeigh to the Minneapolis FBI.

Now, let’s take a look at the company Lt. Hajicek is assisting under Color of Law.

It should be pointed out that the following are just samples because every complaint filed against Xentel across the United States would fill a small book.

The Missouri Attorney General’s Office sued this company in August of 2003 for violating Missouri consumer protection laws by using manipulative, high-pressure techniques to solicit donations and by making repeated solicitation calls to Missourians on the state No Call List. In May of 2004 the Missouri Attorney General’s Office obtained a court order against Xentel requiring them to pay $75,000 to the state and to implement and maintain procedures to ensure future compliance with state consumer protection and telemarketing laws. On February 4, 2008, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office obtained another court order requiring Xentel to adopt very stringent policies to ensure compliance with the law, as well as payment of $80,0000.

Through the unlawful practices of their business, vocation, or occupation, Defendants have deceived, misled, and financially injured consumers in Colorado. Specifically, Defendants have solicited money from Coloradans through the use of illegal and unregistered solicitation campaigns and have repeatedly violated the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act and other consumer protection statutes. Therefore, the Colorado Attorney General believes these legal proceedings are in the public interest and are necessary to safeguard citizens from Defendants’ charitable fraud and unlawful business activities.

Professional Fundraiser “Xentel” Ordered Not to Make Deceptive Calls in Iowa
“Iowans should see an end to this operation’s deceptive telemarketing for the Iowa Professional Fire Fighters Association and others,” Miller said.
DES MOINES. Attorney General Tom Miller announced today that an Iowa District Court judge has entered a consent judgment and order against Xentel, Inc., requiring the Ft. Lauderdale-based company to stop abusive and misleading practices in its professional fundraising calls and solicitations to Iowans.
Xentel makes tens of thousands of telemarketing calls each year into Iowa on behalf of the “Iowa Professional Fire Fighters Association.”
“Xentel is prohibited from implying their telemarketers are fire fighters or misrepresenting that money will be used locally,” Miller said. “There are many restrictions to prevent deception.”

The consent judgment also provides that local law enforcement or fire departments that experience citizen complaints or other problems with Xentel’s fundraising can ask the company to terminate fundraising in that community, and Xentel must honor the request.

Lt. Hajicek was also in communication with Art Harris, blogger. Harris had been fired from CNN and was running with a band of gypsies in Florida that associate themselves with missing child cases.

Email communications between Lt. Hajicek and Art Harris show that Harris was furious that the FBI had gone to Xentel to question Wagoner. Harris wanted Hajicek to arrest me and the two were clearly discussing the hopes of that happening.

Hajicek told Harris there was nothing he could do to help him, but assured him he would forward his information to Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth to see if anything could be done there.

That means Lt. Hajicek had become aware the FBI was interested in the information I had given them about the photo. With that in mind, continue to observe Hajicek. Despite the FBI investigating information I sent them, and Hajicek having DIRECT EVIDENCE regarding the matter, he continues to pursue me for arrest. He DOES NOTHING to alert the FBI.

When I submitted a document request to Chief Michael Hedlund for the emails between Harris and Hajicek, I was told Hajicek destroyed them. I was subsequently able to obtain copies from Attorney Widseth.

In 2012, Maria Burgun, a wealthy business person from Broward County, Florida met with the Southern District FBI and gave them information she had about the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

Burgun advised the FBI she had invested several hundred thousand dollars into a biofuels operation. The money subsequently vanished and she believes it was used to fund a fraudulent operation that surrounded the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

Burgun told the FBI the name of the person that admitted to helping Donna Wagoner Photoshop the picture of HaLeigh Cummings.

In 2011, Lt. Hajicek was still communicating with the South Florida organization. The police department was still receiving out-of-state requests for me to be arrested. Files were still being created by honest officers, and then deleted and destroyed by Hajicek.

In 2011, East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad, Sgt. Detective Chris Olson, and Lt. Rodney Hajicek became involved in an illegal out-of-state scheme, carefully orchestrated and deployed to circumvent the Minnesota Court System in the Ninth Judicial District because it would not act adversely against a publisher that was not breaking the law (me).

In 2011, Ronald Galstad signed my arrest warrant.

I refused to plead guilty to his illegal trumped up bogus crap.

In 2012, Michael LaCoursiere, State Public Defender’s Office, told me if I didn’t accept a no-contest plea, Ronald Galstad would have Sgt. Detective Chris Olson and Polk County Deputy Jesse Haugen lie on the witness stand to convict me.

When that plan didn’t work, I reported the two attorneys to the Minnesota Bar, FBI, and a District Judge.

In response, the EGFPD obtained a Search and Seizure Warrant for my home-office and seized my hard-drive.

They deliberately ruined it.

Why are select public officials assisting and protecting an organization like Xentel?

East Grand Forks hiding seedy underbelly?

Hajicek and Olson named in federal civil rights lawsuit in 2009

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Court records show allegations by Timothy Charles Holmseth that his civil rights were violated by the East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) have been brought against the same officers in the past.

In 2009 Rose Mary Delgado sued Lt. Rodney Hajicek and Officer Chris Olson of the EGFPD for violating her civil rights.

Records from the United States Court of Appeals with the Eighth Circuit allege in part: “Hajicek violated her fourth amendment rights because he materially misled the Polk County Court, leading to the issuance of a warrant for her arrest”.

In 2013 the same officers were reported to the FBI, as well as being material participants in a Complaint submitted to the Minnesota Lawyer’s Board.

The propensity for misconduct by the EGFPD is detailed in an extensive Affidavit that was reviewed by a District Judge of the Ninth Minnesota District.

On July 9, 2013 Honorable Tamara Yon granted a request by Timothy Charles Holmseth, to forward a detailed complaint to the Office of Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility; in accordance with an official rule.

Rule 8(b), Rules on Lawyers Professional Responsibility, states,
No investigation shall commence on a complaint by or on behalf of a party represented by court appointed counsel, insofar as the court appointed attorney alleges incompetent representation by the attorney in the pending matter. Any such complaint shall be summarily dismissed with without prejudice. The Director’s dismissal shall inform the complainant that the complaint may be sent to the chief district judge or trial court judge involved in the pending matter. The Judge may, at any time, refer the matter to the Director for investigation.

Although the Delgado lawsuit claimed only the violation of her Fourth Amendment rights, the violations against Holmseth piled up over several years of blatant and gross misconduct and included infringement of the following:
◾First Amendment – Freedom of Speech / Press
◾Second Amendment – Right to Bear Arms
◾Fourth Amendment – Search and Seizure / Search Warrants
◾Fifth Amendment – Right to Due Process
◾Seventh Amendment – Trial by Jury

View Delgado Court Document

East Grand Forks Police Chief Michael Hedlund

What did Polk County officials get themselves involved in?

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

In 2010 I was contacted by the Minneapolis FBI. They wanted to interview me regarding information I had regarding a “kidnapping” in Florida.

The kidnapping was of HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings.

I was subsequently interviewed for several hours, and provided the FBI audio recordings of various interviews I had conducted with specific individuals. Some of them had been questioned by law enforcement in Florida about their whereabouts on certain days the child had been moved across state lines.

You see…

The HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping was an organized operation by a trafficking underground group with a hub in Florida, and when their operation started to collapse, the group imploded, and they turned on each other; some of them reached out to me.

The primary reason I was chosen (although I didn’t know it at the time) by a select member of the trafficking operation, was because Minnesota has a one-party law regarding the taping of telephone conversations, opposed to Florida’s two-party requirements.

Minnesota’s one-party law allows me to record telephone conversations – even conference calls. The mercenary that called me, did so to create a visible relationship with me, so he could then scare the hell out of other members of the Group by making them believe his media guy in Minnesota captured ‘other’ conversations they had on the phone regarding the missing child.

Essentially, the mercenary used the fact he talked to me; to blackmail other players.

That’s why the FBI contacted me – they handle interstate kidnapping and human trafficking. I turned over audio conversations to the FBI that included conference calls between the players. Some of the players were arguing and threatening each other.

Members of the group were captured discussing events, names, dates, places, and times. They talked about kidnapping, murder, interstate trafficking, Satanism – you name it. At one point, the Agent said they might need to fly me down to Jacksonville, Florida so they could interview me further.

Now – if you look at the records of the East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD), you will find police incident reports from individuals calling in from out of state against me, beginning in the spring of 2009.

It includes the same people!


Members of the same Group the FBI was asking me to give them information about in February of 2010, had already been calling the police on me in 2009, and trying to have me arrested.

When the Group began to collectively stalk, threaten, harass, blackmail, and extort me the EGFPD would not do anything to help me. – Even after I used call trace to capture some of the telephone numbers.

Lt. Rod Hajicek, EGFPD, was apparently becoming quite cozy with some questionable individuals, and in time, EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad, would become equally as enthusiastic about nurturing these out of state relationships.

There are no records that Police Chief Michael Hedlund, Lt. Rod Hajicek, or City Attorney Ronald Galstad ever contacted the FBI to alert them to the sudden eruption of calls to police about me that came in immediately after I (career journalist) had conducted a few interviews regarding the missing child from Florida.

By 2011 the police department was entirely infested with corruption and lay siege to me and my publication.

Galstad and Hajicek had me arrested, although they did not establish Venue, to do that. They didn’t have the legal authority to make that arrest, so they just did it anyway, with a plan to use their man in the Public’s Defender’s Office to complete the framing process.

In 2012, Michael LaCoursiere, public defender, 9th Minnesota District, told me if I didn’t accept a no-contest plea, City Attorney Ronald Galstad would simply call Sgt. Detective Chris Olson, EGFPD, and Polk County Deputy Jesse Haugen to lie on the witness stand and assure a conviction.

I subsequently reported their conduct to the Minnesota Bar Association and FBI.

On December 14, 2013 the EGFPD obtained a Search Warrant for my home-office, seized my hard-drive, and destroyed it.


District Judge sends attorney misconduct allegations to state investigator for review

July 11, 2013; East Grand Forks, Minnesota: East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad, and Michael Lacoursiere, a public defender for the 9th Minnesota judicial district, face formal judicial review of their conduct. The two attorneys are accused of coercing a Defendant to plead no-contest, under threat of false conviction via perjured testimony by uniformed police officers. According to Timothy Charles Holmseth, author, East Grand Forks, Lacoursiere told him that Galstad would call Sgt. Detective Chris Olson, EGF PD, and Polk County Deputy Jesse Haugen to lie on the witness stand if Holmseth insisted on a jury trial.

On July 9, 2013 Judge Tamara L. Yon, 9th Minnesota District, forwarded the formal Complaint submitted to the Court by Holmseth to the Minnesota Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility Board in accordance with:

Rule 8(b), Rules on Lawyers Professional Responsibility, states,

No investigation shall commence on a complaint by or on behalf of a party represented by court appointed counsel, insofar as the court appointed attorney alleges incompetent representation by the attorney in the pending matter. Any such complaint shall be summarily dismissed with without prejudice. The Director’s dismissal shall inform the complainant that the complaint may be sent to the chief district judge or trial court judge involved in the pending matter. The Judge may, at any time, refer the matter to the Director for investigation.

Holmseth alleges that several members of the local legal community, collectively harassed him and attempted to set him up, after he first reported the local corruption to the Minnesota Bar and FBI.

On December 14, 2012 the EGF PD violently entered Holmseth’s home-office with a Search Warrant and seized his computer and hard-drive. Holmseth was required to withdraw his first complaint against the officials, in an agreement to have his property returned. When his hard-drive was returned; it had been ruined.

The detailed time-line of events submitted by Holmseth to the District Judge contains information that indicates at least one member of the Minnesota Public Defender’s Office is actively coordinating with a State Prosecutor and local police to frame Defendants.

On December 14, 2013, moments before entering Holmseth’s home-office, four EGF PD officers, including Sgt. Detective Chris Olson, stood quietly outside the door of Holmseth’s home-office, while, simultaneously, Attorney Michael Lacoursiere telephoned Holmseth to discuss intimate details of his legal case. Detective Aeisso Schrage, with his ear to Holmseth’s door, later quoted Holmseth in his official report – attempting to incriminate him.

Because Holmseth had already become suspicious of Lacoursiere, he recorded the phone call, and the recording proves Detective Schrage quoted Holmseth, using actual quotation marks and all caps, saying words that were absolutely never spoken.

District Judge sends attorney misconduct allegations to state investigator for review

HaLeigh Cummings book author warned police would be called to lie on the stand if he went to trial

Did East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad, and a public defender employed by the State of Minnesota, Michael Lacoursiere, get caught breaking the law? 

The two attorneys have been formally accused of serious misconduct in a formal detailed complaint submitted to a 9th Minnesota District Judge.

The complaint was filed by Timothy Charles Holmseth, author, East Grand Forks.

Holmseth filed the first Complaint directly to the Minnesota Bar Association (Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility) in March, 2013 and received a dismissal, which read:

Rule 8(b), Rules on Lawyers Professional Responsibility, states,

The Director’s dismissal shall inform the complainant that the complaint may be sent to the chief district judge or trial court judge involved in the pending matter. The Judge may, at any time, refer the matter to the Director for investigation.

Holmseth re-submitted the Complaint in June after the police ruined his hard-drive.

In a letter dated July 9, 2013 to all Parties, Honorable Tamara Yon stated she forwarded the allegations to OLPR.

Galstad and Lacoursiere, who are long time friends, have been accused by Holmseth of conspiring to coerce him into surrendering his Constitutional rights. Holmseth says he was coerced into pleading no-contest, or else face un-lawful conviction via perjured testimony by police officers.

According to Holmseth, Lacoursiere joined him in a conference room at the Polk County Justice Center in Crookston, five minutes before the Jury was to seat, and told him Galstad would solicit perjured testimony from local law enforcement officers if Holmseth refused to plead no-contest.

Holmseth and his daughter, Marina Holmseth, who was also present at the meeting, assert that Lacoursiere told him Galstad knew he could not win the case at trial.

Lacoursiere told Timothy Holmseth that Galstad was going to call Detective Chris Olson, EGF PD, and Polk County Deputy Jesse Haugen, to lie on the witness stand if Holmseth persisted on having a jury trial.

Holmseth resisted the coercion and expressed he still wanted a trial. Lacoursiere continued to badger Holmseth, and told him there was plan to have him put in state prison. He told Holmseth an Alford plea would protect him.

According to the detailed complaint, the coerced plea deal set the stage for a series of failed attempts by Galstad, Lacoursiere, Lt. Rod Hajicek, and Detective Chris Olson to frame Holmseth.

On December 14, 2012 the EGF PD had become desperate to intimidate Holmseth, who had begun requesting public records and was preparing to expose the officials for misconduct.

The EGF PD obtained a Search Warrant for Holmseth’s home-office and seized his hard-drive. The hard-drive contained nothing illegal, and was taken to be used as leverage against Holmseth, so he would agree to drop his complaint against the two lawyers and police.

During the search and seizure, Detective Chris Olson rummaged through powerful legal research containing case law he found sitting out, and asked Holmseth who gave it to him.

Detective Olson asked Marina Holmseth where she worked and she provided the name of a Grand Forks restaurant. The next morning, Olson showed up at her workplace, for the first time ever, and she had to serve him.

When Timothy Holmseth retrieved his seized property, Detective Aessio Schrage boasted he had read all of Marina Holmseth’s text messages to her boyfriend.

Timothy Holmseth’s lawyer (at the time) Bruce Ringstrom Sr., advised Holmseth to obtain a lawyer to sue the police because they illegally took his daughter’s telephone and damaged his property.

Timothy Holmseth and his daughter have both offered to take polygraphs regarding the threats made by Galstad and Lacoursiere to call police officers to lie.

Updates on this matter are forthcoming.

Note: This is a press release written by Timothy Charles Holmseth in the first person.