Honor Justine through Jacob

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 20, 2017 at 8:12 P.M. CST


Honor the beautiful life of Justine Damond, who was seemingly murdered, by refusing to be distracted from the truth about another beautiful life cut short – Jacob Wetterling.

Do not allow Minnesota law enforcement to diabolically use Justine’s story to steer your attention away from their attempts to cover up Jerry and Patty Wetterling’s pending lawsuit to seal files in Jacob’s case.

The Wetterlings and Minnesota law enforcement have attempted to sell you the lemon that the ANIMAL BONES they magically found were Jacob; and want you to believe Danny Heinrich murdered the boy.

The Wetterlings are involved in a criminal conspiracy with law enforcement to hide the fact they always knew what happened to Jacob and who did it.

Honor Justine Damond by honoring Jacob Wetterling by confronting Minnesota law enforcement’s endless lies and schemes.


Minnesota Somali police shooting MEDIA SCHEME – Jacob Wetterlings cover-up

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 19, 2017 at 11:25 A.M. CST



The bizarre police shooting in Minneapolis of Justine Damond by a Somalian police officer, Mohamed Noor, is sweeping the headlines because of divisive race and culture issues that can be very convenient in steering news cycles.

Don’t be distracted.

The Minnesota BCA, which is investigating the Noor shooting, is a compromised agency that has been complacent in the 27 year cover-up surrounding the Jacob Wetterling kidnapping and murder.

The skuzzy Wetterlings have filed a lawsuit to have investigation files sealed in that case because they are trying to hide what really happened to Jacob – who did it – and their connection to the kidnappers.

I’m sure the BCA and FBI would just love to have the news focus on this weird shooting case in Minneapolis, in hopes the American public will forget about the Jacob Wetterling fiasco that is unfolding.

The retards at the FBI, BCA, and Stearns County Sheriff’s Office don’t want the public to focus on the ANIMAL BONES (NOT JACOB!) that were recovered after they gave Danny Heinrich a sweet plea deal to say he murdered Jacob (FALSE CONFESSION/NOT CHARGED/PORN CHARGES DROPPED).

Don’t be distracted.

I am regularly filing reports from sources deep within the Wetterling investigation at my website www.writeintoaction.com

Fargo police shooting – friendly fire cover-up

Truth to be released to public

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 14, 2017, 10:32 P.M. CST

The American public has been lied to about who fired the shot that killed Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer.

Officer Jason Moszer was shot and killed in the line of duty on February 10, 2016 after responding to a Fargo, North Dakota residence where a domestic incident had intensified, firearms became involved and a stand-off ensued.

Officer Moszer responded to 308 9th Avenue North along with other local police officers from agencies including the Red River Valley SWAT Team, Cass County Sheriff’s Department and North Dakota Highway Patrol.

The WDAY-TV news clip that I am going to show you, will demonstrate that Forum Communications in conjunction with ABC, broadcast that Marcus Schumacher – the man that stood off against police in his home – is the person that shot and killed Officer Jason Moszer.

The clip is relatively short – following the clip I will tell you what’s really going on.

While you observed the WDAY news presenter, at the introduction of the segment, categorically state Marcus Schumacher shot and killed Officer Jason Moszer, you will note that Cass County State’s Attorney Birch Burdick, who sat down with WDAY for a very formal interview regarding the case, never stated, on behalf of the State, that Marcus Schumacher shot and killed Officer Jason Moszer.

That’s because he didn’t.

However – Attorney Burdick cryptically telegraphed the truth about what happened when he said, “Schumacher was putting a lot of people at risk. He fired a lot”.

Based upon tips from the public, Write Into Action has initiated an independent journalistic investigation into the Moszer/Schumacher shooting, which includes the entire investigation file of the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Write Into Action reached out to Attorney Burdick and asked the State Prosecutor if he stood by the statement made by WDAY and himself during their coordinated news story.

It was important Attorney Burdick be asked the question because the WDAY news story accused Marcus Schumacher of murder.

Attorney Burdick responded to say that he felt my questions were primarily directed to the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

I advised Attorney Burdick that I am aware all final decisions in criminal cases are made by the State’s Attorney, and that according to BCI Special Agent Michael Ness, the BCI processes the scene and conducts interviews but provides no opinion regarding the facts and has no influence over prosecutorial decisions.

Attorney Burdick, now, will not state whether or not he stands by the assertion that Marcus Schumacher.

That’s because Marcus Schumacher did not commit murder.

The news story reported that all the details of the night had not yet been released.

That’s right.

And that’s going to change.

Write Into Action is preparing the evidence of what happened and will be presenting it to the public once it’s prepared.


Fargo police shooting a friendly fire cover-up?

Well…watch closely now…you’ll observe a curious exchange of energy

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 13, 2017, 11:03 P.M. CST

UPDATE: I was contacted by Cass County States Attorney Birch Burdick and Forum Communications following my initial press release. We are now at the next step. I have confronted the before-mentioned regarding televised statements by WDAY regarding Attorney Burdick saying Marcus Schumacher killed Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer.

Do you believe WDAY’s reporting is true?

Do believe Attorney Burdick make that statement?

Do you believe Marcus Schumacher is the person that shot Officer Moszer?

Or, was WDAY’s reporting what Donald Trump would call “very fake news”?

Well…watch closely now.


POLICE RECORDS: EGFPD chief detective vowed to lie to investigators about prisoner beating he witnessed

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 21, 2016, 11:36 A.M. CST

Yesterday Write into Action reported Jared Rasmussen, the son of former East Grand Forks police officer Vern Rasmussen, has publically stated he is being systematically gang-stalked by a group headed by Lt. Rodney Hajicek, chief detective at the EGFPD.


Through public records requests, Write Into Action has obtained a transcription document regarding the violent jailhouse assault by EGFPD officer Curt Ellingson that nearly resulted in the death of Jon Osowski.

The transcription contains segments from recordings between former EGFPD officer Gary Deitz, who discussed the violent assault with fellow officers Rodney Hajicek, James Grabanski, and Sherman Stallmo.

The document reveals Officer Hajicek witnessed Ellingson smash Osowki’s head against the cement “about 4 or 5 times” and vowed “but I will deny it”.

Write Into Action is regularly receiving information regarding local law enforcement that involves serious crimes such as rape and murder cover-ups.




BCI focused on prescription drugs during police shooting investigation

Altru Hospital and University of North Dakota may have betrayed the public

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 20, 2016, 12:17 P.M. CST

Does a police shooting victim’s medical background and prescription drug history have anything to do with whether or not the shooting was justified?

In an undated letter authored by Grand Forks State’s Attorney David Jones, he determined the shooting of David James Elliott by a UND police officer was justified based upon all the evidence he reviewed, which included police-cam evidence.

But nobody has been allowed to see the video that Jones claims clears the cop.


There are new questions being raised in this bizarre North Dakota case that involves drugs – drugs that Attorney Jones knew about – but has never talked about.

The seizure of thousands of bagged pills from the vehicle of David James Elliott on the night he was shot in the head has created those questions.

On February 28, 2015 the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) began an investigation into the police shooting of David James Elliott by a University of North Dakota police officer in the Emergency Room parking lot of Altru hospital.

David Elliott was unarmed and on the telephone with a Grand Forks police officer, and had arranged to meet that officer at Altru Hospital, when he was shot multiple times by a rookie UND campus cop he had been trying to stay from during a slow speed pursuit.

Audio from the inside of the UND squad car later revealed the officer, Jerad Braaten, was diabolically and cynically hoping to cause a collision with David Elliott – it also captures what David Elliott says is the sound of Braaten attempting to shoot David Elliott several minutes before the actual shooting – but his gun jammed.

Questions are rapidly developing in this case regarding what was really going on between David Elliott, the University of North Dakota, Altru Hospital, and multiple law enforcement agencies.


And – it’s all about drugs.

Here’s why.

The region has been saturated with drug use, fatal overdoses, and mysterious unattended deaths as result of narcotics that are flooding into the area.

BCI records show ‘thousands of pills’ were found in David Elliott’s pick-up truck after he was shot – the pills were in bags.

“We found three bags of pills,” said SA Michael Ness during his interview with David Elliott’s wife, Jennifer Elliott, an employee in the Accounts Payable department at UND.

“That’ what Altru – he gets it all from doctors. It’s all coming from doctors at Altru,” Jennifer Elliott said.

Jennifer Elliott said she repeatedly tried to curtail the dispensing of drugs to her husband by Altru. She told investigators she confronted Barbara Norman, a clinical nurse specialist about it.

“He keeps coming here and you (Barb Norman) keep prescribing stuff – so I said what’s your plan – what’s your plan here – what, were going to come here every three months and your going sit and go oh you need this one – okay we’ll print that one – what else do you need? Oh you out of this one? Oh okay were going to print that one. Okay and after sitting and watching her do that for twenty minutes I start to argue with her and say what’s your plan – do you have a plan here for him more than just to give out drugs,” Jennifer Elliott said.

Jennifer Elliott said Dr. Matthew Roller, a neurologist at Altru, looked at David Elliott’s prescription list and was “appalled” at what he saw in David Elliott’s chart.

The drug dispensing appeared weird to Jennifer Elliott.

“Now, [my husband David Elliott will] always say don’t argue with them before we get in there – don’t argue with the doctor,” Jennifer Elliott said.

Margaret Dolan, Jennifer Elliott’s mother, was at the BCI interview. “The pain management doctor in Bemidji when he would go there – he didn’t want her there – he made it very clear that he did not want her at those appointments,” Dolan said.

Ness and Jennifer Elliott discussed prescription drug documentation regarding David Elliott. “I ran the same thing – it’s called a PDMP – prescription drug monitoring on a report – I just went back a year and it’s like five pages long,” Ness said.

“Isn’t one Benzo enough? Why three? Who takes morphine for headaches?” Jennifer Elliott said.

BCI investigator Ness was greatly focused on obtaining David Elliott’s medical records and wanted Jennifer Elliott to sign a release.

“Be important to look at all his records to see kind of where were at – why were at where we are now today,” SA Ness said.

“I think it’s important. I really do,” SA Ness said.

“Important for what?” Jennifer Elliott replied.

“Just to kind of figure out why were at where were at,” Ness said.

David James Elliott eventually pled guilty to traffic/driving related offenses and the police shooting case has since been closed.

No more was ever heard about the prescription drug issue.

Write Into Action continues to focus on evidence that shows a possible connection between the drug over-dose death (murder cover-up by GFPD) of Caitlin Jenna Erickson, which occurred in Grand Forks at the same time police were chasing David Elliott.

Write Into Action also reported a major drug trafficking incident that hit the UND football team that went un-reported by the local corporate hoax media.


Jennifer Elliott said UND Police Chief Eric Plummer told her that his department was trying to reach David Elliott by telephone the night he was shot.


Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson issued a ‘Special Order’ so his Department could delete GFPD videos after Write Into Action initiated it’s journalistic investigation.

Write Into Action is presently battling the ND AG for the police videos after AG Wayne Stenehjem called upon Marsy’s Law (a victim’s rights law) to stall my investigation.


Marsy’s Law cited by ND AG regarding public records request for police-cam of police shooting

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 19, 2016, 8:43 P.M. CST

The case involving a police shooting of an unarmed man in Grand Forks, North Dakota may be headed to the courtroom.

The Office of North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has invoked “Marsy’s Law” in response to a public records request for police-cam video regarding the pursuit and shooting on an unarmed man in February, 2015.

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem

According to Stenehjem’s office, they need time to assess Write Into Action’s request for the police-cam evidence to make sure it is in compliance with Marsy’s Law.

Liz Brocker, public information officer, ND AG, responded to the request today.

“This confirms your request. Before we can provide an estimate of the costs and time involved, we must review the request against the provisions of Marsy’s law. I will be in touch shortly” Brocker said.



Marsy’s Law was passed in 2016 to ensure the rights of crime victims.

The shooting of David James Elliott by a UND police officer was deemed justified by Grand Forks States Attorney David Jones, after, he says, he reviewed all the evidence and police videos of the event.

David James Elliott eventually pled guilty to reckless endangerment and the case is closed.

That’s it.

According to records and the court there was, and is, no victim.

According to police and court records the only person to blame is David James Elliott – the man that was shot.

It is not readily known how Marsy’s Law could even remotely apply to the case.

The pursuit and shooting of David James Elliott has been shrouded in mystery ever since it happened on February 28, 2015, when police refused to talk to the media for two and half days after the unarmed man was inexplicably shot in a hospital parking lot.

Write Into Action has learned through BCI interviews that David Elliott was trying to reach the Emergency Room at Altru Hospital in Grand Forks and had arranged with a police officer that was talking to him on the PSAP line to meet him there.

He was shot in front of the Emergency Room.

The case appears to be a ticking public relations time-bomb for the State of North Dakota.

Here’s why…

It appears David James Elliott knew he was going to be shot, which is why he called 911 and refused to pull over.

David James Elliott contacted Write Into Action in the summer of 2016 and said Jerad Braaten, the (former) UND police officer that shot him, tried to kill him minutes before the ultimate shooting, but Braaten’s gun jammed. Braaten’s body-cam, which captured no visual because he fixed it wrong on his shirt, captures the sound of Braaten’s gun clicking atop the Columbia Road Bridge.

BCI evidence further reveals Braaten’s dash-cam disappeared altogether, and he attempted to hide his body-cam under his squad car after the shooting.

Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson hired Braaten after the shooting.

In the summer of 2016 Nelson enacted a ‘Special Order’ to change retention dates on police-cam videos after Write Into Action began ordering videos of the event.

Video that Write Into Action managed to obtain from the GFPD were altered using a video editor and time-stamps between the dash-cams and body-cams do not match.

Grand Fork PSAP advised Write Into Action that the two hour 911 call made by David James Elliott on the night he was shot had been deleted because they needed space.

Write Into Action has submitted payment for the 911 call to the Office of the Attorney General.


Write Into Action’s most recent request, which resulted in Stenehjem bringing up Marsy’s Law reads as follows:

Liz Brocker 
Public Information Officer 
Wayne Stenehjem, Attorney General
600 E. Boulevard Avenue | Dept. 125 | Bismarck, ND 58505

December 19, 2016

In Re: Public Data Request / Police Shooting Video

Ms. Brocker,

I am in receipt of the BCI interview with Jennifer Elliott (wife of police shooting victim David James Elliott) that I received from your office.

During said interview BCI Special Agent Michael Ness refers extensively to police-cam evidence.

At the 9:48 marker on the audio SA Ness said “He is on the trooper’s video camera….” – referring to video from the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

At the 13:06 marker on the audio SA Ness said, “Sgt. Schneider’s in-car camera is the best there…” referring to video from the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office.

At the 14:47 marker on the audio SA Ness said, “You can see him on one of the body cameras…” referring to Grand Forks Police body cam video.

I am requesting the aforementioned data.

Timothy Charles Holmseth
Investigative Author/Journalist/Publisher

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W.
Unit# 17
East Grand Forks, MN
218.230.1597 (cell)