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by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Many have seen Anderson Cooper’s nose seemingly disappear  for a moment during an interview with yet another ‘Sandy Hook parent’ of  Newtown fame –  the apparent result of the green screen technology they were using.

No big secret…CNN has a history of producing fake news using production sets.

During the 1990’s the network was caught red-handed  after a staffer leaked footage the public was never supposed to see. The  footage showcased how these little clowns used sound effects to emulate rockets  and explosions – at one point they frantically pulled on gas-masks.

While one views the antics of these little fools, it is hard to not sense they they enjoy the idea they are fooling people. The very thought processes  behind such behavior is consistent with criminal thinking.

Now of course – if the foolishness remained limited to using  props for scenery, bogus sound effects, and faking geographic location to look  like an efficient news network, that would be one thing – but of course, it’s  always just a matter of time before some predator has to exploit a child.

And that brings us to a creepy little goblin named Art  Harris.

Art Harris was once employed by CNN but was reportedly fired  after being kicked out of Iraq  for irresponsibly jeopardizing the lives of American troops. Apparently the  disgust of the American military toward Harris was enough to prompt a rare  event of good decision making at CNN.

So – did he learn his lesson?

Apparently not – because in 2009 he decided to get cute  again – this time with a little girl named HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings.

Apparently you can get Art Harris out of CNN – but you can’t  CNN out of Art Harris.

I’ll explain why.

HaLeigh Cummings, 5, was reported missing on February 10, 2009.  Her father, Ronald Cummings had sole physical custody of HaLeigh and her little  brother.

The police report described the mysterious disappearance as  ‘domestically involved’ and law enforcement told the media it was “no stranger  abduction.”

Custody and in-fighting had been a problem for the family in  the past; local law enforcement had a pretty good idea about what was going on.

But of course – out of all the family abductions and custody  grabs that occur around the United States on a regular basis, Art Harris’  friend, Nancy Grace at HLN (CNN associate) focused on the little girl from  Satsuma, Florida.

For a month the mystery raged – and then…

On March 11, 2009 a story entitled “HaLeigh Cummings’ mom  wants custody!” was published by Art Harris on his website.

First of all – you will search the world over – but you will  never in a million years find a reputable journalist or reporter that publishes  a headline that says something like that.

Which makes sense, because…

Harris was the media consultant for Crystal Sheffield, HaLeigh’s mother. 

He wasn’t a reporter anymore than Nancy Grace is a news  program.

It’s almost surprising the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office  didn’t take this whispering little ghoul in for questioning the moment he  started hanging around the case. He didn’t belong in Satsuma anymore than he  did in Iraq  when he got his ass kicked out of a jeep by a pissed of military leader.

Providing private publishing services for a missing child’s  mother easily pushed him out from underneath the safe umbrella of First  Amendment protections.

One month after HaLeigh Cummings is reported missing – Art  Harris emerges out of nowhere to announce the mother of the kidnapped child  wants custody (of her missing child). 

And of course – why would a Judge know which household to  place the child in anyway – no, America  needs Art Harris to help us understand the best interest of a child.

A cursory examination of Crystal Sheffield is all that is  required to understand why she did not have physical custody of her two  children in the first place.

  • Habitual       drug user / addict
  • Did       not know what time her daughter HaLeigh got out of school
  • Neglected       to take HaLeigh, who suffers from Turner’s syndrome, to over a dozen       consecutive doctor visits
  • Rolled       over and went back to sleep when she the received the telephone call       HaLeigh was missing
  • Used       Photoshop to create the appearance she posed with her daughter because she       had no such photos     

So – what does the child protection expert Art Harris do  when he first arrives in Satsuma, Florida  in March of 2009?

He rendezvous with a South Florida  bail bondman, William Staubs – a.k.a. ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ – – – Staubs  pays Harris $4,700 in cash (which Staubs says he borrowed from a reformed drug  dealer).

Harris now begins to follow Staubs around – films him and  write about the kidnapping case. Before it is all over, Staubs will be arrested  for felony false imprisonment – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Now – who does Cobra Staubs work for? Why is he there  anyway?

Well – he, works for Crystal Sheffield, too. 

However, when the mainstream media pinned Staubs down about  who his client was, he told them he was working for Rev. Richard Grund.

Rev. Grund is an online minister – former Satan worshipper  turned Christian (that is what he told me) that battles demons in the  supernatural realm – he hails from the Orlando  area.

Okay – fair enough…I guess…

So – you have Staubs and Harris in a contractual  relationship involving thousands of dollars – is there any relevance to Staubs  claiming he is working for Grund?


Both Grund and Staubs have been working closely with Crystal  Sheffield’s victim’s advocate, Wayanne Kruger.

Kruger produced (to me) email communications between herself  and (1) Grund, (2) Staubs, (3) Harris, and many others.

They were all working together – coordinating – Grund  actually appeared to be in charge – giving marching orders.

In one email, Rev. Grund tells Kruger that Cobra his on his  way and she is supposed to wait for him. Grund then asks Kruger where she is  going to “hide” them.

Did you catch that folks?



There are a couple of men Kruger has been spending time  with. They are a father and son named John and Jeremiah Regan from local Hastings, Florida.

Kruger said John Regan bragged about knowing the location of  an “intake house” for young prostitutes. She said he told her the local police  and local leaders were all running a sex trafficking operation.

Kruger said she tried to go to the police to tell them what  she knew about HaLeigh, but was stopped by the Regans. She said John Regan  dressed as a pastor and claimed he worked undercover for the FBI as a pedophile  to catch other pedophiles. He told her the FBI already had HaLeigh but wanted  it kept secret for the time being.

Do John and Jeremiah Regan know the rest of the gang?

Oh yes.

A photo shows Crystal Sheffield with Kruger and the Regans. Sheffield and Jeremiah Regan are intimately holding  hands.

Staubs told me John Regan was a preacher and undercover  agent connected to the Jacksonville FBI (I somehow doubt the FBI is going to  confirm that).

Rev. Grund told me John Regan bragged that he used a  chaplain’s badge to trick a person into thinking he was a cop.

Mainstream news reports capture Jeremiah Regan and Art  Harris together as they track down and harass a local accused pedophile they  ‘suspect’ may have took HaLeigh.

Daniel Snodgrass, Joseph Overstreet, Misty Croslin, Ronald Cummings, were among the list of individuals targeted for televised ‘suspicion’ brought to you courtsey of Art Harris and Nancy Grace.

Yep – Art Harris is hot on the case, running around with the  son of the Undercover Pervert – fighting crime and filming Cobra the Bounty Hunter.

I could literally go on for pages upon pages with the  behavior and antics of the group that was trying to help ‘HaLeigh Cummings mom  get custody.’

I won’t – but let me share how bad this gets.

Wayanne Kruger said she was worried that Rev. Grund may have  accidentally killed HaLeigh during an exorcism. She said Rev. Grund didn’t  believe HaLeigh was 100 percent human because she had no reproductive abilities  as a result of her Turner’s syndrome. Kruger said Rev. Grund believed HaLeigh  may have a demon in her.

Kruger told me she hoped they didn’t accidentally kill  HaLeigh. She expressed she wanted to protect HaLeigh, but feared the little  girl may have been trafficked into something run by pedophiles and weirdoes and  baby-brokers.

You see – CNN – everything is freakin’ funny until you  exploit a child.