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U.S. A.G. Jeff Sessions

– Deb Matheny / American Patriot / Whistleblower

I received a video message from Deb Matheny today. Her situation is dire and life threatenng. See You Tube below. I asked Deb back in December to set up a Pay Pal but she cannot for various reasons. If you wnt to help Deb simply send the money to me at my Pay Pal and I will drive to Hibbing and give it to her. I will video documnet my actions to prove I gave ger the money.

Give all the love that you have in your soul…

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Savanna Greywind horror story linked to Florida

General Michael Flynn

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 21, 2017, 2:48 P.M. CST

The baby of murder victim Savanna Greywind, who was stolen from her mother by womb-raiders, is now living with her father Asthon Matheny.

The name is ‘Matheny’.

And there’s no getting around the implications.

Here’s why.

Debra Matheny, an anti-corruption activist from Hibbing, Minnesota has been publically blowing the whistle on child sex trafficking for years and believes there is a connection to the Greywind case.

Debra Matheny talked to Write Into Action today.

Debra Matheny

“Savanna Greywind’s boyfriend and father of the baby is Aston Robert Matheny. The geographics make me wonder if he’s related to Bob and Pat Matheny of Cass Lake,” Debra Matheny said.

“My ex in-laws are involved,” Debra Matheny added.

The banner of Debra Matheny’s Twitter homepage reads: “Cover-up of major sex trafficking pipeline of minors in Minnesota – Pedophile Terrorism is running rampant in America.”

And – she is taken quite seriously.

Debra Matheny’s Twitter account is followed by General Michael Flynn, former director of Defense Intelligence Agency.


What is General Flynn watching on Debra Matheny’s Twitter account?


Roger Stone, a national profile political consultant who has reportedly personally advised President Donald Trump, has reported General Flynn possesses an ‘Elite Pedophile List’ that could take down the Deep State.


Debra Matheny told Write Into Action that her family are generational victims of a ruthless cult. “My daughter and granddaughter, we are what’s known as breeders,” she said.

“My neighbor, Gerald Clark, a Freemason, has been involved in my life and it’s orchestration since 1976. My neighbor is tied to it all and related to my ex in-laws the Matheny’s as in Ashton Matheny, as in Savanna Greywinds baby’s father,” Debra Matheny said.


In an article published today by the Grand Forks Herald, portions of a letter authored by Brooke Lynn Crews, who has pled guilty to killing Savanna Greywind, were published.

Crews acknowledged in her letter to this reporter that she does have a compelling story. “I can assure you,” she wrote, “that the truth of my history is far, far stranger than fiction. It’s a truth I’ve spent most of my life trying to forget.”
– Grand Forks Herald / December 21, 2017 / Blake Gumprecht

She says in parentheses after that last sentence, “think 80’s Florida foster care.”
– Grand Forks Herald / December 21, 2017 / Blake Gumprecht

Something happened to Crews in Florida that she says is so disturbing she feels nobody will believe her.

Now I’m going to show something.

Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind was eight months pregnant with the baby of Ashton Matheny, when the 22 year-old went missing on August 19, 2017. Her body was found on August 27.

LaFontaine’s baby was found August 24 with Brooke Lynn Crews, and her live-in boyfriend, William Henry Hoehn.

On September 28, 2017 Attorney Gloria Allred confirmed she was representing the family of Savanna Greywind to handle media requests.

Gloria Allred

Ask yourself…Why is Gloria Allred involved?

Stolen babies – that’s why.

Gloria Allred’s protégé Wayanne Kruger told me (Timothy Charles Holmseth) during recorded interviews about a CIA/FBI international baby sales operation that ran stolen babies in and out of the country through U.S. Embassies.

Kruger named a Florida attorney who, Kruger said, worked in the home-study field in Florida social services where she illegally obtained babies from young mothers and sold them on the international black market.

Kruger also said Allred was guiding her from behind the scenes during the Casey Anthony murder trial and HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping where, Kruger said, ‘something went wrong’.

The Kruger interviews with Timothy Charles Holmseth, and other evidence, were so powerful and compelling that on December 13, 2017, Minnesota Assistant Chief Judge Tamara Yon, 9th Minnesota District, GRANTED a MOTION TO VACATE prior orders based upon the explosive evidence that Holmseth entered into the record.

Yesterday, I (timothy Holmseth) published Memo warns Attorney General Jeff Sessions of VP Pence and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi after Minnesota court rules on international child trafficking evidence – – – by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 20, 2017, 2:04 P.M. CST

You can learn about the baby sales in Sarah Westall’s interview of me.