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Cobra the Bounty Hunter says he met with Florida Attorney General Pan Bondi and FDLE commissioner Gerald Bailey

Source: Governor Rick Scott’s office connected to FDLE black operations program of extortion, kidnapping, and murder

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Write Into Action (Timothy Charles Holmseth) has obtained documents that capture a Tallahassee attorney admitting to an illegal meeting with Leon County Judge Karen Gievers.

According to a South Florida insider, Gievers is part of a secret criminal network, working in tandem with Governor Rick Scott’s office, to conceal the existence of a black operations program being run through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and Tallahassee Police Department (TPD).

On October 29, 2014, Attorney David F. Chester, Tallahassee, emailed his very own law client, Dr. Mark Hash, Georgia, and told him, “Pack your toothbrush”.

Attorney Chester then proceeded to threaten Hash. “I wanted to let you know that I am currently getting dressed to pay a visit to Judge Gievers this afternoon, and I’m bringing her a gift,” Chester said, adding he was going to show Gievers something that had been “handwritten” by Hash.

“It is unnecessary that you thank me; I’ll be happy enough just knowing that you will finally receive the recognition you deserve,” Chester said, threatening his own client.

“P. S. I know that the sociopath in you is telling you that I won’t do it, but–once again–he’s wrong,” Chester added in a separate email.

Chester’s threat was based upon Hash’s refusal to give him nearly a million dollars, which Chester claims Hash owes him in attorney’s fees.

Chester was retained by Hash in 2011 to file a lawsuit. Dr. Hash presently has a lawsuit against the FDLE for false arrest; his son, Alec Tomas Hash, has a civil rights lawsuit filed against the Tallahassee Police Department.

According to the South Florida insider, Chester is extorting Dr. Hash, because Chester knows where Alec Hash is hiding to escape the black operatives of the FDLE that are attempting to kidnap him.

Court documents support the extortion/abduction scenario.

On November 12, 2014, Chester, represented by Stephen Marc Slepin, Maddox Horne Law Firm, filed a lawsuit against Hash for $771,300.00. However, when Dr. Hash’s counsel, Attorney Steven Andrews, asked Chester to produce billing records to demonstrate the debt he claimed Dr. Hash owed; Chester produced nothing.

Attorney Slepin subsequently dropped Chester as a client.


According to the South Florida insider, Attorney Chester is actively working with a black operative for the FDLE.

During the same time-window that Chester was demanding money from Dr. Hash, a private investigator out of Broward County, William (Cobra) Staubs, who performed PI services for Dr. Hash, was also contacting Dr. Hash and demanding money.

Staubs chastised Dr. Hash for not paying Chester, and then demanded some twenty-thousand dollars for himself.

Like Chester, Staubs had no billing records to support the demand for payment. Staubs too threatened to make contact with Judge Gievers, and threatened to turn over secret video that would embarrass Dr. Hash.


William Staubs told Write Into Action (Timothy Charles Holmseth) during interviews that he met with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and (former) FDLE commissioner Gerald Bailey – he also claimed to telephone judges at home.

According to the South Florida insider, Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Bondi know Staubs is involved in serious criminal activity, including the kidnapping of HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings, which was staged after the remains of the murdered Orlando toddler Caylee Marie Anthony were found.

According to the South Florida insider, the actions of Staubs and Gov. Scott’s office need to be immediately investigated by the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security.

The assertion that Staubs poses a serious threat to public safety is well supported.

During recorded interviews, Staubs told Write Into Action the details of an intricate plan he had to travel to New York to “abduct” a female, and then transport her back to Florida against her will.

Staubs openly boasts about international operation he has run in foreign countries.

Staubs openly admitted to involvement with a convicted sex offender named John Regan. Multiple witnesses state that Regan impersonated an FBI agent during the HaLeigh Cummings investigation and told the child’s family’s advocate that the FBI already had HaLeigh in their custody.

One witness said Staubs and Regan orchestrated a fake search in San Mateo, Florida, that uncovered planted evidence, which Staubs then attempted to turn into the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

Wayanne Kruger, an author and victim’s advocate that represented the mother of HaLeigh Cummings, told Write Into Action that John Regan poses as a clergyman, but is actually a child rapist and human trafficker directly involved with selling infants through the United States Embassy.


According to a December 31, 2014 motion filed to the Leon County Court by Attorney Steven Andrews, Gievers has been presiding over an illegal “star chamber” that is violating the constitutional rights of Alec Hash.

The South Florida insider the target of the star chamber is Dr. Hash, and they are attempting to kidnap his son to protect their criminal enterprise.

‘Alec Hash may have witnessed something – that’s why they need to get him,’ the source said.


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FDLE ‘black ops’ may ruin presidential aspirations for Rick Scott

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Florida Governor Rick Scott knows the truth about what happened to the murdered Orlando toddler Caylee Anthony, and the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

The Governor’s recent termination of FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey is an attempt to distance his office from the impending explosive scandal that now looms heavy on the horizon.

But it may be too late.

According to a South Florida insider, Scott’s office has ‘lost complete control’ of the situation and is ‘terrified’ because the hideous way little Caylee Anthony died, and the on-going cover-up of her murder, could ruin his chances for a possible VP spot on a Jeb Bush presidential ticket.

‘It’s hard to tell if Rick Scott plans on being a hero or a zero. If he plans on being a hero, he better do more than fire Bailey. He better resolve these cases. Jeb Bush is not going to want the Grim Reaper on the ballot with him,’ the source said.

Timothy Charles Holmseth has obtained information that the HaLeigh Cummings investigation was/is nothing more than a public relations campaign run by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) to cover for a massive drug and human trafficking operation that involved law enforcement agents and high ranking government officials.

The trafficking, which included small children and child pornography, involved an FDLE operative named William Staubs – also known as ‘Cobra’.

As early as March of 2009, Detective Peggy Cone, lead investigator on the HaLeigh Task Force, admitted the real reason Ronald Cummings, HaLeigh’s father, had not yet been arrested in his daughter’s disappearance, was connected to surveillance video of people coming in and out of a drug location.

The drug location referenced by Cone was First Impressions weight loss clinic in Tallahassee. The surveillance video was of the door traffic at First Impressions, and was secretly captured by Cobra Staubs. The patrons of the clinic were illegally obtaining prescription medication from a front-desk secretary without ever seeing a doctor.

Records obtained by Holmseth show Gov. Scott’s chief inspector general, Melinda Miguel, was among the government employees illegally obtaining drugs at First Impressions. Records show the clinic was the go-to spot for government employees to obtain pills and was frequented by judges, politicians, law enforcement officers, and their spouses.

Staubs told Holmseth that Ronald Cummings had “notebooks” full of names of customers purchasing drugs that could be used for blackmail. Staubs said he personally met with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi; FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey; and boasted telephoning judges at home.

Staubs telephoned Holmseth shortly before he was to meet with Bondi and asked how much information Holmseth had acquired on a South Florida attorney. The attorney was a business partner with now convicted Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein. Staubs appeared to be gathering information for the Governor’s office.

There are countless examples of Staubs un-fettered access to information.

On several occasions, Staubs telephoned Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) child protection specialist Bonnie Warner at her home, and the two openly discussed the HaLeigh Cummings case file. Holmseth has recordings of the telephone calls between Staubs and Warner.

Holmseth also has recordings of an official meeting attended by Staubs, Rothstein’s attorney associate, and a young mother that was a friend of Misty Croslin. The attorney is heard threatening to have “Bonnie Warner” take the young women’s child away from her if she doesn’t cooperate. The Rothstein attorney associate was a suspect in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping and had been questioned by law enforcement.

According to the South Florida insider, Gov. Scott and Attorney General Bondi are suddenly trying to distance the Governor’s office from the ‘black-ops’ being run by the FDLE.

‘They’re scared to death about what they did to Misty Croslin. Scott and Bondi both know Misty Croslin was set-up and sentenced to 25 years in prison. That was done to make it look like Misty killed HaLeigh. But HaLeigh wasn’t dead. Rick Scott knows that. That’s not presidential,’ the source said.

However – it may be a black-op run in 2009 that becomes the un-doing of Scott’s presidential ambitions.

In 2009 the FDLE arrested Dr. Mark Hash, a physician that worked part-time at First Impressions. Dr. Hash was charged with dispensing prescription medication without medical necessity. The felony charges were subsequently dropped for complete lack of evidence, and Dr. Hash filed a lawsuit against the FDLE for false arrest.

The State of Florida then began to pursue physical custody of Dr. Hash’s teenage son, Alec Thomas Hash, via a ‘black op’.

According to a December 31, 2014 motion filed to the Leon County Court by high profile attorney Steven Andrews, Leon County Judge Karen Gievers has been presiding over an illegal “star chamber” that is violating the constitutional rights of Alec Hash.

The timeline of events show Gievers and the FDLE are working in concert; the tandem acts include an un-constitutional pick-up order issued by Gievers for Alec Hash’s arrest, which the FDLE used to justify classifying Alec Hash as a missing person.

‘Alec Hash may have witnessed something – that’s why they need to get him,’ the source said.

Public records show FDLE attorney James Martin was counsel for the FDLE after Alec Hash had been classified as ‘Missing and Endangered’ despite the fact Alec Hash was not really missing. After the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children contacted the FDLE and instructed the agency to cease publication of the ‘missing person’ poster, the FDLE, under Martin, continued to publish the poster while an operative used Facebook in a desperate effort to lure Alec Hash back into Florida.

In the summer of 2014 Alec Hash retained Andrews, but Gievers struck Attorney Andrews’ notice of appearance, which essentially means Alec Hash can only be represented by Attorney Michael Dolce, who Alec Hash had long since terminated in writing because Dolce was working against his interests.

After Andrews filed an appeal regarding Gievers’ ruling, Dolce filed a motion to Gievers’ court requesting Andrews be found in contempt of court. According to Andrews’ court motion, the “star chamber” is being used to prevent Alec Hash from having a lawyer, which violates his due process rights.

The Florida First District Court of Appeals is presently reviewing, what is essentially, ‘star chamber’ activities, and a decision could come any time.