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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 17, 2017, 3:48 P.M. CST

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W.
Unit # 17
East Grand Forks, MN
218.230.1597 (cell)

In Re: Holmseth v. City of East Grand Forks et al

August 17, 2017

Federal Judge
United States Courthouse
316 North Robert Street
STE 100
St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Federal Court,

I am requesting permission from the U.S. Court to re-open HOLMSETH V. CITY OF EAST GRAND FORKS ET AL – in a limited scope.

If I am not able to obtain immediate relief from the U.S. Court I am at risk of suffering irreparable damage to my entire life.

I am presently the target of an active and imminent assault upon my First Amendment rights by multiple members of a interstate group that are retaliating against me for filing a Motion to Vacate in the 9th Minnesota District Court Family Court which is set for hearing on September 13, 2017 in Polk County, Minnesota (Court File Number 60-FA-13-468).

I am under siege by several members of a group who were named in the Affidavit of the Minnesota action.

I filed the Motion to Vacate because I obtained new evidence that was not available at the time of trial. The evidence proves members of a group operated by Tina Church, president, Specialized Investigative Inc., Mishawaka, Indiana, and REDACTED REDACTED Law Office P.A., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, conspired with Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek at the East Grand Forks Police Department to violate my rights.

I acquired emails from the personal/private Gmail account of Lt. Rodney Hajicek that show in 2009 he began secretly conspiring against my rights with REDACTED REDACTED and her agents, after the Minneapolis and Jacksonville FBI began acting upon information they received from me regarding the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

Lt. Hajicek hid a 22-page FBI report that was emailed to him by REDACTED REDACTED’s agents. The FBI report was authored by me. The FBI report contained the names and activities of a group that had contacted my publication. The group members told me about their illegal activities in the search for HaLeigh Cummings. The FBI report included the names of REDACTED REDACTED, her media consultant Art Harris, and others. One private email from Harris to Hajicek dated July, 2011 said the FBI in Florida was using information from Timothy Holmseth and said, “He’s got to be stopped”

I also obtained new information that proves a police report made to the East Grand Forks Police in July, 2011 by Tina Church, who told police I claimed to have HaLeigh Cummings in my apartment, was a planned operation by the group that involved planning in advance with somebody at the East Grand Forks Police Department.

The whole thing was a set-up.

I’ll explain how I know that using new evidence.

In October, 2016, Tina Church abruptly telephoned me after many years of no contact and told me (call recorded) she did not make the police report in 2011. She claimed she was impersonated by a woman from Interlachen, Florida named REDACTED along with a man from Dover, Tennessee named Levi Page (call recorded).

Tina Church also told me in 2016 that although she did not make the July, 2011 police report, the East Grand Forks Police had telephoned her on occasion and they discussed me, and what she called my “obsession” with HaLeigh Cummings. There are no records of those conversations between Tina Church and the EGFPD. Tina Church said REDACTED talked to the EGFPD and there are no records of that either.

In May, 2017 I went to the EGFPD and filed a police report. I gave the officer a CD with the phone calls from Tina Church wherein she claims she was impersonated on the false police report.

This week I obtained the records regarding my May, 2017 report to the EGFPD and it shows the EGFPD did not take one step beyond receiving the report from me. The officer did not note in his narrative anything about the calls or even that I gave him a CD. That is greatly alarming if for no other reason – it involves information about a kidnapped missing child.

In August, 2017, after I filed my Motion to Vacate, Tina Church telephoned me and asked me for the name of the judge on the Minnesota case. I told her it was Tamara Yon. She called me back a few hours later and told me she “called” and talked to Judge Tamara Yon. Tina Church said the judge “wasn’t too impressed” with my court filing. Tina Church kept telling me she was trying to give me the opportunity to withdraw my court filings.

In August, 2017, Tina Church told me she had been recently calling the EGFPD, Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth, and East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galsatd. She said she put the “City of East Grand Forks” on “notice” that if the City did not involuntarily commit me into a mental institute she was going to have her attorney from “Chicago” sue the City of EGF.

Tina Church told me she has advised everybody that I named in my Minnesota case to file restraining orders against me.

Tina Church is blackmailing the City of East Grand Forks because she has officers on tape and she can prove they conspired with her, REDACTED REDACTED, and others against me in private.

After I filed my Motion to Vacate in Minnesota, a publishing agent and law client of REDACTED REDACTED named William Murtaugh published an article that announced Thomas Norman Olsen, Milton, Florida, who too is a law client of REDACTED REDACTED, had petitioned a Florida court for a “stalking” order against me and showed screenshots.

REDACTED REDACTED is using her friends, and law clients, to file bogus court actions and publish articles that say Timothy Holmseth needs to be investigated for the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

Thomas Norman Olsen, Milton Florida, and REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED, Fort Lauderdale, Florida are conspiring against my rights in a ‘restraining order’ scheme, which utilizes Florida state courts, to subvert my First and Second Amendment rights.

Thomas Olsen is a convicted felon from Milton, Florida. Thomas Olsen is a personal friend of REDACTED REDACTED (she bailed him out of jail when he stole money, a car, and a gun) in Santa Rosa County, Florida. REDACTED REDACTED is also Thomas Olsen’s lawyer. REDACTED REDACTED is a licensed divorce attorney in Florida (no criminal law license).

REDACTED REDACTED and Thomas Olsen are BOTH named in my Affidavit supporting my Motion to Vacate (Court File Number 60-FA-13-468) that I filed on September 24, 2017 in the 9th Minnesota District Family Court, which is set for hearing on September 13, 2017.

The Motion I filed in the Minnesota court details facts that show how REDACTED REDACTED, a civil divorce attorney, (fraudulently) obtained a domestic violence protection order against me in a Broward County Divorce Court (DVCE) in 2011, despite my never having met her in person (much less being married to her).

The Order for Protection against Domestic Violence ordered by the Florida Divorce Judge in 2011 required me to retroactively remove everything from the Web that I ever wrote about REDACTED REDACTED – and ordered that I never write about her again.

My recent Motion is filed in the Minnesota ‘Family’ Division because in 2009, after I interviewed REDACTED REDACTED and her staff about her involvement in a kidnapping investigation that involved REDACTED REDACTED possessing child rape pornography of the missing child, she and her agents began contacting my three year-old son’s mother, REDACTED, and encouraging her to file motions against me in Minnesota Family Court. It was an improper/illegal way to gain Venue against me and my publication in a court – through a ‘Best Interest of the Child’ scheme.

I was not able to attend the Florida protection order hearing in 2011 because I was warned by REDACTED REDACTED’s private investigator, William Staubs, that I would be murdered my “mob boys” if I showed up. I reported the death threat to East Grand Forks Police Department Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek who took no action whatsoever.

The EGFPD has willfully and deliberately withheld evidence from me that I would have used at the time of trial(s).

I would not be in this position if it were not for the misconduct and illegal actions committed in an individual capacity against me by Rodney Hajicek at the EGFPD.

Each new out-of-state protection/harassment order against me is being used to piggy-back new ones by new petitioners and are going to be continuously filed until I appear to be a criminal.

The EGFPD refuses to investigate any crimes against me which include threatening telephone calls from people using telephone numbers of Former President Bill (and Hillary) Clinton (Clinton Global), President Donald Trump (Trump Organization, Mar-A-Lago Resort, Doral Resort), and many others, as well as voice changer messages that threaten my grandchild is going to be taken.

There is Federal Question concerning multiple areas of this illegal scheme against me that involves persons in several states.

I humbly request the U.S. Court allow me to obtain relief.

Respectfully submitted,
Timothy Charles Holmseth

Attached: Hajicek email


View: Affidavit submitted to court today

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 2, 2017, 09:52 P.M. CST

Tina Church, a private investigator from Indiana that called a Minnesota police department and falsely reported that a local journalist had just told her he had a kidnapped child in his home has now made a new claim.

She says she telephoned Minnesota District Judge Tamara Yon and spoke with her about me (Timothy Charles Holmseth).

Church has telephoned me several times in the past few days and told me she has been telephoning prosecutors in Minnesota including Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth and East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad.

Church said she put Galstad on notice that the City of EGF shall either detain me and involuntarily commit me into a mental institution or her lawyers from “Chicago” will file a lawsuit against the City.

Church filed a false report to the East Grand Forks Police Department in 2011 regarding the whereabouts of a kidnapped child named HaLeigh Cummings. In 2016, Church telephoned me and told me she was impersonated on the police report by a woman from Florida (along with a man from Dover, Tennessee named Levi Page). She said she had a recording of the false police report being made.

Statements, recordings, and police records show Church and her group were in extensive and secret communications with law enforcement amidst a plan to frame me for kidnapping, rape, child porn production, and/or murder of HaLeigh Cummings.

Evidence strongly suggests that Church has recordings of corrupt Minnesota police and government officials and is blackmailing police and prosecutors in effort to have me kidnapped off the street and placed in a psychiatric ward.


Visit for extensive information about this case.


by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 14, 2017, 9:48 P.M. CST

I, Timothy Charles Holmseth, went to the East Grand Forks Police Department today and filed a police report after finding my car had been broken into during the night.

I reported that somebody broke into my car and removed the front ceiling light, which was dangling by wires when I entered the car in the morning.

EGF Police Officer R. Douglas observed the plastic bracket that held the light in place was snapped.

I advised the EGFPD I am investigative journalist and regularly receive threats (which the police already know).

I told the EGFPD I believe somebody attempted to remove the light fixture so drugs could be planted in the car.

I told Officer Douglas he had my permission to enter any area of the vehicle and search it (including use of a K-9 if he wished). I told Officer Douglas if there are any narcotics in the car they were not put there by me.

It appears the intruder was going to plant something illegal in ceiling of the car; and then put the light back in place so I could be arrested later in what would appear to be a legitimate traffic stop.

It would appear the plan was abandoned because the intruder accidently broke the bracket and could not replace the light. 

My belief that this was an attempt to frame me is based upon factual evidence contained in police records that show the EGFPD tried to set me up as drug dealer in the past.



I interviewed witnesses that physically held child rape pornography that had been created of a missing five-year old child named HaLeigh Cummings; I assisted the FBI in that case.

The creators of the kiddy porn claimed to be with the CIA and FBI and were working with Florida Department of Children and Families.

I provided the FBI a recording of a witness that explained in detail how the traffickers steal infants and sell them to purchasers in Belgium.

The names of the people stealing and selling infants are on record communicating and conspiring with EGFPD Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek (a.k.a. Jerry Sandusky Jr.).

Hajicek directly assisted the FBI’s suspects in that case.

Hajicek communicated via his private gmail account (so they would not be subject to public records requests) with FBI suspects as they tried to find a way to arrest me. I obtained the email thread through a public records request to Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth.

After I published my first book on the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping case, my residence in East Grand Forks, Minnesota became Grand Central Station for EGFPD and Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force Officers that kept knocking on my door.

At one point they came to my home to make sure I didn’t have HaLeigh in my apartment (because a PI from Indiana called them and reported I claimed to have the child).

But guess what?

In 2016, that PI called me and told me the EGFPD had been calling her OFF THE RECORD.


She also claimed she had been impersonated by a woman from Florida on that false police report about the missing child.

But guess what?

EGFPD Chief Michael Hedlund and Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth won’t investigate that false police report or the illegal activity in the police department.

I am a Christian father that has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. I am a recovering alcoholic that has not had a drink in 21 years.

I have received first place awards from the North Dakota Newspaper Association for my reporting. I have written references from elected leaders including a County Attorney. I was awarded sole physical custody of my daughter when she was five years-old and raised her alone. She is now a 22 year-old successful mother. I was deemed a credible witness by the FBI and received clearance to enter secure areas of a federal facility.

Here’s my bio.

So – Jerry Jr. – stop sending your little freaks over to my place and quit trying to plant evidence on me.

Oh – and Jerry Jr. – I am not going to stop reporting on the George Robert Lyons child rape case that you tried to cover up.

I am presently preparing a detailed story using documents and telephone recording that will show beyond any doubt Rod Hajicek conspired with kidnappers and pedophiles.

Visit to see what has Jerry Sandusky Jr. (a.k.a. Rod Hajicek) and the pedophile gang so pissed off.

If you are a concerned citizen that does not want pedophile child rape protectors masquerading as police in your town you might want to contact your EGF council member – this article will be sent to the council members.


Minnesota Sheriff and Chief of Police named as Defendants in federal lawsuit revealing police covered-up actionable Amber Alert lead to protect local criminal enterprise

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Timothy Charles Holmseth, author/journalist, has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court, Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The 109 page filing (including exhibits) details five years of violations by Minnesota government officials under 42 U.S.C. 1983.

Defendants named in the lawsuit include the sheriff of Polk County, Minnesota, Barb Erdman, East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) Police Chief Michael Hedlund, and EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad.

The lawsuit shows local authorities deliberately concealed information about a child kidnapping from the FBI. Many fear the end result is going to be a replay of the Jaycee Dugard tragedy.

Among several causes of action, the Complaint addresses email communications between Nancy Grace’s ‘HaLeigh Cummings’ case reporter, Art Harris, and the EGFPD. In 2009, Harris was appearing on the Nancy Grace Show, ‘Issues’ with Jane Valez Mitchell, and Mike Galanos, as he ‘reported’ the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping; while simultaneously, working for the missing child’s mother and calling law enforcement and news agencies in Minnesota and identifying himself as a “CNN reporter” and soliciting the arrest of a Minnesota journalist that was assisting the FBI.

Emails exchanged between Art Harris and Lt. Rodney Hajicek, EGFPD, show Harris alerted Hajicek to the fact the Jacksonville FBI was acting on leads they received from Holmseth; and based upon that; Harris was soliciting the EGFPD to arrest Holmseth. “He’s got to be stopped,” Harris said in his email.

Lt. Hajicek subsequently reached out to Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth in effort to see if some kind of charge could be brought against Holmseth (presumably, for the crime of assisting the FBI in a kidnapping investigation).

Police incident reports show Lt. Hajicek sought to assist Art Harris, while entirely neglecting to alert the FBI that Harris and several others working with Crystal Sheffield, HaLeigh’s mother, were calling the EGFPD non-stop and soliciting Holmseth’s arrest because Holmseth was helping the FBI.

The illegal efforts of the EGFPD never ceased.

In 2012, the EGFPD and their City Attorney staged a bogus ‘Gang and Drug Task Force’ raid on Holmseth’s home-office to seize custody of his computer and hard-drive. EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad told Minnesota Judge Tamara Yon during a court hearing that he (Galstad) was communicating with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) regarding a prospective ‘forensic search’ of Holmseth’s hard-drive. The assistant superintendent of the Minnesota BCA, Drew Evans, subsequently disavowed Galstad in writing – stating the agency had nothing to do with Galstad – the EGFPD – or their raid – had no agents working on the ‘gang and drug task force’ and did not authorize anyone to attaché their BCA stickers to Holmseth’s journalism equipment. The police then disabled the hard-drive before returning it.

The ‘task force’ raid was an illegal search and seizure.

The EGFPD and Polk County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) were forced to admit in Minnesota State District Court before Judge Yon that a Polk County detective searched the hard-drive with a program that leaves no trace. They kept no ‘record of examination’ and no ‘chain of evidence’ documentation to show where Holmseth’s hard-drive was located for over four months. The search warrant used to seize the hard-drive did not authorize a search – only retention of the property.

Ironically – Sgt. Investigator Michael Norland, PCSO, testified he found no sign of illegal activity on Holmseth’s hard-drive.

Police incident reports, submitted to the U.S. District Court as exhibits in support of Holmseth’s lawsuit, show that in 2009, Art Harris called the EGFPD and told the local news reporter he was with “CNN”. Harris had so un-nerved the local reporter that she called the police and asked for a police officer. The police subsequently redacted the reporter’s name from the report because she was scared.

The police reports and activities that began in 2009, stretch out for years to follow, and reveal the EGFPD had developed a significant relationship with out-of-state individuals involved in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping investigation.

The Minnesota connection to the HaLeigh Cummings/Caylee Anthony child cases was suppressed by Polk County authorities, until April of 2014, when an audit revealed government officials in East Grand Forks had been stealing upwards of a million dollars through various flood relief loan scams, which were being run through corrupt city officials in what is being called the ‘Boardwalk Enterprises’ scheme.

Holmseth had been told HaLeigh Cummings was alive and being passed around to keep her hidden.

Wayanne Kruger, Crystal Sheffield’s official victims advocate, told Holmseth that a fake pastor named John Regan claimed he was an undercover pedophile for the FBI. Kruger said Regan told her the “FBI” had HaLeigh Cummings but were keeping it a secret.

Kruger told Holmseth that John Regan is a serial child rapist and an operative in a child sex trafficking operation that involves every type of human trafficking; including selling infants through the United States Embassy.

The conduct of the EGFPD and Polk County Sheriff’s Office has many fearing law enforcement’s behavior may now result in the next ‘Jaycee Dugard’ tragedy.

Visit the link below to read the Complaint

Mental health claims against author found by expert to be completely untrue

Sanford Medical Center psychologist says she believes journalist’s claims about police corruption targeting him

After a guardian ad litem unilaterally diagnosed an  investigative journalist as ‘paranoid’ and convinced a Court the man’s young child  was in ‘sufficient danger’ under his care; recommending supervised visits; a seasoned  psychologist and renowned expert in the field of child protection reported to  the Minnesota District Court that no mental health issues are present and no safety  concerns exist.

The State sponsored lie against Author Timothy Charles  Holmseth was shot down by Dr. Madaline Barnes PhD. 

It was the third successful psychological evaluation/parental  capacity examination of Holmseth in five years. As an investigative author, Holmseth  has been continuously labeled as ‘crazy’ by a small group of individuals  involved in criminal activity, which he uncovered during a journalism project  regarding a missing child.

The most recent attack on Holmseth was a last ditch effort  by Rhonda Callahan, mother of Holmseth’s child, and Matthew Petrovich, guardian  ad litem, to drudge something up to use in the Family Court where the two have  been making false ‘best interest of the child’ claims to secure a venue against  Holmseth.

They met their Waterloo.

The facts and sheer volume of evidence in the case is now so  powerful, that the actions against Holmseth cannot be passed off as innocent  oversights or subjective differing in opinions – this was intentional and  planned and illegal.

Holmseth asserts to the Court in a Motion and Affidavit  filed yesterday, he is the victim of an organized scheme between like-minded  individuals that included Petrovich, Callahan, and East Grand Forks City  Attorney Ronald Galstad.

Because the latest psychological evaluation found no mental  health issues whatsoever Holmseth’s accusers will now be forced to deal with  facts, instead of slanderous innuendo.

Holmseth possesses a wealth of information regarding the  before-mentioned individuals and their associates, which could potentially be career-ending  – thus the attack on Holmseth’s credibility via mental bogus health claims (and  an attack on his hard-drive which Ronald Galstad and the EGFPD seized;  illegally searched; and then ruined so it wouldn’t work).

In September, 2013 Callahan filed a Motion in the Family  Court claiming Holmseth, the father of their young son, is “delusional.” She  supported her claims with exhibits that consisted of articles she printed off  Holmseth’s website. The articles featured and exposed illegal activities of  several public officials in the Ninth Minnesota Judicial District and  elsewhere.

Callahan did not point out anything specifically in the  articles Holmseth published. She did not claim any of the content was false,  per say. She simply submitted it as ‘defacto’ evidence that Holmseth is  delusional and requested he be required to see his son under supervision. The  submission of the articles as ‘evidence’ was an in-direct message to Holmseth  from the people Holmseth he was exposing – ‘we’re going to take you son if you  don’t shut up!’

The disturbing practice is called ‘institutional kidnapping’  and is a violation of federal law.

On September 30, 2013 Petrovich backed up Callahan’s claims  about Holmseth’s mental health, stating in a written report, “My great concern  is that the degree of paranoia that Mr. Holmseth views everything in his life  will have a very detrimental effect on [the child].”

Petrovich supported his (un-licensed) claim that Holmseth is  ‘paranoid’ by telling the Court that Holmseth filed a great many complaints. He  specifically lamented that Holmseth had filed a complaint against “Ronald  Galstad.”

Petrovich was so determined to convince the Judge she needed  to alter Holmseth’s parenting-time, and require he see a mental health  evaluator, that he ridiculed Holmseth in open court by saying he had filed a  complaint against everybody except “Kevin Bacon”.

Petrovich’s position to the Court was comprised of an  interesting set of themes that invariably orbited around Holmseth’s ‘computer’  ‘complaints’ ‘mental health’ and ‘website’.

Holmseth says rogue elements of the State are trying to shut  down his tell-all whistleblower site.

Holmseth has steadfastly asserted Petrovich is using his  position as Guardian Ad Litem in efforts to stop Holmseth from making document  requests from law enforcement in Polk    County, Minnesota.  Through the process, Holmseth has successfully located key information that demonstrates  local officials have violated a myriad of state and federal laws.  

The Court found that no “direct” evidence was given to  support the claims against Holmseth. However, the Court found that credible  evidence was given in the form of testimony by Callahan and Petrovich to  warrant a concern of “sufficient danger” and therefore granted the request made  for supervised visits pending an evaluation.

They both put their professional reputations; and the  professional reputations of everyone they associate with on the line to get  what they wanted.

But the sum and substance of the findings of Dr. Madaline  Barnes PhD have effectively reduced the entire bogus case they concocted  against Holmseth to little more than pure fiction.

“Mr. Holmseth was very cooperative during the interview, and  very honest and open about his interactions with his son and his activities. He  was very adamant about denying having given his son any additional information  about adult issues that are inappropriate for a [young child], insisted his  ex-wife was either distorting or fabricating her accusations,” Barnes  said. 

Barnes addressed specific topics, cited specific evidence, including  evidence connected to the HaLeigh Cummings case, and repeatedly stated Holmseth  is not “delusional” or “psychotic.”

In one instance, it appears Barnes is questioning why she  was asked to evaluate Holmseth again. “The records of his supervised visits  reflect that he continues to have the same positive relationship with his son  that I observed previously, and showed no inappropriate interactions [in the  log generated by the facilitator] during those visits,” she said.

To effectively address all of the professed claims made by  Callahan and Petrovich about Holmseth, the Judge directed [Dr. Barnes] have  access to his website, writings, and the book he authored about the missing  child HaLeigh Ann-Maries Cummings.

No condemnation of Holmseth’s writing, reporting, or  publishing was found whatsoever.

In fact…

In an interesting moment of candor during the examination,  Barnes told Holmseth she basically believed what he was saying about the  police.

Barnes recommended Holmseth resume parenting-time with his  son.

This is a developing story.

‘Chain of evidence’ records now being withheld by  East Grand Forks officials as scandal grows

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

When the East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) seized a journalist’s hard-drive in December, 2012, the Bureau of Criminal of Apprehension (BCA) would not forensically search it without another Warrant.

Determined – the EGFPD partnered with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) in Crookston, Minnesota where a special investigator searched the hard-drive with a special program that leaves no trace of the activity.

They found nothing – so somebody pulled out wires and rendered the hard-drive inoperable before returning it.

The hard-drive contains ultra sensitive interviews with suspects in a federal kidnapping – audio of a ‘wired’ informant capturing members of the legal community committing felonies – even audio of the the moment the journalist, Timothy Charles Holmseth, is told to put his hands behind his back – he’s under arrest.

But the truth comes out a little at a time.    

On November 25, 2013 Sgt. Michael Norland, special  investigations, PCSO, testified in court regarding a hard-drive he searched. The  hearing was a MOTION TO COMPEL filed by Timothy Charles Holmseth (this reporter/writer  throughout) regarding the return of a computer hard-drive that police had  seized from him in December, 2012.

Holmseth’s Motion was a request for the State of Minnesota to produce any  copy of his hard-drive that may have been made while it was in police custody.

The brief testimony of Investigator Norland shed light and  insight on an insidious issue that has been obscured, largely as result of an ominous  silence by local officials regarding years of institutional harassment and  intimidation of Holmseth.

Sgt. Norland attended the hearing as a State’s witness to  attest that he had not created any secondary copies of Holmseth’s hard-drive  while it was in custody.

Sgt. Norland testified he performed a search on the  hard-drive, which was seized by the EGFPD  on December 14, 2012 from Holmseth’s home/office in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

Norland testified the hard-drive was given to him on  December 15, 2012 by EGFPD Officer Aeisso Schrage. Norland noted he did not actually  search the hard-drive until some time in March, 2013. “[Officer Shrage] asked  me to look for any illegal activity,” Norland said.

What was occurring with the hard-drive between December 15, 2012 and March, 2013 is not yet known.

However – questions now exist about why the EGFPD wanted  Holmseth’s hard-drive in the first place, and whether or not law enforcement had  any authority to search it at all.

The facts of the case paint a very dark picture that  indicate the entire matter is a rolling deception, that has finally begun to  unravel as result of a single District Judge being assigned to both a Family Division  file, and a Criminal Division file; both centering on Holmseth.

Both court cases heavily involve a journalism project  Holmseth endeavored in 2009 regarding a missing child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

The darkest cloud hanging over the search and seizure issues surrounding  the hard-drive  comes directly from  the words of Ronald Galstad, city attorney, East   Grand Forks.

On January 4, 2013 during a Review Hearing, Attorney Galstad,  the State’s prosecutor against Holmseth, advised Honorable Tamara Yon during  court that the “Bureau of Criminal Apprehension” would not perform a  forensic examination of Holmseth’s computer without a separate “warrant”.  Galstad added that he planned on requesting a second warrant so the hard-drive could be searched.

There is no indication Galstad ever acquired any additional warrant  following the hearing. Holmseth was never served or copied on any such Warrant.

Galstad’s statement and admission about the BCA made sense; because  the language of the Search Warrant, which was signed by District Judge Jeff  Remick on December 13, 2012 did not authorize a search of the computer or  hard-drive.

“Now, therefore, you,  EGFPD Officer Aeisso Shrage and other law enforcement officers acting under  your direction and control, the peace officers aforesaid, hereby are commanded  between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. to search the described premises,  motor vehicle, and the person of Timothy Charles Holmseth for the above  described property and things, to seize the described property and things, and  to retain them in custody subject to court order and according to law”.        – December 13,  2012 / Judge Jeff Remick / Warrant

But … this was no ordinary computer. This was no ordinary  case. This is no ordinary situation.

Holmseth is an award-winning newspaper reporter that became a  lighting rod for conflict in 2009 after he acquired highly volatile information  about a kidnapping in Florida  while interviewing police officers, legal professionals, and family members of  a missing child named HaLeigh Cummings.

The missing child case was a high-media event because the  little girl disappeared 75 miles north of Orlando  on February 10, 2009; the same day a televised memorial was being held for  slain toddler Caylee Anthony.

Holmseth conducted hundreds of hours of interviews in  advance of countless articles and a book he wrote about the missing child case. There  was no doubt Holmseth had uncovered something valuable, because he was  interviewed by the FBI in 2010, and a copy of his book was requested by Major  Gary Bowling, Director of Law Enforcement, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office,  Palatka, Florida shortly after it was published.

Between 2009 and 2012 the police in East Grand Forks   had developed a definite and growing interest in Holmseth.

Holmseth was a person the EGFPD wanted to shut up. 

Lt. Rod Hajicek, EGFPD, telephoned Holmseth in 2009 and told  him he had been contacted by an employee of Xentel, Inc. Hajicek told Holmseth  that Xentel did not want Holmseth to publish the charity fraud story he was  working on. Holmseth’s story revealed the shady organization was involved in  Photoshopping a picture of HaLeigh Cummings and using it online to solicit donations. 

This extremely improper action by Hajicek caused a significant problem for the  City of East Grand Forks.   Xentel has been sued by the Attorney  General’s Office’s in Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and South Carolina for  defrauding the public through various scams.

In 2012 Holmseth wrote a detailed letter to the Minneapolis  FBI. He reported that a participant of the child trafficking underground that  took HaLeigh Cummings had explained to him that an organized group of criminals  is kidnapping children under the auspices of ‘child protection’ with what they  call a “rescue mission”.

Holmseth’s source also provided names of individuals  operating a baby-selling operation that involved infants being sold for huge  money; internationally, through the U.S. Embassy.

In his 2012 letter to the FBI, Holmseth provided names of  licensed legal professionals that were deeply involved in the so-called rescue missions,  which were actually quasi hoaxes, being executed in advance of charity fraud. Holmseth  explained how the participants strategically plan a fake kidnapping in  cooperation with members of the child’s family. When the news media announces  the kidnapping, the apparent heart-breaking tragedy becomes extremely lucrative via donations  to the family generated and driven by the Amber Alert.

In the case of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings, the charlatans that  contacted Holmseth, and subsequently, the EGFPD, were involved with Nancy  Grace. The group was advancing the hoax on the HLN network and Grace’s  television program. 

Police incident reports show Nancy Grace’s fake ‘reporter’ for the Cummings kidnapping,  Art Harris, contacted Lt.  Hajicek and requested he arbitraily arrest  Holmseth. Hajicek then contacted Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth in what  appeared to be a request for Widseth to manufacture a charge.

Although Widseth ignored Hajicek’s shady request, one has to wonder why the County Attorney didn’t immediately notice that Harris told Hajicek in an email that the FBI had visisted his friend at Xentel because of information they received from Holmseth.

The implications of Widseth’s ignorance may have been the difference between HaLeigh Cummings being found – or not being found.

Police incident reports at the EGFPD contain telephone calls from individuals that had just been questioned by law enforcement in Florida, per detective’s suspicion they had transported the missing child across state lines.

Kindapping suspects in Florida were actually telephoning the EGFPD and trying to secure the arrest of a journlalist in their town – and EGFPD tried to help them out.

Holmseth also explained how members of the underground had  targeted him personally, because of what he knew. He explained how the criminal  players contact family members of witnesses to their crimes, manipulate social  services, generate false police reports, and viciously oppress any witnesses  that speak up. The group uses cyber-stalking and the fear of the witness losing  their children through bogus child protection actions.

Emails in the court record show Art Harris contacted the mother of Holmseth’s child and they discussed how she could file child protection reports against him that would make him appear mentally unstable, armed and dangerous. Five CPS reports were filed against Holmseth in only four months during the summer of 2009.

Holmseth received telephone calls from strangers using voice changing software that warned him he was going to lose custody of his children if he did not shut up about HaLeigh being alive.

The onslaught of false CPS reports temporarily stopped in October of 2009 after Polk County Social Services (PCSS) spoke with the child’s play therapist. Miranda Cassetta, CPS agent, PCSS documented the play therapist said she observed aboslutely no child abuse or negelect, and stated the child expressed love for his father and really enjoyed being with him.

Interestingly – nearly every bogus report made to CPS about Holmseth contained mention of his work on the Cummings kidnapping. 

The information provided to federal authorities by Holmseth  exposed the relationships and misconduct of several EGFPD officers, a Minnesota  Public Defender, Guardian Ad Litem, Chief of Police, as well as the City  Attorney.

In October of 2012, Holmseth found himself trapped in the  proverbial Lion’s Den. He was now the Defendant in a criminal case filed against  him by City Attorney Ronald Galstad based upon charges initiated by Lt. Hajicek.

The charges alleged Holmseth violated an Injunction filed in  a Divorce Court  in the State of Florida, despite Holmseth  having never been married; nor had be been in the State of Florida. Holmseth was telephoned and warned he was going to be murdered if he attended the Broward County court hearing to defend himself.

Holmseth reported the death threat to Lt. Hajicek who made no report.

The City of East Grand Forks then brought criminal charges agaisnt Holmseth for publishing something in violation of the Florida Injunction. The EGFPD had no  legal “venue” to  bring the case.

But – they did not need a case if they could coerce the Defendant into a plea.   

The City of East Grand Forks assumed authority they did not  have, to bring a bogus charge they could not prove; because if Holmseth could  be convicted of a crime – he would lose his credibility as a witness.

Holmseth narrowly escaped their trap.

Attorney Michael LaCoursiere, Minnesota Public Defender’s  office, told Holmseth five minutes before his jury trial that if he didn’t  accept an Alford plea, Galstad was going to call two uniformed police officers  (Sgt. Chris Olson and Deputy Jesse Haugen) to lie on the witness stand to  convict him. LaCoursiere advised Holmseth that the cops had a plan to have him  put in St. Cloud State Prison.

Holmseth, a single parent, not willing to gamble with his  children, accepted the plea under duress – but a double-cross was already  planned.  

On December 12, 2012 a trap was sprung amidst a scheduled  Review Hearing when Holmseth was suddenly accused of violating the terms of the  Alford agreement – but not told what, specifically, he had done. Galstad had quietly  slipped a last second MOTION TO REVOKE to LaCoursiere via hand-delivery by Lt.  Hajicek – LaCoursiere did not tell Holmseth about the filing.

The men were quietly networking and working together, so smoothly, it appeared they had done it many times.

The plan collapsed; however, when Honorable Yon refused to  allow Galstad an impromptu Evidentiary Hearing, that day, without producing  Discovery to Holmseth.

The next day, December 13, 2012 the EGFPD petitioned the  District Court for a Search Warrant to seize Holmseth’s property – including  his computer and hard-drive. The Affidavit submitted by Officer Schrage stated  evidence was at risk of destruction and the computer needed to be immediately seized. 

An agreement was subsequently reached between Holmseth and  Galstad. On April 26, 2013 Holmseth’s property was returned via a court order  by Honorable Yon.

But … the hard-drive didn’t work anymore.

A triple-cross – it was the second time Galstad and the City  Police had broken an agreement with Holmseth.

In July, 2013 Holmseth filed a complaint to EGF Police Chief  Michael Hedlund regarding the in-operable hard-drive and destruction of  property. Hedlund responded to Holmseth stating it was not the fault of the police  and advised Holmseth the City would not pay to recover it.

But – Hedlund’s letter contained an interesting statement. “The  officers used a program that allowed them to view the contents of your  hard-drive without any changes occurring during their investigation,” he said.

Hedlund’s  admission declares the Sheriff’s Office deliberately  uses a computer program that does not create entries in the Administrator log of the  hard-drive.

Interestingly – the Police Chief actually knew that subtle fact and pointed it out in his letter.

This admission by the Police Chief creates a tremendous problem  for City Attorney Galstad, and the all-around credibility and integrity of the  EGFPD and PCSO. 

Notabaly – Hedlund stated officers (plural) had searched Holmseth’s hard-drive, while Sgt. Norland made no mention of the others during his testimony.

During Holmseth’s cross exmination of Norland at the November 25 hearing, Galstad continuously objected to any questions Holmseth asked that did not relate directly to the issue of a ‘copy’ being made of the hard-drive.

Holmseth was taking flak because he was directly over the target.

Galstad had already told Judge Yon on January 4, 2013 that  the BCA would not examine the computer’s hard-drive without a proper warrant.

The question now exists; under what authority did the PCSO  or Chief Hedlund’s investigators enter Holmseth’s hard-drive and spend all day going through his private  property? If the BCA did not have the authority; what authority did the PCSO  or EGFPD have?

The attitude and mindset of the law enforcement officials involved in this matter indicate they are operating within a ‘culture’ that encourages abuse and miscondcuct.

When the property was returned to Holmseth by Shrage on April 26, 2013, the officer arrogantly boasted to Holmseth he had read all of his (Holmseth’s) daughter’s text messages between her and her boyfriend. Shrage appeared giddishly excited about his behavior.

Shrage’s comments about  Holmseth’s teenage daughter are a manifestation of very serious issues that indicate the man is a predator. Holmseth worries Shrage may victimize other young girls the same way.

Detective Chris Olson, EGFPD, also appears to be a predator with tendencies to stalk and intimidate. During the execution of the police department’s Search Warrant on December 14, 2012, he asked Holmseth’s daughter where she worked. The teenage girl told him, and the very next morning, for the first time ever, Sgt. Olson appeared at the restaurant while the child was working and she had to wait on him.

The insult upon injury is Holmseth’s complete innocence from  the very beginning. “Since they did not find any information that was of  evidentiary value they did not make a copy of any of the information that was  on your hard-drive,” Hedlund said.

The emerging facts have revealed a disturbing reality that  could potentially affect past, present, and future cases.

The program Sgt. Norland used to spend an entire day going  through Holmseth’s private property at his lesiure, made no changes to the computer. That means  it leaves no record of law enforcement’s activity.

The tool appears to accomadate a procedure that is a deliberate violation of Search and Seizure laws intended to assist law enforcement escape keeping a  chain of evidence.

Therefore – the police need only lie to a Judge and claim  that evidence on a computer hard-drive is at risk of destruction or removal and  needs to be seized and retained. After it is retained the Sheriff’s Office  can view all the contents of the hard-drive without any record being generated.

During the hearing on November 25, 2013 Holmseth advised the  Court he had a Request For Production he would like to submit to Galstad.  Honorable Yon advised him to hand it to Galstad.

Galstad reviewed the document and declared he wasn’t going to give  Holmseth anything.

This is a developing story.

CAUGHT AGAIN! EGF Police tampered with evidence and altered records

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W.
Unit #17
East Grand Forks, MN
218.230.1310 (cell)

August 17, 2013

Michael Hedlund
Chief of Police
East Grand Forks Police Department

Chief Hedlund,

Please accept this complaint against Sgt. Detective Chris Olson and all others involved in the Misconduct.

1.In the fall of 2011 I made multiple written requests to your Department for all police reports concerning me. I needed the reports to prove my innocence in a court case scheduled in Florida.

2.I filled out a Freedom of Information (FOI) form and handed it in person to Officer Hart.

3.I submitted two more requests by email to Lt. Rodney Hajicek. The requests went unanswered.

4.I made multiple telephone calls to the Secretary at the police stations and left messages.

5.Your Department did not respond to me or fill my FOI request (in violation of City policy).

6.On April 2, 2012 I filed a complaint to you regarding the deliberate withholding of documents.

7.On April 10, 2012 you responded and apologized. You asked me to fill the FOI form out again, and advised me to send it directly to you, which I then did.

8.On April 18, 2012 you printed out the documents and I received them shortly thereafter.

9.On December 14, 2012 four of your police officers entered my home-office with a Search Warrant and seized my hard-drive, as well as other journalism and publishing equipment.

10.During the execution of the Warrant, Sgt. Chris Olson advised me there was an envelope at the police station with my name on it. Officer Hart was present, and added that he too had seen the envelope.

11.I went to the police station and retrieved the white envelope with my name on it. The envelope contained police incident reports. The reports had a “print” date of October 24, 2011 at the bottom of each sheet.

12.As date ranges reveals, the Reports that Officer Olson advised me to pick up had been printed 14 months prior.

13.After picking up the white envelope, I then had two copies of the Reports. (October 24, 2011 from Sgt. Olson – – – April 18, 2012 from Chief Hedlund).

14.I will direct you to case number 11002212 – report date 07/12/2011 – generated by Officer Mike Swang.

15.When I placed the two Reports next to each other, I saw they were not identical – although they should have been.

a.The October 24, 2011 version of the Report was MISSING information.

b.The October 24, 2011 version was missing information regarding Lt. Hajicek, the person that called the police on me, and audio evidence collected by Officer Swang.

c.The exact same Report, which I received from you in April of 2012, CONTAINED the information.
d.Because the sentences missing from the October 24, 2011 version of the Report re-appear in the April 18, 2012 version, it means whoever printed the Reports out in October of 2011 deliberately REMOVED the sentences before printing the documents.

e.After the individual that printed the Reports out completed the print job, they put the information back into the report.

f.Obviously – the person that printed out the Reports in October of 2011 decided to not turn them over to me and hid them.

16.The before mentioned facts introduce an issue regarding the integrity of your Internal Affairs investigation regarding my original complaint on the matter.

a.When you replied to my complaint on April 10, 2012, you asked me to fill out another FOI request form and advised me to re-submit it directly to you. This clearly means you could not find my original FOI request or the documents.

b.The white envelope containing police incident reports, which Sgt. Olson directed me to retrieve on December 12, 2012, were printed out in October of 2011.

c.Therefore, because somebody printed out the Reports on October 24, 2012, it means the FOI form (that you could not find) I gave to Officer Swang had been RECEIVED, but subsequently disappeared along with the printed Reports.

d.During you Internal Affairs investigation you were not able to find or access:

◾The Police Incident Reports (in the white envelope)
◾The original FOI form

e.This also means that whatever Internal Affairs investigation you conducted surely contains false statements from the officers you questioned.

Timothy Charles Holmseth
Investigative Author

Cc: Mayor Lynn Stauss, Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth, Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman, EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad, Minneapolis FBI

Police Chief and City Attorney using taxpayer money to defend personal misconduct?

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

On December 14, 2012 the East Grand Forks Police Department  persuaded a Ninth Minnesota District Judge they needed to enter my (Timothy Charles Holmseth) home-office  and seize my computer and hard-drive.

The Affidavit for the Warrant did not allege a crime had  been committed. Rather – it stated the hard-drive needed to be ‘secured’ to  prevent me from ‘destroying evidence’.

In reality – it was the City that would soon attempt to ‘destroy evidence’.

The District Judge granted the City Police a limited Warrant  that allowed them to seize and hold items. When the police entered the premises,  the computer was turned on and functioning. The Administrator’s activity log shows the  computer was highly functional and used on a daily basis.

Attorney Bruce Ringstrom, Sr., Ringstrom Law Office, Detroit Lakes, negotiated on my behalf with East  Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad. I agreed to withdraw my request to  the District Judge for an investigation into official misconduct by Galstad and threats made to have  police officers lie on the witness stand if I insisted on a jury trial. The threats were passed to me by  Attorney Michael LaCouirsiere on behalf of Galstad.

In return for the withdrawal of my complaint, my hard-drive  and property was to be given back. Of course – I was not charged with any crime  because I had not committed one.

On April 26, 2013 the equipment was returned to me per the  order of Honorable Tamara Yon. The equipment was returned by Detective Aeisso  Schrage, EGFPD.  

Wires had been moved around inside the computer and the hard-drive  would not function. The damaged property was chronicled in real time through  emails from me to Attorney Ringstrom; as well as photographs. The equipment has been analuyzed and assessed by specialists.

On August 12, 2013 Police Chief Michael Hedlund responded to  a complaint I filed on the matter. He advised me the City Police Department  would not make me whole. Hedlund stated the City wasn’t responsible. His letter  was copied to City Attorney Ronald Galstad.

This latest action by City officials creates even more questions about the shady behavior and underworld attitudes of some big fish in a shrinking pond.

Would Attorney Ronald Galstad and Police Chief Michael  Hedlund really be foolish enough to underestimate  an experienced investigative journalist, and try to destroy evidence linking them  to criminal activity?

Have local officials been in communication with organized crime from out of state? Did Lt. Deteceive Rodney Hajicek commit a crime by using his official position to assist a charity fraud  from Fort Lauderdale called Xentel, Inc.

Are Police Chief Michael Hedlund and City Attorney Ronald Galstad drawing the City of East Grand Forks deeper and deeper into a legal quagmire that is actually comprised of their own personal troubles?

Is the local taxpayer flipping the bill to keep a few local officials out of trouble, which they created on their own?

It appears time will tell.

Several important matters are presently before a District Judge, and recent developments indicate the court system and State of Minnesota is really no longer amused.

Ronald Galstad and Michael LaCoursiere, public defender,  presently face judicial review by the Office of Lawyers Professional  Responsibility after a detailed complaint and affidavit was forwarded to the  Director of OLPR by Honorable Yon.

East Grand Forks police detective Rod Hajicek enforcer for organized fraud operation?

Has FBI Task Force been assigned?

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

In the summer of 2009 Teresa Neves, the paternal grandmother of HaLeigh Cummings contacted me through her family advocate, Rebecca Thomas, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Neves wanted me to know that a photograph of her granddaughter, which was scrolling on a website called, where donations were being solicited, was a Photoshopped fake.

The picture showed HaLeigh’s mother holding her lovingly, but it was a composite created by somebody using high tech editing software.

I contacted the web developer that published the picture and he assured me that it was not his company that created the fake photo. To prove it, he emailed me the photos that had been sent to him, and I began tracing backward to see where the photo originated.

He had received the photos from an email account registered to Donna Wagoner, an employee of Xentel, Inc. I contacted Wagoner using the email address I was provided, and asked her about the photos. She became very upset.

Wagoner was moonlighting on a team that was working for HaLeigh Cummings’ mother, Crystal Sheffield.

Wagoner called the East Grand Forks Police Department and talked to Lt. Rodney Hajicek. The report filed by Hajicek declares the report is unfounded – it was not a criminal complaint – it was a civil matter.

But then Hajicek does something else.

He telephones me and lets me know that Donna Wagoner doesn’t want me to write anything about her. Hajicek is using the authority entrusted to him as a police officer, and taxpayer dollars, to make courtesy calls on behalf of Xentel, Inc.

But – it’s going to get better folks – way better.

Hajicek also came into communication with the missing child’s media consultant, Art Harris. He had long since been fired by CNN and was running a sleazy Web blog.

Harris had been calling my friends, relatives, and former employers ever since I had interviewed Crystal Sheffield’s media team and learned the truth about the missing child.

Police records show Harris telephoned the East Grand Forks Exponent about me, and whatever he said, it concerned them enough to call the police.

Several years later, when I attempted to obtain the pile of email communications exchanged between Hajicek and Harris, I was advised by Police Chief Michael Hedlund the records had been destroyed. I subsequently contacted Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth and requested a copy of the emails, which he promptly provided.

The emails reveal that Harris and Wagoner and others that had been calling the police on me, were all working on the same team.

But – there is something even more important.

The emails (the EGFPD tried to keep from me) reveal that Harris was furious the FBI visited Xentel, Inc. to question his good friend (Donna Wagoner). He was furious, because the FBI had acted on information they had received from me.

Harris wanted Hajicek and/or Widseth to have me arrested.

Now let’s look examples of what Xentel, Inc. represents.


The Missouri Attorney General’s Office sued this company in August of 2003 for violating Missouri consumer protection laws by using manipulative, high-pressure techniques to solicit donations and by making repeated solicitation calls to Missourians on the state No Call List. In May of 2004 the Missouri Attorney General’s Office obtained a court order against Xentel requiring them to pay $75,000 to the state and to implement and maintain procedures to ensure future compliance with state consumer protection and telemarketing laws. On February 4, 2008, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office obtained another court order requiring Xentel to adopt very stringent policies to ensure compliance with the law, as well as payment of $80,0000.


Through the unlawful practices of their business, vocation, or occupation, Defendants have deceived, misled, and financially injured consumers in Colorado. Specifically, Defendants have solicited money from Coloradans through the use of illegal and unregistered solicitation campaigns and have repeatedly violated the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act and other consumer protection statutes. Therefore, the Colorado Attorney General believes these legal proceedings are in the public interest and are necessary to safeguard citizens from Defendants’ charitable fraud and unlawful business activities.


Professional Fundraiser “Xentel” Ordered Not to Make Deceptive Calls in Iowa
“Iowans should see an end to this operation’s deceptive telemarketing for the Iowa Professional Fire Fighters Association and others,” Miller said.
DES MOINES. Attorney General Tom Miller announced today that an Iowa District Court judge has entered a consent judgment and order against Xentel, Inc., requiring the Ft. Lauderdale-based company to stop abusive and misleading practices in its professional fundraising calls and solicitations to Iowans.

Xentel makes tens of thousands of telemarketing calls each year into Iowa on behalf of the “Iowa Professional Fire Fighters Association.”

“Xentel is prohibited from implying their telemarketers are fire fighters or misrepresenting that money will be used locally,” Miller said. “There are many restrictions to prevent deception.”

The consent judgment also provides that local law enforcement or fire departments that experience citizen complaints or other problems with Xentel’s fundraising can ask the company to terminate fundraising in that community, and Xentel must honor the request.


Records in the files of the East Grand Forks Police Department show Hajicek remained in contact and communications with these out of state charlatans and fraudsters.

Public records tell the story.

In 2011, Lt. Rod Hajicek, Sgt. Detective Chris Olson, and City Attorney Ronald Galstad had become of the mind they needed to charge me, arrest me, and put me in jail.

The before-mentioned officials played a significant role in a scheme to circumvent the Minnesota Courts (the Minnesota Courts [e.g. Greg Widseth] would not touch a journalist that was not breaking the law) and have me subjected to ‘domestic violence laws’ in a court on the other side of the country, assuring a win by default.

Then – they arrested me – put me in jail – seized my hard-drive and destroyed it.

In 2012, Maria Burgun, Broward County, Florida, met with the Southern District FBI in Florida and shared knowledge and information she had about the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings.

Burgun told the FBI that the person that assissted Wagoner in Photoshopping the the picture of HaLeigh Cummings for a donations scam, admitted it to her.

Timothy Charles Holmseth had it right the whole time.