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Federal court action involves missing child HaLeigh Cummings

Timothy Charles Holmseth is preparing a civil rights lawsuit against the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

The lawsuit is related to the disappearance of HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings.

Timothy Holmseth is presently the Plaintiff in Holmseth v. City of East Grand Forks et al. – U.S. District of Minnesota (DMN) – – – Case Number: 0:14-cv-02970-DWF-LIB.

The lawsuit presently filed in Minnesota is a 42-U.S.C.-1983 civil rights (Deprivation of Rights / Color of Law) action that also involves matters of the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping.

Defendants in the case against Putnam County officials will be named at the time of the filing. How Timothy Holmseth’s civil rights have been violated will be set forth in the statement of facts.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Bruce Griffis, 52, has been arrested for molesting a fourteen year-old girl. He has been charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, which is a first degree felony in Florida.

Griffis is the step-father of Crystal Sheffield, mother, HaLeigh Cummings.

HaLeigh was reported missing on February 10, 2009.

Timothy Charles Holmseth conducted approximately 100 hours of in-depth interviews with Sheffield’s victim’s advocate, Wayanne Kruger.

During Holmseth’s interviews, shortly after HaLeigh vanished, Kruger said Bruce Griffis’ wife, Marie Griffis, said she believed HaLeigh had been severely sexually molested. Kruger said she was frustrated that Marie Griffis did not want to report the sexual abuse to the police.

Marie Griffis also told mainstream media outlets she was receiving assistance from a ‘family friend’ named Jeremiah Regan.

Jeremiah Regan is the son of John Regan. John Regan is a phony pastor and FBI impersonator that told Kruger he was working as an “undercover pedophile” for the FBI.

Bruce Griffis Arrest –

The Undercover Pervert –

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The car used to transport HaLeigh Cummings from Georgia to Florida on April 26, 2009 may have been identified.

An eyewitness has come forward and issued a written statement.

According to the witness, a car was rented for Jeremiah Regan, HaLeigh Bug Center  administrator, so he would have transportation while working for Team  Sheffield.

The witness noted Regan did not have a driver’s license, but the car was rented for him. The  witness provided the name of the person that paid for the rental.

The breakthrough information is in the possession of the  Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and FBI.

On April 26, 2009, a couple was spotted at a gas station in Brunson, South Carolina with a little girl the witness believed to be HaLeigh Cummings. The witness identified the man as being Jeremiah Regan,  administrator, HaLeigh Bug Center.  When the witness stared, the man made the little girl lay down on the  floor-boards.

It is believed the car seen by the witnesses, and the secret rental, may be one and the same.

Un-confirmed reports indicate information provided to the FBI by Maria Burgun, may be vital to investigators – in light of the new information about the rental.

Insiders are now saying, “Maria is the key.”

Five and a half minutes with Team Cobra

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The following audio was provided to me by William Staubs,  Case Closed, Inc., Florida.

The voices you will hear are:

  • William Staubs – ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ (owner of Case Closed, Inc.)
  • Matthew Staubs – William Staubs’ son
  • Jeremiah Regan – Administrator of the HaLeigh Bug Center

– Intro – Smoking Pot        

– 15 sec: Misogyny – making vile and disgusting sexual comments about case witness “Amber’s twat”        

– 1:47: Racism – making fun of black people “I hear black”        

– 2:48: Misogyny – sexual comments about his own girlfriend “Get that dick out of her mouth”        

– 5:13: Laughing that Detective John Merchant is “too slow” to  catch up with HaLeigh

Do you believe ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ was really  searching for HaLeigh Cummings?

Do you believe men that would talk like this should be  opening up a center for missing children searches and soliciting money from the American public?

How did Matthew Staubs know Detective John Merchant was “too  slow” to find HaLeigh?

Should the PCSO and FBI question these men?