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BCI records show official version clashes with eyewitness account

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 27, 2016, 7:48 A.M. CST

Law enforcement and government officials in drug and crime infested North Dakota face yet another police shooting scandal – this time in Pembina County.

On June 5, 2016 Pembina County Deputy Brad Bowman shot Clifford Edward Monteith III on a rural highway near Neche, North Dakota.

Clifford Edward Monteith III

Clifford Edward Monteith III

Media reports at the time described a scene that involved Monteith, the passenger of a vehicle, abruptly exiting the vehicle and physically attacking the deputy and chasing him with a knife before stealing his keys so the deputy could not pursue him.

BCI interviews show those characterizations of the event were largely false.

No media reports ever mentioned Monteith and his girlfriend had traveled from Grand Forks to Neche to look for “the Neche house” and the Grand Forks County Narcotics Task Force immediately became involved after the shooting.

Court records showed the case against Monteith was closed on October 17, 2016 after a plea deal was reached.

The settlement was widely reported.

Man accused of brutally attacking deputy pleads guilty

October 18, 2016

PEMBINA, N.D. (AP) – A Grand Forks man accused of attacking a deputy sheriff in Pembina County before being shot has pleaded guilty under a deal with prosecutors.

Authorities say 27-year-old Clifford Monteith III pinned Deputy Brad Bowman to the ground during a June 6 traffic stop in Neche, beat and choked him, and tried to grab the officer’s gun. Monteith then allegedly chased Bowman with a knife when Bowman broke free, and the officer shot him.

Monteith initially faced nine charges including attempted murder. Prosecutors dropped that charge, and Monteith on Monday pleaded guilty to five charges including assault.

The plea deal calls for him to serve 15 years in prison.

However – court records show that on October 18, 2016 an Arrest Warrant was served upon Monteith (who was already in custody) for felony Aggravated Assault and Terrorizing.

The prosecution for the State of North Dakota is Haley Wamstad, Grand Forks County State’s Attorney‘s Office.

Is there a reason law enforcement in Grand Forks wants to keep Monteith jacked up on more felony charges?

Let’s take a look at what was going on behind the facade put up by law enforcement’s media arm, Forum Communications. .

On October 16, 2016 Write Into Action submitted a records request to the North Dakota Attorney General for the BCI investigative records of the Bowman/Monteith shooting.

The North Dakota Attorney General’s office replied on October 17.

“I am responding to your request for records involving Clifford Edward Monteith III and Deputy Brad Bowman. No records will be provided because the requested records are exempt pursuant to N.D.C.C. Section 44-04-18.7,” said Liz Brocker, public information officer, ND AG.

On October 19 Write Into Action re-submitted the records request for the BCI files on the Bowman/Monteith shooting.

October 19, 2016


I am re-issuing my request for records regarding Clifford Edward Monteith III. The reason I am re-issuing it is because Clifford Monteith has been sentenced (see Grand Forks Herald link below).


On October 20 Write Into Action contacted Brocker about the records again.

October 20, 2016


I am holding a story that includes information about the shooting of Clifford Monteith.

Per below, I re-issued my public records request regarding the Monteith case yesterday. I re-issued it based upon the fact the case is closed.

I plan to hold the story through this morning to give your office fair opportunity to respond.


Brocker responded on October 20. “We will be happy to provide a cost and time estimate, shortly,” she said.

Write Into Action has since received the files.


So why did the Grand Forks County States Attorney’s Office take an interest in charging Monteith with more felonies after he had reached a plea deal that sent him to prison for 15 years?

The bizarre circumstances surrounding the Bowman/Monteith shooting may actually rival the shooting of David James Elliott, an unarmed man shot in a hospital parking lot by a University of North Dakota police officer in neighboring Grand Forks County in 2015.

Both the Bowman/Monteith and Braaten/Elliott shootings appear to be violent interactions between police and drug traffickers that are part of the same criminal enterprise; after something has gone wrong.


According to Deputy Bradley Bowman, on Sunday, June 5, 2016, shortly after midnight, he observed an SUV on Highway 18 driving slowly.

Bowman said he pulled up to the SUV, which had stopped alongside the road. The SUV was driven by Rebecca Rausch, Grand Forks. Clifford Edward Monteith III, Rauch’s boyfriend, was a passenger in the vehicle.

The following is a summary of Deputy Bowman’s account of events:

  1. Bowman radioed dispatch at 12:18 A.M. but received no response.
  1. Bowman approached the vehicle and asked Rausch if she was lost. He asked her to exit the vehicle. He talked to her. He asked Rausch how she got a black eye. Rauch told him somebody other than Monteith did it.  She said she and Monteith were looking for the “Neche House”.
  1. Bowman told Rausch to get back in the vehicle.
  1. Bowman then asked Monteith to exit the vehicle, which he did. Monteith did not want to tell Bowman his name. Monteith attacked Bowman. Monteith pulled a knife. Bowman deployed a tazer. The tazer failed. The two men fought. The two men ended up in Bowman’s squad car (Monteith on the driver’s side).
  1. Bowman shot Monteith three times in self defense. Bowman radioed “shots fired” at 12:23 A.M.
  1. Monteith exited Bowman’s squad car; got into the SUV driven by Rausch; and they fled.
  1. Bowman radioed dispatch that the maroon SUV was southbound on Highway 18 at 12:24 A.M.

But – not so fast.

An eyewitness account by Sara Letexier, a passing motorist that spoke directly with Bowman during the event, blows gaping holes in the official story because of what she saw and heard when she pulled up to the scene.

Letexier spoke with the media (WDAZ-TV) and was interviewed by the BCI (the BCI interview with Letexier is astonishingly short for an eyewitness to an attempted murder of a police officer).

The first discrepancy is the timeline.

Sara Letexier stated she came upon the scene at approximately 12:35 a.m. Sara Letexier stated she saw a person on the roadway and a deputy. The deputy told Sara Letexier she should find a different way home because he was attacked.
– BCI / Special Agent Kraft / Sara Letexier Interview

So – according to Letexier, there is a person lying on the road and the attack is over. As you will see; this does not fit the official version at all.

Bowman radioed “shots fired” at 12:23 A.M. (12 minutes earlier than Letexier recalls arriving). He radioed that the SUV was southbound on Highway 18 at 12:24 A.M.

That means that Bowman shot Monteith; and within a minute or so Monteith fled the scene in a vehicle.

No time to lay around the road while Letexier is talking to Bowman.

Letexier saw a “sedan” at the scene.

Sara Letexier stated she saw a sedan in front of the deputy’s patrol vehicle, but could not describe it.
– BCI / Special Agent Kraft / Sara Letexier Interview

Letexier heard gun shots.

Sara Letexier stated she later heard a gunshot. S/A Kraft was told by Sheriff Terry Meidinger a report of fireworks was reported in the downtown area of Neche, North Dakota.
– BCI / Special Agent Kraft / Sara Letexier Interview

“I heard the gunshots as well and that was kind of scary,” Letexier said.

Here’s what you have:

  1. Letexier pulled up to the scene
  2. Letexier saw a man lying on the road
  3. Letexier saw a vehicle (other than the squad car)
  4. Letexier talked to Deputy Bowman
  5. Bowman told Letexier he had been attacked
  6. Letexier heard gunshots (It’s not clear by the records if Letexier heard the gun shots while she was at the scene, or after she exited. The BCI report indicates it was after she left the scene).


“I just kind of rolled up in the middle of it. I could see the man in the road, he was crumpled,” Letexier told WDAZ.

Letexier told WDAZ she talked to Bowman. “He seemed like he was out of breath, he said I’ve been attacked,” Letextier said.

Letexier says there was a person lying on the road and the attack is over.

That is entirely inconsistent with dispatch logs that show Bowman called in “shots fired” and then radioed the shooting victim had fled the scene within about a minute.


In their interviews with BCI, neither Bowman nor Rausch describe a time when Monteith is laying in the road while Bowman talks to a passing motorist.

In fact – no BCI summary makes any mention of Bowman or Rausch ever mentioning that a motorist pulled up and talked to Bowman.

Here are their accounts, and as you will see, neither Bowman nor Rausch’s account has Monteith lying in the road.

CLIFFORD MONTEITH III told Deputy BRAD BOWMAN he could not feel his arm after the shots were fired. Deputy BRAD BOWMAN stated Rebecca Rausch was also yelling, “You shot him!” CLIFFORD MONTEITH III exited Deputy BRAD BOWMAN’s patrol vehicle and entered Rebecca Rausch’s vehicle and they drove away.
– BCI / Special Agent Kraft / Deputy Brad Bowman Interview
Rebecca Rausch stated that CLIFFORD MONTEITH III exited PCSO squad car #4504 and entered her vehicle, sitting in the front passenger seat. CLIFFORD MONTEITH III said, “Let’s go,” and at first (1st) told her to go to the hospital, but then instructed her to take him to their residence located at 2129 17th Street Northeast in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
– BCI / Special Agent Ness / Rebecca Rausch Interview

Write Into Action has reason to believe the Bowman/Monteith shooting and Braaten/ Elliott shooting are related to a drug trafficking operation that involves members of law enforcement and military personnel.

The criminal enterprise involves members of the Grand Forks County Narcotics Task Force, Minnesota Pine to Prairie Task Force, Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office, Grand Forks Police Department, University of North Dakota Police Department, Polk County Sheriff’s Office (Minnesota), and East Grand Forks Police Department.

Write Into Action continues to investigate.



by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 9, 2016, 08:35 A.M. CST

Donald Trump has been targeted by organized crime that has repeatedly used his telephone number to threaten a journalist and FBI witness.

Timothy Charles Holmseth, investigative journalist, began receiving threatening calls from telephone numbers listed to The Trump Organization and Mar-A-Lago Resort in March, 2016 – the most recent threat was yesterday.


Holmseth contacted Trump’s attorney, Michael D. Cohen, on September 26, 2016 to alert him that somebody using Trump’s telephone number was committing felonies and federal crimes.

Holmseth recently published a never-before-seen written confession by a person claiming to have murdered JonBenet Ramsey. The sick confession entitled ‘Two Is Too Young To Die’ appeared briefly on the Barnes & Nobles website before it was removed. The confession has been reported to Boulder Police and the FBI.

The call made to Holmseth last night by a person using voice changing software was listed to Trump’s Florida resort.

“You are hereby forbidden to mention the following names on your website. If you do you will face consequences. Never mention Donna Wagoner, Pam Bondi, Levi Page, Marco Rubio, Jeremiah Regan, Tina Church . . . John Regan, William Murtaugh, Alexandria Goddard, Chelsea Hoffman, Dominic Piscitello, John Merchant, Peggy  Cone”.

Piscitello, Merchant, and Cone were all detectives at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in Florida and worked the still unsolved case of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

Wagoner was interviewed by the FBI based upon a tip from Holmseth.

John Regan told multiple people during the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping investigation that he was an agent with both the FBI and CIA.

Holmseth provided evidence to the FBI and Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Department of Children and Families that John Regan and a group of public officials secretly photographed HaLeigh Cummings naked.

“You are to delete all reference to them on your website and you are hereby forbidden to mention them again,” the caller said.

* * * * *

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W. 
Unit# 17
East Grand Forks, MN 
218.230.1597 (cell)

In Re: National Security / JonBenet Ramsey

September 26, 2016

Michael D. Cohen 
502 Park Avenue 
New York, New York 

Attorney Cohen,

I am an investigative journalist and the Plaintiff in HOLMSETH V. CITY OF GRAND FORKS ET AL. – District of North Dakota – 3:16-cv-303 – – – this Memo is in reference to:

  1. Threatening telephone calls I have received from telephone numbers listed to ‘The Trump Organization’ ‘Mar-A-Lago Club’ ‘Florida Governor Rick Scott’ ‘Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’  ‘Republican National Committee’ ‘CNN Denver Bureau’ among many others.

  1. Written confession I obtained that was authored by the person that tortured and murdered JonBenet Ramsey in 1996.

Whoever is making these calls and online communications, which are recorded, have threatened to kill me; harm my children; and kidnap my grand daughter. The callers taunt me online with assurances the local police will never help me.

I contact Mr. Trump today to alert him to these facts and circumstances because the people using Mr. Trump’s name are connected to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Children in our country are being kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by operatives of this satanic shadow government cult and escape prosecution based upon ‘National Security’ (such as in the JonBenet Ramsey case).

Enclosed is a disc containing the confession from JonBenet’s killer, which was published online at Barnes and Noble under the title “Two Is Too Young To Die” before it was removed. I provided it to the Boulder Police Department and Denver FBI.

I am asking Mr. Trump to read “Two Is Too Young To Die” in advance of a Trump Administration and new U.S. Attorney General.

Respectfully yours,
Timothy Charles Holmseth

Enclosed: Disc / Two Is Too Young To Die / Letter to Denver FBI







by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 2, 2016, 12:24 P.M. CST

Producers of a North Dakota television station have been caught tricking the American public about a police shooting by showing time-stamps of dash-cam video; but hiding the times on the body-cams.

The reason for the deception is because the Grand Forks Police Department, University of North Dakota Police Department, North Dakota Highway Patrol, and Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office is covering up what appears to be an attempted murder connected to drug running and the Fraternal Order of Police.

On February 8, 2015, WDAZ, Forum Communications, aired a news story about a police shooting of an unarmed man that happened on February 28, 2015 in the parking lot of a Grand Forks hospital. The WDAZ story featured police body and dash-cam video that was captured during the bizarre two hour long slow speed pursuit of David James Elliott.

The times of events surrounding the pursuit and shooting of Elliott are easy to establish, because Elliott initiated a 911 call very shortly after a police officer tried to pull him over; and he remained on the phone with 911 for 107 minutes until the moment he was shot.

Elliott’s immediate flight from police, as well as other actions, create a strong appearance he personally knew some of the police officers chasing him and was afraid to pull over because he knew he was going to be killed.

Write Into Action has discovered WDAZ-TV used very specific techniques to obfuscate the time stamps on body-cam worn by an officer at the scene of the shooting as the shots were being fired.

WDAZ covered it up because the body-cam times did not correspond to other dash-cam time-stamps that were being used in the same news story.

The news station deliberately perpetuated a fraud upon trusting viewers.


On February 28, 2015, UND police officer Jerad Braaten emptied his clip into David James Elliott, Grand Forks, in the parking lot of Altru Hospital at 12:47 A.M.

Police refused to talk to the media for three days following the shooting; would not give the public any details and withheld the name of the victim; it was clear something was not right.

Write Into Action made public records requests to obtain police body and dash-cam videos captured before and after the shooting.

Police body-cam shows David Elliott being shot at 12:36 A.M. (note: time stamp is in Greenwich Mean Time) as shown in the snap-shot below taken at the time shots are heard being fired (note: the blue glob you see on the right side of the image is David Elliott’s tail light).

Body Cam 12 36 Shooting Altru

However, dash-cam (shown below) shows David Elliott sitting atop the Columbia Road Bridge in his truck at 12:36 A.M. where he actually remained for several more minutes.

Dash Cam 12 36 A.M. on Bridge

Obviously, David Elliott was not in his truck on the bridge and being shot in a distant parking lot at the same time.

Below is another dash-cam snap-shot taken at 12:39 A.M. where David Elliott can be seen talking to officers out the window of his pick-up truck atop the Columbia Road Bridge.

Dash Cam 12 39 on Bridge

However, according to the body-cam worn by Sgt. Mark Ellingson, GFPD, the shooting is already over (see below) (see You Tube below for actual sound and video).

Body Cam 12 39 Shooting Altru

UND police chief Eric Plummer stated in a televised joint press release that Elliott was shot at around 12:45 A.M.

That time (12:45 A.M.) is essentially the correct time. Police cam obtained by Write into Action captures the sound of gunshots at 12:47 A.M. when an officer is heard saying “shots fired – shots fired”.

Write Into Action began investigating the shooting in 2015 and began requesting police-cam footage from the Grand Forks Police Department after the case was concluded.

That’s when WDAZ suddenly decided to run a story featuring police-cam video.

On February 8, 2016 WDAZ-TV aired a story about the police shooting where they strategically cover up the time-stamps of the body-cam.

During the introduction to the story, which is entirely critical of David Elliott, body-cam captured at the time of the actual shooting is featured behind the presenters Matt Henson and Stacie Van Dyke.

Van Dyke’s shoulder covers the time-stamp the whole time and it is never seen.

WDAZ cover time stamp

Shortly into the introduction, the video in the background changes from body-cam to dash-cam – the dash-cam shows the time of the shooting is 12:47 A.M. (see below).

It is clear WDAZ is allowing the viewers to see the time-stamps on the dash-cam.

WDAZ 12 47

In the video below, WDAZ again hides the time of the time-stamp on the body-cam by covering it with their logo.

WDAZ cover time stamp


Police-cam evidence captured at a police shooting in Grand Forks, North Dakota will not be turned over to Write Into Action by the Grand Forks Police Department (GFPD) without an Order from the federal court.

In a letter dated July 28, 2016, Grand Forks City Attorney Howard Swanson notified Write Into Action (Timothy Charles Holmseth) that existing requests for police-cam public records are now classified as Discovery, and will only be turned over in accordance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Swanson cites Holmseth v. City of Grand Forks et al. (16-cv-02496-JRT-LIB) (District of Minnesota) as the basis for the City’s decision.

Grand Forks City Attorney Howard Swanson

Timothy Holmseth first initiated civil litigation in United States District Court on July 13, 2016 to request an Emergency Injunction that would forbid the planned destruction of police-cam video that capture the police shooting of an unarmed man on February 28, 2015 in the parking lot of Altru Hospital.

Swanson contacted Holmseth after a formal complaint filed by Holmseth against the GFPD Keeper of Records on July 25, 2016, was referred to his office.

Holmseth asserts the GFPD violated state and federal laws when they responded to multiple public records requests for police-cam evidence by providing video that has been carefully altered using a video editor. The alterations were performed to change critical times and conceal specific video pertaining to the events that led up to the shooting of David James Elliott.

North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) inventory records show that after the shooting of Elliott, investigators located the body-cam of University of North Dakota police officer Jerad Braaten underneath his UND squad car.

Braaten, the officer that shot Elliott, who was not even scheduled to work on the night in question, further claimed he was not able to produce his car’s dash-cam because, he said, he forgot to put the memory card in the camera.

On June 26, 2016, GFPD Police Chief Mark Nelson issued a “Special Order” that changed the Department’s policy on retention dates for police-cam video evidence.

Holmseth asserts Nelson’s action is part of a criminal conspiracy by a group of public officials to destroy records that will reveal the truth about the Elliott shooting and other crimes in the area – including the mysterious death of Caitlin Jenna Erickson, which occurred the same night.

On June 16, 2016, a person that identified them self as David James Elliott contacted Holmseth and said Braaten attempted to shoot Elliott while atop the Columbia Road Bridge in Grand Forks, several minutes before the actual shooting, but his gun jammed.

The first attempted shooting of Elliott may be what the GFPD is attempting to cover-up in the videos, because it reveals Braaten’s actions were not spontaneous, and he, along with other officers, were stalking Elliott to kill him.

BCI investigation records appear to support the fact something happened atop the Columbia Road Bridge with Braaten’s firearm, because investigators located an un-spent cartridge from his gun that linked to that location.

(Elliott) told Holmseth that Braaten lied to investigators about the cartridge, and only admitted that he had performed a function with his gun on the bridge after he was told the cartridge was found with his “fingerprints” on it.

Holmseth has obtained enough police cam video from the event to demonstrate the video has been altered – and segments of body-cam video that would have shown what occurred on the Columbia Road Bridge have been replaced with other video.

Following the 2015 shooting, UND Police Chief Eric Plummer issued a written reprimand to Braaten for his conduct regarding his police cams.

But life only got better for Braaten who was supplied a lawyer by the Fraternal Order of Police.

Grand Forks States Attorney David Jones said in a letter to Plummer that he viewed all the documents and videos surrounding the pursuit and shooting, and determined Braaten acted reasonably when he shot Elliott.

Braaten was subsequently hired by the GFPD to the exception of other candidates.

Some of the altered body-cam was turned over to WDAZ-TV by the GFPD; the regional North Dakota news station presented an entirely misleading story that made no mention of the fact the time of the shooting in the body-cam videos did not correspond with the dash-cams.


You, Mr. Nelson, sat alongside Grand Forks County Sheriff Bob Rost and University of North Dakota Police Chief Eric Plummer during a televised joint press conference several days after the shooting and announced the shooting occurred around 12:45 A.M.

That fact alone proves that YOU KNOW the shooting did NOT happen at 12:35 or 12:36 A.M. as shown in the tampered with Body-Cam files.

Nelson Plummer Rost

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 26, 2016, 8:07 A.M.. CST

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W.
Unit# 17
East Grand Forks, MN
218.230.1597 (cell)


July 25, 2016

Mark Nelson
Chief of Police
Grand Forks Police Department
Grand Forks, North Dakota

Chief Nelson,

I am filing this Complaint against your Keeper of Records in regards to open records request I made to the Grand Forks Police Department regarding the pursuit and shooting of David James Elliott, which occurred on February 27-28, 2015.

I am confident you are familiar with this on-going issue because I have notified Grand Forks City Administrator Todd Feland, Grand Forks States Attorney David Jones, Grand Forks City Council, North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy (and Ed Schafer), Altru Health Systems, and others.

The City of Grand Forks is also aware I have motioned the United States District Court for an Emergency Injunction against your Department’s professed plans to completely destroy the aforementioned files based upon a ‘Special Order’ you created on June 26, 2016 at the height of my journalistic investigation and review of public records.

You also provided an on-camera sit-down interview to the Grand Forks Herald recently to discuss “body-cams”.

I have produced and published a You Tube video that provides an audio/visual guide to the basics of this Complaint, which you can view at:

I think were on the same page.


I have evidence the Grand Forks Police Department violated the law, breached the public trust, and defrauded my publication.

According to North Dakota Code 12.1-11-05 Tampering with public records, it is a felony for a public servant to “Knowingly makes a false entry in or false alteration of a government record.”

I have received Body-Cam evidence from your Department that has clearly been tampered with to create an optical illusion and trick the public into believing the shooting of David James Elliott occurred at a time that it did not.

The illegal alterations may have been motivated in part by an attempt to conceal a ‘first failed attempt’ by a police officer to shoot David Elliott, which makes every single action taken to alter these public records part of a serious conspiracy crime.

In short, the time stamps on multiple Body-Cams I purchased do not even remotely coordinate to the events being observed in corresponding officer squad car Dash-Cams.

The Body-Cam video shows the shooting happening at 12:35 A.M. (and 12:36 A.M.); Dash-Cam shows the shooting happening at 12:47 A.M.

  • AVI file 623117GI (BODY CAM)

This video file begins with a very quick flash of video image that shows David James Elliott sitting atop the Columbia Road Bridge in his vehicle at 12:27 A.M., February 28, 2015.

After the quick flash showing David Elliott at 12:27 A.M., 623117GI is then REDACTED and is completely black. After two minutes and forty nine seconds (2:49) of redaction, audio returns but no image can be seen because it appears the police officer has placed his coat over the camera lens. It remains that way until 7:50 on the file procession in my media player when gun shots can be heard at time-stamp 12:35 A.M.

When seven minutes and fifty seconds are added to the clock time of 12:27 A.M., the shooting appears to occur at around 12:35 A.M.

That orchestrated timing is evidence of the very careful and methodical work put into altering these files to create a false reality in the mind of the public about this shooting.

  • AVI file G23117GK (BODY CAM)

In AVI file G23117GK the same method of editing is used as was in AVI file 623117GI.

At the beginning of the file there is a quick flash that shows police and a deputy’s car sitting behind David Elliott’s vehicle atop the Columbia Road Bridge at 12:27 A.M.

After the quick flash, the file is immediately REDACTED and remains that way for about four minutes and ten seconds (4:10). Body-Cam footage then appears of an officer in his car. The gun-shots can be heard when the time-stamp says 12:36 A.M.

Notably, the shooting does not even happen at the same minute marker on the two Body-Cams – probably because faking cam evidence and time-stamps is difficult to line up.


Dash-Cam video from the squad car of GFPD Chris Brown shows David Elliott rolling along on flat tires in front of Altru hospital’s Emergency Room and shots can be heard at 12:47 A.M.

Dash-Cam video from the squad car of GFPD Dan Harvala also reveals the shooting occurred at 12:47 A.M.

Obviously, that time does not match the shooting times on the Body-Cams – not even close.

Notably, the Harvala squad car Dash-Cam video that is trained onto the shooting scene in the distance has been converted from color to black and white, which obscures the details.

  • AVI file G76117LY (BODY CAM)

AVI file G76117LY is the Body-Cam of GFPD Sgt. Mark Ellingson. It begins at 12:39 A.M. The shooting has already happened.

But – as I have already pointed out – the Dash-Cam shows the shooting took place at 12:47 A.M.

It appears ALL of the Body-Cam files I received have been tampered with and altered.


The true time of the David James Elliott shooting is most likely 12:47 A.M. when the shooting can be heard over Dan Harvala’s Body-Cam microphone as his Dash-Cam reads 12:47:22 A.M.

According to squad car Dash-Cam, David Elliott is sitting atop the Columbia Road Bridge in his vehicle long after 12:35 A.M. – so he was NOT shot at that time.

Dash-Cam shows squad cars following David Elliott slowly down the Columbia Road Bridge and into the Altru parking lot where he is shot at 12:47 A.M.


You, Mr. Nelson, sat alongside Grand Forks County Sheriff Bob Rost and University of North Dakota Police Chief Eric Plummer during a televised joint press conference several days after the shooting and announced the shooting occurred around 12:45 A.M.

That fact alone proves that YOU KNOW the shooting did NOT happen at 12:35 or 12:36 A.M. as shown in the tampered with Body-Cam files.

Strangely, after three days, and access to all the camera evidence, you and your law enforcement colleagues couldn’t/wouldn’t even tell the public the exact time of the shooting. Instead, you provided an approximate time for the shooting, which was two and a half minutes off, when you can actually hear the gunshots begin at 12:47:22.


I have evidence that UND Police Officer Jerad Braaten attempted to shoot David James Elliott while they were atop the ColumbIa Road Bridge but Braaten’s gun jammed. It is a matter of ND BCI records that a cartridge from Braaten’s firearm was found on the bridge.

It is also a matter of ND BCI investigative records that Braaten’s Body-Cam was found by investigators underneath his squad car after the shooting where he attempted to hide it; his Dash-Cam disappeared completely; not available at all.

UNDPD records show Braaten was disciplined in writing by Eric Plummer for his actions involving camera evidence.

You, Mr. Nelson, subsequent to all of this, hired Jerad Braaten onto your Department to the exception of other candidates.


North Dakota state law guarantees me the right to un-edited/un-altered public records.

Timothy Charles Holmseth

Cc: Todd Feland, University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy, Ed Schafer, Grand Forks States Attorney David Jones, UND Chief Eric Plummer, Altru Health Systems/Safety Commission, ND AG Wayne Stenehjem, PSAP Director Becky Ault, Grand Forks City Council, Steve Wagner/Herald



Donald Trump Justice Department key to solving JonBenet Ramsey, Caylee Anthony, and Dylan Redwine murders

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 21, 2016 at 9:51 P.M.

Write Into Action (Timothy Charles Holmseth) is excited to recommend Investigative Journalist Conchita Sarnoff’s new book “TrafficKing.”


In her new book, Conchita exposes the child sex underground operated by satanic billionaires and focuses on the notorious Wall Street hedge fund manager and convicted pedophile Jeffery E. Epstein.

“Conchita is a child sex trafficking story of epic proportions and the longest running human trafficking case in U.S. legal history; more poignant than the Lewinsky Scandal, Watergate Scandal and Profumo Affair combined. Epstein’s team of attorneys included: Alan Dershowitz, Kenneth Starr, Roy Black and Gerald Lefcourt. HRH Prince Andrew, former President Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and others were implicated in the case,” said the book synopsis.

“A decade after Epstein’s arrest, Virginia Roberts Giuffre vs. Ghislaine Maxwell is pending, along with two more related cases. It’s a tug of war between lust and power and decency and human rights. The revelations in this book could have serious implications in the upcoming 2016 Presidential elections,” the synopsis said.

Write Into Action believes Conchita’s book will show the American public how a non-Luciferian Justice Department can, and will, blow the lid off the secrets behind the satanic ritual abuse and missing children cases that have turned America into a perpetual blood ritual and sprawling un-marked graveyard.

Contained in a lawsuit involving Jeffery Epstein, were claims that former President Bill Clinton was friends with an unnamed woman who ‘kept images of naked underage children on her computer, helped to recruit underage children for Epstein… and photographed underage females in sexually explicit poses’.

Timothy Holmseth interviewed, and has been perpetually stalked, by some of the child ‘procurers’ that supplied Epstein and Pedophile Island.

In 2009, during the course of interviews, Timothy Holmseth inadvertently captured the child and infant ‘procurers’ on audio. The pedophile underground network members were discussing secret naked photographs that had been taken of a missing child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

Holmseth was interviewed by the Minneapolis FBI in 2010 and the feds have information about pedophile priests and private investigators that traffic children and openly claim to be with the FBI and CIA.

Holmseth provided the FBI the actual names he’d been given of the lawyers, clergy impersonators, government agents, police, and Mafia that were selling infants to purchasers in Europe.

Holmseth soon learned he had crossed the path of the now infamous convicted Ponzi schemer Scott W. Rothstein. Holmseth was, and is to this day, threatened by everyone from police, mercenaries, lawyers, and mentally ill sexually obsessed freaks.

During Write Into Action’s investigation of the HaLeigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases which began in 2009, Timothy Holmseth was regularly copied on emails from lawyers of the missing child’s legal team, which included Rothstein, Rosenfeldt, and Adler.

Holmseth was threatened and told to shut-up and received an email from Rothstein attorney, Pedro Dijols.

Rothstein’s infamous $1.4 Billion Ponzi scheme was erected in part by Rothstein’s claims that involved former President Bill Clinton and other high profile names.

Conchita’s book, which is receiving widespread acclaim, is exposing the international sex ring that has been threatening Timothy Holmseth and his family for seven years.

The satanic network includes fake pastors such as Bob Enyart, John Regan, and Richard Grund.

The network spiders out into a child procurement network comprised of pedophiles embedded into nearly every facet of American government, including state and federal courts, and child protective services.

Satanic cult defectors Curtis and Danielle Kekoa, Colorado, have provided the Denver FBI with information about a bizarre network of Satanists that leads to the JonBenet Ramsey murder; Columbine School massacre; and Planned Parenthood attacks.

The most trusted organizations, such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Crimestoppers are actually information harvesting centers assisting the network.

Florida Governor Rick Scott, Attorney AG Pam Bondi, and members of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are deeply involved in the cover-up of the child procurement apparatus in Florida.

The Jacksonville FBI, Minneapolis FBI, and Denver FBI have a collective database that could easily solve the murders of JonBenet Ramsey, Caylee Anthony, Dylan Redwine, Jessica Ridgeway, and the still missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

It may require a Donald Trump Justice Department.



Cover-up leads to Somalian man charged with attempted murder

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 23, 2016, 10:14 A.M. CST

Grand Forks County PSAP has confirmed that data entered into a police report filed by a Grand Forks Police officer involved in a police shooting – was false information.

The latest discovery of deception is not new in the case.

Evidence of a wide scale cover-up by North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Grand Forks County States Attorney David Jones, and other high ranking law enforcement officials continues to emerge regarding the police pursuit and shooting of David James Elliott on February 27-28, 2015.

ND Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem

ND Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem

Grand Forks 911 has confirmed Matthew Bullinger, an officer with the Grand Forks Police Department (GFPD), entered information into an electronic police report that did not match PSAP records.

Bullinger was a key figure in the events that surrounded the pursuit and shooting of Elliott.

There appears to efforts underway to frustrate Write Into Action’s attempts to obtain information. Write Into Action has made multiple public record requests for information to the GFPD regarding the Elliott case. Every text document involving 911 transcripts and/or police communications provided by the GFPD has not included the ‘time’.

The latest discrepancy was discovered after Write Into Action directly contacted Grand Forks PSAP and asked for the specific time of an event. PSAP personnel then identified the specific times that were in question.

The report filed by Bullinger is a critical piece of evidence in the timeline of events that took place shortly before the Elliott pursuit, and may ultimately lead to even more explosive developments regarding an immigrant from Somalia that was charged with attempted murder shortly after the Elliott fiasco.

There is a reason why GFPD is neglecting to give ‘times’ of events.

On February 27, 2015, at 10:49 P.M., Bullinger entered a Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) report that said he was dispatched to 1850 South 34th Street, Unit 217, Grand Forks, at 10:45 P.M.

The ‘time’ Bullinger placed in the report is false.

“The time PSAP received the loud party call was 2216 hours (10:16 P.M.), and it was then dispatched at 2233 (10:33 P.M.) hours, matching both our communication times and call entries in the computer,” said Shannon LaHaise, Center Supervisor, Grand Forks PSAP.

Bullinger’s claim that he was dispatched at 10:45 P.M. was off by12 minutes.

Those 12 minutes are critical.

Here’s why.

Bullinger, as well as GFPD officer Dan Harvala, were interviewed by the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) regarding the police shooting of Elliott.

Both Bullinger and Harvala responded to the loud party complaint on South 34th Street.

Grand Forks Police Department Officer Dan Harvala and Grand Forks Police Department Officer Matt Bullinger responded to a loud party complaint. Grand Forks Police Department Officer Dan Harvala indicated there was a suspicious vehicle complaint from the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) pending and that once he cleared the loud party complaint he responded to the suspicious vehicle complaint. Grand Forks Police Department Officer Dan Harvala said that the suspicious vehicle was for a black pickup in the parking lot of the Wells Fargo Bank, Grand Forks, North Dakota.

The BCI report shows Bullinger and Harvala responded to the loud party complaint BEFORE responding to the ‘suspicious vehicle’ report, which was “pending”.

The “pending” call was made by the cleaning lady at Wells Fargo Bank to report a ‘suspicious vehicle’ (David Elliott) at 10:41 P.M.

Write Into Action will now do ND AG Wayne Stenehjem and Grand Forks States Attorney David Jones’ jobs for them.


  • Bullinger and Harvala are dispatched to a loud party call at 10:33 P.M.
  • For some reason, Bullinger and Harvala don’t respond to the 10:33 P.M. dispatch
  • Eight minutes later, at 10:41 P.M., the cleaning lady at Wells Fargo Bank calls 911 to report a suspicious vehicle (David Elliott) lingering in the parking lot
  • Bullinger and Harvala don’t respond to the Wells Fargo call either, but, now, rather, respond to the loud party complaint that has been in the system since 10:33 P.M., and leave the Wells Fargo call that came at 10:41 P.M. ‘pending’
  • Bullinger then files a CAD report at 10:49 P.M. saying he was dispatched to the loud party complaint at 10:45 P.M. (which is a lie because it was dispatched at 10:33 P.M.) and is now clearing it


UND police officer Jerad Braaten shot Elliott on the night in question.

According to BCI records, Braaten was not scheduled to work on the night in question but did. After somehow becoming scheduled to work he was supposed to begin his shift at 11:00 P.M. However, he began his shift at 10:30 P.M. instead. He did not activate his dash-cam apparatus, which he said he forgot to do. He did not properly place his body-cam on himself so it did not capture the shooting. The body-cam did not fit properly because he was not wearing his regular uniform.

So where was Braaten at 10:30 P.M.?

According to dispatch records obtained from UNDPD, Braaten was at South 34th Street at 10:30 P.M. performing a traffic stop.

Ok – that’s two GFPD officers and one UND officer at South 34th Street at the same time.

Is there anything special or unique about the address of the loud party complaint that was at 1850 South 34th Street, Grandview Apartments, Unit 17, Grand Forks, North Dakota?

Well, let’s see.


“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time”
– Mohamed Aweis Mohamed (now serving five years in prison)

Mohamed Aweis Mohamed

Mohamed Aweis Mohamed Valley News

Oh snap!

A Grand Forks man has been charged with Attempted Murder, Terrorizing and Reckless Endangerment, after a gun was fired in an apartment Thursday night.

Police responded to this apartment at 1850 South 34th Street at 11:30 Thursday night, after getting a report of gunfire. When they arrived on the scene they found Mohamed Aweis Mohamed being detained by a man. The two men had apparently just gotten into a fight.
– Valley News / Neil Carlson

Write Into Action continues to investigate.

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Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels

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