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CAUGHT AGAIN! EGF Police tampered with evidence and altered records

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W.
Unit #17
East Grand Forks, MN
218.230.1310 (cell)

August 17, 2013

Michael Hedlund
Chief of Police
East Grand Forks Police Department

Chief Hedlund,

Please accept this complaint against Sgt. Detective Chris Olson and all others involved in the Misconduct.

1.In the fall of 2011 I made multiple written requests to your Department for all police reports concerning me. I needed the reports to prove my innocence in a court case scheduled in Florida.

2.I filled out a Freedom of Information (FOI) form and handed it in person to Officer Hart.

3.I submitted two more requests by email to Lt. Rodney Hajicek. The requests went unanswered.

4.I made multiple telephone calls to the Secretary at the police stations and left messages.

5.Your Department did not respond to me or fill my FOI request (in violation of City policy).

6.On April 2, 2012 I filed a complaint to you regarding the deliberate withholding of documents.

7.On April 10, 2012 you responded and apologized. You asked me to fill the FOI form out again, and advised me to send it directly to you, which I then did.

8.On April 18, 2012 you printed out the documents and I received them shortly thereafter.

9.On December 14, 2012 four of your police officers entered my home-office with a Search Warrant and seized my hard-drive, as well as other journalism and publishing equipment.

10.During the execution of the Warrant, Sgt. Chris Olson advised me there was an envelope at the police station with my name on it. Officer Hart was present, and added that he too had seen the envelope.

11.I went to the police station and retrieved the white envelope with my name on it. The envelope contained police incident reports. The reports had a “print” date of October 24, 2011 at the bottom of each sheet.

12.As date ranges reveals, the Reports that Officer Olson advised me to pick up had been printed 14 months prior.

13.After picking up the white envelope, I then had two copies of the Reports. (October 24, 2011 from Sgt. Olson – – – April 18, 2012 from Chief Hedlund).

14.I will direct you to case number 11002212 – report date 07/12/2011 – generated by Officer Mike Swang.

15.When I placed the two Reports next to each other, I saw they were not identical – although they should have been.

a.The October 24, 2011 version of the Report was MISSING information.

b.The October 24, 2011 version was missing information regarding Lt. Hajicek, the person that called the police on me, and audio evidence collected by Officer Swang.

c.The exact same Report, which I received from you in April of 2012, CONTAINED the information.
d.Because the sentences missing from the October 24, 2011 version of the Report re-appear in the April 18, 2012 version, it means whoever printed the Reports out in October of 2011 deliberately REMOVED the sentences before printing the documents.

e.After the individual that printed the Reports out completed the print job, they put the information back into the report.

f.Obviously – the person that printed out the Reports in October of 2011 decided to not turn them over to me and hid them.

16.The before mentioned facts introduce an issue regarding the integrity of your Internal Affairs investigation regarding my original complaint on the matter.

a.When you replied to my complaint on April 10, 2012, you asked me to fill out another FOI request form and advised me to re-submit it directly to you. This clearly means you could not find my original FOI request or the documents.

b.The white envelope containing police incident reports, which Sgt. Olson directed me to retrieve on December 12, 2012, were printed out in October of 2011.

c.Therefore, because somebody printed out the Reports on October 24, 2012, it means the FOI form (that you could not find) I gave to Officer Swang had been RECEIVED, but subsequently disappeared along with the printed Reports.

d.During you Internal Affairs investigation you were not able to find or access:

◾The Police Incident Reports (in the white envelope)
◾The original FOI form

e.This also means that whatever Internal Affairs investigation you conducted surely contains false statements from the officers you questioned.

Timothy Charles Holmseth
Investigative Author

Cc: Mayor Lynn Stauss, Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth, Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman, EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad, Minneapolis FBI

Timothy Charles Holmseth

320 17th Street N.W.

Unit #17 East Grand Forks,  MN





August 15, 2013


Michael Hedlund        

Chief of Police        

East Grand Forks Police Department


Chief Hedlund,

Please accept this complaint against Officer Aeisso Schrage  and Sgt. Detective Chris Olson.

On 12/14/13 Officer Schrage filed a false police report, whereby  Schrage fabricated a statement, which he then attributed to me, using words I  never said, in effort to support criminal charges brought against me by the  City of East Grand Forks.

Please reference case number 12004365 – filed 12/14/13.

The first paragraph reads:

“On 12/14/2012 at approximately 1410 hours, TFO SHRAGE,  along with DET OLSON, OFC HART, and OFC SCHILKE executed a search warrant for  the residence of TIMOTHY HOLMSETH. When we arrived we overheard HOLMSETH  talking to someone on the telephone, rather loudly, about taking some videos  off the internet and that he “MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN SOME.” We knocked and  announced and the door was answered by HOLMSETH.

The telephone call your officers eavesdropped upon was  between me and my (then) lawyer, Michael LaCoursiere, public defender, State  Public Defender Office (violation of my Attorney Client Privilege).

(Interestingly enough) Attorney Michael LaCoursiere  telephoned me to discuss my case at the exact same time your police officers crept quietly up to the door of my home-office to listen through the door as  LaCoursiere and I spoke.

The entire telephone call between LaCoursiere and I was  recorded, from the sound of the initial ringing, to the end of the call.

At no time during the telephone call did I ever say the  words “MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN SOME”.

Not only did I not say those specific words, but I did not  say any variation of those words.  

Schrage used all caps and placed quotation marks around the  statement he falsely attributed to me. He applied special emphasis that  required special disciplines that demonstrates he intended the quote to be  relied upon word for word.  

Sgt. Detective Chris Olson was the ranking officer present  and apparently signed off on Schrage’s crime against me.

I will note that on July 9, 2013 Minnesota District Court  Judge Honorable Tamara Yon forwarded a detailed complaint to the Office of  Lawyers Professional Responsibility regarding the actions and conduct of  Attorney Ronald Galstad and Attorney Michael LaCoursiere; some relating to this  matter.

Because of your office’s multiple actions against me in  violation of federal law I am copying the Minneapolis FBI.


Timothy Charles Holmseth

Cc: Mayor Lynn Stauss, Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth,  Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman, EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad, Minneapolis  FBI