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Minnesota law enforcement cover-up

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 21, 2017 at 5:41 P.M. CST

Public records strongly suggests Minnesota law enforcement does not possess the skull of Jacob Wetterling.


Jacob Wetterling

If that is a fact – it effectively means members of law enforcement and the judicial community criminally conspired to stage the missing child’s recovery, and presented the public with a false confession from Danny Heinrich, so the case could be officially closed.

The ‘skull’ is imperative to the truth about Jacob because:

  • Heinrich said he shot Jacob in the head
  • Heinrich said he buried Jacob
  • Heinrich said he moved Jacob’s remains a year later including the “skull”

Evidence already part of the record shows law enforcement does not have the child’s skull, and in all reality, possess no remains of the child – only planted scraps of clothing and animal bones.

If the recovery of Jacob Wetterling is a lie – it is a huge lie that involves police, sheriffs, BCA, FBI, prosecutors, and judges.

I am going to walk you right though it.

The following is from Heinrich’s confession in court.


MR. SCHLEICHER: After you dug the grave with the Bobcat, what did you do?
THE DEFENDANT: I placed Jacob in the grave, and then I covered it back up with the Bobcat.
MR. SCHLEICHER: Okay. And was Jacob wearing all of his clothing at the time.
THE DEFENDANT: Yes, he was.
MR. SCHLEICHER: And can you describe what you recall clothing he was wearing?
THE DEFENDANT: His reflective vest, his red jacket, blue sweat pants. Tennis shoes came off when I put him into the grave, so I threw them — I didn’t bury them with him in the grave.

– – –

MR. SCHLEICHER: After you dug the grave with the Bobcat, what did you do?
THE DEFENDANT: I placed Jacob in the grave, and then I covered it back up with the Bobcat.
MR. SCHLEICHER: Okay. And was Jacob wearing all of his clothing at the time.
THE DEFENDANT: Yes, he was.
MR. SCHLEICHER: And can you describe what you recall clothing he was wearing?
THE DEFENDANT: His reflective vest, his red jacket, blue sweat pants. Tennis shoes came off when I put him into the grave, so I threw them — I didn’t bury them with him in the grave.

– – –


You have seen Heinrich’s testimony that Jacob’s body and clothes were buried on October 22, 1989.

As part of a plea deal in 2016, which included Heinrich would NOT be charged with Jacob’s murder, and would see counts of child pornography dropped, he told a Minnesota judge that he returned to Jacob’s grave about year after murdering the child and found a item of clothing uncovered.

Heinrich claims he returned to the body, and brought a “plastic bag” and “army entrenching tool”. Upon arriving at the grave, Heinrich said he “noticed” the grave was partially uncovered.

This means Heinrich is saying he took a flashlight, walked to Jacob’s grave, with a plastic bag, whereupon he “noticed” the grave was partially uncovered. That alone defies common sense logic, and the chronological decisions he is making are mixed up and out of order.

But there is one statement Heinrich made that cannot be changed. Heinrich said he placed Jacob’s “jacket” “bones” and “skull” into the bag that he brought with.

Heinrich said he never did any digging at all because it was already that uncovered.


THE DEFENDANT: I didn’t drive. I walked back again. I walked back. It was late at night again, probably around midnight, with a flashlight. I noticed — I shined the area and noticed that the grave was partially uncovered. You could see his red jacket.
MR. SCHLEICHER: Above the ground?
THE DEFENDANT: Above the ground.

MR. SCHLEICHER: All right. Did that cause you concern, that you could see the jacket?
THE DEFENDANT: Yes, it did.
MR. SCHLEICHER: What did you do?
THE DEFENDANT: I, I, I can’t remember. I had a bag with me, a garbage bag. I placed as many – his jacket, his bones, his skull into that bag to move. I figure I’ve got to move it.
MR. SCHLEICHER: You had a shovel with you?
THE DEFENDANT: I had an army entrenching tool with me.
MR. SCHLEICHER: So you dug up as many of the remains as you could gather?
THE DEFENDANT: I never dug any. It was already that uncovered.

You saw the evidence yourself – Heinrich said he moved the “skull” and Jacob’s (human) bones to another location.


The following is from the Searh Warrant.

“On August 31, 2016 a search warrant was executed at 27725 Business 23 East Paynesville Stearns County. During that search a red nylon jacket preliminary consistent with the jacket Jacob Wetterling was wearing at the time of his abduction, bone fragments, and teeth were recovered. Later examination by experts determined neither the teeth nor bones were human. Heinrich was present at 27725 23 East during the execution of the initial search warrant. He provided additional information referencing an initial burial site near where he assaulted and killed Jacob Wetterling. At a later time, approximately a year later, Heinrich moved the remains from the original scene 27725 Business 23 East. Law enforcement now request authority to return to 27725 for more extensive examination.”

Expert determined the teeth and bones were not human.


The August 31, 2016 warrant makes reference to Heinrich mentioning an “initial burial site” during the search – and Heinrich claiming he “moved the remains from the original scene 27725 Business 23 East”.

For some reason, the officer then requests a second warrant, which is simply a request to return to the address of the first warrant.

On September 2, 2016, law enforcement conducted a second search.

The officer states, “I took into custody the property and things listed below.”

  • Apparent Bones
  • Boy’s t-shirt with name Wetterling on it
  • Mesh Shirt
  • Miscellaneous Fabric

Here is what the Star-Tribune reported on September 4, 2016.

The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office said Saturday that dental records confirmed that the remains were Jacob’s. Additional DNA testing will be conducted by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

The Wetterlings have filed a lawsuit to have investigation records sealed.

Visit to learn about a detailed confession taken with two police officers present, that strongly suggests law enforcement and the Wetterlings have known for decades what happened to Jacob, who did it, and have conspired to cover it up while running a fraudulent Foundation in Jacob’s name.


by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 25, 2017, 5:02 P.M. CST

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges recently acted out against President Donald Trump when she held her State of the City address in a mosque.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges

Hodges’ weird behavior is better described through principles of criminology than those of politics, because her outrageous actions are fear based – fear caused by a new President, U.S. Attorney General, and FBI director.

“Cities like Minneapolis and the people who live in them are squarely in Donald Trump’s sights,” Hodges said during her address. “His agendas of oppression, regression, and suppression have no place in Minneapolis, and we are standing firm in our resistance to it.”

Hodges’ clownish behavior does not represent everybody in the State of Minnesota. One Minnesota resident stands against Hodges – his name is Timothy Charles Holmseth.

My position against Hodges has nothing to do with her fake concern regarding a fake attack on the Muslim community.

My issue is real.

Minnesota is ravaged by pedophile-based corruption and drug trafficking operations that have been allowed to go relatively un-checked under past Administrations.

There are many Minnesota politicians that have good reason to be nervous about the Trump Administration, and their fear is based upon their involvement with organized crime that includes specific government officials and law enforcement officers in the State. It is clear with each passing day of the Trump presidency that certain people and organizations are lashing out at the president as if he poses a threat to them personally.

In a way – he does threaten them.

Fear is exactly what criminals feel when they suddenly experience that ‘oh shit’ moment when they realize they are going to get caught. Hodges’ fake love and fake concern for Muslims is simply a way for her to expend all her nervous energy.

Polk County, Minnesota is an example of Minnesota’s diseased underbelly.

The County of Polk in Northern Minnesota, which borders the drug and child porn infested Grand Forks, North Dakota, is secretly paralyzed by law enforcement and judicial officers that have been caught red-handed in an interstate child trafficking and kiddy-porn scheme.

Records show that in 2009, the East Grand Forks Police Department and Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth secretly conspired with former CNN journalist Art Harris, and an Indiana corporation called Specialized Investigative Consultants, Inc. to conceal the whereabouts of a missing kidnapped child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings who was being sought by the FBI.

At the request of the Jacksonville FBI, the Minneapolis FBI interviewed me, a journalist from East Grand Forks, after I learned details of who took the little girl and what they did with her.

The Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force was utilized as a resource to aid and assist in the illegal activities of the traffickers that included hiding the identity of persons that posed as FBI agents and created child rape pornography of the Florida five year-old.

The Pine to Prairie Task Force was utilized to raid my home office and seize my computer hard-drive and all of my storage – a raid that resulted in absolutely nothing illegal being found and no charges – the hard-drive was destroyed by the police.

Records also show Polk County authorities secretly plotted via private email accounts and secret phone calls to stop the online sales of my book about the kidnapping.

City of East Grand Forks police and judicial officials managed to pull off a scheme that involved an out-of-state actor, whom I had never personally met, to file a Petition to a Florida Divorce Court for a Domestic Violence Protection Order, which a Florida judge granted, and ruled I couldn’t sell my book online.

According to Tina Church, president, Specialized Investigative Consultants, Inc. the Office of the Indiana Attorney General and State of Florida has been investigating matters related to her corporation.

And that’s just Polk County.